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Best Permanent Fabric Markers Review

The newest trend in party planning, events, and baby showers is making custom t-shirts. Planning a setup for an event is easy if you have the right supplies.

A successful custom t-shirt setup or onesie stand depends on the markers. ​Make sure to find ones that don't bleed ​and confirm that they won't wash out after one wash. Especially for baby clothes, paying careful attention to toxicity.

This is the ultimate breakdown of putting hand-drawn designs on fabric. Here are the different types of fabric markers, what to consider when choosing the best permanent fabric markers. And, the best ones buy.

Are You In A Hurry?  Our Test Winner After ​12 + Hours Of Research

Crafts 4 All (24 Colors)

​Why we rate it...

  • ​Highly pigmented rainbow, earth and fluorescent colors that last longer.
  • ​Guarantees the original beauty of your arts, as it is fade-proof, weatherproof and washer-proof.
  • ​These are non-toxic and offer a no bleed guarantee, which is safe for kids.

Different Types of Fabric Markers

The basics of fabric markers got covered here but there is so much more to learn. Creating designs that will stay on fabric​ is a tough assignment. They must withstand every wash cycle. Lots of wear can make it difficult to maintain the design.

Before choosing which premium fabric markers to buy explore the different types. From beginners to expert crafter, there is a type of fabric marker for you.

1. Gel Fabric Markers

Gel markers are the same as those used to write in a notebook or pad. The key difference is the type of permanent ink suspended in the gel.

The gel suspension allows the ink to glide on with the same ease as a regular pen or pencil. Once allowed to dry these inks are permanent and smudge proof.

These types of markers are great for beginners since they are the closest to a regular pen. They are easy to control. ​

2. Ink Fabric Markers

Ink is the next step up from gel. Ink fabric markers are more like typical permanent markers.

Ink fabric markers have similar drawbacks to paper permanent markers. They have more of a tendency to bleed. These need more control from the user to get a good end result. Make sure to use light pressure. Don't hold the tip to the fabric longer than necessary. This could lead to unintentional bleeds.

These are best used in the hands of intermediate fabric crafters. Those who understand how the textile will interact with the ink. Always test the marker on a small area that's not noticeable before settling on a ​surface.

3. Paint Fabric Markers

Troublesome for some but paint creates beautiful results. Paint fabric markers are the hardest to use. They need some getting used to. To allow the paint to flow they need shaking and pumping.

Once there is an understanding of how the marker will behave they get easier to use. But, learning how to maintain a steady flow of paint produces gorgeous results.

Try them out on fabric scraps first to get a firm handle on how they will behave.

​Top 5 ​Permanent Fabric Markers (More Below)





​Crafts 4 All Fine Tip Fabric Markers


Liquitex Wide Markers

​Liquitex Wide Tip Water-Based Marker


Crayola Fabric Markers

​Crayola Classpack Fabric Markers


Ohuhu Dual-Tip Fabric Marker

​Ohuhu Dual-Tip Fabric Marker Pack


Crazy Colors Dual Tip Fabric Markers

​Crazy Colors Dual Tip Fabric Markers


These are the top five best permanent fabric markers found on Amazon. They have fair prices and last a long time with proper care. Any would be a good choice but they are great for different types of will find some more options below for your convenience.

These are the reviews of each and what projects they are best for.

1. Crafts 4 All Fine Tip Fabric Markers (24)

Like their dual tip counterpart, Crafts 4 ​​All fine tip markers do not disappoint. These professional German ink fabric pens come with tons of advantages.

They offer a no bleed guarantee. They are non-toxic and meet all ASTM guidelines for safety. Time and again reviewers said these markers were worth the higher price tag.

These handle the most intricate designs without running together. They layer well for a gradient effect. One thing to consider is that most of the colors are darker than what is on the cap.

​​Remember to work fast with this set. The ink dries fast. There isn't much time for corrections. 

Some users have experienced a small amount of bleeding on stretchier fabrics. Things like leggings. On normal cotton these work like a charm. Like most of these products following the directions leads to better results.

These do need heat setting before washing. These are one of the highest rated sets of fabric markers out there. Most have had an incredible experience with them.

​2. ​Crafts 4 ALL ​Dual Tips Fabric Markers (12)

The best of both worlds​! The Crafts 4 All Dual Tip Ink Fabric Markers feature a wide and fine tip for all sorts of applications.

