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Been a long since Pilot pens have been dominating the market. With varieties of pens and innovations on them, the brand never fails to amaze us. Such one innovation is the Pilot FriXion erasable pen.

The Pilot Frixion erasable pen is one of the best pens of the brand. I became a fan of it after using it since day 1. More or less, it has served me well enough for different projects in my daily life.

Buying a Frixion served me long enough. With such an excellent ink quality and ergonomic design, I can choose this for future works.

But the duration of the pen varies accordingly. You need to set the usage and then predict the validity of the pen. Using it for more than a year, I share my experience of how long the frixion pen lasts in this article.

How Long Do FriXion Pens Last

How Long Do Frixion Pens Work?

Because of high feasibility and useability, the FriXion pen has become a wide range of useable pens to people. The pen enabling you to write, draw, sketch, color, and erase makes it one of the most feasible pens in the market.

People from all walks of life have been getting the best advantages of the pen. Academic writing, office writing, creative writing, drawing, sketching, etc., have been some everyday tasks outperformed by the pen.

With an eraser on the pen, it gives you the best assurance to make your works perfect. You made a mistake, don’t worry about it. The eraser will convincingly remove the unwanted part and make your work perfect.

Now with the blending of the pen and eraser, the central question arises regarding the longevity of the FriXion pen. After serving such massively, how long can you work with the pen? This has become a general question among the people as the pen is becoming renowned day by day.

To go straight to the question, the thing is simple; it depends on your usage. The way you use, the purpose you use, the works you do, and the duration you use depend on the lasting of the Pilot FriXion pen.

Let’s say, as a student, you get to use the pilot pen for a month. In this duration, more or less, you get to complete everything that comes in your academics, projects, labs, etc.

The duration lessens for writing journals or long articles. As you have to write heavily for the purpose, a single FriXion pen would last for two weeks at best.

 With a pilot FriXion pen, you get to complete a heavy bunch of work. Hardly you’ll find any pen within the price range serving better.

Keep in mind; the duration is not always fixed. It solely depends on your usage. But one thing you can be assured of; using the pen will never disappoint you. It will serve as a boost in your everyday works.

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Characteristics of Pilot FriXion Pens

Such an excellent pen is quite rare in the market. Again, the demand for the pen is getting higher and higher. What makes the pen so attractive and favorable to the customers?

Surely the characteristics of the pilot FriXion pen will lead you to the unique facts about this pen. Let’s see what this pen got for all of us.

Unique Technology

One of the vital characteristics of the pilot friXion pen is its temperature management. Many pens of the Pilot failed to surpass the sector which struck back to the company. But while making the frixion pen, the brand ensured the best technological assist from it. Such that:

Temperature Management:

To serve all the people around the world, the ink of the Pilot Frixion pen is made durable and long-lasting. The ink can be massively used and redistributed even at 65 degrees Celsius and above and -20 degrees Celsius and below. At the same time, most of the pen fails to perform at that range.

Unique Dye Inclusion:

The dye of the Pilot FriXion pen is so vital that it reacts massively with any acidic compounds convincingly. It also tended to change the color upon mixing, giving you a vast possibility of using it for multiple works.

Not only that, the color can be well modified with the eraser included. This helps the pen to show its best virtues and make good use of all kinds of people.

Design Variety

For the best feasibility, the pilot friXion pen has been made with certain variations. Mostly, the body has been built with plastic. It reduces extra pressure on the hand for working for long terms projects.

The ergonomic design allows you to work with the pen without any hassle. With a rubber grip, there are no chances of the pen slipping from your hand. For the newbies, this pen surely will lift their confidence to a whole new level.

You don’t have to throw this excellent pen after the ink gets finished. Instead, you get to refill the ink and reuse it further for your works.

Tip Sizes

There are quite variations in the tip sizes of pilot FriXion pens. In general, the fine tip having 0.55 mm is quite renowned and used mainly by people. But for different purposes and uses, the company introduced variations in the tip sizes of the pen.

Most pens can be assured with 0.38 mm and 0.4 mm tips for the most narrow and compact works. These fine tips allow you to give the best border and marking a specific area nicely.

