How to Draw a Cauldron Easy | Halloween Drawing

Whether you have just heard the name of a witch’s cauldron or seen it in real life, your artist mind have thought to add it on your sketchbook in some Halloween eve. If yes, then today’s tutorial is just for you!

Today, I have come up with the most exciting Halloween drawing tutorial of the season, which is a cauldron. Here, I have tried to show you the most easiest way of drawing cauldron with some easy steps.

So, go through this tutorial till the end and learn how to draw a cauldron easy! 

Drawing Supplies You Will Need

  • 4B or 6B Pencil
  • 320 gsm Paper
  • Good Quality Eraser
  • Black Marker as Outliner
  • Watercolor Markers

How to Draw a Witch’s Cauldron Step by Step Easily

Step 1: Draw the Cauldron Body

Draw the Cauldron Body

For drawing the cauldron body, you just need to draw a big ellipse. But the ellipse should be an open round. The reason is, any big size pot has an opening side on its top. 

So, we need a space where we can draw the opening part. You have to join both ends with a slight curved line. 

Step 2: Create the Top Opening

Create the Top Opening

For creating the top pening side, you have to draw the neck portion first. So, follow the reference and draw two small sized slanted lines on each joint part of the ellipse. 

Now, again join the top side of the slanted lines with a slightly curved line. One, side of the opening has been created. 

For the other side, join the two ends with another curved line on the opposite side. Now, create the rim by drawing a small ellipse inside the opening part. 

Step 3: Add the Handles

Add the Handles

Handles are a must here. If you think in real life, without handles, how would you carry such a big cauldron? So, draw two handles on each side of the cauldron body. 

Firstly, draw a rounded half ellipse on the left side. Then draw another half ellipse around the previous one. One handle is ready. Now, on the right side draw another handle similarly. 

Step 4: Draw the Legs 

Draw the Cauldron Legs

Beneath the rounded body of the cauldron, draw two long U shapes on two sides. It will look like the integral legs on which the cauldron stands. I have added two legs here. But if you want, you can add more on the lower side. 

Step 5: Draw the Boiling Bubbles 

Draw the Boiling Bubbles

Well, it is the main attraction of a witch’s cauldron. With the boiling bubbles, everyone will get to know that wicked witch is cooking some magical spell in her cauldron. 

So, draw some small circles all over the opening portion that will look just like the boiling bubbles coming out from the cauldron body. 

Color the Witch’s Cauldron Drawing

Color the Cauldron Drawing

Finally, you have to color the cauldron to give it a original spooky look. I have used color shades that goes well with the Halloween theme. 

But you can choose your own shades and color accordingly. I have used watercolor markers for creating this beautiful drawing. 

Some Easy Cauldron Drawing Ideas

If you were looking for a cute cauldron drawing with faces, then you can try this one. Hopefully, it will be fun!

Some Easy Cauldron Drawing Ideas

Drawing a cauldron with boiling bubbles is really fun as it looks close to the real witch’s spell making pot. 

Easy Cauldron Drawing Ideas

How would it be if you draw a cauldron from which the boiling spell is coming out rolling over the body?

Cauldron Drawing Ideas Easy

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this tutorial and learned how to draw a cauldron easily. So, share this easy cauldron drawing guide with your artists friends and family to make the Halloween season more fun!

Maria Tanish

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