How to Draw Hands Easy Step by Step Guideline

Drawing hands might look challenging and complicated unless you draw them sequentially. Like every other thing in the universe, you can draw hands by starting it with the simplest of forms and shapes.

This won’t take time, just understand the steps and forms properly. Also, try to maintain a free-hand drawing sequence of the forms and shapes. By the end of the article, you are pretty sure to master the art of drawing by hand for sure.

What You Need to Draw

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Sharper

How to Draw Hands Easy Step by Step

Now, let’s dive into the steps to draw a hand perfectly. Follow these steps

Step 1: Draw a Broken Trapezium

How to Draw Hands Step 1

Draw a trapezium by free hand first. Then, erase half of the upper part and 1/4th of the right side. Then, join the upper and right sides in a straight line. 

Step 2: Drawing Elements Inside the Trapezium

Draw two circles touching each other on the joining line of the upper and right sides. Make sure the circles don’t intersect each other and remain within the joining line; don’t make it bigger or too small. 

Now, draw a rectangle over the left side in such a way that the edge of the rectangle is joined at the bottom. Make it a little slanty and draw a vertical ellipse aligned to the rectangle. Make the ellipse slanty with reference to the rectangle.

Step 3: Representing Five Fingers

Draw two small circles above the upper straight line. Keep the left circle above the right one, maintaining a proper distance between them. The circles should be such that one will remain parallel to the left side while the other will remain above the upper straight-line edge. 

Now, draw a tangent line connecting the upper part of both circles.

Step 4: Joining the Lines and Drawing the Fingers

For the upper circles above the upper straight line, draw lines respectively from the horizontal edge of the circle connecting the upper side. They will represent the index finger and middle finger of the hand. 

Remember the circle you drew on the joining line? They’re the ring finger and the little finger. Draw a rectangle from the horizontal edge of the circle in such a way that the upper-right edge of the rectangle touches the tangent above. 

For the thumb finger, connect the lines from the horizontal edge of the leftmost ellipse to the edge of the rectangle outside the trapezium region. 

You can provide shade or extra lines for the initial detailing of the finger as per your desire. 

Step 5: Detailing the Hand

First, draw the nails of the fingers visible to the view. Mostly, draw it on the ring finger and the small finger. A little part can be visible on the middle finger and a slight on the thumb finger. 

Now, draw the main lines on the palm and the finger. Cover up all the straight-line portions into a natural joint.

Step 6: Shade and Finish

 Give a proper sketch on the finger accordingly. Keep the shade light on the region more highlighted to the light (thumb and palm connection region) and darker to the shadow region (underneath the ring and small finger). 

Final Words

Pretty sure you must’ve covered the concept of drawing by hand without any scale yourself. See, it just takes some simple common forms or shapes to get connected properly. The rest detailing is up to you, how much you want or not. 

There is no stoppage of exploring. Wait till we bring more exciting methods of drawing different things. Till then, explore more into drawing the hand.

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