Best Dry Erase Markers for Whiteboard: Reviews in 2020

Let it be the presentation of your office or inside your classroom, markers/pens come always handy no matter what. But wait, when you’re talking about markers, you do know that you have a wide range of variation to choose from, yeah?

Going for a permanent marker being a teacher, student or let’s say, someone who deals with business presentation pretty often is a WRONG CHOICE. The permanent ones are hard to get rid of and you literally have to struggle with your whiteboard while wiping it.

You can try dry erase markers, of course! As the name says, these markers are very easy to clean and you can get rid of them whenever

you want. It doesn’t matter if the ink sits on the whiteboard for hours, one single wipe and Voila!

On top of that, compared to the mainstreams, these markers are easy to notice on the whiteboard. Let’s not forget the comfortable grip they offer you. But then again, you can always end up buying the so-called junks available in the market.

Well, that’s why we’re here for you. we’ll make sure you can get your hands on the best dry erase markers for whiteboard. So, what’s making you wait? Let’s dive in.

Top 8 Dry Erase Markers for 2020

How Do Dry Erase Markers Work?

In short, dry erase markers are designed to work on non-porous surfaces. They’re ideal for glass, mirrors, metals and of course, whiteboards. 

Their ink is comprised of colored pigments, a solvent and a silicone polymer that acts as a release agent. Permanent markers, too, have a polymer, but it’s an acrylic one that adheres the ink to the surface rather than allowing it to release.

The solvent is usually an alcohol and helps the ink dry quickly, making it easier to wipe it off without smearing. 

Dry erase whiteboards are helpful because they feature a static charge that helps the ink pigment stick to the surface without becoming absorbed into it. Yet, over time, markers for whiteboard use can leave traces of color behind, even when the ink is wiped away.

To this end, glass whiteboards and dry erase markers for glass are growing trends, as the surface cannot stain and is often tempered for added durability.

This is an especially popular and attractive choice for the workplace, as glass whiteboards can be designed to almost float in a space, giving a sleek and modern look to any room. They’re a streamlined alternative to chunkier whiteboards that can take up valuable real estate in an already-cramped office.

Our Top Five Dry Erase Markers (More Below)

Now that we’ve discussed the history and purpose behind the dry erase marker, let’s get to the fun part.

When you’re ready to invest in a new set of markers, you don’t want to waste your time on ones that will dry up after a few minutes, leave streaks on everything they touch and stink up the entire room. Rather, you want ones that can keep their color indefinitely, erase cleanly and are low-odor, to boot.

Below are the eight best dry erase markers available today. Depending on your use case, you might gravitate toward a certain model. Or, you may be tempted to try them all!

1. Expo 81045 Low-Odor -Editors Choise

Expo 81045 Dry Erase Markers

Looking to write a message that’s easily seen from a great distance, yet gives you agility and flexibility as a writer? This set fits the bill.

The chisel tip makes it easy to write even the lengthiest memo with ease, making them usable in the workplace, classroom and home.

There’s a reason that Expo remains the top-selling, customer-preferred dry erase marker brand. The colors are vivid, the size is optimal and the pigment is perfectly distributed on each surface without skipping.

As you write something on the board, you never get to experience those messy sticky feels. Thanks to the smear-proof attribute, these markers give you top-notch writing experience ensuring great quality.

This set features low-odor markers, meaning you can use them in myriad environments without fear of leaving an unpleasant scent behind. When you’ve finished creating your work, the ink is both quick-drying and easy to erase, meaning you can be onto your next creation in a matter of seconds.

When you want to mix up your style, these markers are also available in bullet, fine and ultra-fine tips, in addition to the chisel tip. The tips are pretty durable, so they don’t break easily whenever you press it hard.

On top of that, these markers are completely non-toxic. For which, you don’t have to worry about any harm to your skin if you get in touch with these.

