How to Draw Pikachu Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

Pikachu is the most favorite and fun character to draw among all the Pokémon enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an amateur, you will find Pikachu drawing easy with this step-by-step guide.  

If you have an imagination of Pikachu standing with a friendly face, I have got you covered. Follow this simple step-by-step Pikachu drawing tutorial and create your own masterpiece. 

What You Will Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Black Marker
  • Fine Outliner
  • Color (Optional)

How to Draw Pikachu Step-by-Step Easily

Step 1: Draw Circles for Body

In the very first step, you have to draw two circles. It’s not like, you grab the paper and two two circles wherever you want. So, follow my instructions properly.

First, you need to draw a circle on the upper side of the paper. Then draw another same-sized intersecting circle. The intersection should be on the lower side of the previous one.

Step 2: Create the Face Shape

Now, follow the reference and draw two curved lines on the two sides of the first circle. The lines should be drawn in a way that both side’s curves are symmetrical. It will help you to create the jawline properly.  

Step 3: Draw the Tummy Area

After creating the face shape, you have to draw the tummy area. For this, you just need to work on the lower circle. So, grab your pencil and draw two curved lines on both sides of the circle. Remember, the lines should be symmetrical. 

Step 4: Join the Tummy Lines

To create the proper tummy shape, you have to join the curved lines together on the middle point of the tummy. The joining line should be slightly curved. 

Step 5: Draw the Face Details

Inside the face shape, you have to draw two small circles for the eyes. Don’t forget to add small pupils inside the eyes to make it look realistic. 

Then draw two small circles on the cheek areas for the Pikachu’s cheek markings. It will give enhance the cute look.

Step 6: Draw the Hands

You have to follow the reference and draw two small hands inside the tummy shape. By drawing a U-shape with a zigzag, you will be able to draw the arm.

Step 7: Draw the Ear, Mouth, and Feet

For the ear start from the right side of the head portion and draw a downward slanted U-shape. Draw a similar one on the left side. Make the top corner a little bit pointy. And yes, you are done with Pikachu’s ear. 

Now, draw a tiny triangle on the middle point of the eyes for the nose. And just below the nose, draw an ocean wave-like W shape for the mouth. 

You can easily draw the feet only by following the reference and drawing the curved lines.

Step 8: Draw the Tail and Add Some Color

For the tail, draw two rectangle shapes on the right side of the tummy. The top rectangle should be large, whereas the lower one should be small. Then erase all the unnecessary lines to give it a clean look. 

Now, use your black marker and fill in some areas following the reference. Start with the two corners of the ears. Then eyes and a part of the tail. If you want, you can also fill in the other areas with yellow Pikachu color. 

Wrap Up

So, this was the easy step-by-step tutorial for your dream character Pikachu. Hope, you have liked the tutorial and learned to draw Pikachu from Pokemon.

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Drawing Pikachu

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