Drawing with Markers

5 Benefits of Drawing with Markers

Sometimes have their medium to work with. For some, it’s painting in oils. For others, it’s drawing in charcoal.

Art has so many benefits, from improving mental health to maintaining cognitive health. This is especially true for older populations.

Using markers in your creative expression has a surprising number of benefits as well. Read on to find out how drawing with markers can make a difference in your work and play

1. Consistent Strokes

When you’re working on a project in paint, it’s very difficult to get a consistent brush stroke. While that may work for some pieces, for others, you need a consistent look. Otherwise, the project won’t look quite right.

Drawing with markers gives you the consistency that you need for some projects. You know that if you apply a certain amount of pressure what the result will be. That can be repeated over and over again.

2. Great for Different Surfaces

One of the main reasons why markers are great to use is because you can use them on so many different types of surfaces. You can use them on fabrics, paper, chalkboards, and whiteboards.

For parents, you can use them in at-home experiments and in art projects. You can easily use them to get creative with your kids to work on any project.

3. Full Saturation of Paper

For some artists, getting a deeper, darker color on paper is important. You can do that with markers. Since more ink flows from markers, paper can absorb the ink, creating a rich dark color without that much effort.

Compare that with colored pencils, where you may have to color back and forth to achieve a similar effect.

4. Great for Any Occasion

It’s not just artists that can benefit from the consistency and usefulness of markers.

Restaurants can draw attention to passers-by with creative and engaging signboards. People love them and take photos of them and then post on social media. That’s even better than free advertising.

Companies that are trying to map out a problem can use dry erase paint and markers to make your plans come to life. This is a great application for strategic planning at any organization.

At home, you can use chalk markers for fun projects, drawing flowers to welcome spring or creating a menu or welcome home sign.

The only limit is your imagination.

5. It’s Fun to Experiment

Even if you’re used to working in one medium, such as colored pencils, you can try out markers to engage new senses and ways of working.

More often than not, that little shift in your routine can awaken your creative side even more and inspire you to work on new projects.

Besides, it’s fun to try different things and see what comes out of it.

Drawing with Markers Is For You

It doesn’t matter if you’re an office worker or a professional artist. You can certainly benefit from drawing with markers.

Markers offer a number of advantages and benefits from the wide range of applications and uses to the consistency of strokes.

If you’re ready to find out more about drawing with markers, learn what the best dry erase markers are for whiteboards here.

Best Chalk Markers

Best Chalk Markers

​Everywhere you look there are chalkboards with humorous and helpful messages. Write something clever and you may reach millions by trending on social media

It’s easy to find signs, labels, and entire walls painted with chalkboard paint. They’re the perfect palette for many messaging situations. Yet, once you have a place for your info, you need a way to write it.

Hello, chalk markers. 

These markers are perfect for people who make frequent sign changes. Think busy parents, restaurant menus, teachers, coaches, and retailers.

The best chalk markers produce a neat message that won’t smudge. You can write in thin or broad strokes. These ​are different than dry erase markers. Color choices include neon, primary, white or metallic shades.

Chalk markers are versatile beyond color and size. They write on glass, metal, wood, concrete, and metal. Crafters use specialty chalk markers to decorate fabric.

Keep reading to learn about different features and uses.

Chalk Markers V​S Traditional Chalk

Whether you’re a business owner or a crafter, you want quality markers.

Chalk markers give you the look of chalk without the dust or smudge-factor. They work on many surfaces. For example:

  • Car and Storefront Windows
  • Photo Frames, Mirrors
  • Whiteboards
  • Chalkboards
  • Interior Decor
  • Wood, Concrete, Metal
  • Restaurant and Bistro Menus
  • Craft Brewery or Cafe Signage
  • Weddings, Business Meetings
  • ​And ​any Special Events

Traditional chalk isn’t a good option for most of these situations. The chalk dust is messy and unhealthy to breathe. Regular chalk smudges. It also leaves visible marks after you erase the board. 

Chalk markers don’t smudge or fade. They’re non-toxic. They produce bright, crisp messaging. Chalk markers work on all non-porous surfaces. If you plan to use them on a porous surface, test on a small area first. Always test metallic and black markers.

Most chalk markers are durable and washable. When you want to change the message, erase the marker without leaving a trace.

Features of Chalk Markers

Always do your research before buying chalk markers. Consider the purpose of your project. Markers used to label spices are different than markers used on car windshields.