These markers come in 12 different colors. High pigmentation makes them perfect for light and dark fabrics. Like an artist blends paint, it's possible to blend this ink before it sets. Once the project is complete heat set the artwork to make it permanent.

They are non-toxic, fade proof, and weatherproof. Perfect for both amateurs and professional artists. Available in a 12, 20, and 36 count package every color is vibrant and ready to impress.

These markers got mixed reviews. These aren't the best option for terry cloth. Using a piece of cardboard under the top fabric layer is a good idea to prevent any bleed through. A little bleed through is possible but these markers do a good job of not spreading.

These are best used for t-shirts, onesies, and other flat fabric type projects. The dual tip makes it good for tons of applications. From calligraphy to full drawings these can handle the job.

​3. Liquitex Wide Tip Water-Based ​Paint Markers

The Liquitex wide tip markers are a great option for paint markers. Great for work on canvas in conjunction with other acrylic paints.

These make line work in paintings simple. Writing can be a bit tricky but possible with these paint fabric markers. They offer superb control and nice edges over other paint markers.

A key feature is the refined flow control of the chamber.

These blob less than other paint markers and are easier to work with. They come in a variety of different nib types from fine lines to super thick.

The colors are basic but come in classic, fluorescent, vibrant, and iridescent variations. Great buy for working on canvas or another thick fabric project.

​Artists will do well adding these to their toolkit. These make edging and straight line work much easier than a standard brush and acrylic paint.

​4. Crayola Classpack Fabric Markers

Crayola isn't only for coloring books anymore. The Crayola Classpack fabric markers are an impressive offering from the iconic brand. These are by far the most child-approved markers of this list.

Many of the reviews note how easy it was for the kids to use them. These work like the Crayola washable markers everyone is familiar with. Remove the cap and get to coloring. Super simple and easy to use.

These won't fade, are safe for the wash, and are non-toxic. They work on all colors of fabric from dark to light. They come in a classic color combo that covers all the bases.

The only concern is that these markers run out fast. So, larger projects need more markers. Luckily, these come in an 80 count pack (8 sets of 10 colors) so there are plenty of extras.

​5. Ohuhu Dual-Tip Fabric Marker Pack

Another winner of a fabric marker, these dual tips will impress again and again. Ohuhu dual tip markers offer the flexibility of having both a fine line and wide tip. They offer 36 vibrant and fade proof colors.

These markers are completely permanent after drying for 24 hours. Once the dry time is up, always wash them in room temperature water to maintain color vibrancy.

The price is right on this set comes in at a little more than fifty cents a marker. These work for little hands and are non-toxic. These work well for backpacks, fabric totes, canvas, t-shirts, onesies, and more.

One of the drawbacks of these markers is they aren't the best at blending. Some had issues with the felt on the wide tip coming apart. There was some concern that the colors were darker than the cap showed.

All in all, for the price, this is a great set of markers that get the job done.

​6. Crazy Colors Dual Tip Fabric Markers

Bullet tips are often better to leave a gorgeous detailed finish over whatever artwork you're doing, but there are other times when the chisel comes necessary. To avoid having to buy one of each, we introduce you to this set of markers that offers both.

These double tip markers come with 20 colors. They dry permanent, and the pigments are vibrant to resist fading once you're doing maintenance.

For adults and children, the performance of these markers doesn't fail.

They're safe and using it doesn't require previous preparation like shaking, or pressing the tips, which is a regular issue other brands have to face.

Everyone can enjoy the possibilities that these markers give us, allowing us to design those incredible ideas running through our minds.

If you want to decorate some fabric such as black clothing, perhaps you'll have to give an extra effort. Otherwise, the markers work well over many surfaces.

​7. Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers

Sharpie, a brand that has been turning our most creative ideas into reality, comes once again delivering incredible markers for child or adult.

This particular set offers a bright and bold variation of color choices, which work well over different types of surfaces and fabric.

The ink these markers use is another one of its best features. It flows pleasantly, and it is more than capable of resisting the test of time, and the washing machine.  

After use, it is better to keep the markers upright to ensure the ink doesn't get ruined.

This pack of markers might not offer the highest number of items, with only eight markers included. However, their performance and quality are always guaranteed.

People often complain that these markers require strokes to get them to fill in certain areas, which would be one of its main disadvantages.

