How to Use Cricut Pens with Your Cricut Machine

Cricut machines are one of the best creative artwork tools out there. I’ve been using this machine for over a year now, and I can’t just get more of it!

You can efficiently work on paper, vinyl, or any other surface where regular pens can operate. You can make creative and aesthetic artworks, gift tags, and paper projects.

And this machine has a wide range of features and applications of its own.

If you’re not familiar with this machine or why you would use it, this article is for you. I will briefly discuss how to use Cricut pens with your Cricut machine. I’ve got everything covered in this article with suitable links and video tutorials. So, let’s jump right in!

What Is a Cricut, and What Can It Do?

What Is a Cricut Makers

As the name suggests, Cricut is a cutting machine with digital features. It is just another electric cutting machine capable of cutting paper, vinyl, etc.

So can consider this an updated version of hand Scissors or X-acto knives. Because this device cuts with more accuracy and precision, save time, add dimension, and covers the angle that isn’t achievable by hands.

Adding different blades and adapters to the machine will also allow you to cut washable fabric, wood, cork, and similar materials.

When to Use Cricut Pens?

If you are familiar with Cricut pens, you’ll know that they have a wide range of applications. If you own a Cricut machine, you can do anything with it.

You can use the machine when you want to draw texts, create an image, do illustrations, make doodles, add color, and many more.

There are many types of pens and inks available for the Cricut machine. And simply adjusting your knife, you can use it to cut wood, fabric, and other materials. And not only that, but you can also use it for other materials.

So, you don’t worry about when to use this machine. This machine got everything sorted out.

Different Types of Cricut Pens

Different Types of Cricut Pens

Cricut machines come with a wide variety of pens. As I’ve mentioned, Cricut machines have various applications. And for this reason, it comes with different types of pens. Each of them has its unique feature and is used for specific applications.

Some of the commonly used pens are:

  • Fine point pens
  • Extra fine point pens
  • Markers
  • Gel pens
  • Glitter gel pens
  • Calligraphy pens
  • Fabric marker
  • Infusible ink pens

These are the most commonly used ones out there. Fine point pens, gel pens, etc., provide a variety of colors.

How to Use Cricut Pens with Cricut Easily

How to Use Cricut Pens

Now I will discuss how you can easily use Cricut pens with Cricut. Follow these instructions step by step. A Cricut machine will mainly offer you two things. It’ll give the option to draw

  • Texts or words and
  • Designs/Illustrations

Let’s talk about creating texts first.

Learn the Basics

Firstly, you have to learn about the basics. This is the first step of any working procedure.

You need to know about the components of the Cricut machine and know its operations.

This might seem like a tricky part if you’re a beginner. But don’t worry. 

You also need to know about the design space and Cricut maker very well. Cricut design space is the leading software head. So, to run the whole thing smoothly, you must know about the Cricut design space.

While installing, be super careful. Figure out the draw line time. Then you need to insert the Cricut pen. To do that, open up the clamp and insert the pen.

You have to be firm but be careful to don’t break the machine. Smoothly push the pen until it clicks appropriately. Close the clamp after installing.

The Cricut design zone is where the design and construction are done. You can choose your pen type and color and decide which type of end product you want. You need to figure out the software part of this procedure as well.

So, before starting, you need to have an excellent idea about all of these. After learning all the basics, you can move on to the other procedures.

Create Texts  

As the name suggests, a ‘Cricut’ machine will provide you with a cut design. You can place your text using the text tool, and the machine will cut it accordingly.

Recently, some new features have been added to the Cricut machine. The line-type toolbar changed some of its applications. And this added a whole new dimension to the Cricut machine.

You can change the outline of the texts by using the drop bar menu of the toolbar. You can cut, draw (using pens), or score (using scoring wheels).

After placing your text, go to the drop-down menu and choose your preferred outcome. Be careful: If you pick the drawing option, your machine will draw the text with whatever is attached. So, place the correct type of pen before the machine starts drawing.