Let’s review what to look for when buying high-quality chalk markers.


Great Color Choices

Colors are important. Chalk marker options include neon, metallic, white, black, muted, and brilliant colors. Look for the right color based on your purpose. Not every chalk marker set includes every color.

Do you want soothing colors for a DIY decor project? Or, do you need vibrant colors so customers see the lunch special?

If your message is on an exterior window or sign, choose pigmented markers that won’t fade right away.

Make sure you choose a chalk marker set with the right colors.


​Easily Erasable

If you plan on changing a sign every day, you want chalk markers that are easy to erase. Erasable markers won’t leave a residue. Your sign surface won’t get stained or damaged.

If you’re making signs for a wedding you want them to be perfect. An erasable marker lets you correct any mistakes.

If you use chalk markers on a family calendar, you want it to be easy to erase and update.

Teenagers love personalizing their space with chalk markers. Erasable brands won’t do permanent damage to their bedroom walls, mirrors or windows.

Erasing some markers takes extra elbow grease. In tough cases, use glass cleaner or ammonia to remove everything.


​​Reversible Tips

Premium chalk markers feature reversible tips. The tips let you control the flow of ink.

It’s an awesome feature that gives you the ability to draw thin and thick lines with the same marker.

Reversible tips work well for calligraphy and script lettering. They also are useful for drawing detailed artwork.

Get chalk markers with reversible tips if you plan to create messages that need thin and bold lines. Choices include chisel tips, brush, and bullet point tips.

The alternative is to buy twice as many markers with different tips.

Meet the 5 Best Chalk Markers

t’s hard to find the right chalk markers. There are so many kinds online and in stores.

Don’t worry. We have you covered with this list of 5 of the best choices. Pick one of these for stunning school projects, home crafts, and professional messaging.

We’ve included the pros and cons along with the product name and description. No doubt you can choose the right markers for your purpose.

1. Liquid Chalk Markers by VersaChalk

These professional quality ink markers come in 5mm bold and 3mm fine point tips. They’re available in neon and classic color packs. The ink is from Germany and dries in seconds.

VersaChalk markers are vibrant, non-toxic chalk markers. They are dust-free and odorless. You can use them inside or out. The simple water-based formula makes them easy to erase with a damp cloth.

The vibrant colors and safe ingredients mean you can use them for home and school projects. Need a display for a science experiment? No problem.

Want to embellish some holiday home decor? Grab your VersaChalk marker and make it special. The markers write on any non-porous surface. Decorate chalkboards, plastic, metal, glass, vinyl, and slate.

The reversible tips are extra durable so they won’t fray. The high-density tips are for professional use.

You can create high-quality artwork and crafts with these top-notch chalk markers.

2. CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk Markers

These award-winning markers range from muted neutrals to bright neon. All the marker colors are deep and vibrant and last a long time.

The reversible chisel and bullet tips mean you can create a variety of lettering and art with the same tool. Kids and adults have plenty of options for school projects or menu boards. The markers are easy for both kids and adults to use. If you make a mistake or change your mind it’s a cinch to wipe off and start again.

Clean up is easy. No worries about scrubbing or chemicals. These markers clean up with a damp paper towel.

Crafty Croc offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Add that to the TillyWig Sterling Fun Award, and the decision to draw with these markers is simple.

Get creative and customize decorations for Easter, Halloween, Valentines Day, Christmas and more. These markers work on all non-porous materials.

3. Chalkola Liquid Chalk Markers

These premium wet wipe markers are available in 3 tip sizes: 1mm, 3mm, and 6mm. The high-density marker tips hold up under heavy use. They won’t crack or fray.

Choose from 21 bold, vibrant colors. The selection includes bright and metallic markers. The clean, saturated colors flow. Fine lines and thick go on smoothly and dry fast. The water-based ink makes cleanup easy. You can erase dry or wet ink using a wet cloth.

If you can think of a non-porous surface, you can decorate it with liquid chalk markers. Use them to decorate everything from wine glasses to furniture to rocks.

These chalk markers are for families, students, and business owners. No dust, no muss, and plenty of creativity. No more chalk dust or smudged designs.

Use them for holiday decorating, school assignments, and marketing messages. Attract new customers with bright details about your products and services. 

Grab these markers and express yourself. Let the kids get creative, too. The non-toxic formula is xylene-free, dust-free, and odorless. These kid-safe and eco-friendly markers work on almost every non-porous surface.

