How to Draw a Coffin Step by Step for Halloween Drawing Projects

Whether it’s for your Halloween drawing or other horror-themed projects, coffin drawing can be a unique addition to your portfolio. As coffins are used for carrying deceased persons, the shape of it will be similar to human body shape. 

However, in today’s coffin drawing tutorial, I will share with you the most easiest steps. By following these steps properly, you will be able to learn how to draw a coffin easily step by step!

Drawing Materials You will Need

  • 4B or 6B Pencil
  • 300 GSM Paper
  • High Quality Eraser
  • Black Marker Outliner
  • Watercolor Markers

How to Draw a Coffin Step by Step

Step 1: Draw the Top Shape

Draw the Coffin Top Shape

Start drawing the coffin with the top part. It’s the most important part of a coffin. So, draw it carefully. First, you need to draw a small slaned line on the left corner of the paper.

Now, draw two slightly slanted lines upward in a way that their opening becomes broad at the end. Join the two edges of the lines with three small lines just like the reference.

However, you won’t be wrong if you say it a pentagon. And yes! A basic coffin shape will be created. 

Step 2: Thicken the Lower Side

Thicken the Coffin's Lower Side

Now, you need to make the lower side of the coffin thick. For this, draw some lines below the right side of the top part. If you follow the reference, you will see that I have drawn four lines under the top part to make this part thick.

Step 3: Add Details Inside the Thick Part

Add Details Inside the Coffin's Thick Part

As you have thickened the lower part of the coffin, you have got some blank space there. So, you just need to add some details inside this part to give it a texture.

As per reference, you can see that I have added some slightly slanted lines inside the blank space. 

Step 4: Draw a Cross at the Top

Draw a Cross at the Top of Coffin

On the top side of the Halloween coffin, you have to draw a cross sign so that it looks like the real coffin of graveyards. It will also give the coffin spooky look.

So, follow the reference and draw a simple cross sign on the top side of the coffin. 

Step 5: Make the Cross Thick

Make the Coffin Cross Thick

To give a thickness to the cross drawing, you have to draw another cross inside the previous one. It must be inside and parallel to the big size cross.

By doing so, you will see that the cross sign has got thickened. I have also added some details on the top part of the coffin to give it a real look. But if you want to skip them, you can.

Color the Coffin Drawing

Color the Coffin Drawing

Finally, make the coffin look like the real one by adding colors into it. I have used shades of brown and watercolor marker sets for coloring the whole drawing. However, you can use your own sets of coloring tools and shades for coffin drawing. 

Some Easy Coffin Drawing Ideas

 If you were looking for a basic two part coffin drawing ideas, then it can be your best bet!

Easy Coffin Drawing Ideas

Coffin drawing with a unique shape at the top will attract people at once. So, try it and make your Halloween drawing catchy!

Some Easy Coffin Drawing Ideas

Drawing a coffin with stylish cross can be a unique idea for this spooky season. Such cross designs give coffins a luxury look. 

Some Coffin Drawing Ideas Easy

Wrap Up

As you have gon through all the steps, you may have learned to draw a coffin till now. So, whether you have come to look for Halloween drawing ideas or to enhance your spooky drawing skills, you may have got your answer.

Keep practicing and don’t forget to share this coffin drawing guide with your friends!

Maria Tanish

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