Realistic Eye Drawing Easy: A Simple Step-by-Step Tutorial

Eyes are often considered as the window to our soul and learning to draw eyes perfectly will help you to bring your artwork into life. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned artist, this easy eye drawing tutorial will definitely help you to master the technique.

I have broken down this tutorial into many steps so that artists of all level can understand the process and draw it easily.

So, let’s transform the complex human eyes into an enjoyable drawing experience. Gather all your drawing supplies and start working on it now!

Supplies You will Need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Fine point pen | Marker

How to Draw Realistic Eyes Easily | Method 1

Step-1: Draw a Basic Shape of Eye

Draw a Basic Shape of Eye

First of all, you have to draw a graphical diagram like X-axis and Y-axis using a ruler. Well, it would be more easier to you if I say just draw a plus sign!

Then following the reference draw a basic eye shape with the help o eclipse. Don’t forget to draw the tear area.

Step-2: Draw the Iris

Draw the Iris

Now, erase unnecessary lines using a good quality eraser and draw a small circle inside the eye area. It will be the iris of the eye.

Then draw two other small circles inside the iris to create the pupil. It will add a beautiful detail in your drawing.

Step-3: Make the Eye Look Real

Make the Eye Look Real

Erase the upper side of the iris circle that goes outside the eye area and clean the area. To make the eye look more real, follow the previous eye shape and draw another one around the outer area.

Step-4: Make Bold Lines

Make the Eye Look Real

Now, use a 6B pencil and make all the lines bold enough to make the eye look more visible to the audience.

Step-5: Make the Pupil Visible

Make the Pupil Visible

Fill the iris using a black marker so that the pupil becomes more visible. And draw small curve lines both on the upper and lower side to make the eyelid and corner of the eye.

The eye drawing will start to look like the real one.

Step-6: Add Some Details

Add Some Details for Realistic Eye Drawing

Finally, make the eyelid bold using a black marker to define it. And add small eyelashes to make the eye drawing look more realistic.

How to Draw Human Eyes Easily Ste-by-Step


Initial stage is really easy and it’s nothing but drawing a circle which will be the eyeball. So, draw it accordingly as the size of the eyes will depend on it.


Now, it’s time to give the eyes a shape. So, draw an eclipse over the upper side of the circle.


Complete the basic eye shape by drawing another eclipse below the circle. But don’t joint the both eclipse, rather keep a small space for drawing the tear area.


In this step draw the tear area using a small curve line.


Now, draw another eclipse over the upper side of the eye. It will be the eyelid.


Make the upper area bold to prepare it for adding eyelashes.


Draw basic eyelash shapes on the upper side of the eyes with small curve lines.


Now, make eyelashes thick and draw them on both upper and lower side of the eyes.


Finally, use the shading technique and draw the pupil and iris of the eyes to give it a realistic look.

Wrap Up

So, hopefully, you have enjoyed the tutorial. And by now, you have already mastered the art of eye drawing. Keep practicing and you will see that your eye drawing skill will flourish within a few days.

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