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Writing on black paper is a great way to get creative and make some fantastic sketches. But writing with regular pens can be challenging as they won’t show up well on the black surface. So if you want to use your dark paper for writing or sketching, then there are a few things you need to know about how best to do so.

You can use white pencils, colored pencils, white pens, metallic pens, white markers, and acrylic markers for writing on black paper. All of them play well on dark paper.

But which one will you use for which purposes? So, in this article, I will discuss the tools and techniques that will help you achieve your goals!

What Can You Use to Write on Black Paper

Why Should You Write on Black Paper?

I’m sure you know that feeling of excitement and anticipation when a new idea or event pops up on your radar. Wouldn’t it be great to feel like that more often?

If so, then take a black paper in hand and start writing on it. The reason is, we generally use white papers for doing most of our daily works, which can be monotonous.

But suppose you are a professional artist, writer, or someone who wants to be more creative with writing. In that case, black surface notebooks are a great resource.

If you ever think of the phrase “think out of the box, ” you’ll find similarity with black sketchbooks. It forces you to think differently by overcoming the limit of your creativity.

Think about the last time you did something out of the box? If you can’t remember, then choosing a dark paper is a must-do for you. It will drag you from your comfort zone and allow your brain to see things differently.

How to Write on Black Paper – Techniques

If you have made up your mind to use dark surfaces, then it may be a burning question to you that, “How to write on black paper?”

Well, it’s a normal thing to ask as among all the types of surfaces, writing on dark surfaces is quite unusual. It won’t allow you to use regular writing or sketching tools on it.

So, whatever you are planning to make or write, it’s better to learn about the must-have tools you will need. After that, people will be knocking you to know the secret of your beautiful writing.

That’s why from my experience, I’m giving some suggestions here that will help you to write on black paper without any issue.

Writing with Pencils

By reading the heading, you may think that, as an artist, you have experience doing calligraphy with pencil, so you can start writing on dark surfaces with that pencil. Okay, just stop right there!

While writing this, another phrase comes to mind that “don’t judge a book by its cover.” That means don’t start using your regular sharp pencils by just reading the word pencil.

Some pencils are only meant to be used on dark surfaces. So, check them out below.

Using White Pencils

Using white pencils on black paper may be the easiest and satisfying one for writing. These are not like regular pencils. However, most of these pencils are waterproof and can create a watercolor effect.

After using these pencils on black notebooks, you’ll be confirmed that white is not an invisible color. So whether you are using it for writing, sketching, doodling, shading, or drawing, just think about a task that it cannot do on black surfaces.

There are so many brands in the market that are producing white colored pencils. I’m also mentioning some names that are my favorites – Faber-Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Pencil. These pencils are also great for blending and can produce details on drawings. And not only dark surfaces, but you can use them on other colored papers also.

Remember not to use them on white papers as it won’t produce expected results. But to get the most out of them, use dark papers.

Using Colored Pencils

People are using colored pencils for decades. Even you may remember that you’ve used it in your childhood. But after emerging of crayons, parents have shifted to non-toxic crayons for toddlers rather than colored pencils.

However, among artists, these pencils become popular after the 1960s. And now, besides other coloring tools, the demand for high-quality colored pencils is at its peak.

The reason for suggesting these pencils for dark surfaces is that they provide a semi-opaque color. And when you use them for black paper journaling, the presentation will be so good. That’s why these pencils are very popular among realistic drawing artists.

Interestingly, the colored pencil doesn’t contain a lead like Graphite or Charcoal pencil. Instead, it includes a wood casing filled with oil, wax, or water-soluble pigments. Some other bonding agents are also used with the pigments to provide bright colors. Personally, I like Crayola Colored Pencils for writing over dark surfaces as it provides a great choice of colors.

Writing with Pens

Some people think that colored pencils are an old-fashioned tool for writing. And if you compare then pens are more common nowadays due to their convenience.

But when writing on a unique paper like the black ones, will you use regular writing pens? Not at all. Because of how high-quality pens you use, special paper needs special ones.

For example – when you use Hobonichi Planner, you don’t just use your regular pens on it. Instead, you look for the best pen for hobonichi techo on the internet.

In the same way, for writing on dark paper, you’ll need pens that are specially made for this surface.

White Gel Pens

As we write on white paper with dark color pens, using a white color pen will add a different angle to the writing.

And white gel pens are the best for using on black journals. These mostly contain water-based gel ink that provides bold colors on dark smooth surfaces. To get the most out of your black paper, investing in a good gel pen is a must.

While buying, look after the intensity of the ink. Bright ink colors don’t mean that they’ll work well on black paper. That’s why I’m recommending white gel pens. But some pens also take a couple of hours to dry due to gel ink, so be careful.

However, I had a good experience with Uni-Ball Signo White Gel Pen. It provides bright colors and bold lines. Luckily, this gel pen takes less time to dry and has archival quality ink.