Along with the 0.5mm, there are also 0.7 mm, 1.0 mm, and 1.3 mm medium tips available in the market. A 2.5 mm medium tip is also introduced for the one desiring to use the pen for a wide range of works.

A broad tip having a 4 mm tip is also available in the market. For calligraphy, poster, and project writing, the pen with the broad tip is widely used.

Color Range

The colors of the pen are attractive, full of bright and dynamic touch. With various colors having blue, red, green, black, purple, turquoise, etc.; you can use the pen in different kinds of works and projects.

Blending the color is also feasible and easier for anyone. The ink is manufactured such that they get to blend all by themselves in an initial manner. You get to give less effort and work on it during the process.

Relation Between Tip Size and Durability

The tip size of the frixion pen is quite variable. You get to see 0.38mm, 0.4mm, 0.5 mm, and 0.7mm fine tips for the possible uses. These are most commonly available in the market. The rest medium tips of 1.0mm and 2.5mm, and the broad tip of 4.0mm allows you to heavily use it for large and comprehensive projects.

Now comes a relation between the tip size and the durability. It is pretty common to assume that the broader or broader the tip, the more its durability is. That means the broad tip has better durability than the fine tip.

But, are the fine tips any less good? Definitely no. the durability test is only for specific perspectives, as in pen falling on the ground, exerting extra pressure, using heavily, etc.

When you use the fine tip, you would not want to use it for heavy projects. You won’t be able to cope with it and end up messing your work. in that regard, a broad tip will do the work better.

The same goes with the broad tip. It will suit perfectly for calligraphy, poster works, etc. but never for daily writings or academic works.

Based on the usage, all the tips are perfect to rely on. It depends on the way and how you use it.

How Long Does the Eraser on The Pilot Frixion Last?

Enough describing and presenting the pen! Now it’s time to state the eraser on it. Like an unsung hero, the eraser of the pilot friXion pen serves quite actively. All the errors and unwanted markings of the pen get removed by the eraser itself.

As it is a rubber eraser, it will finish after specific usage. But the particular usage went quite long in my case. In my first introduction with the pen, I thought that the eraser would vanish within a single ink refill. But I was utterly wrong.

The pen I am using got its three refills already, and the eraser is still working perfectly. Although more than half portion of it is gone, the time till it performed has been impressive.

But then again, this was for the regular pilot frixion I use for writings. The one for big projects having a broad tip requires more rubber to erase. Thus, the eraser lasts quite a short time than the fine tip. You can say, within two refills of the broad tip pen, you can use a single eraser of the pilot frixion colorful pen.

So, How Long Does a FriXion Pen Last Actually?

Based on the overall experience and usage, a frixion pen with a single refill will last for a month on average daily usage. For larger projects, you get it to work for less than that period, estimate 15 days.


Q: How long do FriXion highlighters last?

The friction highlighters last for around 18 months without any fading. With a slight effect of the temperature and environment, you might see a change in the duration.

Q: Are FriXion pens refillable or not?

The FriXion pens are fully refillable. You can refill them after the ink finishes. That’s how you can use a single FriXion pen for many years ahead. Also, you get to use different kinds of ink in the same pen after replacing the ink lid. That means with one pen you will get several advantages.

Q: Why do FriXion pens run out of ink so quickly?

The FriXion pen is one of the best pens to use in the market. It has a vast reputation to be used in daily lives. As a result, with a slight usage, you get to have sufficient ink coming from the tip, and your ink runs out quickly.

One of the significant reasons for fast ink running out is your pen getting exposed to heat. This becomes a major as ink is heat sensitive. Thus, it tries to pop up faster than usual and finishes in no time.

Q: How do you revive a FriXion pen?

Your frixion pen becomes dead when the ink is not depleted. To revive your FriXion pen, all you have to do is to keep your pen on ice for 2-5 minutes. As the ink is heat-sensitive, it’ll restore with the ice being stuffed on it and react to revive the pen accordingly.

Final Words

No wonder the pilot FriXion pen is one of the most used pens in the world. It has an excellent ergonomic feature to use hours after hours without any hassle. The ink is of top quality, and the eraser is the cherry on the cake.

You get to have the whole thing as ready-to-go stuff and implement it in your daily life. Surely you will enjoy the colorful pilot frixion pens like most of the users, including me.

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