When and How to Refill Copic Markers: Step by Step Guideline

You’re great with art and you just love Copic Markers. Let’s face it! With so many different types and over 350 alcohol-based colors, it’s one of the most expensive markers out there in the market.

No worries, there is always a silver lining! Each and every Copic marker is refillable, meaning you can fill a certain amount of ink straight away when it gets empty. So a single marker can be used for years and years.

But how to refill Copic markers? Is it really hard? “NOPE,” it’s pretty easy, and you can do it yourself without breaking your bank. It’s always cheaper than buying a new one, undoubtedly!


How Would You Know It’s Time to Refill Your Marker?

As you know, Copic markers can be refilled at any time. But the question is – how would you know it’s the right time for refilling?

Well, a typical Copic marker (without cap) weighs a little bit less than 0.4 oz or 11 grams. But a few other models might be around 0.38 oz or 10.5 grams (with no caps). So, you see, the weight basically depends on the item you’re using.

When it comes to full marker, it should be no more than 0.55 oz or 16 grams.

So, if you’re using the marker that is about 0.5 oz (14 grams with caps), or 0.31 oz (9 grams without caps), it’s the perfect time to refill your marker.

However, you can comfortably use your marker even if it gets lower than 9 grams (without caps). But that’s not a good idea, especially if you’re concerned about the longevity of the nibs.

Different Methods: How to Refill Copic Markers?

Without paying top dollars, it’s always possible to refill your marker. Yep, you can add ink into your marker pen within no time, and that too without using extra effort.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of ways available. But we will show you the 3 most convenient methods so that you can fill your marker pen up quickly and easily.

Method-1: Dripping the Ink (Old Design)

Old Design Copic Ink

Hands down, this is the easiest route you can take in terms of refilling your empty marker. All you have to do is collect some of the necessary ingredients (ink refill bottle, newspaper, and so on), and you’re ready for the real action!

But frankly speaking, it’s a bit time-consuming.

Method-2: Using Copic Ink (New Design)

New Design Copic Ink

This particular method is pretty quick and straightforward. You’ll have to pick a few tweezers, scrap papers, and of course, a Copic ink refill bottle to make the job done.

There is a little chance of overfilling the marker when you apply this technique.

Method-3: Using a Copic Ink Needle

Copic Ink Needle

This is another convenient option that you can choose to fill your marker with ink. It lets you refill the pen without collecting a lot of different things. 

But compared to previous methods, it’s not that popular, and most importantly, the Copic ink needle still is not much available in the current marketplace.

Refilling Copic Markers with Ink Refill Bottles

Refilling with Ink Refill Bottles

When it comes to refilling Copic Markers through ink refill bottles, it seems pretty quick. All you have to do is collect some of the essential ingredients to make the whole task as easy as falling off a log!

Things Required (Must)

  • Some pieces of tweezers
  • New ink refill bottle
  • Newspaper or scrap paper

Step-1: Keep workspace neat and clean

Though a new ink bottle prevents spillage, you have to make sure you collect a couple of scrap papers to lay these things down to the workspace, for which you can protect the surface from ink stains or such type of issues.

Step-2: Take out the caps from both ends

Taking out caps balance the pressure within the barrel of the marker.

Step-3: Remove the markers nib

Now, your duty is to collect a couple of tweezers for removing the broad nib. But you should never try to take the brush nib out if you don’t have a new one.

Thankfully, Copic offers a number of different brands of tweezers. These are designed only to remove the broad nib/chisel with ease. Regular tweezers can be used as well to perform that particular task.

Step-4: Insert the refill ink bottle

Let’s insert the ink into your marker after removing the cap from the refill bottle. You’ll have to squeeze it gently to release the ink. Remember, GENTLY!

Step-5: Fill Your ‘copic marker’!

Usually, the Copic marker isn’t transparent, which is why it’s not possible to see how much ink you’re actually inserting into the marker. So, you must measure the amount.

If you see the nib is completely dry, it’s a sign that you’ll have to refill your marker immediately. In that case, using the markings on that pen will be a good idea in order to add 2.5 ml (for Copic Classic), 1.8 ml (for Copic Sketch), and 1.4 ml (for Copic Ciao).

The thing to be noted, you can add just around 1 ml if your marker is not fully empty. It’s a wise decision if you want to keep it away from overfilling.

While inserting ink, ensure to hold the bottle in a vertical position for judging the amount of ink way more accurately.

Refilling Markers Using Copic Various Ink

The Copic marker you’re using can be refilled through Copic Various ink. Yep, we’re applying the drip method that might be a bit slower compared to others.

But if you apply the drip technique, you’ll be capable of leaving the nib in a particular place, and that too without having much of a problem. So, let’s get started:

Refilling Using Various Ink
Image source: art-is-fun.com

Step-1: Keep Your workspace tidy

While refilling, you might spill a certain amount of ink at times. So, we suggest refilling your marker pen over a piece of trash bin. As an alternative way, you can lay down a few pieces of old newspaper in order to keep your workspace away from ink stains.

The Copic ink is made of dye, and it might leave stains or such things that will be tough to remove.

Step-2: Remove the caps from both ends

It plays a vital role in equalizing the pressure within the barrel of the marker pen.

Step-3: Take the cap out from refill bottle

Turning it upside-down will be a good decision to drop a certain amount of ink onto the Copic marker. Ensure to do the job pretty much slowly and carefully.

Step-4: Tilt Your marker

Now, you have to move the marker into a sloping position, and that should be at a 45-degree angle. Squeeze the ink refill bottle gently for applying ink onto that nib. The bottle’s end is engineered for dispensing ink drops. While applying ink, you’ll see the nib is soaking it up. That’s all!