Note they become permanent when used on porous surfaces, like concrete, wood, and paper.

4. Positive Art Liquid Chalk Markers

Positive Art chalk markers in a set 30 different colors mean the world is your chalkboard. There’s no limit to what you can create with this collection of colors.

Every premium hue is non-toxic and works on any non-porous surface. It looks like chalk, but is more vibrant and lasts longer.

Use these markers to decorate glass mason jars, mirrors, photo frames, and windows. It's an affordable way to personalize your home and business.

These markers are great for shop owners. Decorate your window and promote the daily special. Use colorful copy to feature menu items, and invite customers to come in and meet the staff.   

When you’re ready to change the design or offers, wipe away the chalk marker with a damp cloth. You’re ready for your next message in minutes.

The 30 marker set is available with or without a combo package that includes spray and erasers.

The chalk-like look is bright, clean, and durable. At the same time, clean up is a breeze. Personalizing your space is easy the first time and every time. 

The Positive Art company provides a full refund if you aren’t happy with your markers.

​5. Liquid Chalk by Cedar Markers

Check out Cedar Markers liquid chalk markers if you want eye-catching neon colors. These fluorescent hues get attention.

They have a reversible bullet and chisel tip. That makes them perfect for bistro boards and cafes. You can write out the daily menu using one marker with a variety of strokes.

These markers are right for house and car windows, glossy boards, plastic, metal, and vinyl. The smooth flow makes application easy.

The colors are water-based and non-toxic. Clean up is easy. You can erase a mistake, or remove a design with a wet cloth or paper towel.

Check the package for a free pair of tweezers. They’re included to make reversing the tip of your chalk marker easier. Switch the tip from thin to thick without getting ink on your hands.

Chalk markers work on all non-porous surfaces. They don’t work on all chalkboard surfaces. This is because all chalkboards aren’t the same.

Always test markers, especially black and metallic ones, on a small area first. If you use chalk markers on chalk paint it becomes permanent.

Ways to Use Chalk Markers

Chalk markers are good in many situations. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

  • ​Attract Customers: Add personality to your store window. Invite people to come inside for a special sale. Add a splash of color to any information. Attract customers with colorful chalk marker bistro boards, menus, and store windows.
  • ​Holiday Greetings: ​Celebrate the season or the day with extra artwork. Draw on the mirrors, windows, or walls. Create a countertop sign that’s updated with a greeting for each holiday. These work well at a reception desk and checkout counter.
  • ​Artwork and Crafts: ​Professional and DIY artists use chalk markers to make beautiful art. These markers are great for drawing, writing, coloring, and signage. Decorate your home, office, and car. Make custom decorations or wrapping paper for the holidays. Add a special touch to any occasion. Chalk markers can outperform crayons, traditional chalk, colored pencils, and paint.
  • ​​Show Some Team Spirit: ​​Cheer on your favorite team by decorating banners. Draw the team logo on your vehicle. You can show your team spirit whether it’s for little league or the SuperBowl.
  • ​​Special Event Signage: ​​Weddings, baby showers, reunions, and retirements are more festive with lively signage. Create directional signs, a menu, or a place for guest to write messages. Chalk markers are available in so many colors you can match any theme.
  • ​​​Classroom: ​​​Teachers and students love bright chalk markers. The non-toxic, dust-free, odor-free brands are perfect for any classroom. Plus, clean up is easy.

Grab Your Chalk Markers and Get Creative

Now that you know the best chalk markers it's time to get creative. Use those colors and ideas to create custom designs and decorations.

You can use chalk markers to promote almost any business. They're also a fun way to celebrate holidays and special occasions at home. Visit the rest of our site to learn about other types of markers. We're dedicated to providing solid research and reviews. 

Contact us for more information or for help creating your own chalk project!

Uses for Permanent Markers

The Best Uses for Permanent Markers (DIY)

Ever since permanent markers first came on the scene in 1953 in the form of the Magic Marker, they've been a staple of the American stationary arsenal. You'd be hard-pressed to find a classroom, workplace, or home office without them.

But permanent markers can be used for a lot more than schoolwork and office work. With a huge range of colors and sizes, permanent markers are an awesome choice for art and DIY projects of all types.

If you feel like getting creative with a marker but are in need of some ideas, look no further. Here are 8 awesome ways to think outside the box with permanent markers.

