The Best Watercolor Markers: Reviews in 2020

Best Watercolor Markers

So you just made a nice calligraphy and as you look at the art, you scratch your head. Your eyebrows frown and you start to think ‘Something’s not right.’ The color isn’t shimmering at all.

You try to put more ink into the artwork while pressing the tip into the paper, it breaks. ‘Gosh! What Am I supposed to do?’ you think to yourself as you can’t take it anymore.

Save all the drag! Without the perfect markers, you can say your artwork goodbye. Turn the tables by getting the best watercolor markers.
Best markers? Well, that’s what I’m going to show you today. I’ve got a handful of markers that are running super hot in the marketplace. Want to get your hands on these markers? Take a tour with me.

Why Do You Need Watercolor Markers?

Watercolor markers are cheaper in price compared to other marker types, especially alcohol-based ones. Besides, they shimmer the artist-grade potentiality you’ll need to take your art to its pinnacle.

Moreover, you may face a hard time washing other marker types but watercolor markers turn the tables. You’ll find them very easily washable; all you need is just a gentle scrub. As a result, you can say all the messy situations goodbye once and for all.

In addition, they’re the perfect catalysts for making watercolor effects.

Watercolor markers are lighter than alcohol-based ones and they’re quite kid-friendly. Since they’re non-toxic, your kid won’t face any threat even if he uses it on his skin. As you finish up your work, you’ll find that these markers dry faster than all other marker variations.

Our Top 5 Watercolor Markers (More Below)

1. Tombow 56185 Watercolor Marker- 10 Pack

Best Watercolor Marker

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Love fine arts? What about brush lettering? Don’t tell me you love faux calligraphy as well. It doesn’t matter even if you love watercolor illustrations. Tombow 55185 marker is the perfect catalyst for you. 

You can use the flexible brush tip as a paintbrush which lets you create a versatile number of fonts, arts, and letterings. As you make amazing arts, you can put enough pressure to feel your comfort zone.

Did I say you can put pressure on the marker? Yes sir, it won’t be a problem if you do. The marker is made of nylon fibers which makes it durable enough to withstand the pressure you’re going to put on it.

Thanks to the strong and firm fine-bullet tip, you get to make a perfect and consistent fine line which takes your drawing embellishments to the peak.

Creating the array of mind-boggling new colors is easy as a snap. You can create watercolor effects simply by using the colorless blender pen. Or, you can shift to the subtle color washes with the paintbrush.

As you blend different colors with your marker, you don’t have to worry about permanent stains on your marker tip at all. Thanks to the self-cleaning tips, you’ll just need a scrap paper to clean them.

2. Arteza Watercolor Real Brush Pen- 48 Colors

Arteza Watercolor Marker

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If you want amazing quality and give your art a premium look, Arteza real brush markers should be your best pick. Flexibility, functionality, you name it, this marker has got everything to suit your taste.

First off, the pens come with rich colors and finer. As you carry out your inking job, you get to experience the ultimate precision control which allows you to create stunning watercolor techniques.

If you’re more into watercolor effects, you can use this marker with water. When you don’t need to use the water, you’ll be able to make jaw-dropping calligraphy, sketches, and paints.

Unlike the mainstream ones, this one survives all the beatings and tough conditions like a pro. You can put the pressure on it and keep painting or sketching or do whatever you’re doing. The marker won’t face any issue to survive.

Thanks to the nylon brush hairs it comes with, the marker reaches the enhanced durability to counter all the threats. As a result, making thick lines or thicker strokes is just easy-peasy.

You don’t want it toxic, do you? No worries.  These markers are safe and non-toxic. Besides, there are ACMI certified, so you won’t face any issues that involve toxins.

3. Tanmit Calligraphy Brush Marker- 60 Colors

Tanmit Watercolor Brush Marker

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If you loved the markers I’ve mentioned above but you want something that goes a little bit different when it comes to durability, you might want to check the brush markers from Tanmit.

The dual tips it has got ensures the ultimate durability of the product. It’s not of those typical markers that break their tips as you put a bit pressure, no. This one can survive all the toughest beatings no matter what.

For which, you can press the marker hard and start making amazing outlining and details. Besides, it comes with 60 different colors with mind-boggling versatilities.

School planner, journaling, calendar, notebook, you name it, you can switch between a wide range of color variation and perform all the amazing work all by yourself.

The best part? The ink is completely acid-free and non-toxic. So if you’re not into toxic stuff, these markers are the perfect catalysts for you. To enhance the durability of each marker, they’ve been covered with a round paper barrel. This will pack your markers well, making sure they remain good as new all the time.

4. Akashiya Watercolor Markers- 20 Colors

Akashiya Watercolor Markers

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Love manga and comics? It’s time to make your own manga or comic book with Akashiya watercolor markers. Best known to Japanese calligraphy artists, these markers are the perfect alternative to the expensive and posh watercolor markers.

