8 of The Best Watercolor Markers: Reviews in 2024

So you just made a nice calligraphy and as you look at the art, you scratch your head. Your eyebrows frown and you start to think ‘Something’s not right.’ The color isn’t shimmering at all.

You try to put more ink into the artwork while pressing the tip into the paper, it breaks. ‘Gosh! What Am I supposed to do?’ you think to yourself as you can’t take it anymore.

Save all the drag! Without the perfect markers, you can say your artwork goodbye. Turn the tables by getting the best watercolor markers.
Well, that’s what we’re going to show you today. We’ve got a handful of markers that are running super hot in the marketplace. Want to get your hands on these? Take a tour with us.

Why Do You Need Watercolor Markers?

Watercolor markers are cheaper in price compared to other marker types, especially alcohol-based ones. Besides, they shimmer the artist-grade potentiality you’ll need to take your art to its pinnacle.

Besides, these come with great fine tips which make them perfect for creating nice calligraphies very easily. Artists are often using watercolor markers as an alternative for paint-brushes.

Moreover, you may face a hard time washing other marker types but water-color markers turn the tables. You’ll find them very easily washable; all you need is just a gentle scrub. As a result, you can say all the messy situations goodbye once and for all.

Water based markers are lighter than alcohol-based ones and they’re quite kid-friendly. Since they’re non-toxic, your kid won’t face any threat even if he using watercolor markers it on his skin. As you finish up your work, you’ll find that these markers dry faster than all other marker variations.

Talking about alcohol-based markers, some artists do find these very expensive to buy. In fact, some beginners find them a bit tough to use. In this case, they choose water-color markers as an alternative as well. Like I said, they’re cheap and pretty easy to work with.

Different Types of Watercolor Marker

Based on individual features and user preferences, watercolor markers can be classified into many different kinds. Here are some of the common types listed.


The most favorite type of watercolor markers is the dual-ended type. Usually, one end of the marker has a finer tip, and the other end has regular bristles or tips. Such markers provide flexibility to users and allow them to create versatile work. For this reason, watercolorist loves dual tip markers.

Based on nib design we classified 3 (common) different kinds of marker. Here they are:

different types of watercolor marker

Brush Tip

Brushes or bristles are often used for marker tips instead of silicone or felt. They can be natural or synthetic. Of all the kinds of tips, brush tips are most preferred by artists. It is because brush tip markers are most similar to the paint and brush duo.

Fine Tip

Watercolor markers are mostly classified on the brush pen tips. One of the common tips of markers is the fine tip. Fine tips can be of different ranges depending on the use and the manufacturer.

Ideally, fine tips are tips similar to that of regular pens and are good for detailing. A brush set is considered incomplete without a fine-tipped one.

Chisel Tip

This one you’ll find in many brands. The reason behind its popularity is that you can use the edges of the tip for various purposes. Irrespective of whether you’re making thin strokes or painting several colors, this one is a perfect fit.

Flexible Tip

Depending on flexibility, markers are of two types. Rigid ones and flexible ones. Usually, tips made of brushes or bristles are flexible. The more organic the source of the tip, the flexible it is. Flexible tips offer great blend-ability and are mostly used for lettering.

Top Rated Watercolor Marker Reviews

In this article, we’ve discussed only those watercolor markers which are the best in the market based on our research and customer reviews. If you are in a hurry just check the Quick List above and pick the right one.

1. Tombow 56185 Watercolor Marker- 10 Pack

Best Watercolor Marker

Love fine arts? What about brush lettering? Don’t tell me you love faux calligraphy as well. It doesn’t matter even if you love watercolor illustrations. Tombow 55185 marker is the perfect catalyst for you.

You can use the flexible brush tip like a paintbrush which lets you create a versatile number of fonts, arts, and letterings. As you make amazing arts, you can put enough pressure to feel your comfort zone.

Did I say you can put pressure on the marker? Yes, sir, it won’t be a problem if you do. This brush tip is made of nylon fibers which makes it durable enough to withstand the pressure you’re going to put on it.

Thanks to the strong and firm fine-bullet tip, you get to make a perfect and consistent fine line which takes your drawing embellishments to the peak.

Creating the array of mind-boggling new colors is easy as a snap. The day of using watercolor paints has ended. You can create watercolor effects simply by using the colorless blender marker pen. Or, you can shift to the subtle color washes with the paintbrush.

As you blend different colors with your marker, you don’t have to worry about permanent stains on your marker tip at all. Thanks to the self-cleaning tips, you’ll just need a scrap paper to clean them.

Don’t worry about bleeding through. The non-bleeding feature will back you up all the way through. Besides, since it’s odorless, you won’t experience those unwanted smells at all.

Speaking of colors, the whole set offers you 9 different color variations to choose from. Besides, it also includes a blender pen along with dual tip design – one end is fine tip and the other is flexible extra brush tip.

