12 Best Permanent Markers for all surfaces: Reviews in 2024

It will not be wrong saying that you are never old enough to use a marker. Why so? Have a trip back to your childhood through your adulthood into your middle age.

Your childhood fantasies, important class notes, and valuable business plans or presentations were drawn with this, right?

It is quite understandable that sometimes you might want your marker to do more for you. Let’s say, you want to preserve your ink art forever. A permanent marker will attend you in special needs like this.

Apart from the business with a whiteboard, there are times when people need permanent inks to draw on wooden, metallic, and other surfaces for creating artworks or write things that won’t wipe out.

Best Permanent Markers

It will be irritating if you have to check on your marker over and over again or can’t hold of the grip or the ink bleeds all over. Imagine the damage permanent ink might cause to your skin if your hand accidentally is placed on it when it’s not dry.

To minimize all these hazards, have a look at the best permanent markers available. Your expectation is guaranteed to meet reality.

Why Do We Use Permanent Marker?

Benefits of Using Permanent Markers

Drawing or writing anything knowing that you can wipe it out easily just with a swipe sounds like fun but what about the things you want to keep?

The regular marker of yours is not the perfect match for this purpose. For clearing out your confusion, let’s know a little more about the special situations you might face that will be needing the attendance of a marker with permanent ink.

You better not undermine the necessity and usage of permanent marker and mix it up with your regular one. If you think, you will find that you need this for writing, drawing, labeling and sometimes for coloring. They work on pretty much all surfaces most of the time.

My brother used to write ‘Stay away‘ at his door. After writing several times with dry erase marker, he finally reached out to get a permanent one. It says all. When you know that you are writing stuff that you never want to be wiped out, get a permanent marker.

It can be your signature, your thoughts, information, for labeling the packaging at your home or workplace or anything else that you care for.

I have seen very confident and professional artists using permanent markers for painting. As they deliver resilient colors and last longer than usual colors, they are used in coloring sometimes. On the other side, a set of colorful markers with permanent ink will not be a poor present for 8 years old.

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Weirdly true that some people use these markers to draw tattoos. Without precaution and doctor’s suggestion, you are never advised to try stuff like this. Even though the ink is non-toxic, never risk your health for a bit fun.

Different Types of Permanent Markers

Permanent markers can be different from each other depending on various reasons. You’d have to know about the differences if you want to find out which one is likely to suit your purpose the most.

Based on Ink

Not all permanent markers come with similar ink fillings. The ink types can vary from one another. Let’s briefly discuss the most common ones.

Alcohol-based Ink:  Alcohol-based inks are one of the most popular options among artists because they blend easily and smoothly. They’re also very quick to dry and allow layering of colors.

Pigment-based Ink: Markers with pigmented ink are more famous for their ability to offer bright and vibrant colors. This ink is waterresistant and stays firmly on most surfaces.

Based on Tips

Permanent markers may come with varied tips. The size and the shape of the end can significantly influence your coloring and writing. So, you have to know about them as well.

Brush Tip: Brush tips are the most versatile of the bunch. You can rely on them for making thin strokes. If you need to cover larger areas, you can simply flatten the brush to make thicker strokes instead of fumbling for a different marker. However, they tend to be more expensive.

Chisel Tip: The chisel tip boasts a chisel shape with different edges. With the side that’s wide and flat, you’ll be able to fill up large areas, while the thin and pointy side is suitable for making thinner strokes.

Fine Tip: Fine tips are perfect for delicate works. They are thin and sharp, allowing you to draw with more precision than any other type. However, they’re unsuitable for applying lots of colors. Pick this type if you want to add intricate details to your projects.

Bullet Tip: This type of tip is commonly found on cheaper models. It’s comparatively harder to work with and isn’t very versatile. You will find it equally tough to add fine details and fill up large spaces.

Top Tated Permanent Marker Reviews

Among all the better to best options, here you will be reading about the top 12 in the list which will never run out of demand. In case you’re really in rush and don’t have much time to look at the details, above our quick comparison chart is given to help you to the max within minimum time.

1. Sharpie Permanent Markers (Fine Point)-Editors Choice

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers

When you started searching online, I’m sure that Sharpie is the first brand you came across. They live on as they are bold and brave. Now, the set we are about to talk about has got 36 markers and each of them is black. Not so colorful yet so useful.