The soft and flexible brush tip allows you to make perfect artwork as you show off your skin as a perfect art-smith. The brush-tip, by the way, is made by the hands of skilled craftsmen to make sure you get the durability you deserve.

As you press the marker hard on the paper, you’ll get amazed to see that the tip isn’t breaking at all. For which, your markers survive the toughest beating for a long time.

Did I say these markers are non-toxic? From now on, you can let your little one show his creativity. Let him play with the markers as much as he wants. No toxin means no harm.

Kids can mess their dresses up with painting stuff. Typical markers make stubborn stains on clothes and walls. You literally got to struggle a lot to remove them.

Akashiya markers are 100% washable. It doesn’t matter whether your child is getting all his clothes messed up. Just scrub the paints and Voila! You’ll be able to remove it simply whether it’s on the clothes or on the walls.

5. Ohuhu Watercolor Brush Markers- 20 Pack

Ohuhu Watercolor Markers

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Ohuhu watercolor’s unique color effect is excellent for preparing wish cards and create calligraphy. Expanding your artistic borders from now on will have no limit. All you need to do is tap a plain brush inside the water and the result you’ll get is a masterpiece.

They’re the perfect catalysts for writing your thoughts while you can jot down notes instantly. Indeed, these markers are a beautiful addition to your writing. Whether it’s about broad or fine strokes, the marker pen lends itself to prepare an eye-catching reminder.  

The color variation it offers you will make you go wow. You’ll get no less than 20 color variants in one set. The special part? It offers you an extra brush. So, from now on you can make consistent letter-shape along with the sfumato effect.

If you have kids in your house, let them play with these markers as they color around to show you their creativity. Say all your worries about harm goodbye as these markers are non-toxic and have no odor at all.

I know when kids get inside this business, it surely means the whole house is going to get messy. Well, these markers from Ohuhu are completely washable. It doesn’t matter if your toddler paints his dress, skin or even the wall, you can simply remove it by scrubbing.

6. MozArt Supplies Brush Pen Markers

MozArt Brush Marker

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If you want durability at its best, the brush pen markers from MozArt Supplies you should go for. The single brush pens are not only functional but also more durable than the typical ones.

The tips are soft and flexible which lets you have total control over the marker as you draw and make fine arts flawlessly. With the non-toxic, premium-grade ink the markers come with, you’ll be able to turn your designs a masterpiece.

The ink blends in perfectly with watercolor papers while it adds smooth highlights and shadow on your artwork. Besides, you’ll love the fact that you can use this marker with watercolor paints as well.

Coloring books, lettering, journaling, illustrating, calligraphy, you name it, with these markers in your arsenal, you’ll be able to switch between a wide range of art diversity just like a walk in the park.

Speaking of diversity, the typical brush pen markers may disappoint you with their color variation. Most marker sets come with 5 or 6 color choices. Unlike the mainstreams, the whole set comes with 20 color options that will boggle your mind.

As a result, you can blend the color versatilities and create jaw-dropping artwork as you desire.

7. Craft and Colors Benicci Vibrant Brush Markers

Craft and Colors Benicci Vibrant Brush Markers

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Still, looking for the best markers? You might want to check the vibrant markers by Benicci. It doesn’t matter what painting style you want to switch to, with Benicci markers, you’ll be able to create a wide range of paintwork effortlessly.

Not just coloring, you can create alluring calligraphy, shadowing, outlining, and many more with these vibrant markers.

Love pressing the tip of your markers? You’ll be disappointed if it breaks as you press the tip harder. Well, at least this is what you get from the typical markers in the marketplace.

Benicci vibrant markers have got durable and flexible tips. Press it as hard as you want, you’ll be happy to have a hard time breaking it. Wait, did I say ‘flexible?’

Yep, these markers turn your coloring job a breeze. As you make beautiful calligraphies and artwork, the smooth breeze-like maneuverability will impress you for sure.

Got kids in your home? Toxic markers can be a threat to your toddlers. Well, not anymore if you got Benicci in your home. These markers are 100% non-toxic, so if you think these markers will harm you, you can just wave all the worries right away. 

Markers can be messy, and they become a bummer if they mess up your clothes. These markers turn the table though. They’re completely washable so even if they mess your clothes or your skin, you can easily get yourself a wash and get rid of the stains.

8. Ohuhu Dual Tips Coloring Brush Pen

Ohuhu watercolor brush pen

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If you want more flexibility from now on, you can get your hands on Ohuhu art markers with your eyes closed. You can turn your art into the next masterpiece with these markers within a snap.

The dual tips it comes with are pretty flexible which lets you make shades, outlining and color easily and conveniently. As you start inking, you’ll know that making amazing arts was never smoother. Ohuhu makes the coloring job a breeze.

Not just coloring and shading though. Thanks to the 3 brush tips that team up with the 2 Fine-liner tips, you’ll be able to make blending, coloring, calligraphy, card-making and a wide range of artwork with one marker.

