How to Draw a Submarine Easy with Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wondered about the world beneath the sea? If yes, then what’s a better way to explore the world rather than a submarine?

Well, if you have experienced an underwater ride or not, you may simply want to try out submarine drawing. Through this tutorial, I have arranged some simple and manageable steps on how to draw a submarine easy.

By following this step-by-step submarine drawing tutorial, you will be able to draw your own underwater vessel easily. All you need is paper, a pencil, and some other supplies to complete this submarine drawing. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the underwater drawing adventure!

What I am Using Here

Pencil: 6B
Paper: 300 GSM
Eraser: Good Quality
Outliner: Black Marker
Coloring Tools: Watercolor Markers

How to Draw a Submarine Easily Step-By-Step

Step 1: Draw the Outer Hull

Draw the Outer Hull of the Submarine

First of all, you have to set up your drawing supplies like the pencil and the paper. Then start drawing the outer hull of the submarine.

For this, you just need to simply draw an oval shape horizontally. The size of the oval will determine the body of the submarine. So, draw it accordingly.

Step 2: Add the Front Details

Draw the Front Details of the Submarine

Draw two slightly curved parallel lines on the front part of the underwater vessel. Follow the reference and draw the lines on the left side of the oval shape.

It will be the joint of the head with the body. Now, draw some small dots inside the two lines to indicate the front joint bolts.

Step 3: Attach the Conning Tower and Periscope

Submarine Conning Tower and Periscope

For the conning tower, you have to draw a horizontal rectangle over the submarine body just like the reference. Now that your conning tower is ready, it’s time to draw a periscope on top of the tower.

So, draw two small curved lines parallelly and draw a small circle for the periscope mouth. Draw two parallel straight lines inside the periscope body for details.

Step 4: Draw the Portholes

Draw the Submarine Portholes

At this stage, draw the portholes of the submarine. For this, draw three circles side by side inside the vehicle body.

You can make portholes look more realistic by drawing three smaller circles inside the previous ones.

Step 5: Attach the Stabilizer Fins and Propeller

Draw the Stabilizer Fins and Propeller of Submarine

Now, you have to draw the stabilizer fins which is a very important part of submarines. You can easily add the fins by drawing a small curvy triangle.

So, draw small curvy triangles on both the top and bottom sides of the submarine body. You must draw the fins on the backside. Follow the reference and draw accordingly.

Then, you have to add a propeller on the back side to complete the submarine drawing. For this, draw two small parallel straight lines horizontally from the back side.

Then at the end of the lines, draw two elongated circles both on the top and bottom side. It will somewhat look like a fan.

Color the Drawing

Color the Submarine Drawing

To bring life to any drawing, you just need to put some color in it. Here, I have used watercolor markers and shades as per my imagination.

But you can use your own color supplies and shades. Don’t forget to erase unnecessary lines before coloring and outline the whole drawing after coloring.

Some Easy Submarine Drawing Ideas

If you are looking for an easy but unique submarine drawing idea, then it can be a great option!

Easy Submarine Drawing Ideas

With a big and easy-to-draw periscope, this submarine drawing idea can be your next target! It is also great for kid’s submarine drawing projects.

Submarine Drawing Ideas Easy

Drawing a submarine with some water bubbles over the propeller can be a unique addition to your sketchbook.

Some Easy Submarine Drawing Ideas

Wrap Up

As you have come to this point, now just grab your drawing supplies and start drawing your own submarine. You can also try the easy submarine drawing ideas in your leisure time.

So, keep practicing and create artwork that you can be proud of.

Maria Tanish

Hello World! Tanish here, a student of Fine Arts. Drawing was my passion from an early age but I also love to do some DIY projects to spend my leisure. Even I work as a writer, to share my knowledge about the ins and outs of drawing and the art industry itself. As an artist, I always wanna share my experiences with you all.

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