How to Draw a Crown Step by Step Easy Guide

Crowns are the symbol of power and authority. Whoever wears a crown, starts to think themselves king or queen. However, if you want to capture the true beauty of the crown inside your sketchbook then this tutorial is for you.

Today, I have come up with an easy step-by-step crown drawing tutorial with some unique ideas. The way I have arranged the steps and organized this guide, anyone will be able to learn how to draw a crown within no time.

So, gather your drawing supplies together and follow this tutorial till the end to learn how to draw a crown easily!

What I am Using

Pencil: 4B or 6B
Paper: 300 GSM
Eraser: Quality One
Outliner: Black Marker
Coloring Tools: Watercolor Markers

How to Draw a Crown Easily Step by Step

Step 1: Draw the Base of the Crown

Draw the Base of the Crown

First of all, you have to start from the base of the crown. So, get ready with your basic drawing supplies and start crown drawing.

You need to begin with an ellipse. The surface area shouldn’t be as big as it will be on the head side.

Step 2: Make the Base Bold

Make the Crown Base Bold

To make the base look more strong and bold, draw another ellipse similarly around it. Now, your crown base is ready.

If you want, you can skip this step. But making the base bold will help you to make the crown look more beautiful.

Step 3: Draw the Lower Sides

Draw the Lower Sides of the Crown

Now, you have to draw the sides of the crown. First start with the lower sides which is close to the base and head. You can easily draw the sides with slightly curved lines. Draw a curved line on each side.

Step 4: Make the Upper Rim

Make the Upper Rim of the Crown

After drawing the sides, you have to draw the rim of the crown. Follow the upper part of the crown sides.

Now, join two parallel lines from one side to another following the reference. For your convenience, I have marked all the new stages in red. So, follow them properly to get the best result.

Step 5: Create the Crown Structure

Create the Crown Structure

At this stage, I have drawn two long slightly curved lines on each side of the crown. These will be the upper long sides.

Now, use the U pattern and join one corner with the other one. You will see that the crown shape is forming gradually.

Step 6: Draw the Crown Back

Draw the Crown Back

Now, you have to draw the backside of the crown. Here I have used four reverse V shapes to make the backside of the crown. I have drawn them inside each U shape as you can see in the reference.

Step 7: Add the Decorative Jewels

Add the Decorative Jewels

Finally, it’s time to draw the main feature of a crown which is the jewels. I have added so many jewels to this crown for decorative purposes. I have only used ellipses for the decoration. You can add as per your imagination.

Color the Drawing

Color the Crown Drawing

Though coloring is not mandatory, colors make any drawing more beautiful. So, I have used watercolor markers as my coloring tools.

I have used shades of yellow for the crown body and blue and pink for the precious jewels of the crown. Don’t forget to outline the whole drawing with a black marker after the completion of the color.

Some Easy Crown Drawing Ideas

If you are looking for a crown drawing project for your kids, then it’s one of the best options for you!

Easy Crown Drawing Ideas

This crown drawing idea is more simple and easy. Anyone of any age can try this to sharpen his or her crown drawing skills.

Some Crown Drawing Ideas

King crown is more popular in drawing. So, if you want to try an easy king crown drawing you can go for this one.

Crown Drawing Ideas Easy

Wrap Up

By coming to this point, you may have already learned how to draw a crown easily. Hopefully, this step-by-step crown drawing tutorial was helpful to you. Remember, practice is the key. So, keep practicing and explore new drawings every day!

Maria Tanish

Hello World! Tanish here, a student of Fine Arts. Drawing was my passion from an early age but I also love to do some DIY projects to spend my leisure. Even I work as a writer, to share my knowledge about the ins and outs of drawing and the art industry itself. As an artist, I always wanna share my experiences with you all.

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