To make sure you can identify your colors, the set comes with no less than 108 color-coded caps.

On top of that, these coded caps will keep the water-color paints fresh and airtight. The cap also has an anti-roll design for your convenience.

You don’t have to worry even for a bit if you mess up your hands with these markers at all. This watercolor marker set is completely non-toxic and acid-free. This keeps you in a safe zone.

If you have a toddler in your home and he happens to gulp it in, you won’t have to run after doctors.

2. Arteza Watercolor Real Brush Pen- 48 Colors

Arteza Watercolor Marker

If you want amazing quality and give your art a premium look, Arteza real brush markers should be your best pick. It’s one of the most popular watercolor marker brands in the market. Flexibility, functionality, you name it, this marker has got everything to suit your taste.

First off, the pens come with rich colors and finer. As you carry out your inking job, you get to experience the ultimate precision control which allows you to create stunning watercolor techniques.

The water-based marker set offers you no less than 48 pens and 48 mind-blowing colors to choose from.

If you’re more into watercolor effects, you can use this marker with water. When you don’t need to use the water, you’ll be able to make jaw-dropping calligraphy, sketches, and paints.

As you make all those fine arts, you do it with precision and control. Doesn’t matter if you’re trying to go for subtle gradients or shadings or let’s say light pastel-washes. With these markers in your arsenal, you do everything with ease and convenience.

Unlike the mainstream ones, Arteza real brush pens survive all the beatings and tough conditions like a pro. You can put the pressure on it and keep painting or sketching or do whatever you’re doing. The marker won’t face any issue to survive.

Thanks to the nylon brush hairs it comes with, the marker reaches the enhanced durability to counter all the threats. The tips are supple and soft. As a result, making thick lines or thicker strokes is just easy-peasy.

You don’t want it toxic, do you? No worries. This watercolor marker set is safe and non-toxic. Besides, there are ACMI certified, so you won’t face any issues that involve toxins.

3. Akashiya Watercolor Markers- 20 Colors

Akashiya Watercolor Markers

Love manga and comics? It’s time to make your own manga or comic book with Akashiya watercolor marker set. Best known to Japanese calligraphy artists, these are the perfect alternative to the expensive and posh water based brush pens.

The soft and flexible brush tip allows you to make perfect artwork as you show off your skin as a perfect art-smith. The brush-tip, by the way, is made by the hands of skilled craftsmen to make sure you get the durability you deserve.

As you press the marker hard on the paper, you’ll get amazed to see that the tip isn’t breaking at all. For which, your markers survive the toughest beating for a long time.

Did I say these markers are non-toxic? From now on, you can let your little one show his creativity. Let him play with the markers as much as he wants. No toxin means no harm.

Kids can mess their dresses up with painting stuff. Typical markers with dye-based ink make stubborn stains on clothes and walls. You literally got to struggle a lot to remove them.

Akashiya markers are 100% washable and water-soluble. It doesn’t matter whether your child is getting all his clothes messed up. Just scrub the paints and Voila! You’ll be able to remove it simply whether it’s on the clothes or on the walls.

With this brush pen art marker set, you’re getting 20 different colored pens to choose from.

The best part? You can also mix these colors to create more different and vibrant colors that are not in this set.

4. Ohuhu Watercolor Brush Markers- 20 Pack

Ohuhu Watercolor Markers

Ohuhu watercolor’s unique color effect is excellent for preparing wish cards and create calligraphy. Expanding your artistic borders from now on will have no limit. All you need to do is tap a plain brush inside the water and the result you’ll get is a masterpiece.

The set of watercolor markers is the perfect catalysts for writing your thoughts while you can jot down notes instantly. Indeed, these brush pen set is a beautiful addition to your writing. Whether it’s about broad or fine strokes, the marker pen lends itself to prepare an eye-catching reminder.

The color selection it offers will make you go wow. You’ll get no less than 20 color variants in one set. The special part? It offers you an extra brush. So, from now on you can make consistent letter-shape along with the sfumato effect.

If you want to create the watercolor effect, all you need to do is dab the brush into water and get to work.

If you have kids in your house, let them play with these markers as they color around to show you their creativity. Say all your worries about harm goodbye as these markers are non-toxic and have no odor at all.

I know when kids get inside this business, it surely means the whole house is going to get messy. Well, these watercolor brush markers from ‘Ohuhu‘ are completely washable. It doesn’t matter if your toddler paints his dress, skin or even the wall, you can simply remove it by scrubbing.

5. Staedtler Markers Watercolor Marsgraphic Dual Tip Set

Diving into the world of watercolor art has been an absolute delight with the Staedtler Watercolor Marsgraphic Dual Tip Set of 18. These markers swiftly became my creative sidekicks, infusing my artwork with a burst of colors and versatility.