1. Custom T-Shirt

Custom T-Shirt Design

PC: craftandleisure.com

There are a lot of t-shirt designs out there, but what if none of them are exactly what you're looking for? Getting a one-off design printed can be expensive, and not everyone has the technical know-how to even make that happen. That's where permanent markers come in.

These days, there are permanent markers that are designed specifically for fabric. Fabric markers are built to withstand the wash cycle, that way your t-shirt doesn't fade after a few wears.

This is a great option for kids looking to stretch their creative legs. Set them up at the table and let them go to town! Being able to wear a design they created can be an awesome confidence boost for a youngster.

It's also a great option if you're looking to do a small number of custom shirts for an event. Cost-effective, fun, and efficient. Can't beat that combo.

2. Home Decor

Believe it or not, permanent markers are a great way to add a personal touch to your home. Where paint fails, markers succeed.

One reason they're so well suited to this job is that they're perfect for fine detail work. While painting details takes experience and skill, doing so with a marker is an entry-level job.

You can create custom wallpaper designs, decorate furniture, or even adorn your pillows with your art. No matter what you choose to use them for, they'll add a unique personality to your home that no one will be able to replicate.

3. Unique Dinnerware


While you're sprucing up your walls and furniture, why not liven up your plates? Permanent markers are an awesome way to insert some life into dinner time.

The process is quite simple. Use any standard permanent marker to customize your dinnerware to your liking. Use any array of colors and patterns you see fit. The more creative, the better!

Making the designs wash-proof and permanent is simple. Set your oven to 350 degrees and put your dinnerware in there for about 30 minutes. This will set the oil-based inks and infuse them permanently into your plates, bowls, mugs, etc.

4. Gift Wrap

Gift Wrap

Holiday gift wrap is festive and fun. Unfortunately, it's also a bit generic and played out. Permanent markers are a great way to fix that.

To start, buy any solid colored gift wrap you prefer. From there, the world is your oyster. Instead of showing up to the party with the same old wrapping paper, you'll have one of a kind designs that set your gifts apart from the crowd.

Metallic markers are a great candidate for this. Especially around the holidays, that extra sparkle is an awesome way to inject some magic into your gift wrapping. There's nothing like seeing colored lights reflecting off your shining, hand-designed packages.

5. Phone Cases

DIY Marker

The phone case market can be a drab one. Even with tons of options, it seems many of the best-made cases don't offer up much in the way of creative flair. Customizing your own can be a great way to dodge that pitfall.

While mall kiosks offer colorful designs, their quality is often lacking. Instead of sacrificing protection for looks, invest in a simple but sturdy case. After that, it's just a matter of putting your own touches on it.

Whether it's a colorful design, a custom logo, or some interesting patterns, it's a good way to make sure you never mistake your phone for anyone else's.

6. Shoes

Marker Paint on Shoes

Shoes have long been a way for people to express themselves. The problem is that it's hard to express uniqueness in a pair of shoes thousands of other people also own. 

If you want to stand out in a crowd, customizing your sneakers with permanent markers is a great way to do it. All it takes is a pair of white canvas sneakers, some permanent markers, and imagination.

White canvas sneakers are the best option because they take the ink best and leave the most room for creativity. Essentially, you're working with a blank canvas, so the sky is the limit. Add designs, lettering, logos, or anything else you can think of to make a truly one of a kind pair of kicks.

7. Nail Art

If you're into custom designs, why stop at what you wear or decorate your house with? Customize your body too.

It's no secret that getting your nails done is expensive. The more detailed the job, the more it's going to run you. Permanent markers are an awesome alternative.

Lay down a base coat of whatever color you prefer. The rest is up to you. Add polka dots, French tips, or anything else you can imagine with nothing besides a permanent marker and your imagination.

8. Visual Art

Last but certainly not least, you can use permanent markers to make awesome visual-art. Though they were first invented for more professional purposes, markers are now a viable and respected medium of visual art.

Vibrant and versatile, your boundaries are determined only by your mind when it comes to permanent marker. Whether you're adding pops of color to a sketch or doing an entire piece with nothing but markers, you'll find no shortage of creative ways to use permanent markers in your artwork.

​Permanent Markers for Every Occasion

Now that you know how many uses there are for permanent markers, all that's left to do is try some of these ideas yourself. Before long, you'll be walking around with the freshest sneakers and the coolest wallpaper on the block!

If you want to get creative in a less permanent way, there are other markers that still let you get weird without the commitment. Read on to learn about some of the best dry erase markers out there.