​8. Crayola Fabric Line Markers

Who said that you needed expensive tools to achieve the best results? This set of markers proves that, more often than not, a cheap product is capable of getting the job done.

These markers allow you to draw in the most detailed way possible, and they're suitable for every colored fabric, including dark and light.

However, its purposes aren't limited to that, as they work over many other surfaces, too.

While the manufacturer provides multiple options when it comes to the tip design, these are bullet points, exclusively, meaning that they'll get you through those fine details without spilling or creating a mess.

But, if there's something that keeps these markers from reaching their full potential, is the ink quality. The colors aren't as bright as other brands, which is understandable considering the low price of this pack.

9. Paint Pens for Fabric Paint Markers

While these markers are multi-purpose and you can use it on different surfaces such as fabric, metal, plastic, and even stone, they are particularly amazing to draw over glass and porcelain.

What makes them better than most are the medium-sized tips. If you've ever used broad tips, you know they can be frustrating, sometimes.

However, with the medium-size tips, you'll be able to create either fine details or to fill broad areas.

Regardless of how you decide to use it and its purpose, they provide incredible results. The vivid acrylic ink doesn't take much to dry, and it always leaves a beautiful finish over the surface.

Overall, this set of markers is the ideal choice if you use markers regularly. They work for everything, and they're durable. As long as you're willing to pay a little more than most for this package, it is a decision you won't regret.

Things To Consider Before Using Fabric Markers

The success of a craft project depends on preparation. Before starting a project make sure the materials used will hold up in the long term. First off, before beginning any project, refer to the instructions from the manufacturer.

Each different set of markers will need different methods to make them permanent. Some need extra drying time. Some need heat setting. Confirm how to make it permanent before washing the garment or project.

Confirm The Color Retention

Color retention is a big deal on fabric. When someone chooses something to wear the color combinations matter. If the color starts to change from pink to orange after 1 or 2 washes that is aggravating.

Find a marker known for its ability to stay true to color wash after wash.

Choose Fade Proof Quality Marker

In the same vein as retention, the colors need to be fade proof as well. The best way to prevent fading is a proper application. This is critical to the success of any fabric marker project.

Look at the description of the product. Make sure the manufacturer confirms the markers are fade-proof. If the instructions are missing from the packaging call the company.

Ask them how you should apply and finish projects using their product. No one will know better than them. They will tell you how to get the most out of the markers.

Make Sure ​Markers Are Non-Toxic

With the explosion of the custom onesie trend, it's important to use non-toxic markers. Before purchasing any markers confirm they are non-toxic with the manufacturer. This info should be on the packaging.

For something meant to wear, this is more important. Markers containing toxic chemicals can seep into the skin. This can cause health problems. Imagine a baby getting sick from a fabric painted onesie? Not a good day.

Make sure your fabric markers are non-toxic. ​Nobody wants that anyone in his family fell sick over something preventable.

FAQ: Here's Some Questions About Fabric Markers

Still have questions? Here are the answers to some common questions asked about fabric markers.

How Long Do Fabric Markers Take to Dry?

Most fabric markers need at least 24 hours to dry. Some need heat setting. Letting projects dry for 48 hours is not a bad idea. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions that come with the marker set.

These will provide specific instructions for the marker set. They will include how long they need to dry and how to make them permanent.

Do Fabric Markers Wash Out?

They shouldn't. If using proper application instructions, most become permanent. Fabric markers work by staining the fabric immediately on contact. The mark sets into the fabric.

These are not as easy to remove as permanent marker from whiteboard. When they say permanent, they mean it. Did you make a mistake? Catching it quick could give some wiggle room.

Throw the project right into the washing machine or use an alcohol pad to try and remove the error. Sometimes it will work and sometimes not. The best bet is to treat the project like you can't remove it.

Can You Use Fabric Markers on Paper?

In short, yes. But, they are much more expensive than regular markers. So, in a pinch they will work but, there are better uses for fabric markers.

​Final Thoughts!

Get the best permanent fabric markers to make custom designs that stand out from the rest. Create gifts for baby showers, weddings, and any occasion. These are unique and memorable for anyone who receives them.

All these markers can create professional looking end results. These results can rock on all types of different fabrics. Shirts, shoes, hats, coozies, the sky is the limit!

Love markers and want to learn more about choosing the right one? Our blog has everything you need to know about markers.

Wondering what kind of marker is the best for your project? Contact us ​and we are happy to help!

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