This is of fine point, meaning you can either go for thin or sometimes thicker lines according to necessity.

The boldness of the colors are impressive. They are not the kind of black you generally ignore because they turn into navy blue due to the poor ink flow. They create noticeable and impressive marks on surfaces.

The ink is water and fade resistant and quick-drying. These maybe are the qualities you’ve heard about previously but didn’t see the results. With this one, you will actually experience the qualities.

The AP approved ink is totally non-toxic.

I say, don’t choose the surface. Let the surface choose you. In other words, paper, plastic, metal, rock or any other surfaces can be your place to write or draw on with this set. If you are searching for permanent markers for plastic in particular, this can be your match.

Writing wishes on birthday cards or designing the walls of your school will be a lot easier now.

If your mom yells at you all the time for drinking less water and boring looking water bottle really demotivates you, now you have a chance to make it interesting. Even the grownups will be in need of these in their projects, assignments or presentations.

For black lovers (like me) and those who are in need of markers all the time, this set will be quite a practical choice.

2. Staedtler Lumocolor Refillable Marker -Best for Metal

Sharpie King Size Marker

If you are reluctant to deal with a marker because you are unable to locate the cap right away, your worries are about to be lessened.

Staedtler Lumocolor permanent marker set will amaze you with the dry-safe ink which means not taking care of the cap for days will not be an issue anymore.

It comes in broad chisel tip which means the width of the line drawn will be way more than usual. The tip is extra soft. The combination of great grip and soft tip will make you want to spend some more time with this.

You can skip taking pauses in between writing just to make sure that the ink is dry because the ink of this marker dries up pretty much instantly.

It’s really cool how they deliver such smudge and smear free writings within such a short time to dry up. Besides, the ink is of low odor.

With these markers, you don’t have to be selective about the surfaces. Guess why? Because they can draw or write successfully on almost every surface. It is worth mentioning that they work amazingly on plastic-coated surface.

Red, blue, green, and black are the four colors you are getting with the set. The colors are comparatively darker on paper and brighter on plastic surfaces. Either ways, they are bold and vibrant.

Good news is that this is absolutely refillable with refill station. Saves money, right? Talking about money, the price of the set will not disappoint you if you keep the qualities side by side.

Often times question arises regarding the permanency of the permanent ink itself. It’s safe to assure that with this set of markers, you will experience the long-lasting results on almost any surfaces. So, when are you thinking of giving it a try?

3. Sharpie 30075PP Fine Point Marker- Best for Coloring

Sharpie Fine Point Marker

Here’s a solution to minimize your number of orders. Despite ordering sets of different colors, you can get 12 brilliantly vivid colors in one set. Sharpie permanent markers Set is able to color your writings with a number of vibrant and unusual colors.

All the colors in store will be in vain if you cannot use them on your preferable surfaces. Don’t worry at all. These markers work great on most of the surfaces including the tough ones like plastic and metal.

So, differentiating your keys or designing the plastic covers of your books won’t be troublesome anymore.

The set assures you to have an ultra-fine tip and you surely know what that means. Yes, you are about to get thin and absolutely accurate lines.

Sounds about a perfect break from the bold broad lines, right? Hoping that the great grip and accurate lines will add perfection to your art or writing.

Have you ever blown to make sure that the ink of a marker is dry? Get over this phase because the permanent ink of this marker dries in no time.

And don’t panic working with a glass of water by your side since the ink is waterproof as well. Once dried, the ink becomes fade- resistant. It’s absolutely smear proof.

What will you do if the ink accidentally touches your skin? Nothing because it is non-toxic. It means this will not harm your skin. The product has met The ACMI AP standard. The marker is non-washable and not customizable.

Even though there are no chances you would not love these markers, the packaging says that you can return them for replacement. As you start using them, you will find more reasons to fall in love with them.

4. AmazonBasics Fine Point Assorted Set- Best for Drawing

AmazonBasics Fine Point Assorted Set

With a collection of 24 assorted colors of AmazonBasics, you can actually beat the number of colors your kid has in stock. Just name the color, it’s in there including the bold ones like- red, green, blue, and black.   

Any artwork is messy without clean lines. On the other hand, the colors need to be bold enough to catch attention. Same goes for any writing.

Don’t think about buying more sets as you are getting the combination of clean lines and bold marks with this marker that is featured with fine point tip.

