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Do Copic Markers Expensive

Why Are Copic Markers So Expensive?

As a creative artist with plenty of ideas in mind, it can be very frustrating when we don’t have the right tools to produce our artwork. More specifically, sometimes, we don’t have the markers we need.That’s an issue we had to face until we encountered the ​​​​Copic markers.Now, these markers have been around for quite […]

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Remove Marker From Skin

How to Get Permanent Marker off Skin Without Alcohol?

Today, we will go through the implications and possible health issues an accident like this one can create.And, after that, we’ll learn the best methods to remove marker stains using regular substances available in every house. Quick Navigation Is Marker Ink Harmful to Skin?​How to Remove Marker Stain from SkinOlive Oil or Coconut OilBaby Oil […]

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Skin Safe Markers

Do Markers Safe for Your Skin?

It’s a very common scenario that we make temporary tattoos or get stained on our skin either intentionally or unintentionally while writing with markers. Even while playing, kids also draw on their skin with it.Actually, there are tons of fun ways to use permanent markers, from the boring (office work) to the fun (crazy colorful […]

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Different types of markers

Different Types of Markers and Why Artists Need Them

Did you know that there are more than 2 million artists in the US alone? Approximately ​40% of these artists are graphic, industrial or commercial designers who work in the fashion industry or create ads and billboards for various companies.For many of them, it all started at an early age when they drew simple sketches […]

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Remove Chalk Marker from Chalkboard

How to Remove Chalk Marker from Chalkboard

Using chalk markers is a fun method to achieve many seemingly impossible things; from getting the kids interested in the class, to gaining more customers by captivating them with a beautiful chalkboard menu artwork outside of our restaurant.However, once you achieve your goal and proceed to clean up, you might encounter that the chalk marker, […]

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