The outline option is another thing you should know properly. You need to decide whether you want outlined letters or simple written texts.

If you want outlined option, go for that. And if you prefer simple written texts, go to the menu and click the writing option.

Not every script font will have the ‘simple text writing’ options. In that case, attach the Cricut pen accordingly to give it the appearance you desire.

You will find many articles on this topic with more details. I’ll provide you with some links below.

Draw Design

You can quickly draw any design with the Cricut machine and do texts. Instead of using the “cut” option, you can use the “draw” option because it enables the machine to create a good drawing with smooth color touch and dimension. It is an excellent machine for basic drawing.

So, the very first step of the drawing process will be switching to the draw option. Use the line-type toolbar to change this. Surely this will enhance the overall beauty of your coloring pages.

There are a lot of images that naturally require drawing operation. You have to simply type ‘draw’ in the image search bar to identify them.

Then plenty of options will come in front of you. You can pick and choose them accordingly. Carefully align the drawing lines.

Explore the design space image library fully! ‘Draw’ option will give you more space and areas to work them. Make full use of it by optimizing the drawing process.

Make your design

You are most likely using the Cricut machine to create your design. You can easily explore different options, try out various color options and ‘cut’ or ‘draw’ anything you desire.

So, to create your design, you need to check out the software component of the machine, which is commonly known as Designing space.

Now can choose your design on the canvas. Or you can add any jpg, png, gif, etc., files. You can add your illustrated and SVG files as well. If you want to add or remove anything from it, just use the draw tool component.

Next, you can proceed to the Cricut layer panel by clicking the link next to the line type box. Or you can go for the advanced menu. And feel free to use your choices of color. Just words won’t do. You can simply watch the video below to get a clear idea of how to do it.

Importance of Attach while working with Cricut pens

The attach function is an essential part of the entire Cricut operation. This is necessary when you want to add any text directly on the cut shape.

Let me clear the situation with an example. Say you want to write your name and put it on your desired cut shape. So, you have to select your text and the desired cut shape together and click on “Attach.”

 You’ll see that the selected items are together and your screen will display the word “attach” on the right-side panel.

If the attach function isn’t done correctly, you won’t be able to put your texts directly onto your desired shape. So be careful while attaching the files.

Some Pro Tips for Using Cricut Pens Smoothly

I’ve been using Cricut pens for quite a long time now. And there are some simple tips you should know to operate the whole thing smoothly.

  • Close the clamp before you start writing
  • Sort out the color options first
  • Use the writing filter in the font menu effectively
  • For continuous strokes, un-tie the letters first, bring them closer, and reattach
  • Learn about all the software components in detail


Q: Why is your Cricut pen not writing?

Most probably, It’s happening because of the ink. So, first, you need to pull out your pen from the pen holder and write on another sheet of paper. Keep writing until the ink starts to flow smoothly. This will surely solve your ink issue. Put it back in the clamp very carefully.

Q: Can you use a sharpie in Cricut?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is change the adapter to be compatible with the sharpie. And after attaching it properly, we will be able to use a sharpie. But it depends on the type of machine you use.

Q: What pens fit in Cricut?

There are many. Some of them are

  • Sharpie point marker
  • Sharpie oil-based marker
  • Calligraphy markers
  • Crayola markers
  • Art pens
  • Glitter pens
  • Fine liners Ballpoint pen

Q: Can you use multiple Cricut pen colors?

Yes, you definitely can. All you have to do is get the correct alignment of the colors with each other. Also, make sure that the color blending is perfect. Don’t ruin your work with just some usual mixtures. Makes sure you get what you want from it.

Q: Can you write on vinyl with Cricut pens?

Yes, you can. Cricut markers can perform on the same surface as for regular pens or markers. So, you can write it on vinyl. You need to attach a sharpie, and you can get started and get going.


Indeed this has been a long one for you guys. But in this article, I tried to cover the basics, the procedures, and the operations of how to use circuit pens properly with circuit machines.

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