Using Metallic Pens

It is another one of the best options for writing on black paper. Metallic pens are available in different colors. And they can be used to write, draw or sketch anything you want with more precision than using a regular pen.

These pens’ silver and gold color provide such a metallic finish that makes your project look like an expert artist has done it. In addition, these types of pens will not smudge, smear or rub off onto the black background.

These pens can be used for rock painting also as they provide clean lines. Rock painting has become very popular nowadays. The metallic colors these markers will deliver on it will just make anyone say “WOW.” Metallic pens are great for writing on black paper and creating beautiful art pieces.

For writing on dark paper, you can use Dyvicl White Gold Silver Gel Pens. It really provides an excellent service. Though it’s a metallic gel pen, you can use it for rock painting also.

Writing with Markers

By hearing the name markers, it feels like something professional is going to happen. Among all the coloring materials, markers very popular among artists. Even some artists can’t think of brush lettering without it.

But it’s not like markers are made only for drawing or coloring purposes.

For writing on black paper, you can use markers also. But art marker will not do the job in this regard for a couple of reasons. Since the paper is unique, so for the markers. Again there are thousands of marker brands as well as types. So, it can be difficult for anyone to pick up the right one.

That’s why here I’m giving some recommendations on what type of marker you should invest in for writing on dark surfaces.

White Color Markers

It’s an obvious thing that white color will be the perfect match for black surfaces. In terms of using white markers, you can’t get your eyes off your writing. It is not only ideal for writing but is excellent for hand-lettering or creating menu cards for restaurants.

From the restaurant menu, one name that came to mind is liquid chalk markers. It works great on chalkboards as well as black paper. There is also a pure white array of liquid chalk marker set available to help you get back in the game in no time. Chalk markers are also great for coloring a light bulb.

These markers dry faster and also provide a smudge-free option. So, there is no chance of getting your writing ruined. Whether you only write on your black paper or sketch, it gives a smooth finish.

Having all these features available, Crafty Croc White Liquid Chalk Markers are a great option to choose. This four-piece marker set can easily meet up your need for writing on dark paper.

Acrylic Paint Markers

Some people really get a terrible time working with acrylic paints. So, thinking them in mind, the manufacturers produced acrylic paint markers. But now, these markers are not used only as an alternative to acrylic paints. Instead, these are used for different crafting purposes, like stones or rock painting, porcelain coloring, etc.

In the same way, you can use these markers for writing on dark paper. Their bold, bright, and opaque colors are enough to give satisfaction to your eyes. However, acrylic markers contain water-based ink but become permanent after drying.

I have fallen in love with Moxix Acrylic Paint Markers 32 Colors Set. These markers work so well on black paper that you won’t imagine until you use them. You can also use this set for rock painting. These are quick-drying and smudge-proof.


Q: What type of pens works on black paper?

Gel pens work best on black paper. But it doesn’t mean you’ll use your official signature gel pen on it. There are some particular gel pens only made for using dark surfaces, as mentioned above. You can use them without any mess.

And if it’s a white color gel pen, then the combo is better than ever. But you’ll also find other bright color gel pens for writing on this type of paper.

Q: Do metallic pens work on black paper?

Of course! I’ve already mentioned how metallic pens work on black paper. Due to their bright colors, it works best.

Rather than just writing, if you want to do any art project, then make it more beautiful on black surface by using metallic pens. These pens provide opaque colors that will add an extraordinary dimension to your drawing.

Q: Can you use chalk markers on black paper?

Liquid chalk markers are mainly used on chalkboards for different decoration types or create restaurant menus due to their easily erasable nature. But they have not bounded to chalkboard anymore, as they go well with black surface.

These markers contain liquid chalk ink that is smudge-proof and dry quickly. They come up with lots of color variations, but white colors are mostly recommended for writing on dark paper.Q:

Q: Does acrylic paint show up on black paper?

Like acrylic markers, acrylic paints also suit black paper. But depending on brands, the opacity level of the colors varies. That’s why some colors show up vibrant and bold against the black surface. But some brands’ paint will barely be seen on black paper. So, choosing the right one is essential.

Q: Do neon Sharpies work on black paper?

Yes, neon Sharpies work on black background. In fact, how opaque color they provide on dark paper is comparably better than other color surfaces. Interestingly these markers offer a fluorescent effect when the writing is taken into a black light environment.

So, if you want to give your friends a surprise, you should definitely use them on black paper. The ink also dries quickly and lasts long. In addition, there is no chance of smearing or fading the ink.

Final Word

Undoubtedly, writing on black paper is creative work. It relaxes your brain and enhances your thinking ability. And after reading so far, you may have learned the ways of writing on dark surfaces.

Maybe there are some other ways, but here I’ve recommended the ones I’ve personally used. Hopefully, you’ll also find them interesting and easier to work with.

At first, it may feel daunting working with a dark background. But when you learn the process properly and use it, then it’ll be fun.

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