20 Easy Valentine Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Every couple waits for Valentine’s Day in a year. It’s a day when people express their love for each other. And drawing can be one of the best mediums of doing so.

That’s why keeping Valentine’s Day ahead; I’ve come up with some easy valentine drawing ideas that will blow your partner’s mind.

Luckily, you won’t have to spend that much time on each drawing. You can express your love whenever you want to. Just share this post on your social networks or bookmark this site and come back anytime. 

Now, let’s dive into the valentine drawing ideas without any further delay.

Some Easy Valentine Drawing Ideas

1. Heart with Arrow Drawing

Heart with Arrow

The heart is the sign of love, and Cupid’s arrow is another popular sign. So, combining these two can be a great idea for drawing in this valentine’s eve. For this, you have to draw a usual heart in freehand.

And then draw a ribbon around to look like the ribbon has wrapped the heart. Finally, draw an arrow that looks like it’s intersecting the heart.

2. Drawing Love Wine

Drawing Love Wine

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you are not drinking wine sitting with your loved one. That’s impossible! So, to keep that memory inside your sketchbook, you can try this drawing. It is really very easy and straightforward.

Here you just need to draw two wine glasses, wine waves inside the glasses, and two hearts above each glass. And yes, your valentine’s drawing is ready!

3. Drawing Love with Smile

Love with Smile

It’s almost like drawing the emoji in which love comes out from eyes. First, draw a circle using a compass. Draw a curved line inside the circle to make the smiley face. Then draw two bigger hearts that looks like it’s coming out from the eyes. Finally, draw a dotted circle on the outer side of the previous circle.

4. Drawing Love with Wings

Love with Wings

It’s also a very familiar sign to couples. During valentine’s eve, you may see this sign around the city, like in the stores, super shops, and other places. Well, drawing this heart with wings is really very easy. You just need to draw a heart first and then add two wings on both sides. And yes, you are done!

5. Drawing Love Envelope

Love Envelope

Exchanging a love letter or sending a message through an envelope is a common scenario on Valentine’s Day. So, I’ve come up with an easy valentine drawing idea from that concept.

If you follow this drawing, you’ll notice that love is coming from the envelope. You can quickly draw this using a rectangle and triangle. Try it out now!

6. Drawing Love Letter

Love Letter

It’s not actually a love letter, and it’s like expressing love writing on a piece of paper. So, first, draw the shape of a paper piece that is folded on the lower side. You can easily do it using curve lines. Then all you have to do is to write “I Love (heart shape) You” in the middle of it.

7. Drawing Heart Lock

Heart Lock

It exactly looks like a lock, but the shape is different. So, you have first to draw a heart-like shape. Then join the two upper sides of the heart using two curve lines.

Finally, make a lock hole in the middle of the heart where we usually put the key. The final look will be similar to a real-life lock.

8. Drawing Different Heart Shapes

Different Heart Shapes

The heart is the most important thing we need to draw during valentine’s eve. So, here, I’ve shown you some different heart shapes or love shapes, whatever you call them, in one place.

These are the easiest shapes you can draw within a few seconds and without thinking that much. Hope you’ll like them all and don’t forget to try them out!

Wrap Up

Valentine’s Day is an emotion for all of us. You can easily take help from the valentine drawing ideas I’ve given above and make the best out of it this eve. 

These are really very easy to draw and won’t take you much time. Hopefully, you have liked it. So, grab your supplies and give surprises to your loved ones!  

Loard Eva

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