Saving money is always a pleasure when it comes with shopping. There can be no better deal than having 24 colors at only a very low cost.

It is an add-on item which means you have to order it along with another item. I would say the deal is still tempting considering the colors and their quality.

The colors are effective on almost any surfaces including rock, glass, metal, plastic, cellphone, photos and any other surfaces.

You will be more interested in the set knowing that it is waterproof, smear proof, fade resistant and most importantly quick-drying. And most importantly, these markers are totally non-toxic.

Each marker comes in standard size which means you will not have trouble holding of the grip. Doodling, drawing and writing with them will be your favorite time of the day. Testify by yourself.

5. ARTEZA Permanent Blue-Black Markers- Best for Plastic

ARTEZA Permanent Markers

If you have already realized that you are wasting money on marker sets just to get the black ones or any other bold colors, ‘ARTEZA’ Permanent Markers is here to the rescue.

This comes as a set of 60 colors amongst which 30 are black and others are blue. Yeah, you are going to have a lot in stock for further use.

All kind of surfaces like plastic, metal, fabrics are perfect to use these markers on. However, they can be of great use when it comes to fabric designing.

It’s never wise to buy a marker without knowing the category of the ink because your expectation might differ from the features. Let’s talk about the ink now.

First of all, the pigmentation is rich. It is fade-resistant, waterproof and smear-proof. And of course, you can expect it to be dried within seconds. There will be no ink leakage at all.

You better choose the tip according to your necessity. Well, this premium quality marker comes in fine pointed bullet tip which means you can use it for wither writing, doodling or painting, scrapbooking.

Your signature or label of products won’t get messier or won’t fade with time.

You might ask if it is safe to work with permanent markers while kids are around. This set is ACMI certified safe and are absolutely non-toxic. Sometimes you can let you kid try them too but of course while keeping an eye on them.

6. Sharpie 15661PP King Size Marker- Best for Wooden Surface

Sharpie King Size Marker

Are you convinced that you need a marker that is as tough as your life is? Like what? Like you don’t have time to check before writing if the surface is oily or wet? If so, This King Size Permanent Marker can spread some light.

The marker is ideal for heavy use in industrial factories, warehouses, workshops, schools or anywhere else. Since this is prepared to be used for heavy works, worry less about the surfaces you can use it on.

It works absolutely fine on every surfaces like wood, metals, rocks, wet and oily surfaces too.

Considering the fact that you will be using them for practical stuffs, 4 markers come in one set of this. All of them are black. These are chisel tip permanent markers, which makes extra wide lines.

You can have broad, medium, thick or thin lines as well. The grip is quite comfortable so that you can use it under any circumstances.

The ink will satisfy you to the core. It is long lasting, water and fade resistant, non-toxic, smudge proof, and very quick drying.

Less harsh chemicals are found in this which means even with the large ink supply, there are no chances of facing any physical illness due to the ink. But the ink is not odorless and it is non-washable.

Now that you know all about this marker, don’t you think they are your perfect match?

7. SHARPIE Extreme Permanent Markers-Black- Best for Black

SHARPIE Extreme Permanent Markers

Do you need to write the names of your kids on their footballs so that they don’t fight anymore?

You must be wondering where you will find the marker that will withstand UV rays and all the rains at the same time. A set of Sharpie will be a great suggestion as they can work in extreme conditions like this. 

Is your hobby traveling? If so, you must be needing packing and labeling all the time for which you need markers that would be ideal for all environments and weathers.

The ink of these ones withstands UV rays, snow, mud, rain or any harsh environment.

They are fade-resistant, quick-drying and bold enough to be resistant to most household cleaners. The ink can deliver up to +96hrs in direct sunlight. 

They are non-toxic and absolutely safe to use at home. 

4 markers come with a set. Black, blue, green, red are the colors available. One package contains 4 pieces of the same color. 

The fine, durable tip contributes in creating thick to thin lines for variable purposes.

Back in childhood, I always wanted to paint my raincoat which is now possible with this set. They are able to work on plastic, wood, glass and most other surfaces.

Both wet and dry surfaces can be your option now. Water bottles, plastic bags, boating accessories, sporting equipment, playground toys and many other stuffs can be more interesting and thoughtful now.

In a nutshell, they literally challenge each environment and surface. Fair question is, who wouldn’t want them?