With dual tips at my disposal, precision meets expression effortlessly. The fine point navigates intricate details, while the broader end unleashes sweeping strokes of vibrant hues.

The watercolor effect adds a touch of magic, enabling seamless blending for a truly mesmerizing outcome.

Colors in this set are a treasure trove. Rich and diverse, they transform my canvas into a playground of possibilities. The pigments dance with intensity, capturing the essence of every stroke and adding depth to my creations.

Crafted for comfort, the ergonomic design ensures a relaxed grip during extended artistic sessions.

For artists seeking a comprehensive watercolor marker set that seamlessly blends control and vividness, this set is a game-changer. It’s not just a set of markers; it’s an invitation to explore and redefine the boundaries of creative expression.

6. Winsor & Newton ProMarker Brush Set

Diving into my artistic endeavors took an exciting turn with the Winsor & Newton ProMarker Brush Set. This set quickly became my go-to for unleashing creativity in a spectrum of vivid colors.

The brush tip design is a stroke of genius. It turns every stroke into a statement, giving me the freedom to play with lines and textures effortlessly.

Whether I’m going for precision or embracing bold strokes, these markers deliver with a finesse that brings my artwork to life.

The color range is a playground of possibilities. From bold and punchy to soft and muted, the ProMarker Brush Set covers it all.

The consistent ink flow ensures that the colors stay true and vibrant, adding a professional touch to my creations.

What I appreciate most is the quick-drying nature of the alcohol-based ink. No more smudges ruining my meticulous work – these markers let me focus on the art without the wait.

The markers’ ergonomic design makes them comfortable to hold, even during those marathon creative sessions.

The lightweight feel and durable construction make it clear that these markers are built for serious artists.

This set is a game-changer for artists who crave versatility, vibrant colors, and precision. It’s more than just markers; it’s a ticket to a world where every stroke tells a story and every creation is a burst of artistic expression.

7. Faber-Castell Goldfaber Aqua Dual Tip Watercolor Markers

Embarking on artistic journeys has never been more delightful since I stumbled upon the Faber-Castell Goldfaber Aqua Dual Tip Watercolor Markers. These markers are a revelation for any creative soul.

The dual-tip feature is a stroke of genius, offering a fine point for intricate detailing and a broader end for sweeping, expressive strokes.

The watercolor effect achieved with these markers is stunning – the colors blend seamlessly, allowing me to create gradients and layered shades effortlessly. It’s like having a portable watercolor palette at my fingertips.

Speaking of colors, the palette itself is a masterpiece. The range is extensive, from rich, deep tones to vibrant, lively hues. The intensity of the pigments is impressive, adding a professional touch to my artwork.

What truly sets these markers apart is their durability. The tips remain resilient even after prolonged use, and the colors stay true to form.

Whether I’m working on illustrations, lettering, or adding a splash of color to my journal, these markers deliver consistently outstanding results.

Moreover, the water-soluble feature opens up a world of creative possibilities. I can seamlessly transition from precise lines to dreamy washes with just a touch of water.

The control and flexibility they provide make these markers a must-have in any artist’s toolkit.

The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, allowing for extended periods of creativity without hand fatigue. The quality of materials used is evident, reflecting Faber-Castell’s commitment to excellence.

8. Spectrum Noir Aqua Artists Watercolor Markers

Water-soluble Markers

When it comes to water-based markers, ‘Spectrum Noir’ offers one of the best in the market. With its sleek design and remarkable features, it leaves no expense to serve a great user experience.

Our review is primarily based on the 12-piece aqua artist’s set from the brand. With 12 definitive colors, the set also boasts dual tip design for each marker. The color selection is also very rich since it allows a lot of versatility through mixing and matching.

Each marker has a light blue barrel, giving off an instinctive “aqua” vibe. For easier color identification, the top and bottom ends of the marker are given specific colors.

Besides, the names of the colors are mentioned as well. Shape-wise, it is hexagonal. Since it is dual-ended, both ends have identifications of the nibs.

Coming to the duo-nib situation, one nib is a basic brush nib, and the other is a fine nib. The finer nib is amazing for minute details. Dual nibs are all the roar now, so it’s a great feature that is cherished by both professional and beginner-level artists.

As for the performance, ‘Spectrum Noir Aqua‘ markers will allow you to have good coverage. It is meant for illustration work, and both the nibs perform well to serve that purpose.

Are you sensitive to certain elements of water-based markers? Then you can undoubtedly choose this one. It is free of acidic components and fragrance.

For this watercolor marker set, the downside is the absence of a refill option. On a good note, price point isn’t the downside at all. It is a market set of good value. If you are a keen collector of art supply, you can deem it as a wise investment.

How to Use Watercolor Brush Pen?

