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Alternative Copic Markers

The Best Alternative Copic Markers

Everyone in the art industry knows that markers are not cheap. But if there’s a brand that really goes overboard with the price, then you’re talking about “Copic Markers”. And of course, many people don’t like to spend that much money.But don’t worry! You can always get an alternative to make your most ambitious art projects […]

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Use of Dry Erase Markers

10 Creative Ways to Use Dry Erase Markers

The link between creativity and emotional well-being is a well-known topic of study. The budding industries of DIY “life hacks” and adult coloring books are two good examples of that. People love finding new ways to improve their independence and self-expression.In school, dry erase markers are the main tools of the teacher. A successful teacher […]

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Whiteboard Erasers

Best Whiteboard Erasers in 2019

Using markers is a very effective method to keep track of your projects. However, one little mistake can ruin it, which is why you must have the necessary tools to avoid having to organize your plans all over again.We’re talking, of course, about the marker eraser.A good eraser must provide different benefits, like efficiency to […]

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Draw with Markers

How to Draw with Markers (Beginner Tips)

Everyone knows how to draw with markers, right? It’s one of our strongest and fondest memories of kindergarten, after all.Surely drawing with markers is as easy as putting marker to paper, but surprisingly, it’s not that simple! If you’re a beginner at drawing, then here are some tips so your pieces of artwork are as […]

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How to Fix a Dried Out Marker

How to Fix a Dried Out Marker Easily

Has it ever happened to you that you’re ready to write an important document only to find out the marker is dried out?It is a common occurrence that has happened to all of us, precisely in the most inconvenient times. If it hasn’t happened to you, then chances are it will sooner or later, and […]

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