The set offers you 2 blister packs. In each pack, you’re getting 16 markers. Which means you’re getting an impressive amount of 32 markers in the whole set.

2. Expo Fine Point, Low-Odor -Best Value

Expo Fine Point Dry Erase Marker

Looking for a great gift for your co-worker, colleague or family member? Why not give one of these sets of 12 Expo markers away and keep the other for yourself?

Their fine point makes them as akin to a traditional pen as possible, meaning you’ll have a comfortable grip and can write more precisely. With bright colors including plum and lime green, you can also get creative with this set.

Feeling generous? You can also purchase this assortment in sets of three or eight. They’re low-odor, so you won’t get all those unwanted smells after you’ve written something on the whiteboard. They’re pretty quick to dry and you can erase them like a breeze. In other words, they’re the ideal staple in your office desk, classroom cubby or kitchen drawer.

As you write something on your board, the ink won’t grease up.Being smear-proof, your writing gets the space it needs so that you see them clearly from a greater distance. Not only whiteboards though, you can write on glasses as well.

3. ZenZoi Whiteboard Marker -Perfect Packeging

ZenZoi Whiteboard Marker

If creativity and imaginative design are your calling cards, then this set is for you. The whole set offers you a wide range of color versatility to choose from. Black, blue, neon, yellow, green, redyou’re getting no less than 13 different rich colors to blend in.

The 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, tube-shaped packaging makes it an attractive accessory that you won’t hesitate to leave out for everyone to see. It’s also a versatile one, as the pens work just as well on glass surfaces as they do on a whiteboard.

Featuring a fine tip comprised of upgraded, quality fiber for which, you get to write with the easiest grooves. When you’ll be writing on your whiteboard, you’ll be able to make all those fine medium lines with a broad precision. The ink doesn’t get sticky at all because the markers are smudge-proof.

Besides, the marker pens also come equipped with a caps-lock ventilation system that keeps them from drying out. Use these for your crafting projects, when the traditional set just won’t do.

These markers are completely non-toxic, for which, they don’t cause any harm to your skin.

In fact, you’ll find them very easy to wipe off your skin with a single scrub. However, make sure you don’t get your clothes all messy. Once your clothes get messed up, it would be hard for you to remove the stains. It can be the best option, if you’re looking for washable markers set.

Let’s not forget that you can even use these markers on glasses as well. As an extra, you’re getting a posh case holder with the whole set along with an elegant tube. This makes this set a stylish gift-quality marker set.

4. Expo 1921061 Low-Odor Markers -Great Colors

Expo 1921061 Low-OdorMarkers

It’s great to have a wide range of marker colors to choose from. Yet, do you find yourself always going back to the same basic shades?

Especially if you’re using long lasting dry erase markers in a corporate environment, you might not need shades such as lime green or plum. Yet, chances are you reach for the black, green, red, purple and blue time and again.

This assorted set from Expo includes 36 markers, assorted in those exact colors.

While the larger size count is ideal for group settings, those looking for a smaller-scale portion can also find the same colors in the brand’s 8-count, 12-count, 14-count or 16-count sets within the same model.

Or, if you need to go jumbo-sized, you can order this set in a 192-count! Holding a conference or seminar? Keep an extra-large set on hand to make sure everyone has access to the resources they need.

On top of that, as you write using these markers, you’ll have your comfort zone confirmed with the versatile chisel tip each marker comes with. This allows you to keep your accuracy and consistency smooth like never before.

As with all of Expo’s products, this set features bold colors easily viewable from a long distance away. The markers, which are also quick-drying and easy to erase, come in chisel-tip, bullet-tip, fine-tip and extra-fine-tip styles.

The color variations you’re getting is Green, black, purple, red, blue, Let it be porcelain, melamine whiteboards, or glass, you can use these markers on anything. They come with low-odor, so you don’t get those weird smells.

5. ​​Best (Brand) Dry Erase Markers (BULK SET OF 36!)

