How to Draw a Clock Step by Step Tutorial

Clocks are not only a daily life essential but also a great subject for art and illustration. Whether you are an aspiring artist or an experienced one, I have designed this tutorial for all the artists out there.

With this easy guide, you will be able to learn how to draw a clock step by step. I will break down every step in detail so that you don’t need any prior experience to draw an alarm clock.

If you go through this tutorial and follow the steps along with me, you will have a beautiful clock drawing at the end. So, grab your art supplies together and capture the timeless charm of an alarm clock on your sketchbook.

Drawing Supplies You Will Need

Pencil: 4B or 6B
Paper: 300 gsm
Color: Watercolor Markers
Black Outliner

How to Draw a Clock Easily Step by Step

Step 1: Face of the Clock

Draw Face of the Clock

First of all, you have to grab your paper and pencil to start the clock drawing. I have used 6B pencil and 300 gsm watercolor paper for this drawing. But you can use your own favorites.

So, start by drawing the face of the clock using a simple circle. As it’ll determine the clock size, draw it in that way.

Step 2: Draw the Outer Rim

Draw the Clock's Outer Rim

After drawing the clock face, you need to draw the outer rim of the clock. It will make the clock look realistic. For the outer rim, you just need to draw another big circle outside of the previous one.

Step 3: Add the Bells and Feet

Add Clock's Bells and Feet

At this stage, you have to add the clock bells and feet. As I am drawing an alarm clock, bells are a must for this drawing. Bells will make the drawing look similar to the real one.

So, draw two half-circles over the outer rim to make the bells. For the feet draw two small U shapes on the bottom side of the outer rim just like the reference image.

Step 4: Draw the Hammer and Clock Center

Draw the Hammer and Clock Center

Now, it’s time to draw the main part of an alarm clock, which is the hammer. It will help to ring the bell. For the hammer, draw a nail-like shape over the outer rim just between the two bells.

It means that when it is time, the hammer will hit the bells and the clock will ring. However, draw a small circle in the middle of the clock face to indicate the center.

Step 5: Add the Clock Hands and Time Divisions

Add the Clock Hands and Time Divisions

Finally, draw short lines all over the clock face. Make sure to have equal spaces between every line. It will be the time divisions of the clock. There will be a total number of 12 short lines inside the clock face.

Then draw two arrows for the clock hands. One arrow should be small, which is the hour hand and the other will be a bigger one, which will be the minute hand. And yes, your easy clock drawing is ready.

Color the Drawing

Color the Clock Drawing

To make your clock drawing more attractive, put some color into it. I have used purple color for the clock body and light shades of black for the other areas.

I have used watercolor markers for this purpose but you can use any of your favorite colors.

Some of the Easy Alarm Clock Drawing Ideas

Alarm clock drawing is always an easy task. So, this drawing idea can be a great option for kids drawing projects.

Easy Alarm Clock Drawing Ideas

This alarm clock is different from others as it has a handle with it. You can also try this unique alarm clock drawing.

Alarm Clock Drawing Ideas Easy

If you are looking for something unique, then go for this one as this clock drawing includes alarm sounds!

Some Easy Alarm Clock Drawing Ideas

Wrap Up

So, this was the easy clock drawing tutorial for you. Hopefully, you have enjoyed this tutorial as much as I do and learned the step-by-step process of drawing an alarm clock easily.

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