Are Posca Pens Waterproof? All You Need to Know

Posca pens are mainly famous for being one of the best acrylic paint markers. Artists and crafters love them as you can use them on over 50 different surfaces. 

The ink inside a Posca pen is water-based, and it’s designed to be resistant to sunlight and temperature changes. Regarding its durability, it lasts longer than your average paint markers. But some people question their permanency, especially the water resistance capability. 

However, have you ever come across the question, “Are Posca Pens Waterproof?” If yes, then this article is for you, as I will help you to find out the truth that Posca markers are waterproof or not.

So, let’s walk through some of the important points about these makers to learn the truth!

Are Posca Pens Waterproof
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What Are Posca Pens Made Of?

Posca pens have become a worldwide famous brand due to their effectiveness and permanency. But what has actually made it so permanent, and is it really waterproof?

Actually, it’s made in Japan with high-quality water-based acrylic paint ink and without any other type of solvents or alcohol. Posca has used water in the place of solvents. That’s why it’s ACMI certified. [source]

In terms of ingredients, Posca pens are not like Sharpie permanent markers as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals like Xylene. And usually, acrylic paints don’t contain Xylene. 

Though there is no alcohol or other solvents, Posca pens are formulated in such a way that it becomes waterproof once the ink is dried. Thankfully, it provides a quick-drying, highly opaque, and blendable (when wet) ink.

The brand provides such a stable pigment that can be applied on a wide range of surfaces like paper, cardboard, textile, metal, rock, glass, plastic, etc.

Even you don’t need any fixative to make it permanent or waterproof when you use the ink on porous surfaces. But if you want, you can use one.

However, when you use the ink on non-porous surfaces, you can use clear varnishes to make it more long-lasting and prevent damage over time.

Since it has no other chemicals, it’s totally non-toxic and safe to use. In fact, it’s so safe that beekeepers use Posca pens to identify the queen in beehives. Each year, a different color is used to determine the age of the bees.

Advantage of Having Waterproof Markers

Well, the waterproof feature is not just a luxury. It’s actually very important for most of us when we are looking to use it on non-porous surfaces like glass and metal.

And Posca pens become permanent when it dries. But the brand itself recommends using varnish when you use it on non-porous surfaces. And then you can’t remove the ink entirely without damaging those surfaces.

Though all acrylic paint markers are water-based, only a few are permanent or fast-drying such as Posca pens. And these are famous due to their permanency and quick-drying properties.

That’s why even if you use them on your car or window or any other outdoor surfaces, they’ll withstand the rain and water.

However, it’s one of the main reasons artists prefer them over any other brand. And they don’t also contain any harmful chemicals, which makes them safe for kids.


Q: Are Posca pens waterproof on rocks?

Posca pens won’t let your imagination down, whether you use them on the wall made of rocks or on just pebbles for decorating. And if you can do it in the right way, the artwork will remain forever!

Natural rocks are porous surfaces and absorb the ink as soon as you color them with Posca paint markers. And it becomes waterproof once the ink dries. But make sure the surface is completely clean and dry before putting color on it.

However, depending on your need and effect, you may need to put several coats of colors. And for making the ink more permanent, you can use water-based spray varnish. It can be either matte or glossy, depending on what type of look you want.

Q: Can you use Posca pens on clothes?

Clothes come at first when you think of customizing stuff. Whether it’s your t-shirt or canvas shoes, people prefer the fabric paint pens mostly. But the good news is that you can use Posca pens on clothes and make them permanent.

However, I always recommend machine wash the clothes to get rid of any dirt or industrial coatings for working on fabrics. And while using Posca pens, don’t forget to use cardboard beneath the surface as these are highly absorbing materials.

After finishing your artwork, you’ve to iron the clothes from the reverse side by putting baking paper in between. Well, heat setting the artwork ensures the longevity of the design. And if the clothes are not iron-proof, then you can use a hair-dryer to fix the ink.

Though the work may start to fade away after 20 washes, you can reapply the colors and make it as glowy as before.

Q: Can you paint a car with Posca pens?

Car bodies are basically made with four types of materials – steel, aluminum, iron, and metal. So, by whatever material your car is made with, you can easily give it a jaw-dropping look with the Posca pens.

However, first, you have to clean the surface properly and ensure it’s not damp or greasy. Then decorate the way you want using your Posca markers. Even you can mix and layer different colors.

Remember that if the surface is already varnished, the ink will take more time to dry. So, color carefully.

After finishing the decoration, you can use water-based spray varnish to make the ink more permanent. While spraying, hold the can 30cm away from the surface and spray slowly in a circular motion.

Q: Are Posca pens good for kids?

Posca pens contain water-based ink that is non-toxic in nature and can be used by kids with proper supervision. There are so many fun activities your kids can do with these markers like – dot art, coloring, rock painting, and so on.

However, professionals mainly use these for higher-quality artwork and are not actually made for children. Though these are non-toxic, if your child chews them or draws on their skin, then it may create a problem.

So, if you are looking markers for your kids, you can either go for the dauber markers or other washable ones.

Q: Are Posca pens washable on skin?

The manufacturer has not made Posca pens for cosmetic use and has not been tested on skin. However, the markers are water-based, and if it comes into contact with your skin while working, you can easily remove it.

So, the answer to your question is, yes, Posca pens are washable on skin. Only by using soap and water you can clean the marker stains from your skin.

Wraping Up

To conclude this article, I want to say that, yes! Posca pens are waterproof once it dried out, and the ink last long if you can handle with care. And by coming through this point, I hope you have got your answers too.

However, suppose you are looking for waterproof acrylic markers for your next projects. In that case, you can pick a set of Posca pens without any hesitation! So, these pens can really be an ideal option for artists.

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