Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Car Windows

Writing with the dry erase marker for a long time raised a question in my head. Can I use a dry erase marker on the car window? Because I have been using it on every possible nonporous surface starting from the board, floors, glass, window, etc.

As the car window glass is no different from the usual ones, I thought of using the dry erase marker. And later on, I succeeded in my mission.

The dry erase marker settles so nicely on the car window without any issue. Its alcohol-based ink allows you to remove it within a while. Be it for designing or writing anything; the marker performs well enough.

Before you imply the dry erase marker to your car window, introduce yourself to some fantastic facts and applications.

Use Dry Erase Markers on Car Windows


The components of the dry erase marker are pigment 3.5-5.0%, the agent 1.0-5.0% of raising one’s hat, ethanol 48.0-71.0%, propyl alcohol 15.0-25.0%, but liniment 5.0-10.0%, resin 3.5-5.0%, dispersion agent 1.0-2.0%. 

The components allow you to remove it from the nonporous surface without any hassle. These components are toxic as well. Make sure you maintain safety while using it.

What Is Dry Erase Marker

A dry-erase marker is precisely the opposite of a wet-erase marker. It functions in the reversible manner of the wet-erase marker. These are made up of alcohol to sustain on a surface for the desired time.

Mostly, they are made to work on nonporous surfaces. The ink can be easily wiped over the surface with a paper towel or tissue. Presently, they are pretty renowned and widely used by people of all walks of life.

How Does Dry Erase Marker Work Actually?

Mostly, you’ll see the access of the dry eraser marker in academic sections like school, college, university, etc. Because of its quick removal and feasibility, it is a favorite one for the students. The teachers and the students can correct their respective work with this marker on board.

Not only at educational institutions but also in offices, the dry erase marker is used widely. It allows the workers to undergo the brainstorming sessions relentlessly. Also, correcting their topic and discussions prevails hugely with the help of the marker.

Writing on glasses and another slippery surface becomes more accessible with the dry erase marker. You get to mark anything on the glass surface without any hassle and obstacles. Even on the wooden floor, the dry erase marker can suit well.

The uses of the dry erase marker are immense. You cannot restrict yourself to a specific boundary when it comes to using this significant marker. The ink of the marker is blended with alcohol and is also of top-notch quality. Dry erase markers have become the most popular and adaptive marker pen globally.

Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on Car Windows?

Using the dry erase marker has no boundaries or restrictions. The characteristics of the marker make it so good that you get to use it in most cases. Especially on the glass surface, the marker works pretty well.

Talking about the glass surface comes the car windows in the topic. Because usually, you get to see the car windows being clean and clear for having a good sight. Most markers, when applied to it, prevails to spread and get removed in no time.

But with the dry erase marker, the situation doesn’t prevail the same. The marker is made up in such a manner that whatever you write with it will stand for a considerable period.

Let’s talk about the usage of the dry erase marker on the car window.

1. Writing important stuff

It is not essential that all the vehicles will have writings on the car window. Because most of the time, it is not necessary. But at times, when you are to mark a specific car regarding any identification, a dry erase marker can be helpful.

You can write or mark the window and tint of the car with the dry erase marker. For that, you need to cover a large area to make the markings properly. Otherwise, it won’t be visible.

Also, make sure you choose the color carefully. Because applying a black marker over a black or dark window won’t visualize any of the writings. So, you have to choose the marker accordingly.

2. Leaving a Message

Remember when you are getting late for work, but you need to remind your wife or roomie about something without disturbing their sleep? Just write the thing down on their car window so that when they wake up, they can see it. 

You can also write stuff on your car window to remind yourself and make good use of it. After a long tiring day, you might get that reminder when you are about to open the door of your car.

As the dry erase marker is easy to wipe out, you don’t have to worry about the validity of the marker on the window.

3. For Fun

When inside the car for a long drive, try using markers to draw on the car window. You’ll enjoy it as you’ll be drawing on a transparent medium with a simple glimpse of nature.

Whatever you draw, the enjoyment indulges in those work can never be described and mentioned. Once your work is done, you can erase ink with the usual paper towels.

In the meantime, you got to enjoy the ride without making yourself bored inside the car. It shows how effective the dry erase markers are on the car window. The marker can sustain even the most reckless drawings on the window.

Thus, you don’t have to ponder upon any confusion about using the dry erase marker on the car window. The marker gets its perfect usage and settlement on it without damaging any texture or nature of the window.


Before you use the dry erase marker, make sure you know the dark sides of the ink and the chemicals in it.

A dry-erase marker contains chemicals that might damage a child’s hormonal system if ingested. As there is alcohol mixed with many components in ink, consuming it can cause harm to internal organs.

·And it is recommended to use low odor dry erase markers. The odor of the marker can be harmful to the brain. Don’t forget to clean your hands immediately when the ink gets on them.


Q: How do I get the dry erase marker off my car?

After using the dry erase marker on the window is never a challenging task to remove it. Thanks to its alcohol-based ink that allows the marker to be used frequently everywhere.

Let’s get to know about the removal of the dry erase marker off your car:

Step 1: Take a paper towel or normal tissue. Dry towels will also do the work.

Step 2: Soak it in water. You can also sprinkle the water on the window. Another alternative to water can be cleaning liquids or glass cleaner.

Step 3: Wipe the marker like usual with the towel or tissue.

Step 4: Once it is done, clean the car window with water and let it dry.

Q: Will dry erase markers damage windows?

A dry-erase marker has no chance of damaging the windows because the marker’s ink is made so that it can be removed with proper precision and implementation. 

The dry eraser marker ink’s alcohol and other components allow it to remain isolated from settling it on the surface permanently. As a result, you get to remove the ink from the nonporous surface quickly with a slight wiping.

While you remove the ink, it keeps no components on the surface. It gets away as a whole with the wipe. Thus, there remains no chance of damaging the quality of the windows.

Q: Can you use whiteboard markers on glass boards?

Whiteboard markers or dry erase markers are perfect to be used on glass boards. They are suitable to be used on all nonporous surfaces.

Due to no such permanent chemical composition, you are free to remove the marker from wherever you want. You can write on glass boards using the marker without any mess. And whenever you want, you can remove it conveniently.

Q: Can I use dry erase markers on mirrors?

Dry erase markers have been widely used on mirrors. Be it for writing or drawing; the marker prevails its wide use of application on glass materials. The mirrors fall in no difference.

Just use the marker over the surface and remove it when you want to. There are no chances of having any damage on the surface due to the ink. Thanks to the alcohol and other components inside.

Final Words

Pondering on using the dry erase marker on the car window should not be an issue now. You can use the marker without any hassle.

More importantly, you get to remove the ink whenever you want to. Thus, there remains no chance of damaging any quality of the window. 

Keep on using the marker, and stay tuned to know more exciting things about the dry erase marker and its application.

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