Some of the Best Paper for Fountain Pens: Reviews in 2024

People have used fountain pens for centuries on end. Long before introducing the new age smooth nibs, writers would use quilts and other hoarse versions of these pens to write letters and poems. Writing using a fountain pen is interesting since you do not have to exert too much pressure to get it to work.

You also look sophisticated when you whip out a fountain pen from your breast-pocket to sign a deal or take down some critical notes.

Best Paper for Fountain Pens

However, all this sophistication and class flies out the window when your paper bleeds or the pen scratches and damages your writing paper.

Finding the right paper for these metal-nibbed pens is essential if you want to write effortlessly.

Below are some of the best writing pads that you should get, which are great to use with fountain pens.

Top Rated Papers for Fountain Pens

Whether you love calligraphic, oblique, or stub nibbed pens, there is a sheet of paper that will work well with your chosen pen. Each of these nibs has a particular type of paper that’s suitable for them.

Let us look at some of the top-rated ones worth checking out.

1. ZenART Faux Leather Dotted Journal

Paper weight is essential when choosing a book that’s ideal for fountain pens. This feature determines whether you’ll have a pleasant or unpleasant writing experience. ZenART journal has 100gms paper, which resonates to 27lb for the cover and 68lb for the sheets.

The dotted papers are ink-proofed and will not feather when you use water-based ink on them. These papers can handle ink blots and ensure that you write seamlessly.

You get eighty sheets of paper that are friendly to the environment since they are acidic-free. These paper sheets are also accommodative to vegan persons, an attribute that is evident in the faux-leather cover on the book.

More so, these journals are archival-grade paper, meaning that they have an extended shelf life. And when it comes to convenience, it takes this a notch higher now that you get two bookmark ribbons to help you maneuver way back effortlessly. And it has an inner pocket that comes in handy when you want to keep a few side notes.

If you forget to use the ribbons, the numbered pages will quickly help you get back on track. This notebook has a lay-flat design, a feature that allows you to keep the book open when it’s in use. The manufacturer achieves this with the help of a light-weight faux leather cover.

This product from ZenART supplies is available in five colors and comes in a handy size. And unlike other brands that do not have a beautiful art designed on their fore-edge, each of the books in this collection has a unique Japanese art symbol on the fore-edge with distinct meanings.

If you use fine tip fountain pens on this notepad, expect a little bit of ghosting.

2. Scribbles that Matter A5 Dotted Journal

If you love scribbling short notes, this is the ideal notebook for you. It has organized pre-set bullets that help you categorize your tasks from the most important to the least essential ones. You can color code the bullets with your choice water-based marker for easier identification.

Bleeding, ghosting, and feathering can easily mess your notes, making it difficult to read those on the flip side of the page. With this journal, however, you can scribble away without continually checking whether the ink has ruined the pages. Scribbles that Matter has fountain pen paper, which is thick, making it bleed-free.

This book comes with a test page, enabling you to do a test-drive on your pen and work out the kinks before you start taking down notes. A faux leather cover binds together these fountain pen friendly papers, ensuring that the pages do not fall off even if you’re a clumsy or vigorous writer.

A flat lay design makes it easy for you to jot down your ideas without continually balancing the book. Better yet, this feature keeps the book open at all times when you’re using it.

These particular journals from scribbles that Matter are petite in size. You can easily carry one around in your folder or handbag.

Additionally, two ribbon page markers come as part of the package to help you bookmark your thoughts, making it easy for you to retrace your steps. Better yet, this fountain pen paper journal comes in an array of shades that you can choose from.

You may have to contend with streaks when you get yourself one of these. So if you are not one of those neat freaks, expect plenty of fingerprint, ink, rubber, and marker smudges.

3. Le Vent Bound Lined Notebooks

‘Le Vent’ fountain pen paper comes from an acidic-free blend of ingredients, which is eco-friendly. You don’t have to worry about ruining the environment when you use them since the paper is also biodegradable.

A sturdy hardcover is also part of this deal. It comprises of 500gsm paper, which gives enough support to the pages when you apply pressure on them as you write. The cover is essential in ensuring that you do not ruin your paper as you jot down ideas.

You get to write on high-grade fountain pen paper that won’t bleed or feather. The manufacturer uses 100gsm paper on each of the sheets. This allows you to write on each page’s sides fearlessly, knowing that the ink won’t destroy your paper.                                                     

Le Vent gives you a set of two ruled notepads. So, when you forget to carry one from home, you can effortlessly use the other one and still hit your targets for the day.

With 200 pages of high-quality paper to work with, you can journal your thoughts continuously. These are great refills for A5 sized leather pockets.

The spine holding the pages together is somewhat stiff. As such, it is not easy trying to write on a flat surface. Even so, you risk disassembling the book if you apply too much pressure on this spine.

4. SAYEEC Journal with Pen Gift

A faux leather cover protects the papers from damage by external environmental conditions that would otherwise destroy them. The body has a classic vintage look that stands out from most other hardcovers. To top this up, the manufacturer signs off using gold paint, giving the journal an elegant finish.

