How to Draw a Witch Broom Tutorial with Easy Steps

If you are getting ready to add some Halloween drawings to your sketchbook in this spooky season, then this witch broom drawing tutorial is for you.

Here I have shared with you an easy step-by-step guide on how to draw a witch broom. So, follow this tutorial till the end to learn the witch broom drawing technique with some easy drawing ideas!

What I am Using for this Drawing

Pencil: 4B or 6B

Paper: 300 GSM

Eraser: High Quality

Outliner: Black Marker

Coloring Tools: Watercolor Markers

How to Draw a Witch Broom Step by Step Easily

Step 1: Draw Two Lines for Witch Broom

Draw Two Lines for Witch Broom Drawing

To draw the witch broomstick for your Halloween projects, you just need to draw some shapes. So, gather your drawing supplies first, then begin the witch broom drawing.

First, draw a long slanted line vertically. While drawing the line, keep in mind that it will be the length of your broom handle. So, draw it accordingly.

Then draw a small straight line horizontally on the bottom of the previous line. Make sure the vertical line is kept in the middle of the horizontal line. And don’t make the horizontal line that long as it will be the broom head.

Step 2: Draw a Triangle on the Bottom

Draw a Triangle on the Bottom

Now, follow the reference and draw a triangle on the lower side of the vertical line. The two edges of the small horizontal line will be the two lower corners of the triangle.

Don’t make the top corner too far from the lower surface. You will see that a triangle has formed. You need to draw the lower part of the witch broomstick.

Step 3: Create the Broom Handle

Create the Witch Broom Handle

At this stage, you have to create the handle of the broomstick. For this, you have to follow the reference carefully. First, you have to draw an abnormal straight line with a slight curve towards the above.

This line should be on the left side of the long vertical line and the bottom will join the top side of the triangle.

Now, draw another line similarly on the right side of the vertical line. Join the two upper edges of the lines with a small circle. It will be the top side of the broom handle. 

For drawing the mounting part and broom bristle you have to create three ellipses inside the triangle. The first one should be on the upper side of the triangle and the lower side of the handle.

The second ellipse should be on the immediate lower of the first one. And third one will be on the bottom of the triangle. It will help you to create the rest of the witch broomstick easily. 

Step 4: Draw the Broom Bristles

Draw the Bristles of Witch Broom

Before drawing the bristles, you have to create the mounting part of the broom. For this, draw two slanted lines on the two sides of the top ellipse that connect to the two edges of the second ellipse.

Now, make a round rectangle over the second ellipse to create the bristles knot. Then, draw curve lines from each side of the knot that joins on the two edges of the lower ellipse.

Finally, draw a zigzag line to connect the two edges of the curve lines to create the lower part of the bristles. 

Step 5: Add Details to the Drawing

Add Details to the Witch Broom

Adding details to your drawing will make it look like a real witch broomstick. But before that, use your high-quality eraser and erase all the unnecessary lines.

After cleaning the unwanted marks, draw some straight and curved lines inside the handle and bristles for detailing. It will give some texture to the drawing. 

Color the Broom Drawing

Color the Witch Broom

For coloring the witch broom, I have used shades of yellow and green. I have used watercolor markers as coloring tools. You can use your own shades and coloring tools. Remember to outline the whole drawing using a black marker. 

Some Easy Witch Broom Drawing Ideas

For drawing an easy witch broom this Halloween, you can follow this idea. Only by drawing some curved lines, you can easily draw this. 

Easy Witch Broom Drawing Ideas

If you want to draw a witch broom with rough bristles, this can be a great option. 

Witch Broom Drawing Ideas

Whether you are a beginner or expert-level artist, this magical witch broomstick can be a great Halloween drawing project in this spooky season. 

Easy Witch Broom Drawing Ideas

Wrap Up

A witch broom drawing for Halloween is always easy if you know the proper techniques. And hopefully, with this step-by-step tutorial, I have helped you to draw a witch broom easily.

So, practice it more and more to fill up your Halloween sketchbook with such beautiful drawings!

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