8. Sharpie 1779005 Stained Markers- Best for Fabric

Sharpie Stained Fabric Markers

Can you deny that you have more T-shirts in stock back at your cupboard than the ones you actually use? And why do you think you are stuck with only a few of your collections?

If it’s because they are so pain and boring, would you not like to take a chance to color them with this Sharpie?

As they are permanent markers for fabric, they work wonders on most types of fabrics out there.

Let me tell you the benefit of using a long-lasting permanent marker that is specialized for fabrics- you can wash them normally and the color won’t fade out. It is better to use regular cold water for washing them.

They have a great grip and size which makes it easier for you to paint on your clothes, backpacks or on any fabric you want to.

More colors bring more options to paint your clothing. Therefore, you are getting 8 assorted colors in one set. All of them are bright and bold.

They have brush tip with which you can draw both thick and thin lines. As you use, you will know that they are super bouncy and the ink flow is just perfect.

The ink is surely non-toxic. Your healthy skin will not be harmed if they come in contact.

Quick tip- keep these in horizontal position with caps on so that you will not have to wait for the ink flow to be perfect.

9. Sharpie 37600PP Ultra Fine Point Pens- Best for Paper

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Pens

As a fan of classic colors, you might be in need of bold and eye-popping colors all the time. You already know how tough it is to get all the vibrant colors together.

Sharpie is bringing 3 packs in 1 set. Per pack will contain 8 brilliant colors. In total there will be 24 markers and 8 unique colors.

Even fine point markers can be upsetting if you are up for thinnest lines. Safe to say that these ones have narrow tips for accepting more challenges.

They say that they are of ultra-fine point but they can be more than just fine points. Nib increases precision.

I will give you more reasons to pick this set. Along with unique, outrageous colors, the resilient ink is smear-proof, fade and water resistant and quick drying. The ink is non-toxic and safe to use.

You are right to assume that you can use them on most of the surfaces. Paper, plastic, metal or any other usual or unusual surfaces can be your option now.

The livelier your artworks, writing or designs look, the more confidence you gain. Expressing yourself with the bold colors of this set will be something you will not afford missing once you use them.

10. Keebor Basic-Advanced Permanent Markers- Best for plastic

Keebor Permanent Markers

If you’re looking for a set of simplistic markers for art or other projects without any hassle, look no further than the Keebor Basic Advanced Permanent Marker. It has a knack for leaving bold marks, thanks to its impressive quality!

This marker’s simple yet elegant design will create a great first impression. It’s designed to fit your fingers nicely so that you can write with incredible finesse.

Aided by the professional fine point, you’ll be able to work with fantastic precision, allowing you to produce superb results.

So, creating those intense and meaningful drawings won’t feel all that difficult once you’re paired up with this model!

It’s perfect for home, office, classroom, or just about anywhere. You can feel free to count on it for completing countless projects!

Housed inside the container of this marker pen is a filling of permanent black ink that’s specially formulated for offering superior value.

This ink can be used for writing on a wide array of surfaces, including plastic, metal, and paper. It won’t look smeared or washed out. As a result, your projects will always look impressive!

Furthermore, the ink is quick-drying, so you won’t have to wait a long time for the marks to dry up. You won’t have to keep blowing on them as if you’re trying to eat hot food either, which is a big plus for sure!

This thing is completely waterproof, so don’t worry if you accidentally spill water on your writings. Even after an extended period, the marks won’t become faded or smeared.

So, it’s undoubtedly a long-lasting marker! Just remember to keep it capped after use, and you’ll be fine.

Things to Consider Before Choosing

Things to Consider Before Choosing

Once you research, you’ll get to know about the best markers available. But are you going to order all to know which one is actually best for you? This will not be needed if you consider some factors before ordering.

Type of Tip

Your purpose will lead you to the type of tip you actually need. Let me tell you, wide chisel tip cannot perform the job of a fine tip.

Likewise, if you think of getting a fine point and make the mark wider by overwriting when needed, that will be such a waste of time and art.

For clear, distinctive and wider marks, you should choose the one with chisel tip. This kind of tip is generally used for heavy duties and clear vision.

And for sharp and flawless marks, go for the fine tip. You can pick them for coloring, drawing, flawless writing and so on.