Remove Permanent Marker from Fabric

How to Get Permanent Marker Out of Fabric?

Permanent marker stains are an issue that many people face at least once!
Whether it is because the kids were messing around with the marker, or an accident occurred in the office – not having the right information might ruin a beautiful piece of fabric very quickly.

However, when it happens, it is not the end of the world. There are several methods to remove permanent marker successfully, and through this article, you'll find all the necessary information to erase those unpleasant stains. The best thing about these methods?

They require the use of basic ingredients that everyone has around the house. So let’s check out these stain-removal methods!

Method 1: Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the most effective methods to remove permanent marker from cloth and different types of fabric. Its efficiency lies in the fact that almost every household has baking soda, which allows you to act quickly to get rid of stains.

  • The first step is sprinkling a small amount of baking soda on the stain, which will soak up the remaining liquid.
  • Let it do its job for a couple of minutes. Then, dust it off. Using a vacuum to remove it works as well.
  • Spray an equal amount of water and white vinegar right on the stain using a cotton swab.
  • Let it soak as much as you deem necessary. The estimated time for this step is 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Finally, bloat and rinse.

Method 2: Using Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is yet another substance every household has stored somewhere. People often use it for treating cuts and scrapes, but it is an incredible solution for other issues as well, like marker stains on fabric.
To use it, follow the next steps;

  • Fold a paper towel twice and put it in the fabric with the stain, right behind it. It will work as support.
  • Soak a sponge with rubbing alcohol and use it to blot the marker stain.
  • Turn the fabric around, putting the stained side lying face down. Place it over a new folded paper towel. Continue using the sponge with alcohol to rub the other side.
  • Find a fresh area on the sponge and pour some laundry detergent over it. Continue rubbing the stain. If the paper towel gets too wet, replace it with another one as many times as necessary.
  • Keep rubbing the sponge with the laundry detergent until it removes the stain.
  • Wash the clothing piece using detergent at a hot temperature, but make sure it is not too hot, otherwise it could ruin the fabric. After it finishes, the stain should be off.

Method 3: Using Hair Spray

Using hair spray to remove marker ink from fabric is interesting because there are plenty of people who consider it works, while many more think it does not. Either way, when in a dire situation, using this method is a possible solution that could get you out of trouble.

The process is quite simple too.

  • Use the hair spray on the stain, and then wait for 30 seconds or a minute before wiping the stain off.
  • If it takes more than that, consider using a cotton ball. Soak the cotton ball with the hair spray, and press it against the stain. If the stain starts transferring to the cotton ball, it means it is working.
  • Continue doing the operation until it takes the stain off. Then, wash the fabric.

Method 4: Using Hand Sanitizer

The marketing strategy for hand sanitizers doesn't usually include removing stains, but it definitely should. It is an unexpected method that ensures the marker and many other stains don't last long on fabric.

  • To remove stains using hand sanitizer, cover the stain with it.
  • Then, let it sit for about 10 minutes.
  • Follow up by washing the piece of fabric in a washing machine using hot water.

Method 5: Lemon Juice and Toothpaste

If using the methods above is not an option for you, try using lemon juice and toothpaste. They're easily accessible, and every household has at least one.

  • Using toothpaste to remove stains is easy. Put enough of it to cover the stain, and then rub it using enough strength.
  • To use the lemon juice, you must scrub the stain using a combination of the same amount of lemon juice and water.
  • For ink stains, use a paste of lemon juice combined with tartar cream. This combination works better if the stain is recent.
  • Combining both the lemon juice and toothpaste works, too. Just make sure to use equal amounts for both substances.

Important Tips and Advice

Regardless of the method, there are a couple of tips and advice that everyone should follow before attempting to remove permanent marker from fabric. These tips are the following;

  • Use a disposable item below the marker stain before starting to rub. Paper towel works great to absorb the stain, and you can dispose of it later.
  • If you decide to use chemicals to remove the permanent marker, make sure to wear gloves. Also, keep the chemicals far away from the children.
  • Washing the fabric on a hot temperature is recommended to remove the stains successfully. However, make sure to check what is the highest temperature the fabric can resist.
  • There are plenty of methods to remove permanent marker off the fabric. The methods listed here are the most popular, but if they don't work for you, there are plenty of more you could try.
  • If you use certain chemicals, use it wisely to avoid damaging other areas of the fabric that don't have stains.


