Copic Markers

10 Best Copic Markers for Beginners

Even though digital drawing devices have become a huge hit these past years, there's something very satisfying about using markers for our projects. I don't know, perhaps because it is an old habit that we used to enjoy a lot when we were younger.

If you're one of us that won't succumb to tablets, you probably heard about Copic markers. They're quite popular among artists, and there are many reasons for their success.

That's why today we will be discussing the best Copic markers for beginners to professionals.

These are markers that will allow you to come up with the best ideas and make them a reality over the paper. Sure, these might be a little expensive than most, but it is no surprise when you consider their incredible performance and higher quality.

We'll learn more about the markers throughout the article, hoping you get to love copic sets as much as we do.

Why Get Copic?

Copic Markers are Expensive But Reliable. Every artist should have reliable tools that won't let them down. Regardless of their experience, everyone should consider buying these markers. They are an investment that doesn't disappoint.

​Different Types of Copic Markers

There are four types of Copic markers. Each one focuses on satisfying the demands of artists for specific projects, so be sure to know which one is the most suitable for your artwork.

Copic Ciao

When compared to the other types of markers, Ciao marker sets are the cheapest and, naturally, the lowest quality.

The shape of these markers is cylindrical, and you won't find the color label on the cap. Ciao markers feature childproof caps as well, and you can find little air holes in there.

With Ciao markers, beginners have a lot of options with plenty of color choices, reaching up to 156 colors in total.

Also, the Ciao markers feature double-side tips, including a broad chisel at one end, and a brush at the other side.

Copic Classic

These marker sets are often known as Original as well, and they're the most popular between the different types of Copic markers.

So what do you get from a Classic marker set?

You receive double-sided markers with a square barrel, a broad tip at one end, and another fine tip at the other side to draw details.

A surprising advantage of using these markers is that they are capable of holding the most ink when compared to other categories, which makes the Classic markers reliable tools for everyone.

There are 214 colors available of Classic markers, and they're mostly for beginners. Not recommended for professional purposes.

Copic Sketch

Now, if what you need are incredible and high-quality markers, there aren't any better than Copic Sketch. These sets are the perfect choice for professionals and amateur artists looking to create highly detailed and top-quality artworks.

These double-sided markers feature a broad tip and a brush tip, which you can also change if you consider it necessary.

With 358 colors available, Copic Sketch markers are the most versatile of them all, giving you a variety of colors and high-quality tips to make the ink flow without problems.

Copic Wide

There isn't much to say about these markers other than they have a wide tip, as the name clearly states. When you need to cover a lot of space, the Copic Wide markers offer 36 colors to help you fill up those areas quickly.

Copic Wide sets are suitable for specific circumstances but don't expect them to offer many more benefits. You can replace the nib, yes, but these are not double-sided markers.

1. Ciao-Copic Markers Set (6-PCs)

You know a product is going to be good when the manufacturer offers incredible customer service.

That's something we could tell quickly when the markers arrived a couple of days earlier than previously estimated. The pieces were in perfect condition, and after trying them for the first time, we understood why this set is among the best.

The outstanding performance of these markers is clear from the moment you start using them. They are efficiently saturated, and they blend easily over many types of projects.

This set of markers offers vibrant colors that will improve the quality of your artwork with a beautiful finish and fine details. Even then, be sure to use a protective layer over the paper you’re using to draw. The markers bleed through, and it could ruin the backside of your notebook.

Undoubtedly, this set features the best Copic markers to start with. It is an investment that nobody will regret making.

2. Secondary Tones Copic Markers (6-PCs)

It is odd how manufacturers often focus on producing the same old-style markers without room for innovation. Or worst, leaving aside some colors that people don't use regularly, but that we sometimes need to create the best artwork.

Fortunately, we have sets of markers like this one, which features six pieces that will become trustable tools during our toughest projects.

Because, if there's one thing that describes this set, is reliability.

