Best Highlighter Markers for Studying in 2020

Best Highlighter Markers

Can you imagine what was it like before, when people had to put down their books and come back another day to pick up where they left off? It was frustrating because you’d spend more time looking for that inspirational passage you had found the day before.

Fortunately, things are a bit different now. We have the perfect tools to highlight that piece of text we enjoyed, and those tools are the best highlighter markers.

These markers allow us to make that paragraph more visible for later. People of all ages can use them, and for many purposes too.

Do you need to highlight a piece of information for your exam? Or, perhaps you’re going through the Bible, and there’s an interesting passage you found? Either way, the highlighter markers will be there to help you make the text more accessible later on.

Today, we’re reviewing our top picks.

1. Zebrite Double-Ended Highlighter Pen

Double-Ended Highlighter Pen

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We’re starting with a set of
highlighters that offer diversity with many colors, and versatility to
use it over different documents. Want to know what these products offer?
Take a look!

Double Tip: Because
when one isn’t enough, you need two! This pack offers two-ended
highlighters, with a fine bullet for more precision, and the
medium-sized chisel for broader marking. Both tips make the markers
suitable for legal books, bibles, and many other textbooks.

Recycled Materials: The
black barrels use recycled materials to guarantee an
environment-friendly product for everyone. It is not only the barrel but
also the picket clip, which you can use to lock it.

Secured Products: These highlighters don’t produce
bleeding, allowing you to use it as much as needed without worrying
about ruining the other side of the page.

Non-Toxic: It counts with AP certification, which ensures they’re safe to use by people of all ages.

2. Christian Art Gifts Twist & Glide Gel Highlighters

Gel Bible Highlighters

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There’s nothing more frustrating than reading a beautiful passage on the Bible and having to take some time off, losing the page and having to look for it once again. To avoid that issue, consider using these Bible highlighters. Here’s what they offer to you.

High-Quality Gel: Bibles are very delicate, which means you need the best highlighter markers to work with them. Fortunately, this set of highlighters work well with only a smooth passing over the text. Also, the ink is non-smearing, and it doesn’t bleed, keeping your Bible pages secured.

Five Fluorescent Colors: The set features five different markers to meet your demands.  One of the best benefits of using these markers is that they’re very durable. It remains on the text even after months of use, and it doesn’t ruin the other side of the page.

It is not perfect, but it gets the job done without leaving an unpleasant mess behind, which is good.

3. BOSS Original Highlighter, by Stabilo

Original Highlighter Markers

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If a pastel highlighter is good, imagine having six of them! That’s what offers this pack of highlighters. Its classic design makes it a set of products that every student or professional worker will be happy to have.

Anti-Dry-Out: By using their Anti-Dry-Out tech, the manufacturer ensures the highlighters don’t lose their functionality, even after you leave them uncapped. While you can leave them without a cap for about four hours, it is better not to take risks and put the cap back on.

Quality Tip: The tip of these highlighters is quite durable when compared to others. They come with two sizes, 2mm and 5mm. Use one or the other depending on the size of the text you need to highlight.

Safe Ink: It features water-based ink, which we know for sure doesn’t present any danger or toxic that could hurt anyone.

4. U.S. Office Supply Bible Safe Highlighters

Bible Safe Gel Highlighters Pen

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Are you tired of those highlighters that aren’t capable of going over a sentence without bleeding? Then this next product might be the choice you need. These highlighters are among the best for getting that Bible text highlighted without problems.

Check what more this product offers:

Neon Color: This pack of highlighters features six bright colors that smoothly glide over any paper. From purple to yellow, among others, there are six variants that you can use depending on which one you like the most.

Durable: Something outstanding about these highlighters is that you can apply them easily without bleeding. Also, they don’t fade or smear, especially when you’re passing them over another ink.

Even better: if you by any chance miss closing them, they don’t dry out quickly.

No Pressure Needed: While using these highlighters, you’ll have to forget about having to press to get the ink out. It is not necessary.

5. ​STAEDTLER Textsurfer Highlighters

Textsurfer Highlighter

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This set of highlighters work well over the paper, for tax documents, as well as carbon files. Their structure allows the ink to flow continuously without inconveniences. The following are its best features.

Chisel Tip: The chisel design is an incredible ally that allows you to have the precision you need for your textbooks. It is ultra-soft, and it measures about 1-5mm.

Easy to Use: There’s no need to press or use unnecessary force to open the highlighter. It only requires some twisting, and it’ll pop up. Also, it is refillable, which is even better.

Incredible Performance: Unlike other brands that say their products don’t bleed, this one manages to provide outstanding performance on the paper without leaving a mess behind. Because of that, they’re one of the best when it comes to marking book pages.

