How to Do Calligraphy with Crayola Markers

Love making amazing calligraphy? Despite all the admires and applause you get as a calligraphy artist, do you really think you’re giving your art the best shot?

Now there are a lot of markers out there that do come a lot handy while you make all those grooves on the paper. However, if you can get the best marker, you’ll be able to take your artistic talents on heights.
Try Crayola as your best alternative.

This amazing marker comes with amazing features and color combinations. What’s better is the fact that it’s really cheap.

Even though it doesn’t cost you a fortune, if you know how to do calligraphy with Crayola markers, your calligraphy will look no less than a professional one.

Want to know all the details? Give this write-up a read.

Calligraphy with Crayola Markers

What You Need to Create Calligraphy with Crayola

First thing’s first, you’ll need to get your hands on the things you’ll need to create the calligraphy. No, I won’t tell you to grab a bunch of things and pile them up together. Just 3 things will do.

Get yourself a set of Crayola Broad Markers, a printed paper and lastly, get a marker paper or tracing paper.

See? Wasn’t tough, was it?

Now, as for the tracing paper or marker paper, I won’t say these are mandatory, not at all.

However, if you want to have a smooth grooving experience, these papers work like magic. I mean there are other papers as well but you literally have to struggle a lot to make your calligraphies on them. So, why take the risk, right?

As for the Crayola markers, you can simply use them on printer paper. Trust me, you’re going to love how things will turn out.

Basic Strokes

Start with the Basic Strokes

Starting with the series of basic strokes is the first thing you’ll need to deal with. In this step, you’ll need to work with two different stroke variations. The downstroke and the upstroke.

As your pen goes from the top to way down to the bottom, that’s the downstroke part. To perform the upstroke, you’ll need to push your marker from bottom to top.

Image Source: calligrascape

Choose the downstroke when you’ll need thicker calligraphy works. Upstrokes offer you thinner ones.

Now I know you want to start writing all those letters already, it’s really hard to wait. But if you want your art-piece to give good fruit, you’ll have to practice the basic strokes more and more until you become a pro in this.

If you want to make successful yet thin upstrokes, pressing the marker gently comes first. Make sure you make your way from bottom to the top. If you face any problem, you can place your pen upright while pressing it gently.

Done with the upstrokes? Let’s go for the downstrokes then. Put a little pressure on your pen while holding it an angle.

Now try writing something or making lines. That’s it, you’ll have a nice downstrokes.

The Angle of Your Marker

These markers, unlike others, come with a felt along with a broad tip. This makes sure you can hold your Crayola markers upright. Holding it upright will let you make thin upstrokes. Don’t have to press them hard like you used to do in case of the brush pen. Why? Well, these markers do not have any flexible tip on their arsenal.

If you want to make different types of strokes, you’ll need to shift to a different angle as you hold your marker. Rotating your pen a bit to your right can do the trick. However, it’s you who need to figure out which angle you’re comfortable with.

Practice with Crayola Marker

If you practice with Crayola markers regularly, you’ll be able to cope up with it faster than ever. I’ll suggest you to practice the basic strokes first. Then you can pass to words or letters as soon as you gain some confidence in your work.

You can try writing quotes. If you already know how to do the calligraphies, it will take you a few days to be friendly with the new markers you’ve just bought. On the other hand, if you’re a beginner, it may take you even a month.
If you practice regularly and give it your best shot, you may reach the height within less than a month.

Practice with Crayola Marker
Image Source: herpetologistsleague

Writing Letter or Words

If you know how to do your downstrokes right, you can focus on writing letters finally. This is the part where you’ll know that each stroke plays a dominating role while writing the words. In fact, you may have to repeat the same stroke through the letters sometimes.

As for words, you can create amazing words by connecting your letters to one another. For a beginner, you can try writing words like ‘aluminum’ or ‘minimum’. Why? Because these words have got repetitive letters and you can try the same strokes again and again.

Getting all messed up inside your head? Well, you can try watching the video for more details while I’m out. This will give you a detailed tutorial.

Wrapping Up!

So I’ve given you almost everything you need to know on how to do Calligraphy with Crayola markers. Besides, I’ve included a video as well. I think you’ll be good to go now.

For now, my job here is done. However, I might talk to you some other day on another Calligraphy chit chat.

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