After reading about the different methods to remove permanent marker, the only thing to worry about if an ink incident occurs is to act quickly.

Best Glass Markers

The Best Glass Markers to Write on Window Displays

Facing difficulties with putting out messages on your shop window because they get erased easily? For every office, having a dry erase marker is a must. Since there are so many brands that make them, it’s often quite confusing to buy a specific product.

Most of the time when people go to their local office supply looking for a marker, they don't know the first thing to look for. What is the best glass marker? - A question that 9 out of 10 people ask.

If you want something that will be easy to wipe off or something that will stick to the surface for a long time, why not see our list of best markers to write on glass!

Why Use Glass Markers?

With all the types of markers available, it could be hard to choose one. However, the best glass markers have plenty of benefits that make it among the best selections for everyone. These are the reasons why you should use them.

  • Vibrant Colors: The color intensity of these markers allows you to use it for many tasks, creating unique and vivid designs over surfaces. Gold, red, pink, and plenty more colors are available for more versatility.
  • Plenty of Surfaces:  Birthday parties, chalkboards, restaurant menus, mirrors, cups, jars, wine glasses, furniture, coffee mugs, and many more. The glass markers are suitable to draw over different items.
  • Removable Ink: Permanent markers have their advantages, but you can wipe off glass markers if you want to erase and start fresh. With only a wet towel, the surface of the item will be ready to draw once again. 
  • Safe: Children get to use the markers too, which is why the safety measures are appreciated. Some brands offer xylene-free pens dustless, and including non-toxic formula. These measures make them eco-friendly as well as safe to use at home and school. 

The 8 Best Glass Markers in Our List

Through the following list, we'll review the best markers for glass. You will notice that sometimes they are not labeled under the glass marker category, but they're still capable of writing and drawing over this particular surface.

1. Chalktastic Chalk Markers

Chalktastic is a set of markers that provide beautiful colors that quickly get our interest. Let’s see what this brand has to offer.

Right off the shelf, these markers are capable of taking our attention easily. Chalktastic offers high-quality and deeply concentrated chalk ink, which are suitable for different uses.

For instance, these markers are an incredible solution for us to design that restaurant sign we’ve always wanted. They also work for creating a menu or drawing on mugs.

Naturally, there are many more scenarios where you can use it and get a beautiful result. They are non-toxic, too. Adults won't have to worry about the children's safety while using them.

One of the main concerns adults may have is the cleanup and removing the marking on unwanted surfaces. However, the dust-free quality of these products allows easy and fast removal of the markings. After testing them, we noticed taking them off most surfaces is not a complicated task to do.

Nonetheless, there was an issue while using one of these markers. The tip was dry, but after the initial disappointment, it only requires you to press it on the tip a little bit, and it will have the ink flowing once again.

Highlighted Features:

  • Eight high-quality and vibrant neon colors
  • Non-Toxic qualities, which makes them suitable for everyone
  • The dust-free design makes cleaning easier
  • Works for different applications: chalkboards, menu boards, LED boards, Windows, etc.

2. Thornton's Art Supply Oil-Based Paint Markers

Oil-Based Paint Markers

A marker that fades away quickly is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it is an advantage for the cleaning-up time. However, it is not suitable if the intended purpose is to keep the drawing on a certain surface, like a menu, on a chalkboard, over the glass, or another area.

Fortunately, there are sets of markers that are capable of creating incredible art designs without worrying whether or not it will fade.

Thornton’s art supply offers these quality markers that you can use on everything: rubber, metal, plastic, stone, you name it, and it will probably work over it.

The best benefit of these markers? Their ink dries quickly, and it is capable of resisting against water, abrasion, and it won’t fade away quickly. It is an outstanding quality that makes them among the best markers you could find to draw what you want or let the kids have fun with it.

However, if the little ones get a hold of these markers, make sure to keep an eye on them while they have their fun. It is all fun and games until the furniture suffers the consequences.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oil-based markers for drawing on both light and dark surfaces
  • Low odor with Fast drying
  • Resistant to water, fading, and abrasion
  • Suitable for children and adults
  • Includes 15 permanent markers

3. Pebeo Vitrea 160, Glass Paint Markers

Glass Paint Markers

The Pebeo Vitrea 160 markers are available at a higher price than most marker sets. Nonetheless, it offers many benefits that make them a good investment for everyone.

These markers are transparent and water-based, which allows us to use them in different combinations to create amazing results. They’re highly versatile about the things you can do with them.

