How to Draw a Bat Easy Step by Step for Halloween Projects

Are you feeling bored during this Halloween eve? Why don’t you try some Halloween drawing projects to make your holiday more fun? 

Bat is such a character of Halloween that can make the environment spooky within a moment. So, adding this character to your Halloween special sketchbook will help you to sharp your artistic skills. 

However, today I have come up with an easy bat drawing tutorial that anyone of any age or skill can draw it. This tutorial consists of some detail steps following which you will be able to learn how to draw a bat easy!

  • 4B or 6B Pencil
  • Black Marker (Outliner)
  • Good Quality Eraser
  • Watercolor Markers

How to Draw a Bat Step by Step Easily

Step 1: Draw a Diamond Shape

Draw a Diamond Shape for the Bat Body

For making the bat drawing process easier, you have to create a diamond shape at first. If you can do it right, drawing a bat will be a piece of cake for you.

 If I call this shape a pentagon, then I won’t be wrong! However, follow the reference and draw such a shape to start drawing a bat for your Halloween projects. 

Step 2: Create the Upper Body

Create the Bat Upper Body

Before creating the upper side of the wing, you have to draw the head portion first. So, draw a small circle inside the centre of the diamond shape. Then, on the right side draw a curvy line following the reference. 

Similarly, draw another curvy line on the left side. These lines should be symmetrical to maintain the proper bat wing shape. 

Step 3: Draw the Side of Bat Wings

Draw the Side of Bat Wings

For drawing the side of the wings, draw a slightly curved line starting from one corner of the diamond to the other. Draw one such curve line on each side of the diamond shape. Make sure that the lines are symmetrical. 

Step 4: Draw the Lower Side of Wings

Draw the Lower Side of the Bat Wings

It’s the most important part of bat drawing. Since the wings are the main attraction of bats, you have to draw it properly to make the drawing look more beautiful. 

So, follow the reference and draw three U like curvy shapes on each lower side of the bat body. By doing so, you will be able to complete the bat wing drawing. 

Step 5: Add Face Details

Add Face Details to the Bat Drawing

Now, you have to add the face details to the bat body to make the drawing look more realistic. Draw two small triangles inside the head circle for the eyes. And above the head portion draw two curvy triangles for the ears of bats. 

However, don’t forget to erase all the unnecessary lines using a good quality eraser. Clean the surface properly and prepare the drawing for coloring. 

Color the Bat Drawing

Color the Bat Drawing

Coloring the bat is really very easy as you just need two colors for this. Use black color for the whole body of the bat and yellow for the eyes. I have used the black marker outliner for the whole body and a yellow watercolor marker for the eyes. 

However, there is no limit of imagination. So, you can use your own imagination and color the bat drawing. 

Some Easy Bat Drawing Ideas 

Not all the bats are evil! If you look at this cute bat drawing, you will get what I am takling about. 

Some Easy Bat Drawing Ideas

It’s the Halloween eve and you won’t try a real devil bat drawing, then this spooky season will remain incomplete!

Easy Bat Drawing Ideas

Drawing a bat with a moon will give your Halloween project a real spooky feeling. So, why don’t you try this one?

Bat Drawing Ideas Easy

Wrap Up

By coming this far, you may have gone through all the detail steps mentioned above. Till now, you may have got that drawing a bat is really easy if you can follow the steps properly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your drawing materials and start drawing a Halloween bat now!

Maria Tanish

Hello World! Tanish here, a student of Fine Arts. Drawing was my passion from an early age but I also love to do some DIY projects to spend my leisure. Even I work as a writer, to share my knowledge about the ins and outs of drawing and the art industry itself. As an artist, I always wanna share my experiences with you all.

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