How to Draw a Christmas Wreath with Simple and Manageable Steps

In this holiday season, to fill up your sketchbook with some Christmas drawing ideas, why don’t you try Christmas wreath drawing?

A Christmas wreath is a symbol of holiday cheer and it can be a perfect option for drawing this season. So today, I have come up with a step-by-step flower wreath drawing tutorial that all aspiring artists can do.

You just need to follow this tutorial till the end to learn how to draw a Christmas wreath easily and also find some easy flower wreath drawing ideas.

How to Draw a Christmas Wreath Step by Step

Step 1: Draw the Inner Part

Draw the Inner Part of the Wreath

The circle is the main part of drawing a Christmas wreath. So, take your pencil and paper and draw a small circle on it.

As it will be the inner part of the flower wreath, better to keep it small or medium in size. Your flower wreath size will depend on this circle.

Step 2: Draw the Outer Part

Draw the Outer Part of the Wreath

Draw another big circle surrounding the previous one. It will be the outer part of the wreath. Don’t make it that big as both of the circles should be compatible with one another. It will help you to make the flower wreath look beautiful and real.

Step 3: Make Fuzzy Edges Over the Circles

Make Fuzzy Edges Over the Wreath Circles

Now, draw serpentine lines all over the circle to make fuzzy edges. Do this on both inner and outer circles. It will help you to give the flower wreath an original vibe.

We all know that the edges of any real flower wreath cannot be as smooth as circles! So, make the edges as fuzzy as possible.

Step 4: Erase the Circle Lines

Erase the Wreath Circle Lines

To give the drawing a clean look, erase the previous circle lines from both inner and outer parts. You will see that a perfect flower wreath body has been created with fuzzy edges.

You need to erase the circle lines carefully so that the serpentine lines don’t get erased. For this, you can also outline the edges with a black marker.

Step 5: Add Ribbon on the Top

Add the Ribbon on Top of the Wreath

If you follow the reference, you can see that I have added the ribbon on top of the Christmas flower wreath. First of all, I have drawn a small ellipse to begin the ribbon. Then I drew symmetrical curve lines on both sides of the ellipse to make the ribbon flower.

On the lower part of the ribbon flower, I have drawn the hanging lace using slightly curved lines. As it’s a bit difficult try to follow the reference carefully.

Step 6: Draw the Spiral Ribbons

Draw the Spiral Ribbons on the Outer side of the Wreath

Now, draw the spiral ribbon on the wreath. Follow the red areas on the reference and draw slightly curved lines to make the spiral ribbons. It’s really very easy to draw these decorative ribbons.

Step 7: Add Circle Lights Inside

Add Wreath Lights in between the spiral ribbons

In between every decorative ribbon, draw small circles in a curved order. These will be the decorative lights of the Christmas flower wreath.

If you follow the reference, you will see that I have added small circles in between the ribbons. By adding these lights, your Christmas flower wreath drawing will be completed.

Color the Drawing

Color the Christmas Wreath Drawing

After completing the wreath sketching, it’s time to add some colors to it. I have used the basic Christmas wreath colors like green, red, and yellow.

But you can use colors of your own choice. And here I have used watercolor markers for coloring.

Some Easy Christmas Flower Wreath Drawing Ideas

If you are looking for an easy Christmas wreath drawing idea that your kids can also do, then it’s for you!

Easy Christmas Wreath Drawing Ideas

This fuzzy edge Christmas wreath can be a unique addition to your holiday drawing edition.

Christmas Wreath Drawing Ideas Easy

With decorative lights and balls, this flower wreath drawing can attract anyone. So, why don’t you try this one as well?

Some Easy Christmas Wreath Drawing Ideas

Wrap Up

As Christmas is knocking at the door, you can try this step-by-step Christmas wreath drawing to fill your sketchbook. And don’t forget to share this wreath drawing with your friends and family.

So, keep practicing and sharpen your artistic skills!

Maria Tanish

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