The markers have a considerable amount of ink inside, and it comes out fluently. Once on the paper, the vibrant color dries fast.

When a marker dries out, you can always refill it and return to your activities without losing too much time. We appreciate that after a couple of refilling, the ink continues to come out at the same rhythm as the first time we used it.

Keep in mind that being alcohol-based markers, you should be careful of where to use them. Always try your best to get a back-up paper capable of resisting possible bleeding.

​3. SKST6-BOLD Copic Markers Set

This set of markers is among the best for people initiating their journey as artists. There are six pieces included, featuring the bold primary’s colors for your projects.

Each one has replaceable and refillable nibs, allowing you to replenish once the ink dries. This feature makes these markers durable additions to your collection.

If you're wondering what can you do with this set, well, many tasks; from manga to comics, the possibilities are endless.

For us, this set performed well for our landscape projects. The markers blend well and don't bleed too much which, combined with the low odor non-toxic qualities, make the six markers suitable for professionals too.

Like previous color sets, this one is expensive as well. Still, it is a worthy investment that people won't regret making. These markers are very rewarding in delivering outstanding performance even after a long time of using and refilling them.

4. SB24-Basic Copic Markers Set (24-PCs)

Buying marker sets and creative tools for our children is often the perfect solution to keep them entertained, but better yet, we as parents get to have some free time for ourselves.

And what better markers than the ones included in this set? There are 24 pieces in total, allowing children and adults to come up with the best artwork ideas, and putting them onto paper.

The markers are chemical-free and don't produce odor. You'll have the option to use them at the office or school without worrying about health risks.

Like most other Copic markers, each one included in this set features a high-quality brush nib. Not only does it allow the ink to come out freely, but the nib also ensures a smooth slide across the paper. With these markers, creating detailed pieces of artworks is possible for everyone.

People mentioned that there were issues with colors, especially the red marker. After trying it, we noticed that they were right. The marker isn't entirely red, but rather a lighter color quite similar to red.

5. Wallet B Sketch Copic Markers Set

Many things surprised us after trying these markers. The first one would be that you can use them to cover plenty of black inks, like Higgins Eternal. Not many manufacturers can deliver high-quality marker sets capable of doing that.

Part of the success of these markers lies on the flexible nib, which combined with the chisel tip, allows you to create beautiful landscapes and illustrations.

Additionally, you can replace the nibs, and the ink is refillable; two features that increase the durability of the markers.

When compared to other types of markers like PrismaColor, you can understand the reason why Copic and this set, in particular, are popular among artists. You don't have to worry about dry ink or similar issues.

In this case, the only disadvantage is that if you need another color not included in the set, finding it online is quite complicated. It is always better to test them first because there have been many instances where the cap and the ink color don't match.

6. CSCF 6 Copic Markers Set (3-PCs)

If you're still not sure what Copic markers are, you have to do nothing more than to take a look at this set; it is expensive but rewarding.

As you can see in the product listing, this set features only three markers. They're incredibly efficient when you want to create detailed artworks with beautiful finishes, but they're all the same colors with different shades.

Naturally, if you need other than blue, the manufacturer offers different sets including colors like red, green, and yellow, among others.

You'd have to buy each one separately, though. After trying these markers for a couple of days, we were very impressed with their performance.

Still, you should know what you're buying and be aware of what the markers can offer. Let me explain; this set doesn't include that popular vibrant ink, which is why it is better for people needing light colors.

In reality, there isn't anything negative to say about these markers other than its high price.

7. Copic Markers Sketch Set (12-PCs)

The quality of these markers is undeniable; it is a basic set of twelve pieces to complete your artworks with bright colors, enhancing the overall finish of your projects.

Nonetheless, that's when you notice the flaws of this set. It is, as mentioned above, pretty basic. If you want to do highly detailed projects with shadows and highlights, these markers are not the best choice. Better to keep this in mind to avoid future disappointments.

Other than that, the markers perform well. This set is refillable, allowing you to replace the nibs when necessary. Also, the lack of chemicals ensures durability.

