Can Magic Eraser Remove Sharpie? Here’s the Answer

I’m sure you trust a magic eraser blindly when it comes to removing stains. But with a Sharpie, which is considered as the permanent makers, you might feel otherwise.

I don’t want to leave you hopeless but Sharpie ink is super permanent and well-pigmented. Again, magic eraser isn’t easy-going either. And you need to know whether magic eraser will work on Sharpie or not. Right now, I can simply tell you the answer to your question but I won’t. That’s because I would like to explain while answering.

Magic Eraser Remove Sharpie

What is Magic Eraser?

If you just have restocked a box of magic eraser, you certainly know them and their function very well. But if you’re one of them who knows these just by names, you better know more.

Magic erasers might look like sponges but they actually aren’t. They are basically made of melamine foam. Formaldehyde, Sodium bisulfite and water are mixed with this melamine foam for better results.

These magic erasers can help you get rid of the stubborn stains of your house. Right now, I cannot think of one stain that cannot be removed by these abrasive erasers. If you fail in the first attempt, second one might work.

The truth is, you can turn melamine foam into a magic eraser all by yourself at home. By adding borax, baking soda and water with the melamine foam, you can create your own magic eraser.

Can You Get Rid of Sharpie With Magic Eraser?

The thing is, you have to be very much aware of the surface before using magic eraser on it. If you don’t act accordingly, you might end up having scratches all over the surface. Let’s say your kid painted on the wall with Sharpie despite using a washable marker or a Crayon. Would you try using magic eraser to remove that?

You can try using magic eraser on your wall to remove Sharpie. But I have to warn you that your wall paint might not be the same after using this. That’s because Sharpie ink’s permanency is unquestionable and yet you’re trying to remove that with abrasive eraser. So, a little damage is a possibility.

Let’s Talk More Than Wall- Situations

Now you know that, you can remove permanent markers ink from wall with magic eraser, can you do the same all the time? What about the other surfaces? What if the surface is too sensitive to use magic eraser on?

Remember that magic erasers work on non-porous surfaces like a whiteboard. That means if you get Sharpie on any porous surface, these erasers are not going to help you the same ways. In fact, magic eraser isn’t going to work at porous surfaces at all.

What is Non-porous Surface’?

Non-porous surfaces are the ones that don’t allow water, any liquid or vapor to pass through. It’s quite confirmed that magic eraser is able to work on almost all non-porous surfaces. Glass, varnished woods, metals, plastics, floors, tiles are some of the non-porous surfaces. Getting rid of Sharpie from these surfaces won’t be any issue hopefully.

Which Surfaces You Can’t Use Magic Eraser?

Clearly, porous surfaces are the ones you cannot use these erasers on. Paper, cardboard, cloth, untreated wood are some surfaces you should be aware about. If you get Sharpie in one of these surfaces, don’t use magic eraser. One more thing to mention is that, stainless steel is not the surface you should use these abrasive erasers on. It might end up leaving so many scratches (which might make you cry).

Your kids are not familiar with the concept of being careful around Sharpies, are they? And you cannot yell at them for doing a little Sharpie drawing on one of the porous surfaces. So, always keep your Sharpies in a safe place away from your kids reach. It will save you from unwanted mess around your house.

What Can You Do Then?

Don’t think that magic eraser is your only solution when it comes to removing Sharpie. What if your get some ink on your skin while working? Are you going to use magic erasers? Don’t you even think of doing this.

The instructions clearly state that you cannot use them on skin or attempt to taste them. I suggest, don’t touch these erasers without having gloves on.

So, if you have Sharpie ink on unwanted surfaces, I want to suggest you to follow some other ways. For example, rubbing alcohol is very effective in removing permanent ink. You can read other articles on how to remove permanent marker from fabric or whiteboard or skin for specific instructions.

Finally, Have You Experienced It Yet?

Undoubtedly, magic erasers work magically sometimes. It’s surprising how something so cheap can perform such difficult jobs. After using them for the first time and looking at all the clean stuffs around, I got addicted to them.

Can’t deny that I had to work really hard when it came to removing Sharpie. Although I could remove the ink, it cost me a number of magic erasers and a lot of crumps on the floor. One sad thing about these erasers is that you cannot reuse them. Well, they don’t sound so cheap now surely.

So, if you could remove Sharpie with magic eraser, sharing your magical story with us will be really great.

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