For instance, using these markers on glass, porcelain, metal, to name a few, is pretty easy and you’ll be able to do it smoothly.

What we liked the most about this set of markers is how precise they are. It contains nine markers, with each one of them featuring a bullet tip of 1.2mm.

Drawing and making precise art is something that not many markers can offer, whether it is because they don’t have a bullet tip, or because there are ink spills that ruin the surface. Nonetheless, these markers take care of those issues.

Additionally, the baking instructions provided are quite spot-on, too. After following them strictly, you can rest assured your drawing will stick to the surface. However, we do recommend not pushing it. If you draw on a cup or an item that requires washing, try to do it by hand if possible.


  • Bullet tip provides high precision for drawings
  • Suitable for different surfaces like porcelain, glass, copper, etc.
  • Proper baking instructions included
  • Nine water-based markers provide glossy and smooth finishes
  • Highly resistant against fading

4. Paint Pens Acrylic Paint Markers

Without a doubt, these markers provide the quality that other markers fail to provide. They have a beautiful external appearance that is hard to ignore if you see them on the shelf.

This set of markers is available at an affordable low price. It is an incredible benefit for people that don't want to spend plenty of money on markers. Instead, choosing these products from ARTISTRO ensures you'll have quality results without hurting your pocket.

Acrylic Marker

One of the first things to notice while using them is the top-quality ink. It dries rather quickly, allowing the marking to stick over the surface without risks of falling off.

Using them is a smooth procedure that creates a highly durable, glossy and opaque finish over different surfaces. Whether it is on a light or dark surface, the drawing will stick to it.

It works virtually over any surface. Overall, these markers are multi-purpose, and you can use them over fabric, metal, wood, stone, rock, and many more. This high versatility makes the markers suitable for many people, and to create different projects.

Another benefit worth mentioning is the tip of the markers. The tips aren’t bullet-tips, but they aren’t too wide either. These markers have a tip of a medium size, which comes handy for drawing fine lines, but also to draw over large areas.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bright and pigmented acrylic ink is fast to dry
  • Creates glossy finishes on different surfaces
  • Works over plenty of surfaces like; fabric, metal, wood, etc
  • Highly resistant against abrasion, fading, and water
  • Non-toxic, and produces no odor
  • Particularly good for ceramic and glass

5. Decoart DGPM14-K Glass Paint Marker

Glass Paint Marker

Sometimes, however, a full set of markers is not the way to go. Instead, a single product is what we need to design and create projects. If that’s the case for you, DecoArt offers its DGPM14-K model to help you through your tasks.

This marker has a firm adhesion to surfaces to cover your needs. Although it works over plenty of surfaces, it shines the most when people use it over porcelain or metal.

It can deliver a solid drawing over these materials, which is a benefit if your purpose is to make cup designs, as well as plenty of more projects.

With the right baking procedure in the oven and dishwasher, it produces a durable and secured flossy finish.

Although it shares the non-toxic feature that most markers have, there is not much else to say about it. It serves its purpose successfully, but it is not the best glass paint marker.

If you only need a single marker, then go for it. However, for higher versatility and variety, you might want to consider buying a full set of markers instead.

Highlighted Features:

  • Non-toxic
  • Durable marking after a proper baking process
  • Vibrant colors with a quality finish
  • Outstanding performance on both metal and porcelain

6.Creatov Liquid Chalk Markers

Liquid Chalk Markers

If you’ve used one of those reversible markers, then you’ve probably faced disappointment because, honestly, there aren’t many of them that work as they should.

For that reason, it was a surprise finding out that the reversible quality of these markers from Creatov work efficiently.

Using the marker’s broad chisel tip for creating bold lines, then using its fine tip for more details, is a highly interactive process.

It allows the artist in you to let loose the creativity and work to create amazing art. Furthermore, this process is even better because the set includes eight vibrant colors.

The markers are user-friendly for different ages. They are non-toxic, don’t produce any unpleasant odor, and they are long-lasting. Whether adults or kids use them, it will not be unpleasant or uncomfortable at all.

If an accident occurs and someone leaves an unwanted mark over a certain surface, wiping it off is an operation that doesn't require much effort.

Overall, the Creatov liquid markers are highly versatile to use under different circumstances. For adults that want to have quality tools for their projects, or for kids both at school and home, these markers provide everything to meet your expectations.

