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ChooseMarker talks about (guess what?) all the best markers, for drawing or writing or anything!

We’re here very passionate to do drawing. We all are not professional but we know more than most of them
(Yeah, right!). At this website, we do honest reviews to choose the best qualities of drawing tools like marker. Most of us don’t know which of the products are the best. But here we give you the helping hand. We invest a
good time to research products. Sometimes we practically use and in most of the cases we get user experiences (reviews and ratings).

About Loard Eva

Loard Eva

As an artist, I spend most of the time in drawing and designing. Now I’m a mom of three little gentlemen altogether. When I’m not playing with my kids, you’ll find me researching and writing for choosemarker.

My passion for art grew when I was a young kid. When my parents admitted me in an art school I was very curious minded. Among all the art supplies, markers became my favorite method of coloring for different reasons. Whatever I drew, I tried to give it a beautiful look using markers.

Well, my dream of becoming an artist came true when I completed my BSc. in Fine Arts. After that, I’ve also completed different courses on designing and drawing. As an artist, I’ve chosen to become a Fine Art photographer.

In the journey of becoming an artist, I’ve faced so many obstacles and sometimes didn’t get any proper solution to some problems. From that perspective, I’ve started this new journey of ChooseMarker to give proper answers to your questions.

While browsing our blog, you’ll get to know all the ins and outs of different types of art supplies, markers and others. Here, you’ll also find so many tips that will help to improve your knowledge regarding drawing and painting.

For any kind of inquiry please contact us, we’d like to hear from you any time! You can follow me on: Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest

About Maria Tanish

Maria TanishOne rainy morning it was when I found myself doodling while drinking coffee. I still remember how my brother appreciated me that day and I found the path I’ve always searched for. From that day till time, I have known myself as an artist although I’ve known that all along.

Well, I currently am studying in Fine Arts. I truly am very proud about this. Not because I’m studying Fine Arts but because I’m following my dream. I won’t lie, I feel very lucky.

Apart from college projects, I invest a good amount of time in drawing for myself. People call it pastime but I call it passion. Soon enough I developed my fondness for markers. And I thought, how about sharing these passionate experiences of mine with others? That’s when I started writing blogs in choosemarker.

No matter how many articles there are on coloring tools, markers and drawing, they’re never enough. What I meant is, I never stopped getting calls from my friends asking me for the list of best coloring tools or guidelines. I can feel their urge because I was in their shoes earlier. As I didn’t find any exact answers online, I had to carry on experimenting all by myself.

Now that I have real life experiences, I can explain things even better. To be honest, I’ve gone through every possible trouble starting from a beginner artist to a professional one. I try to talk about the most necessary and searched topics. The information and tips I provide will hopefully enrich your knowledge.

If you’re a beginner or struggling to be a professional, I’m happy to share my journey with you. You can relate and learn while having a good time as well. And if drawing is your hobby, I’ll help you to take your hobby to the next level.

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