This ‘SAYEEC’ journal has 360 sheets of paper, which gives the user 720 pages to use in drafting ideas, and you do not have to worry about getting a new book for close to two years.

Additionally, the journal has ruled pages that enable you to write down your thoughts faster than when you use plain paper books.

And while these paper for fountain pens may seem a bit bulky, the manufacturer ensures that you do not struggle to find balance, thanks to the flat lay design.

This paper appreciates every client who gets this journal by gifting them a SAYEEC branded gold pen. And this package comes in a beautiful box. If you’d like to give this to someone great at journaling, you only have to include a card with their name on it, and you’re good to go.

You can easily plan and track your achievements using this journal. Each page has headliners where you can indicate the date, weather, and the memo number. So, when it comes to tracking back your notes, these feature makes it easier for you.

However, the date and memo number aren’t the only features that help you quickly track your ideas. The two bookmark ribbons also enable you to find what you’re looking for faster.

Three hundred sixty sheets of paper are quite bulky, so this wouldn’t be an ideal ‘grab and go’ notepad.

5. Clairefontaine Blank Writing Paper

This writing pad is white, but not the kind that hurts your eyes when there’s bright light within your surroundings. The color creates a vivid contrast between the fountain pen ink and paper that’s quite appealing.

One other exciting characteristic of this notepad is that it is smooth, which means that your pen will glide effortlessly over the sheet as you scribble away. The paperweight is quite decent, allowing you to draft your points without messing the pages courtesy of page bleeding or feathering.

If you’re looking for fountain pen paper notepads that are small and portable, this particular product isn’t for you. However, ‘Clairefontaine’ offers other paper for fountain pens notebook sizes of your liking.

Most other writing pads have ruled pages that help journalest to write on a straight line easily. However, this feature makes it difficult for artists to create their masterpieces with ease.

This blank writing pad enables all users to enjoy their experiences since artists get a drawing space while writers get an extra ruled sheet that they can place under the writing sheets for clean work.

When it comes to the price, this paper for fountain pens tops the list. Fountain pen users can get themselves one of these without breaking your bank. Buyers who are overseas will have to incur a shipping cost.

Fifty sheets are what you get when you buy this amazing notebook. The manufacturer ensures that the spine isn’t too stiff to pluck out the leaflets once you complete your task quickly.

Unfortunately, you have to get envelopes if you intend to use the sheets to write letters. Additionally, the lined sheet lines are not dark enough, so it may pose a problem if you’re writing under dim or too bright light.

6. B6 Dotted Scribbles that Matter Grid Notebook

If you’re looking to get a journaling notebook by Scribbles that Matter, but your budget is tight, this B6 grid notebook would be an ideal choice.

Not only is this scribbling pad less expensive, but it is also easy to carry around now that it’s smaller than A5 books, making it a perfect option for anyone who’s looking to reduce baggage.

Your side notes and business cards also get a secure place to lounge before they’re put to use, thanks to the inner pocket. The manufacturer uses high-quality material to seal the pouch to stay put, and your items do not fall out.

A pen holder is also part of this deal. The notebook has an elastic band attached to the cover, enabling you to keep your pen secure as you await your next journal worthy experience. The elastic band stretches to accommodate a fountain pen of any size and holds it secure in one position.

The fountain pen paper book has a smooth surface that makes it easy for your pen to move smoothly over the pages. The paper sheets are white but not glossy, giving you a professional contrast between the ink and paper as you write.

Scribbles that Matter uses 100gsm paper to produce this notebook to give journaling enthusiasts a feathering free and bleeding-free writing experience. And if you are unsure whether your pen is in excellent condition to write, you can use the testing page to assess the fountain pen.

On the flip side, this journal is relatively expensive as compared to other products in its range. As such, you might want to scout around for cheaper options if you’re not willing to spend over $20 on a notepad.

7. Rhodia Head Stapled Pad

Letter writing fanatics will appreciate this notepad because it is big enough to accommodate their thoughts. This A4 fountain pen paper notebook is dotted to enable writers to do a clean job without relying on ruled pages.

The manufacturer attaches these papers for fountain pens using high-grade staple pins at the top. These pins keep the papers in place unless you decide to tear off the pages.

Have you completed a project, and you’re wondering how you’ll tear out the paper without ruining your work? The perforated line at the top will help you pluck the pages from the book effortlessly.

Heavy cardboard gives you the support you need when you use pressure on the paper. This board ensures that you do not tear the paper as you write. On the other hand, the top side has a glossy cover, which ensures that fluids do not seep into the book and ruin it.

The thick 80gms sheets keep the ink from blotting or bleeding when you write. These papers for fountain pens are great for dipping pens and fountain pens alike.

While the papers are perforated, you may have to find ways of enabling you to tear off the sheets neatly. A pair of scissors can boost your efforts of fostering a clean tear.

