How to Make Model Magic Dry Faster

If you’re a person like me who appreciates genuine art, you’ll love magic models. The magic model adds a new layer and dimension to your artworks to make them more aesthetic and beautiful. It has some excellent features of Its own.

Anyone can easily use this modeling material to create their artwork, from little kids to adults. This compound usually takes about a day to dry and is completely set on a material with a smooth finish.

And if you’re wondering how you can make this drying process faster, you came to the right place. Because in this article, we will discuss how to make a magic model dry faster.

So, stay tuned with us, and let’s make magic modeling faster. But before starting, I should address that magic models aren’t the type of products for fast drying usage.

So, there are a lot of precautions you need to follow. I am going to discuss it in this article briefly.

How to Make Model Magic Dry Faster


Before getting into details, you should know one thing. As there are different magic models, the fast and quick-drying methods will vary.

There are many magic model compounds on the market. Each of them has its unique features and characteristics. And because of that, the time and the way of drying them will vary.

It will also depend on your art piece. Usually, big-shaped objects require more time to dry off properly.

So, you need to consider what type of compound you are using first. Then you can figure out ways of quick drying.

What is Magic Model?

If I want to put it in simple terms, a magic model is a type of dry clay used to create art of various shapes and forms. It originates from Crayola.

Some of its features include lightweight, nontoxicity, and ease of work. It can produce long-lasting and colorful artworks just the way you want to. You can create any complex or straightforward shape material using magic models.

This compound is resilient and won’t stick to your skin on any other surface. It has consistently. And you can easily use this on plastic, wood, and other surfaces. The magic model became very popular globally in a short period. I find this truly remarkable.

How Long Does It Take for a Magic Model to Dry?

Most of the magic model compound takes about 24 hours to dry. Roughly a day, you can say. And it takes about 60-72 hours to dry completely.

This is the natural time for drying. If you don’t use any particular method or technique, the compound will take about 72 hours to dry off completely.

After the compound is completely dried, you will get a smooth, spongy texture on the outside. This can be your indication factor. Also, there are color tests, sound tests, and nail tests. You can try them out if you want to.

Ways to Make Magic Model Dry Faster

Before discussing this, I need to clear out some facts. I’m not a fan of drying magic models faster. And I won’t recommend this to anyone as well.

Quick-drying can easily cause the compound to crack and cause breakage. So, this might end up causing you more trouble. It might destroy your artwork.

The best way is to let them dry naturally through proper ventilation and airflow. I get it some of you are eager and excited to check out your artwork, and you can’t wait for three days.

So, I’m going to discuss some of them. But again, be very careful during the steps.

1. Perfect Environment

The easiest way to do this is to keep it in a good environment. By good environment mean a warm and non-humid environment.

So, please take it to a non-humid and not-so-cold area. This allows your clay to dry off naturally and quickly. You won’t need to take any further steps.

2. Proper Ventilation

Put your compound in a place where there is airflow more than usual. This simple placement reduces dry time by a large margin.

3. Using a Hairdryer

You can use that hairdryer to dry off the compound quickly. If your local isn’t friendly and you need quick-dry, this can do the trick. Evenly use the dryer until appropriately dried.

But it has some significant cautions. I won’t recommend it personally.

4. Using the Oven

This can be another way of fast drying. As the oven creates a hot environment on the inside, you can use this device to your advantage.

Use aluminum foil paper for the baking sheet and put your thing there. Usually, 170-175 degrees Celsius is the ideal temperature to operate.

Keep this for half an hour. Then check your product to see if it is dried; otherwise, repeat the process. The oven method is the most common way of fast-drying the magic model. But too much time or temperature might cause cracking and other damage. So you must be very careful during the steps.


As I’ve mentioned, quick-drying methods id something that I wouldn’t recommend. Because it may damage your precious artworks in various ways. So I’m going to add some precautions so that you can be careful.

  • Don’t dry off at any wet places. Keep it far away from water
  • Be super careful while using a hairdryer. Uneven drying will undoubtedly result in breakage
  • Be very careful if you put the magic model in the oven. If it isn’t done correctly, crack and breakage will occur
  • Never put it directly into a hot oven
  • Never put it in sunlight
  • Don’t use any chemicals or glue


Q: Can you paint model magic before it dries?

If I want to disclose in one word, yes, you can. React on the compound after it is dried properly, or you can paint before you dry it. You can do both. It depends You can do both. Your end product and the type of art you want to produce. If your artwork requires paint before drying, you have the complete freedom to do so. So, do it according to your preferences.

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