How to Draw a Boat Step By Step Tutorial

From ancient times, boats have served different purposes to mankind of which traveling is a major one. Boat journey is still one of my favorites.

However, if you also love boat riding and want to hold that memory inside your sketchbook then what’s a better idea than boat drawing?

So, today, I have come up with an easy boat drawing tutorial with some simple steps. Whether you are trying boat drawing for the first time or not, today you will become the master of easy boat drawing.

You just need to gather some basic drawing supplies and follow the steps properly. Let’s get started!

What I am Using Here

Pencil: 6B
Paper: 300 gsm
Eraser: Quality One
Outliner: Black Marker
Coloring Tools: Watercolor Markers

How to Draw a Boat Step By Step

Step 1: Body of the Vessel

Draw the Body of the Boat

First of all, get ready with your drawing essentials like paper, pencil, and other things. Then you have to start drawing the boat with the main body.

For this, draw a slightly curved line at first. It will be the length of the boat. So draw it accordingly.

Then draw another rounded curvy line to form the main body of the vessel. Try to make the left side of the line pointier as it will be the front part of the vessel.

Step 2: Draw the Boat Edges

Draw the Boat Edges

To make the boat look realistic, you have to draw the edges of the boat. So, draw another slightly curved line beneath the top one.

Erase extra marks and lines using a good quality eraser as necessary to make the boat edges look more perfect just like the reference.

Step 3: Attach the Mast

Attach the Mast with the Boat

Now, draw two vertically parallel straight lines over the edges. The position of the lines should be on the left side of the boat close to the front part. It will be the mast of the boat.

On the right side of the straight line, draw two other parallel short lines horizontally on the top side. And two other horizontally parallel semi-long lines on the right lower side to hold the sails.

Step 4: Draw the Sails

Draw the Boat Sails

On the left side of the mast, draw a curvy triangle for the big sail. Only by drawing three curvy lines, you can draw the big sail of the boat easily.

Then focus on the right side of the mast and go for the small sail. For this, just join the corner of the mast with one curvy line on each side.

Step 5: Add Some Details

Add Details to the Boat Drawing

Finally, add some details to your boat to make it look more beautiful. Start with a little nautical flag on top of the mast. You can easily draw it with a horizontal M shape.

Then draw some patterns all over the big sail using curved lines. Add a throwable floating device on the right corner of the vessel body. You can easily do it by drawing two close circles.

Finally, draw some wavy lines under the boat’s body to give the boat a floating feeling! And yes, your boat is ready to sail!

Color the Drawing

Color the Boat Drawing

Coloring any drawing is all about imagination. The color you are seeing here is all about the output of my imagination. I have used light and dark shades of brown for the boat body and mast.

Then I used light and dark shades of green for the big sail and yellow for the small sail. I have put red on the flag for signal purposes, yellow on the floating device, and blue for the ocean waves!

But I recommend coloring any drawing using your own way to expand your imaginary vision.

Some Easy Boat Drawing Ideas

You can try this rounded boat drawing with a unique sail and so many decorative flags with it.

Some Easy Boat Drawing Ideas

For two-sided sailboats, I would recommend you to try this one as the boat has a unique shape.

Easy Boat Drawing Ideas

If you want to try drawing a boat with a toolbox with it, then go for this one!

Boat Drawing Ideas Easy

Wrap Up

Boat drawing is easier than it seems. And with this step-by-step boat drawing tutorial, I have made it super easy for you.

If you can follow all the steps properly with the instructions given with each step, there’s no doubt that you can draw a boat easily in no time. So, grab your drawing supplies and start drawing the boat now!

Maria Tanish

Hello World! Tanish here, a student of Fine Arts. Drawing was my passion from an early age but I also love to do some DIY projects to spend my leisure. Even I work as a writer, to share my knowledge about the ins and outs of drawing and the art industry itself. As an artist, I always wanna share my experiences with you all.

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