Highlighted Features:

  • Highly-functional reversible operation; create bold lines and use the fine tip for details
  • Versatility to use on different surfaces at home, work, or school
  • High quality and durable results
  • Comfortable design for everyone to use

7. Beric Premium Oil-based Paint Markers

Oil-based Paint Marker

Beric comes with an offer hard to ignore if you’re looking for the best markers to write on glass. These markers are highly resistant to weather conditions.

After using one of them, elements like water or the hot temperature facing the sun will not ruin the marking.

Because of that high resistance, you can use the Beric markers not only at home, but also for children at school, or even professional projects at work. They offer enough versatility for different circumstances and scenarios.

A clear example of that is a mug project we were making. Using a couple of these markers over the surface of the mug which was porcelain, was a quick and comfortable process.
The ink has a constant flow, which allows us to continue drawing without making awkward stops. After using it, it dried quickly, and it made the baking procedure faster.

The final result was a beautiful and vibrant drawing on the mug.

Just like on the mug, the result over different surfaces are top-notch. However, keep in mind that these are permanent, so you want to make sure you have a perfect guideline for the drawing before doing it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Versatility for different applications and surfaces
  • Safe design suitable for kids as well
  • A wide range of colors
  • Resistance to water and the sun’s warm temperature

8. Ecovue Vibrant Oil-based Paint Markers

 Oil-based glass Marker

For the final spot, we wanted to include a set of markers that was a surprising revelation. The Evocue deco markers are capable of creating bold designs with permanent ink. It dries rather quickly, and it’s waterproof.

The high functionality of these markers makes them suitable for many people. These markers offer an outstanding performance for DIYers and artists, mainly because it is compatible with plenty of surfaces.

A few examples of where to use it are glass, porcelain, clay, metal, paper, fabric, and many more.

Regardless of where you use it, the marker’s drawing doesn’t let you down. It features a high-quality tip to create and design outstanding details during each stroke.

Whether you’re left or right-handed, these markers are perfect for everyone. They allow people to create amazing drawings with a clean and smudge-free result.

It is worth mentioning the baking instructions as well. They are pretty straight-forward, and if you follow them precisely, the final result will be very satisfying.

Highlighted Features:

  • Permanent and waterproof ink
  • Works on wood, glass, plastic, fabric, porcelain, clay, and many more surfaces
  • High-quality markers to precise writing

​Factors to Consider Before Buying

​Although we have reviewed only the very best markers out there, you still need to keep these things in mind before you order a set:

Erasable or Permanent

This is the most important factor to notice because you don't want to end up with permanent writings and drawing all over your house when you don't want it. The markers come with a description of whether or not they are permanent.

Read the descriptions carefully and choose an erasable brand if you need to wipe off the ink later. If you need permanent ones, well, you have that option as well.

Whether or Not to Bake to Get Permanent Ink

Some brands offer markers which are both erasable and permanent at the same time. Usually, when used, they are erasable.

Some ink becomes permanent only after you bake them. So, read the instructions carefully and find out whether you need to bake them to get permanent ink.

Dishwasher Safe or Not

Some brands of permanent ink are not dishwasher safe and need to be washed only by hand. Read the instructions and warnings carefully beforehand so that you do not end up cleaning a mug mistakenly and erasing the ink.

Opacity of Ink

A lot of brands offer markers of very vibrant colors but the colors are too thin, and you need to put multiple layers of ink on them to make the writings visible. Read the reviews and go for the ones who have thick ink.

Only then, you will be saved from the hassle of buying ink that is not very visible.

Frequently Asked Some Questions-

​We have answered some of the most commonly asked questions for you below:

Do I need to bake to make it permanent?

Markers that need you to bake for the ink to become permanent usually says that in the description and instructions. Please, read the instructions carefully.
Is the ink permanent?

Most descriptions say whether or not the ink is erasable or permanent. Read the instructions carefully.

How to draw on glass permanently?

To make your writings and drawings on glass permanent, you need to buy markers that are instantly permanent when dried off. Check the descriptions to ensure if you are purchasing permanent markers or not.

Does Sharpie come off the glass?

​No, Sharpie doesn't come off the glass as long as you are not using chemicals to wash the glass.

Final Thoughts

We hope that now you know plenty about the best glass markers and will be able to pick the perfect ones to meet your needs!

Just remember to check the most vitals aspects before buying, so that you don’t mistakenly buy the ones that you do not need. Also, always remember to read the descriptions carefully before you make a purchase and use them. Happy drawing!