How to Draw a Cup Easy Step by Step

Cup is a simple object. For drawing a cup, you can start from any of its parts. No method is wrong as long as you make it perfectly in your own way. But I chose the most popular and easiest way to draw a cup.

So that it will be easier to understand and to follow the steps for the beginners than other methods.

What I am Using Here

  • Pencil: 6B
  • Paper: 120 GSM paper
  • Marker: Alcohol marker
  • Scale
  • Eraser
  • Blender

Step by Step Cup Drawing Ideas

Step 1: Draw an Ellipse

1st Step for Drawing a Cup

The first step of drawing a cup is to draw an ellipse. But before actually doing it, draw a vertical line so that it will help you to draw the object in a symmetrical ratio. You can use a measurement scale or simply free hand for it.

Now moving to the elliptical rim of a cup. It will be quite challenging for you if you are a beginner. Practice more to make your hand steady enough.

Use your pencil and try to draw this ellipse flatter in shape as it represents the observer’s point of view. Once you make it, carry on your drawing following the incoming steps.

Step: 2 Draw the Left Hand Portion of a Cup with a Curved Line

2nd Step for Drawing a Cup

According to the size of the ellipse, choose a perfect width for your cup from the vertical line and mark a specific point.

Then draw a curved edge of the body of a cup starting from the specific point of the vertical line and joining to the left end edge of the ellipse.

Step: 3 Draw the Right Hand Portion of a Cup with Another Curved line

3rd Step for Drawing a Cup

This step is familiar to Step 2. To draw the right hand portion of the cup, again you have to start from the similar specific. point on the vertical line.

But this time you have to run the new curved line in the mirror-opposite direction and join it at the right end edge of the ellipse. Thus, you complete the drawing of the body part of a cup.

Step: 4 Draw the Base of a Cup

4th Step for Drawing a Cup

For drawing the base part of a cup, you have to draw another ellipse of smaller size at the bottom of the cup.

Make sure the size of the small elliptical shape does not exceed the bottom of the cup and stays within the width of the cup. 

Step: 5 Erase the Extra Outlines

5th Step for Drawing a Cup

To make the shape of the cup more prominent and for a clear vision, erase all the unnecessary outlines including the vertical line and the portion of the base intersected the body.

Step : 6 Draw the Handle

6th Step for Drawing a Cup

A cup is incomplete and loses its purpose without a handle. So drawing a handle for a cup before completing the sketch is a must.

For this, add two additional curve lines at the right hand side of the body of the cup which will look like a handle and finish the sketch.

Color it!

Now comes the most interesting and enjoyable part of any drawing which is coloring. Color your drawing as instructed below for every individual part of the cup.

Body: Color the body of the cup using a yellow alcohol marker.

Base: For coloring the base choose a deeper shade of yellow compared to the shade you used for the body of the cup.

Handle: Color the handle using the similar shade of yellow marker you have used for the base of the cup.

Rim of the cup: Color the rim and inside portion of the cup with a dark brown alcohol marker.

Smoke: To make the drawing more realistic, draw a smoke from the top of the cup using a light sky blue color. Now blend the blue color using a blender to create a smokey effect.

Outline and detail: After completing the desired shape, size and color, now overline the outlines of your drawing using a black pen or marker.

Draw an Emoji for Making this Cup Cute

Add some detail in order to make the drawing cuter. Make an emoji on the body of the cup.
Step 1: Draw the eyes with the sign “>” and “<“, opposite and facing each other. Adjust the size accordingly as per the emoji.

Step 2: Overline the eyes using a black marker.
Step 3: Draw a half circle to complete the laughing emoji face.
Step 4: Color the half circle with a dark brown marker and overline the shape with a black marker.

Finally, drawing a cute cup with a laughing emoji is done.

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