Some of the Best Art Supplies for Toddlers (Must Need)

As parents, we always want our children to develop their full potential. One way to do that, although it could be messy at times, is through art. Letting the children express their ideas with colors and drawings is a convenient method for them to learn how their surroundings work and look.

Luckily, there are a lot of tools that will help toddlers have fun and learn while creating their own art. In this article, we’ll mention some of those supplies, and how they are an advantage for your baby.

Without anything else to add, let’s begin!

Art Board

These tools are quite versatile. Toddlers can use the art boards to improve their drawing skills. Once the babies get out of their learning stage, they could still use the boards for other purposes as well.

Art Board

Searching online for art boards will get you to different models. The most common are two. First, the traditional boards that have white paper over it. Secondly, the modern drawing boards that offer engaging features for the children.

Also, you could go one step beyond and consider getting a complete art center. As a reference, we have Step2’s Great Creations Art Center, which includes a small art board, desk, trays, and more creative tools.

Either way, these are outstanding learning tools for toddlers. That’s not to mention that parents get to enjoy them too, as they don’t take much time to clean after use.

As mentioned above, once the toddler is no longer in that phase, you can assign another purpose for the art boards. It’s a worthy investment all around.

Art Papers

There’s a wide variety of art papers that toddlers can enjoy. Some of them are white art paper, and colored construction paper, which are essential tools that many parents seem to dismiss. Nonetheless, the benefits for the children are too many.

Art Papers

Since there are many art papers available, choosing just one could be tricky. Figuring out what the toddler likes to draw, and how they do it, is key to picking up the right product.

Still, one of the most important expectations every art paper should meet is that they must be resistant. Our kids, as much as we love them, are pretty messy. The last thing you want to have is ink bleeding through the paper onto the table.

Also, many brands offer water-resistant art paper too. Even after a long session with the toddler doing sketches on the paper, there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when cleaning everything up.

Art papers are good, but only if parents keep track of what the children do with this type of art supply.

Washable Markers

Although you could find sets with few washable markers, most brands offer a total of 50, or even more pieces included per package. That’s a lot of fun, entertainment, and quality learning tools for every toddler.

Washable Markers

Definitely, the brands to check out are Crayola, RoseArt, and Sargent, to name a few. The markers offered by these companies are incredible, as they offer washable, bright colors that won’t bleed through the paper.

For toddlers, you want to have markers that come off easily, but they should also be friendly to the children. Pick non-toxic, AP certified washable markers, and you won’t have to worry if you have to leave the child alone for a few minutes.

With these tools, toddlers get to let free their creativity. Children will have the opportunity to put their ideas onto paper as they learn each day. If your baby ever makes a mess, cleaning off a washable maker is a matter that will take you a few seconds only.

Non-Toxic Crayons

Toddlers enjoy crayons a lot. These tools are great to learn through entertainment, and everyone gets a kick out of them. Even now, deep into adulthood, we often take the time to spend some quality time with our little ones coloring some pages.

Non-Toxic Crayons

Of course, children are too curious for their own safety sometimes, which is why there are high risks they may try to taste the crayons. Since we can’t always be there to avoid it, the correct solution is to give the children non-toxic crayons instead.

We may not know it, but regular crayons have many chemicals such as formaldehyde, lead, ammonia, and more. However, non-toxic crayons have none of that. They feature ingredients such as organic soy wax, organic beeswax, and plant/vegetable extracts.

Undoubtedly, non-toxic crayons are a bit expensive if you compare them to their traditional counterparts. Still, considering that it’s the child’s safety we’re discussing, it’s pretty clear that parents would want to spend a few more bucks if it means keeping their toddlers safe.

Washable Kids Paint

First, we have the tempera paints. These supplies are pretty simple and straight to the point, which is what toddlers often want. Also, this paint type is among the most affordable. If you’re in a tight budget, you could still provide your children with creative tools without spending too much.

Then, there are the BioColor paints. Now, these products are a little bit more expensive, but they do dry satisfactorily. After using it, it dries shiny, adhering to the surface without problems.

Activity Paints are good too. The thick and goopy attributes allow this paint to work well for different tasks. Additionally, the metallic versions of this paint available are incredible.

Another option would be liquid watercolors. The super vibrant colors of this paint look well regardless of the activity the toddlers do with it.

One major disadvantage of your child using paint is that the chances of spilling are high. Parents better keep an eye to prevent the kid’s paint from turning into a big headache.

Paint Plates

Toddlers may still have a long way to go ahead of them, but we should never underestimate their thinking capacity. Many artists learn about their love for art during their early ages, and that’s why we should always enable children to do what they like the most.

Paint Plates

A paint plate is a simple tool that opens a lot of possibilities for toddlers. With this art supply, they get to practice color blending to put whatever’s going through their minds on paper.

Options aren’t something the market lacks. Among the most popular paint plates, we can find Hulameda’s paint tray palettes. The brand offers twelve plates per package, which is convenient for teachers dealing with many toddlers.

Hulameda’s paint plates may be plastic, but they’re still pretty good for a lot of use. Naturally, if you’re not a fan of the products offered by this company, you could search other brands too.

Coloring Books

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned coloring book? As kids, we would spend hours drawing over the pages, perhaps with our parents looking down on us to make us stay inside the lines.

Coloring Books

The truth is, coloring books are more than just a tool for drawing sketches. Sure, toddlers would see it that way, but unbeknownst to them, they’ll be learning a lot of helpful stuff in the process.

For instance, children learn how to hold pencils, how to identify things, and they get acquainted with colors.

Fortunately, there’s one coloring book for everyone. If your child has no particular interest in drawing animals, perhaps you could try with another book featuring cartoons, or something the toddler likes.

As for the parents, well, coloring books are useful for them too. When the toddlers are putting all of their attention on the drawings, you get a few moments of peace to do something else. The way I see it, it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Tissue Box

A tissue box isn’t one of the tools you’ll find in most toddlers’ tools, and yet, they are among the most useful.

So far, we’ve learned how each of the previous tools helps to improve your child’s development process during those early years. As a side effect, we’ve also learned how those very same tools could be the cause of a major mess at home or school.

That’s where the tissue box comes in.

These cube boxes offer hundreds of tissues that are suitable for many cleaning tasks. Whether it’s to clean stains or marks justifybehind by pens, the tissues are capable of leaving a spotless surface after some scrubbing.

Pretty much like the other tools mentioned above, a tissue box is yet another product that both parents and children can use. If the toddler no longer has any use for the tissues, you can put the box in any other area in the household to help you with the cleaning.

Final Verdict

Nowadays, there are a lot of art supplies to keep the toddlers entertained during the day. Here, we’ve only mentioned a few that are essential, but parents can always go the extra mile and get more if needed. After all, there’s no one better to know what the toddler likes than their parents.

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