Speaking of the nib, it is quite flexible, allowing us to produce smooth blends or use the markers for paint applications as well.

This set offers reliable tools once you've figured out its limitations. After all, Copic markers are better when you combine them.

8. Ciao-Copic Markers Set (36-PCs)

This set features 36 markers, making it one of the most versatile you'll see in this list. It is an ideal gift for people of all ages, including the little ones at home.

The markers surprised us from the moment they arrived at our hands. They come wrapped in plenty of bubble wrap, and we also had to remove newspaper inside of the box that served as protection.

After testing the markers, we found they blend pretty well, but they bleed too. Because of that issue, we didn't get to use them as much as we wanted.

The bleeding issue could become frustrating quickly for professionals, that’s why we mentioned that the set is better as a gift for children or people that want to create artwork for fun at an amateur level.

With this set, there's a lot of color variety that you will have available for your projects.

Benefits of Using Copic Markers

Now that you've read our reviews and you know what to look for, we're going to talk about the benefits of making the right decision and buying the perfect set for you. What can you expect?


Man! Remember when we had to ditch a marker as soon as it dried, and head out to the store to buy a new one?

One of the best advantages of using Copic markers is that they're refillable, which ends an old tradition of wasting money when the ink stopped coming out.


If you want to achieve different results, you have to try different methods to get there. That was the original intention of the Copic markers. These markers aren't water-based like most, but rather alcohol-based.

Is there even a difference between the two? Yes, there is. The ink tends to be durable, but you have to use a specific type of paper for these markers. Otherwise, the ink will bleed through.


Even though artists are the main target for these markers, that doesn't mean children can't use them to have some fun and develop their skills. Naturally, when the little ones come into play, there are other elements to consider, like how safe the markers are.

Fortunately, this type of markers doesn't use any chemicals that might be dangerous for children or adults, or anybody in-between. Everyone gets a chance to use them as freely as they want without concerns.


Another benefit of using these markers is that they don't wash away easily. It'd have to take an enormous effort to be able to remove the ink out of most surfaces.

Sure, it is not a benefit exclusive to Copic markers, but it is still worth mentioning. After all, the sets are professional tools, so you can rest assured that your artwork will withstand the test of time.

Color Range

Transitioning from other types of markers into Copic models is tough, but highly rewarding at the same time.

There are many, many colors that you'd be able to use for your projects, and that includes plenty of variations of the same colors to create the perfect piece of art with incredible details.

​Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What makes Copic markers so expensive?

One of the reasons for their high-price is that Copic markers are refillable.

For instance, if you get a PrismaColor pen, you'd spend less money, but you'd also have to buy another one as soon as it dries out. Instead, a Copic marker only needs refilling, which makes them more durable and reliable.

Do Copic markers need any special paper?

Yes. Unlike the others, Copic markers are alcohol-based, instead of water-based. Because of it, you'll need paper capable of withstanding and resisting the ink.

If you don't, Copic markers will most likely bleed through the paper, which is something we want to avoid at all costs, especially if we're working on a big project.

How to refill Copic markers?

Refilling the Copic markers is quite simple. Start by purchasing the desired ink color you'll use, and then wear a pair of gloves for protection. Proceed to remove the cap of the empty marker, and make sure there aren't any obstacles to the ink container.

Now, put the marker at 45-degrees, and start dripping the ink. Stop as soon as the ink starts dripping out of the other end.

Are these (copic) markers permanent?

Yes, Copic markers are permanent. They're non-toxic too, allowing everyone to use it safely regardless of their age. Whether you use it at school or home, these markers become long-lasting, secured, and reliable tools for everyone willing to invest in them.

Final Words

Finding the best Copic markers for beginners could be tough considering the many alternatives in the market, and we only hope that our reviews have made that search easier for you.

There are many benefits of using Copic markers, so choose wisely, and start printing those creative ideas on the paper.

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