Note: It’s better to apply around 20 drops of ink. However, it might take more than 29 drops or so to fill the Copic marker entirely.

Refilling Copic Markers with Alcohol

Refilling Copic colorless blender can be possible through rubbing alcohol, it works just fine. But selecting alternative blenders will be a better decision when it comes to refilling.

Which step should I take to keep the mess out?

If you, unfortunately, make a mess – let’s say if you’ve dropped way too much ink onto that nib, you can get yourself rubbing alcohol to clean it up entirely.

We prefer picking up the pre-packaged alcohol wipes, designed to cast the alcohol markers away permanently.

After refilling your Copic marker a couple of times, you’ll get experienced at doing that job pretty smoothly and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Can you use alternative refill products to refill Copic?

As you know, Copic markers are relatively expensive, which is why you’ll have to spend a small fortune to get this high-end marker pen.

But what about using the alternative refill products? Can I use these things if I don’t have the Copic refill items?

The answer is “yep,” you can. A few people use homemade ink for refilling Copic, and surprisingly, it works. But the quality of ink will definitely drop when you compare it with the original Copic refill ink, keep in mind!

Q: How much ink is required to refill a Copic marker?

In terms of refilling your marker, we suggest using around 1.5cc to 2cc of ink. In that case, you can use a specific syringe to ensure a perfect measurement.

By using the syringe, you can simply take the unused ink out from the ink bottle so that you can refill it with the new one properly. Each and every syringe has volume markers that you’ll find in the barrel.

Q: Will aftermarket products compare with Copic quality?

Not at all. Copic is well-known for its impressive quality markers. It boasts unique build quality and, most importantly, includes high-end inks, which is the reason why it stands head and shoulders above the rest!

It’ll be a house of cards if you refill your marker with old ink. It might look almost the same, but the quality will be quite different.

Q: What materials are required to refill a Copic marker?

There, you need to collect a number of materials before start to refill.

First off, we suggest picking up a few gloves (latex gloves), which should be a bit thicker. The glove lets you handle the markers way too easily.

Besides, you have to get your hands on an ink syringe (unbranded). Collecting plastic sheets, regular tweezers, and some pieces of newspaper is essential as well.

If you’re a regular marker user, then we prefer investing some cash in top-notch tweezers. Also, Copic itself offers “Copic Tweezers” to let you complete the refilling job in the best way possible.

Usually, the Copic tweezers come with small yet gentle teeth, enabling you to grip the marker’s nib perfectly. On the flip side, typical tweezers might slip at times while pulling wet nibs.

You can choose a replacement Copic nib in case you make a mess while refilling.

Q: How much does it cost per refill of a Copic marker?

A classic Copic marker is about 8$ with an ink capacity of around 2.78ml. On the other side, if you invest in Copic ink refill, it’ll cost 6$ with a total ink capacity of 12 ml!

Consequently, you’re getting more ink at an affordable range, which means refilling is 17% less inexpensive than purchasing a new marker.

Q: Can you refill Copic Markers at home or in the office?

The main reason why we’re fond of the Copic marker is, it’s refillable, and the nib it comes with can be changed once it gets broken, dirty, or damaged.

Basically, you can create a new marker pen every single time!

But if you don’t have the necessary pieces of equipment for refilling, it’ll be impossible to refill your marker, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the office or at home.

Considering the fact, having a number of refill bottle, nib, tweezers, scrap paper, syringe, or such things is a MUST if you’re a regular Copic marker user. With the assistance of these things, you can refill your pen at home or in the office. Even pretty easily as well!

Q: How to get rid of dripping out of ink? 

If you see the ink is dripping out of the Copic marker, it’s a clear sign that you’ve overloaded the amount of ink. So, under-filling the marker is not a bad idea at all if you want to stay away from a mess.

How to Change Copic Markers Nib?

How to Change Copic Nibs

Before you know the way of changing Copic nibs, at first, you have to know why you need to change or replace them!

If the nib of your marker gets dirty, damaged, or broken, it’s the best time to replace it.

But how?

Well, now we’re showing you everything about changing a Copic nib. And needless to say, the entire process will be easy-peasy!

Things Required

  • A pair of tweezer
  • Paper towel

Step-1: Prepare workspace

Before replacing the nib, it’s always better to place a couple of paper towels on the workspace to keep the ink spots at bay from the surface.

Step-2: Take out the cap

Pretty simple! Just remove the cap from your marker, so you can expose the Copic nib.

Step-3: Pull the older nib out

It’s time to get your hands on the tweezer that you’ve collected. With its assistance, simply pull out the nib from your marker. But ensure to do it slowly to get rid of the splash of inks.

Step-4: Insert the new one! 🙂

After removing the older one, now you can insert the new nib that you’ve purchased. If your marker is already loaded with plenty of ink, it’s better to do the job at a snail’s pace. That’s it!

A Few Tips (Bonus)

  • While pulling out the nib, make sure you’re not spilling the ink.
  • Wait for a while after changing the nib. It might take a short time so that the marker color becomes 100% stable.
  • You can press your marker (on the middle) 2-3 times to make sure the ink has spread thoroughly.

Final Words

As you can see, refilling is the best option to use an old Copic marker over and over again! So, don’t panic even after the ink of your marker gets totally empty. Buy a refill ink and other inexpensive ingredients to load it with adequate ink.

The write-up on how to refill Copic markers shows you everything so that you can save extra dollars as well as learn the easiest methods of refilling.

So, what do you prefer? Buying or refilling? We’ll definitely go with the second one, the one which is available at a fair price!

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