6 Easy Christmas Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Whether the adults or the kids, the holiday season always fosters creativity. If it’s Christmas eve, then none can resist their temptation to decorate, draw, innovate, and many more. And one of the most popular ways to bring out creativity is through drawing. 

Christmas is not just a holiday; it’s an emotion for us. We eagerly wait for this time a whole year. So, in this season, whether you are looking forward to gifting a piece of artwork to your loved one or helping your kids to flourish their creativity, this article will definitely help you.

I’ll give you a hand with some of the appealing Christmas drawing ideas through this. So, stay with me till the end and crank this season. No matter what, you are a beginner or a professional artist or not an artist at all! You all will definitely like the ideas I’m going to give.


You can perfectly deal with these easy drawing ideas, whatever medium you choose. Pencil, marker, crayon, etc., are the primary tools.

It’s better to let them draw with a good set of crayons. It’ll be best if you give them the washable ones.

Well, for adults, pencil and marker combination is great. But if you want, you can use acrylic paint also. So, whatever the medium, make the best use of it.

Some of the Best Christmas Drawing Ideas Ever

When it’s about Christmas eve, so many things come up. It’s not only the Christmas tree but there are other things also.

For example – presents, Santa hats, ornaments and so on. That’s why keep following, as the ideas I’m going to give won’t disappoint you. So, let’s take a feel of Christmas in advance.

1. Christmas Tree

The first thing that’ll come to mind during Christmas eve is the Christmas tree. It’s a mandatory thing. Whether it’s a long one or a short one, Christmas trees are seen in every house. So, rather than looking for the Christmas drawing inspiration in your neighborhood, start with a Christmas tree.   

Drawing this special tree is really very easy. The tree looks bigger at the bottom and gets smaller at the top side. You can draw this tree in so many ways, and it doesn’t matter if you are a professional artist or beginner. 

For taking the tree drawing to the next level, add ribbon, ornaments, stars, lights, wreaths, candy cane, snowflakes, jingle bell, and other things. As we keep the presents under the tree in real life, if you draw some present boxes under the tree, it’ll enhance the beauty of the drawing. 

If you want, you can also draw a snowman beside the tree to remind people that the cold time of the year has come. You can either create a daytime background with some falling snowflakes or nighttime with a beautiful moon and some stars in the sky. The more elements you’ll add, the more it’ll look perfect.

NB: Don’t forget to use bright colors to bring life into the drawing.

2. Christmas Lights

Without the glowing lights, you can’t think of a festival season. We use so many lights like fairy lights, dream lights, round lights, and others to decorate our houses on Christmas eve.

The most interesting fact about the lights is that we can change their colors by putting different colors on them. As soon as we hang lights, everything looks perfectly festive.

That’s why, in your drawing, if you add a string of lights, it’ll look more beautiful and go better with the holiday season. Lights are the perfect subject to announce Christmas.

So, if you are drawing a Christmas tree, you can draw hanging lights around it. Or, if you are drawing a family photo, you can draw a string of lights on the background curtain bar. You can also draw a cat playing with the fairy lights. The central theme is to add lights in your drawing, whatever you draw.

3. Christmas Ornaments

We cannot think of decorating a Christmas tree without ornaments. It enhances the true beauty of the tree. Mostly we wrap a ribbon around the tree and hang the ornaments with it.

Some people also hang those balls directly with the tree. It doesn’t matter how you hang it; in the end, it makes the tree look beautiful. 

So, you can draw the ornaments with the Christmas tree or separately. While drawing separately, you can draw like the balls are lying on the ground with a ribbon on their head that we use to hang them.

If you use a pencil, you can follow the sketching technique to make the details. Or, if you use paints or art markers, you can use highlights to give it a realistic look.

4. Beautiful Santa Hat

One of the most favorite items at Christmas is Santa’s Hat. Whether you go to a shopping mall or a supermarket, everywhere, you’ll see that people are roaming wearing that red and white Santa Hat. It seems that Christmas is incomplete without the hat.

So, it can be a great drawing idea for the Christmas season. Since there are only two colors – red and white, it’s also very easy to draw. 

Well, just take a white paper and give the shape of that hat with a round ball at the end using a pencil. Then color the middle part red and other areas blank as the paper is white. You can color those areas white if you want. You’ll get a complete guideline on our website.

5. The Christmas Holly

During Christmas eve, think of where you don’t find Christmas Holly. Whether it’s on the Christmas tree itself, on the present boxes, or the door, everywhere, you’ll find it. It’s also known as English Holly.

But for us, it’s the Christmas Holly. It’s actually a plant, and the common shape of this holly is found – three scaly-edged leaves with three seeds on it. That’s why drawing this holly is super easy. 

So, for drawing holly, you’ve first to draw three-edged leaves in three corners and then add three round balls together in the middle of the leaves. Finally, color them with the trendy green and red color.

6. Santa Sleigh

When we think of Santa Claus, a clear image comes to our mind that he will come in the Christmas night sitting on his magic sleigh led by the reindeer. How beautiful the scenery is! And yes, it can be a great drawing idea on Christmas eve. 

Drawing Santa’s magic sleigh is pretty very easy if you compare it with ice skating shoes. If you want, you can draw one or two reindeer with it and a Santa Claus sitting on the sleigh. It’ll make the artwork look more beautiful.

Wrap Up

So, these were the most popular and easiest Christmas drawing ideas ever. Hopefully, you have liked it as I think these are the best project to settle down while warming up by the fire. We’ll update the step-by-step drawing of these projects on our website. Don’t forget to check out often not to miss them. 

Good Luck and have a great Christmas ever!

Loard Eva

Hi there! I’m Eva, artist, designer, photographer and mom of three little gentlemen altogether. When I’m not playing with my kids, you’ll find me researching and writing for ChooseMarker.

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