Best Dry Erase Markers

The dry erase markers from ‘Best’ offer you the amazing value pack that comes with no less than 36 markers in total, THAT’S HUGE! The cherry on top? It comes with 12 different rich colors to choose from.

Thanks to the unique tips the markers boast, you get to write with precision and ease. The fine ink gives you a smooth feel as you keep writing on the whiteboard. Thin lines, thick lines, you name it, you get to create

No, you don’t have to worry about smell-issue. These markers have low-odor, as a result, your nose doesn’t feel any discomfort at all. If your hands get messy, wave off all the worries for getting allergies. These markers are completely non-toxic, so there’s no way you will develop any rash or itch.

The reason most people love to buy this set is for the fact that it offers what giants like Expo and Quartet do. The difference is the markers from Best come at a more affordable price.

6. AmazonBasics Low Odor Markers -Greate Choice

AmazonBasics Dry Erase Markers, Low Odor

Have you heard of AmazonBasics?

This Brand offers everyday household necessities, from USB cables to bed linens, at a fraction of retail price. They’ve also extended into the office supply space, and these markers are proof that you can get excellent-quality tools without sky-high prices.

Featuring DryGuard ink that erases without leaving a trace behind, these markers come in a variety of bright colors that will retain their dynamic hue even if you inadvertently forget to put the cap back on.

In fact, you can leave the cap off for two whole days and they won’t dry out! This shouldn’t be a problem, however, as the cap is designed to snap onto the back of the pen during use. This makes them the perfect whiteboard markers!

The chisel tip is versatile enough to enable you to create a thick or thin line with ease and the pen’s barrel is slim, providing a comfortable grip. This is an important feature in classroom settings, where teachers often spend hours on end writing instructions and lessons on their whiteboard.

As you create the letters and words on your whiteboard, you get to see your writing clearly from an impressive distance; the marker allows you to maintain a bold statement. The ink, on the other hand, holds a very low odor. As a result, you don’t get to sneeze while writing.

The ink is completely harmless and you won’t experience any itch or discomfort. Just scrub it and Voila! You’ll be able to wipe out all the ink within a snap.

7. ​Board Dudes SRX  -Best Magnetic Markers

Magnetic Dry Erase Markers

When you’re doing a presentation, you’ll need the right tools to deliver your message. It must be clear, and well-written, which are two of the advantages this pack of markers provides. Get your hands on the magnetic markers from Board Dudes. It has got all the mindboggling features to fill your cup.

The way it allows you to maneuver easily will leave you awe-stuck. While the letters, on the other hand, maintain a clearer gap so that you get to understand them with ease.

It offers you three different package to choose from. You can go for the pack of 2, suitable for presenting it to a child. For yourself, you can go for the one with 18 markers in its set or the one with 24 markers in it.

As for colors, you’ll have 6 different color variations to choose from. You’re getting Pink, Orange, Lime, Black, Purple and Turquoise; so choose the one that suits your taste best.

Because of its dry-erase qualities, there won’t be any issue wiping the surface clean after you finish with your work. Speaking of the surface, you can use these markers on almost every non-porous surface, glass, and other areas.

One of its best benefits is that you can use it and expect no more than a few moments for the ink to dry successfully. And because they are non-toxic, you get to use them in different environments, even classrooms.

You might encounter issues with the magnet, though, as it falls off regularly and it doesn’t stick.But here’s a bright side to make you fill the gap. As an extra, you’re getting 6 pieces of erasers with the whole set.

8. Quartet Dry Erase Markers -Comfortable One

Whiteboard Markers

This pack of 12 colored markers provides the variety you need to keep you covered during every task from office projects to school activities, Quartet doesn’t fail to provide with vibrant lime green, purple, red, neon blue, among others.

However, if you want to give it as a gift to a kid, you can choose the one with the pack of 4 markers or you can try it for yourself as well if you think you’re on a budget.