Ink Flow

Wouldn’t it upset you if the red color delivers a pink shade or a black one turns into ash? Of course, it will. You must check on the information regarding ink flow before selecting a set.

Color variation

It’s again all about your purpose when it’s about considering the color range. You’ll be needing a collection of various colors if you intend to draw or color your painting.

Also, as a gift to someone or a supplement to a cultural program, you cannot bring a plain set with no color variation. If you need them for office or industry, color might not be an issue. Most of the times, only black can be fair enough

Number of Markers

How many markers do you expect to get in a set? For constant uses, it’s better to look for a set with more of them in number.

However if you are someone who occasionally uses them and leaves them uncapped for the rest of the year, check the sets with fewer ones.

Safe or Not?

As permanent ink has more chemicals than usual ink, you really need to check if they are safe to use or not. You should check if the ink is non-toxic or not.

Being ACMI, AP approved makes them more reliable in some ways. You cannot risk damaging your skin or bring any harm to your kid for using any toxic ink.

Usable Surface

There are different brands for different specific surfaces although most of them work on almost all surfaces. The permanent markers for plastic will never be effective on fabric.

Likewise markers for wood will not last long on metal. Before choosing, check if the ink is appropriate for your chosen surface or not.

Frequently Asked Some Questions

FAQ on Drawing, Sketching, Doodling Pens

Q: What are the best permanent markers brands?

If you’ve shopped for permanent markers before, then you already know that there are over hundreds of brands that manufacture these products.

However, not all of them are trustworthy. Only a handful of them are popular, trusted, and known for offering quality consistently.

Among them, we found Sharpie, Staedtler, BIC, AmazonBasics, Keebor, Arteza, etc., to be the very best, based on popularity, reputation, and trustworthiness.

They are recognized worldwide. Chances are, you’ve heard of them already, even if you haven’t used permanent markers before.

Q: Are permanent marker pens waterproof?

Sure, they are! Waterproof is actually one of the most important features of permanent markers. The inks used in these pens are either non-polar or have electron charges that are equally distributed in the molecules.

Water, on the other hand, is completely polar. That means, the electron charge in water is unevenly distributed.

Now, it is a known fact that polar molecules and non-polar molecules don’t mix together. They repel each-other, just like how water and oil don’t mingle. As a result, water cannot dissolve permanent marker ink.

All the products that we’ve reviewed are completely waterproof, so don’t worry about water-induced damages to your marks. You can’t wash them away with water either.

Q: Are BIC permanent markers the same as Sharpie?

Well, Sharpie is more popular than other permanent marker brands, but BIC is a close second. Sharpie may dabble in the spotlight, but BIC isn’t so far behind. They are both extremely competitive and always striving to be better than the others.

Regardless of their brand popularity, their products are almost identical in terms of quality and performance.

They come with similar features like comfortable grip, low-odor, fade-resistance, waterproof, etc. Their products are durable and long-lasting.

So, in that sense, BIC permanent markers can be put in the same category as Sharpie. They are equally great!

Q: How Long Does Permanent Marker Ink Last?

That actually depends on many things, including the quality of the ink and the surface that’s been written on. So, it’s hard to give a definitive answer to this question.

In general, you can expect the ink to last anything from a couple of months to several years if it isn’t damaged.

It is likely to fade faster if it’s exposed to outdoor elements. So for best results, use them indoors on porous surfaces.

Q: Does permanent marker harm for skin?

Most of the permanent markers are designed with non-toxic materials, so they’re safe to use on the skin. They will not harm your skin.

The ink will come off your skin eventually after some time, anyway. However, you might have reactions if you have extra-sensitive skin.

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Some ink may contain dangerous chemicals. You can tell that just by looking at the ingredients. They can harm your skin.

So, make sure to choose ones that are safe for the skin if you’re planning to write or draw on your body. Otherwise, you might end up harming your skin.

Q: Do they work on plastic and glass?

As a matter of fact, they do. Most of the high-quality markers can be used to write on a wide range of surfaces, including plastic and glass. They will not come off easily and stay on those surfaces for a long time.

However, you should check whether your chosen marker is suitable for writing on plastic and glass or not before buying.

Final Thoughts

Right now you are enlightened with the knowledge of best permanent markers out there. Which one amongst the list can be yours? If you couldn’t decide yet because all of them are equally bold and tempting, why don’t you pick either?

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