Now that you know a thing or two about different kinds of watercolor markers- let us guide you on their usage.

  • Unscrewing the Barrel:

At first, you have to unscrew the barrel of the watercolor marker. You can easily do it by twisting it. Some markers don’t even need twisting. For those, you can pop the part open by applying pressure like you would with regular pens.

  • Filling the Body:

Then, fill the body with water. Make sure that it does not overflow. After filling the body, screw it back firmly.

  • Releasing the Water:

Now, press the body to release the water inside it. Be careful enough not to release everything at once. The goal here is to wet the brush and release just enough water.

  • Activation of Color:

Most markers have inbuilt colored ink. For these markers, releasing the water will automatically bring out the ink. In the case of regular water brush pens, you will need to use the released water to activate color from water-based pigments. Then, you can use the tool as you like.

  • Cleaning the Brush

Cleaning a watercolor brush pen is a piece of cake! All you have to do is push the water out of the body. The brush will get cleaned with that water. If the water inside the body is not enough to clean the brush, you can use water from an external source.

Things to Consider Before Choosing

So, you want to buy the best water-color marker set? Good for you. However, if you don’t know what you should look for before buying the product, the odds might not be in your favor.

To make sure you don’t face an unfortunate fate, take a look at the things you should consider before buying a watercolor marker.

Ink Quality

Of course, the quality of the ink matters a lot. Make sure you buy a marker that has got superior ink quality. Don’t go for the ones that fade away. Rather, get your hands on those that bring life to your artwork while the quality shimmers even after years.

Color Selection

As an artist, of course, you’ll need to combine different colors in your artwork. The more the colors, the more the art diversity. So, get yourself a marker set that offers you a wide range of color versatilities. I prefer choosing a marker that has at least 20 to 60 color variants.

Brush Quality

The durability of your markers depends on the quality of the brush it has. Flexibility is, of course, a must-have feature. Without soft and flexible brushes, you’ll never be able to work on your art projects smoothly.

However, as far as durability is concerned, you should get yourself a soft Nylon brush marker. These markers tend to last longer than the typical ones.


Like I was saying, flexibility is a must. However, not just brush though. You have to make sure your marker bends instead of cracking when you press the tip hard. The ones I have mentioned in my reviews have got all these attributes which makes them stand out completely.

Refillable Option

The refillable feature of watercolor brush pens is a novel one but has already achieved classic status. Not every watercolor market has this option.

Hence, this is quite an attractive feature, particularly because it increases the value for money. The refillable water brush pens come with spare ink and tools for refilling.


Counting your cash is a must. It won’t cost you a fortune to get yourself a good set of markers. Most marker sets that confirm you quality, come in between the price range from $12 to $40.

Frequently Asked Some Questions

FAQ on Drawing, Sketching, Doodling Pens

Q: Are these markers safe for the kids?

All of these markers are non-toxic and come with less odor. Besides, they’re non-acidic as well. Even if your kid touches the marker, messes up his hand, or let’s say take them into his mouth by any chance, it won’t cause any problem at all.

Besides, these are completely skin-friendly as well. There’s no chance of getting any itch, allergy or rashes. So, when you use these watercolor markers, you’re always in the safe zone.

Q. Do I use these markers as an alternative to watercolor painting?

Sure, you can. These watercolor markers are the best alternative to water painting. In fact, I would say these are better. You can either use them as normal markers, or you can use them like a watercolor painting brush as well. So, you’re having the best of both worlds.

All you need to do is mix the marker brush with water and start painting. You’ll see you’ve created an amazing art-piece.

Q: Are these watercolor markers refillable?

Unfortunately, these markers are not refillable. You have to buy a different set of markers when the ink runs out.

Q. What kind of paper do I use for watercolor?

If you’re someone who’s just a beginner, you can go for the drawing books from Classmate or Navneet. The pages are very high-quality ones.

However, if you’re someone who’s an expert or maybe you want to taste what it actually means to create watercolors, you should go for water-color paper.

However, make sure you know about the types of water-color papers. You’ll get the artist-grade and the student-grade.

Artist-grade watercolor papers, of course, have a better quality than the student-grade one. It’s a bit expensive as well.

Q. What is the best watercolor brush pen for calligraphy?

I did mention which one to go for in the review section when it comes to calligraphy. But if you want a specific answer, I would suggest Tombow dual brush pen. Its fine tip makes it a perfect fit so that you can take your calligraphy skills at its peak.

Read also: Top Rated Brush Pens for Calligraphy Art

Wrapping Up!

Now that you’re Mr know-it-all about the best watercolor markers, I think you know why you used to get all the bad quality arts despite being a good artist.

Why these markers are the best? Well, these markers bring life to your artwork with a shimmering glaze. Don’t just listen to my words. Rather than giving a second thought, get one of these markers right now and start your inking job.

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