8. Strathmore Cotton Business Stationery

The manufacturer uses high-quality cotton fiber to weave out these fountain pen papers. The material makes top-notch papers that are known to last years without depreciating because of oxidation. As such, these papers are perfect for writing letters of projects that’ll stay on walls for decades.

These papers are the handiwork of 90gsm paper, which keeps the ink from bleeding or feathering when and after you finish writing. As such, you can use water-based markers on these sheets since the ink won’t sip onto the flip side of the paper.

A ream of this product has 500 sheets, which allow you to experiment with as many fountain pens as you have. The manufacturer creates a luxurious finish using an elegant wove finish and a watermark.

You need not get any envelopes to use in conjunction with these papers for fountain pens. The manufacturer provides matching envelopes as part of this deal.

If you’re bad at plucking paper from other notepads, this cotton business stationery is perfect for you. Once you open the ream, you’ll only have to remove sheets from the pack whenever you need to use them.

Considering that these are plain, white papers, this wouldn’t be ideal for writers since the papers are not ruled. If you’d like to use these to write regularly, consider getting a ruled paper that you can place underneath these papers for fountain pens whenever you have ideas to journal about.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Fountain Pen Paper

Rookies usually have a hard time selecting the best paper for fountain pens to use in journaling. If you’re one such person, here are some of the critical characteristics you should look out for in a writing pad before investing your funds in it.

Smooth Surface

When you use ballpoint pens, you need not fuss about the surface quality of the paper. The ink used in making these pens is oil-based, and the nibs are round. As such, the pens flow effortlessly over the paper every time you write.

When it comes to fountain pens, however, a smooth surface is essential. Lack of this property on paper makes it difficult to write consistently.

You need to choose buffered paper that has a smooth but not glossy surface. A smooth surface enables the pen to glide effortlessly over the pages.

Paper Weight

Most standard notepads are only great when you use ballpoint pens on them. As such, they are light-weight. It is easy to ruin such papers easily because the ink will drench them, making them soggy.

So once you write on one side of a sheet, you cannot flip the other side and continue taking notes for two reasons. The paper will tear since it’s already drenched in ink, or the other page’s contents won’t be visible thanks to bleeding.

Lighter papers create a mess because they cannot hold the liquid ink. We recommend you that get at least 80 gsm paper for fountain pens. If you can get your hands on color paper, especially that which is compatible with water-based colorants, it would work even better.

Paper Sizes

When you’re looking at the paper’s size, you should ask yourself some critical questions to guide your purchase. For instance:

  • What will you use the paper for?
  • looking for a long-term or a temporary solution?
  • Are you looking for convenience?
  • Are you more of a journal or bullet point taker?

These questions will help you sift through the available options and find what best suits your purpose. So if, for example, you are fond of drafting letters to your loved ones, it will make sense to get A4-sized ruled sheets.

These will give you room to write down your ideas on one page without the need to add more sheets. If you journal a lot, then A5 or B6 notepads will work best for you. They are small and light, meaning that they are easily portable. You don’t have to carry a handbag or folder when you get these booklets.

No-bleed Option

One of the most disappointing attributes of paper is the bleeding. You jot down a few thoughts, then turn the page to continue scribbling only to find a blotted page. And since the page is ruined, you have to skip to the next one to continue writing. Bleeding papers waste resources.

One of the properties that keep your ink from bleeding on the paper is the paperweight. You’d be better off opting for sheets that are 100msg or above if you want bleed-free work. More so, buy buffered sheets that are smooth since these do not feather easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ on Drawing, Sketching, Doodling Pens

Q: What is the Best Paper for Fountain Pens?

Before you settle for any fountain pen paper, you should look for specific attributes essential in these types of sheets. Get one that is bleed-free, smooth, and heavy enough to handle water-based inks.

Q: Why Not Regular Paper for Fountain Pens?

Regular paper has qualities that are great for ballpoint pens. These pens have oil-based ink that glides effortlessly over all types of paper.

However, these sheets are too light, which means that the possibility of the fountain pen ink bleeding through the paper is significant.

More so, if you’re one that loves using sharpies, the pen will make tears on the paper as you write.

Q: Is Moleskine Paper Suitable for Fountain Pen?

Moleskine creates paper that is pretty light and thin. Thus, these sheets are prone to bleeding, especially if you use a fountain pen with a broad tip. As such, regular Moleskine paper may not be the best option for anyone who uses fountain pens.

Q: Do Sharpies Bleed Through Moleskine?

Sharpies and felt pens with finer tips work better with Moleskine paper because they dry faster, leaving no room for bleed through.

Our Take

When you’re looking for the best paper for fountain pens, consider that fountain pens use water-based ink and require heavier paper instead of ballpoint pens.

Books with a tester page will help you work out the kinks before you start jotting your ideas. Remember that some of the best paper producers like tomoe river paper have expensive paper, so search for less costly options if you have a tight budget.

Finally, choose paper that blends well with into work routine for even better experiences.

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