The color variation the whole pack offers you will make you go wow for sure. Unlike the mainstream marker sets, this one comes with 60 gorgeous color diversities. 

As you finish up, your artwork will dry up faster than ever and get transfixed on your paper almost within a blink. So, if you ever worry about blotches and smudges, you can wave it off.

9. Winsor & Newton WaterColor Brush Markers

Winsor & Newton WaterColor Marker

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When adding unbeatable highly pigmented color to your cards and notes, the Winsor & Newton markers perform outstandingly.

Since it gets a wonderful bullet nib with the ability to create detailed lines, the markers snatch artists’ preference. It highly assists you to color within the lines. For wider and full coverage lines, the thin nib requires multiple moves over it.

Luckily, the flexible brush tip on the other side of the marker makes the task easier. These twin-tipped markers are awesome when you need multiple line consistencies and fine detailing as well.

You want more?. Then this marker is the right choice for you that hears your wishes. You can blend the color of the marker with white brushes.

So, if you say that, coloring with this marker is a similar process to watercolor, you are not wrong. All you need to do is redeye a layer and then blend it.

Millions of people decorate their memories with colors through markers on paper. But what if it fades away and you never get to find? That’s undesirable, right? This is why the marker has got the fade-resistant feature.

As you create your artwork, you’ll never have to worry about the quality and the color itself fade away. You can still find your art-piece as good as new even if you take a look at it after a decade.

The marker comes in 12 rainbow colors enclosed in a lightweight metal box. Choose the one you like and give rise to new memories.

10. Tanmit Dual Tips Art Markers

Tanmit Dual Tips Art Markers

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Your search for the best watercolor markers might end right now with Tanmit dual tips art markers. Why these markers stand out? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out right now.

First off, you’ll be able to get fine details on your artwork from now on and it won’t give you a hard time. The credit goes to the fine tip the marker comes with.

Besides, you’ll be able to create all those calligraphy, cards and lot more smoothly like a breeze. The precision the markers come with makes them ideal enough for class, home, office, etc.

When it comes to keeping your markers in your home, I won’t blame you if you worry about your toddler messing up with all of your markers. Most markers come with harmful toxins that can harm your child.

Tanmit changes the game once and for all. It is 100% toxin-free which makes it friendly to your skin and the skin of your child.

Besides, you can wave off all the worries if your toddler messes up his dress, skin and the walls while showing his childish creativity. The markers are completely washable. One simple scrub and the paints will be gone.

The whole set comes with 40 color variations and color-coded caps that let you identify your desired marker instantly. Besides, as you color up your artwork, it will dry faster than ever.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Watercolor Markers​

So, you want to buy the best watercolor marker? Good for you. However, if you don’t know what you should look for before buying the product, the odds might not be in your favor.

To make sure you don’t face an unfortunate fate, take a look at the things you should consider before buying a watercolor marker.

Ink Quality

Of course, the quality of the ink matters a lot. Make sure you buy a marker that has got superior ink quality. Don’t go for the ones that fade away. Rather, get your hands on those that bring life to your artwork while the quality shimmers even after years.

Color Selection

As an artist, of course, you’ll need to combine different colors in your artwork. The more the colors, the more the art diversity. So, get yourself a marker set that offers you a wide range of color versatilities.  I prefer choosing a marker that has at least 20 to 60 color variants.

Brush Quality

The durability of your markers depends on the quality of the brush it has. Flexibility is, of course, a must-have feature. Without soft and flexible brushes, you’ll never be able to work on your art projects smoothly.

However, as far as durability is concerned, you should get yourself a soft Nylon brush marker. These markers tend to last longer than the typical ones.


Like I was saying, flexibility is a must. However, not just brush though. You have to make sure your marker bends instead of cracking when you press the tip hard. The ones I have mentioned in my reviews have got all these attributes which makes them stand out completely.


Counting your cash is a must. It won’t cost you a fortune to get yourself a good set of markers. Most marker sets that confirm you quality, come in between the price range from $16 to $40.

See? You don’t have to be super-rich to buy good-quality markers at all.


Q: Are these markers refillable?

A: Unfortunately, these markers are not refillable. You have to buy a different set of markers when the ink runs out.

Q: Are these markers safe for the kids?

A:  All of these markers are 100% non-toxic, so yes, these markers are completely safe for your kids.

Q: What kind of paper do I use for watercolor?

A: You can either use blocks, pads or sheets.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you’re Mr know-it-all about the best watercolor markers, I think you know why you used to get all the bad quality arts despite being a good artist.
Why these markers are the best? Well, these markers bring life to your artwork with a shimmering glaze. Don’t just listen to my words. Rather than giving a second thought, get one of these markers right now and start your inking job.

You’ll know why I said these are the best.


Hi there! I’m Eva, artist, designer, photographer and mom of three little gentlemen altogether. When I’m not playing with my kids, you’ll find me researching and writing for ChooseMarker.

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