Color Choices: Green, blue, pink, and yellow is a few of the colors you can choose to use.

6. Sharpie Fluorescent Yellow Highlighters

Sharpie Highlighters

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If you haven’t used a Sharpie product before, you’re missing out on amazing markers that will make your life easier once you try them.

This pack of highlighters is more evidence that they take their customers’ considerations into account to get rid of old issues like bleeding. See what else you can expect from them below;

Smooth Highlighting: The chisel tip featured in these highlighters produces precise and accurate underlining with easy-glide. More so, when you’re using it, the ink remains visible after a long time, and it doesn’t run out.

Bold Colors: There are twelve fluorescent highlighters available in this set. It is a complete package perfect if you work with large documents regularly.

Also, this pack of highlighters produces brighter results than most other brands. But again, that’s no surprise considering Sharpie’s reputation.

Durable: Whether you drop them or accidentally pour some liquid over it, the material is durable and reliable.

7. VANVENE Mini Highlighter Pens

VANVENE Highlighter

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Alright, we couldn’t let this one slide, it is too cute. These mini highlighters are ideal for students. Their dimensions are 5cm and look like a pill, allowing you to carry around your backpack or purse easily. Here are a couple of its best features.

Color Variety: There are six of these highlighters available: blue, pink, yellow, green, orange and purple. Each one is capable of highlighting text pieces without ruining the pages or making it unreadable.

Quality Materials: For its production, the manufacturer uses plastic. Now, it isn’t dangerous or toxic, but keep in mind that, because of their mini design, they could be a hazard if children get their hands around them. So, be careful, and keep it away from children.

Cute Design: These highlighters are all about its cutesy design, and nothing much. While every one of them works well as a highlighter marker for student, for bible reading, and more, you should know their quality is not that good.

8. VANVENE Mini Highlighter Pens

Sharpie Highlighters

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Using a highlighter could be a simple process that turns bad quickly if you have low-quality products. That’s when this pack of markers comes handy, as they work efficiently without problems.

Easy to Use: Remember when you had to press the highlighters to get the ink out? That was rough. Fortunately, to use these markers, you won’t have to do more than to click on it. It is a one-hand procedure with no cap removing.

No Bleeding Ink: While using them, the markers won’t bleed through the paper. Also, another reason that might get your interest is that the color doesn’t fade, regardless of time passed.

Versatile Tip: Using the chisel tip provides plenty of benefits if you ever have to deal with different types of documents. For instance, you can use it for underlining, writing notes and of course, highlighting.

Non-Toxic: These highlighters are safe to use by everyone. Adults and children can use it without concerns.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing

What makes the best highlighters? Here’s a list of features to consider before making your decision.

Fast Drying

One of the reasons why people use highlighter markers is because they run out of time, and they have to come back to the book later. When that happens, the last thing you want is a highlighter that doesn’t dry quickly. Imagine having to stand there for the ink to dry while the bus is about to go off. It is not pretty.

But don’t worry. Every one of the highlighters in this list dries fast.

Ink Color

Variety is something you won’t lack while using the highlighter markers. There are many colors available, but every color needs to be neon and vibrant if you want to have more visibility over the text. That’s the purpose of the highlighter makers, after all.

Shape & Size

Have you seen the VANVENE mini highlighters? While they’re incredibly cute, they could be dangerous for kids.

If you’re working with children, perhaps those aren’t a good pick.

Another thing you want to consider is the tip shape. Chisel or fine bullet? Choosing which one to buy depends on your needs.

There are some highlighters with two tips included, so perhaps that’s what you need if you’re not sure.


In particular delicate paper fiber, like the ones found in Bible pages, having non-bleeding markers is almost obligatory. Otherwise, you might as well rip off the next pages, because you won’t be able to see what’s written in them.

Do Gel Highlighter Bleed through Bible Page?

Unfortunately, we have yet to discover a set of highlighter markers that don’t bleed while using them on a Bible.

Keep in mind that Bible pages are among the most delicate fibers, and using any marker over it, regardless of its type, produces bleeding.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. Some brands manage to produce nearly perfect highlighter markers for people to use on their Bible pages.

One of those is the Twist & Glide Gel Highlighters, produced by Christian Art Gifts. They understand quite well what a marker needs to avoid ruining the Bible pages.

Again, they’re not perfect, but they cause the least damage.

Final Words

With the best highlighter markers, you’ll have one concern less while going through a large book, or taking notes for your exams. There are many brands, with many colors available; it gives you the possibility to decide which one is the most comfortable for your eyes.

If you want to make your student life easier, buying one of these products is a good way to start.


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