They are particularly effective in keeping the children entertained at school, and as a teacher or parent, there’s no reason to worry about their security. The ink included is non-toxic, and doesn’t produce odor, which makes them suitable for everyone to use in closed spaces like a classroom.

Also, for the high demanding artists, the markers have a chisel tip that allows them to do a high number of detailed artworks. You can use this marker for professional artwork either thick or thin designs, depending on what your project requires. The tip makes them highly versatile markers.

Thanks to the patented 3-chamber, the words or lines you create using these markers stay very clear and easy to notice. With the liquid ink system, you’re getting strong bold color all the time no matter what.

Besides, you need a single wipe to clean your whiteboard. The smooth ink won’t leave any trace. All you’re getting is a streak-free surface. The ink-gauge it comes with is completely transparent. So, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the barrel and see how much ink is there for you.

A minor disadvantage of using these markers comes up when you use it on glass whiteboard. There, colors like red or lime green don’t look so good.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Markers

Now that we’ve covered some of the best, are you ready to start shopping? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind as you begin your search.


How easily do the markers erase? Do they leave a smear or a stain behind or does all of the pigment release without leaving a trace? Wet erase markers will require a damp cloth to remove the ink, but a dry erase marker should wipe up quickly.

Do you have to use a special, specific eraser designed just for the set, or can you use any cloth or even your hand in a pinch? Look for ones that are as fuss-free as possible.

How Much Ink?

You don’t want to run out of ink within a few days, do you? Unfortunately, there are tons of markers that come with a less amount of ink inside their barrels. You write a few things and after two or three days, the ink’s gone.

So, you have to go for a marker that has got a great amount of ink in its barrel. This will last longer than the ones you’re disappointed on.


This will be more of an issue for some than others. If you’re just looking for standard black markers, you can find a set that meets that need easily.

Yet, if you’re in a more artistic field and need a wider range of shades, you’ll need to narrow your search to brands that can provide that spectrum. The good news? Even well-known brands such as Expo create assorted sets chocked full of almost every color in the rainbow.

Safety & Toxicity 

Traditionally, dry erase markers have been synonymous with pungent chemical smells. Yet, the low-odor solutions that have taken over the market make this a thing of the past.

Toxic markers can be harmful to your skin if you’re someone who messes up his hands with ink now and then. If you buy one of these, you’ll have allergies and itches pretty soon. This is why it’s always better for you to go for non-toxic markers.

However, if you somehow buy toxic markers, make sure they’re less toxic than the mainstreams.

Is It Smear-Proof?

Typical Markers tend to get sticky and greasy whenever you write something on the whiteboard. What’s worse is the fact that they often become so oily. The next thing you know your writing turns liquid-ish and you can say goodbye to their quality.

To make sure you don’t experience such ill-fate you have to get your hands on the markers that are smear-proof. These markers don’t get sticky or greasy at all. Rather, they dry up pretty quickly and you can remove them with a single wipe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I use dry erase markers on paper?

The short answer? ‘NoThese markers work best on non-porous surfaces, as they can wipe away easily from them and the ink doesn’t absorb. While you technically can use dry erase markers on paper, it’s not a recommended approach.

 If you do, the ink immediately absorbs into the paper and becomes permanent. 

Q: Are dry erase markers water-based?

No! Dry erase markers are alcohol-based. This is what gives them their quick-drying power.
Wet erase markers include water-soluble dyes. This is what makes them usable on non-porous laminated surfaces, erasable only by a damp cloth.

Final Thoughts

As versatile and useful as they are downright fun, the best dry erase markers have earned their spot as a mainstay at both work and home.

With so many makes and models to choose from, you can take your pick from a bevy of options, all designed to spur creativity and inspire communication.

Looking to learn more about everything marker-related? You’ve come to the right place.

We’ve done the reserach and put in the legwork for you, bringing you honest reviews of the best products on the market. From fabric pens to dry erase tools, if it leaves an impression, we want to leave ours.

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