How to Get Crayola Markers Off Your Kids Skin

So, you bought your toddler a set of Crayola markers. You just wanted to bring the ‘Picasso‘ out of him. However, the next thing you know, he’s just messing up his skin with them.

Freaked out? You shouldn’t be. Crayola markers are made in such a way that even though your toddler uses his whole body has his drawing paper, you can easily get it off his skin.

And that’s what we’re focusing on today. We’ll tell you how to get the Crayola markers off kid’s skin pretty easily.

Ways to Get Markers Off Kids Skin

There are different types of methods to get the marker stain off your child’s skin easily. While some may work, others may not. This is why we’re talking about all the effective ones.

Method 1: Using Soap and Water

Most of the markers from Crayola are washable. You can try using soap and water to take care of the situation. If you can use the method just when the stain is fresh on the skin of your child, that’s when it will work better.

Use warm water to dampen the skin first. Then you’ll need to use a clean washcloth and add a bit of dish detergent on it.

Now, just rub the stain in a circular motion while you go gentle. This trick will help you remove almost all the stain. To make sure it’s completely off, you’ll have to clean the area several times.

Method 2: Using Sanitizers

You’ll find hand sanitizers pretty handy to help you remove the stains of the markers. When we say sanitizers, we mean it’s the ‘alcohol’ that does the trick. 

This acts perfectly as an ink-removing catalyst. Besides, since it’s ‘HAND SANITIZER’ we’re talking about, you’ll find them skin-friendly as well.

Enough talk, let’s see how it works. First off, you’ll need to apply an itsy-bitsy amount of sanitizer on the skin of your toddler. You’ll see the ink is getting reactivated. Use a cotton ball to wipe it off.

Once you’re done with it, simply scrub the skin so that you can remove the traces left-overs.

Method 3: Make-Up Removers

Who says makeup removers can be used just to get rid of makeups? You can use them to remove Crayola markers from your kid’s skin as well. Besides, it’s one of the safest methods, if you’re aiming for the eye-area.

To do this you’ll have to use a cotton ball and apply a bit of the remover on it. Now, wipe the stains off gently. You can also use the remover to get rid of ink-stain.

Once done, it’s time for you to rinse the skin with warm water.

Method 4: Baby Wipes

For removing stubborn yet washable stains, the Crayola team itself recommends baby wipes. Mind you, that these won’t work for permanent markers.

However, baby wipes are the gentlest alternative compared to anything else since they’re made just for babies and babies only.

Method 5: Baby Oil

If you have a baby along with your toddler in your home, obviously you’ll have baby oil in your home as well. Use it as a fast alternative to get rid of the markers.

Your toddler already has got some excess oil on his skin. What baby oil does is, it basically gets attached to these excess oils while removing all the stains. The best part? With baby oil, you can get rid of permanent markers as well.

Method 6: Using Milk

You’ve read it right, ‘milk’, that’s what’s going to help you wipe off those markers. In fact, if you know the right way to apply milk to your child’s skin, it will help you remove permanent stain markers as well.

However, you’ll hear mixed reviews on this topic. There are moms who say, applying milk will work only when the stain is on upholstery or fabric. But then again, we don’t see any problem trying it on the hand of your child.

Here’s Some Don’t for You

Now, we did talk about rubbing hand sanitizers and they’ve got alcohol, even though it’s just a tiny portion. You’ll see some people try the alcohol itself to wipe off the stains and yes it works too.

However, if you apply it on your toddler’s skin, you’ll have to take necessary caution as well. You should know that the skin absorbs alcohol so quickly, which may lead to isopropyl alcohol poisoning.

The skin of your child is sensitive and if you rub the alcohol without being cautious, chances are his skin will stay vulnerable to withstand its reaction.  This is why, even if you do apply it, make sure you just use a very small portion and rub it using a cotton ball.

But then again, we always suggest going for something else.

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Final Words

Well, that was everything on how to get Crayola markers off your kid’s skin. We’ve talked about all the effective methods over here so that you get to choose the method that suits you best.

Don’t worry, one of these will definitely work for you no matter what. But remember, we recommend not to go for alcohol unless it’s really necessary.

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