10 Best Liquid Chalk Markers for Chalkboard in 2020

Everywhere you look there are chalkboards with humorous and helpful messages. Write something clever and you may reach millions by trending on social media.

It’s easy to find signs, labels, and entire walls painted with chalkboard paint. They’re the perfect palette for many messaging situations. Yet, once you have a place for your info, you need a way to write it.

These markers are perfect for people who make frequent sign changes. Think busy parents, restaurant menus, teachers, coaches, and retailers.

The best chalk markers produce a neat message that won’t smudge. You can write in thin or broad strokes. There are thousands of different options to go for, though. And only a few are really worth having.

Here, we’ll tell you precisely about those – the ones you should consider. Care to learn more about them and possibly find a perfect set of markers for your chalkboard? Then come in!

10 Best Liquid Chalk Markers | Quick List

Chalk Markers VS Traditional Chalk

Chalk markers give you the look of chalk without the dust or smudge-factor. They work on many surfaces.

For example: Storefront Windows, Photo Frames, Mirror, Whiteboards, Interior Decor and more…

Traditional chalk isn’t a good option for most of these situations. The chalk dust is messy and unhealthy to breathe. The regular chalk smudges. It also leaves visible marks after you erase the board.  But, you can get our top pick chalkboard chalks which are dust-proof and non toxic also.

Chalk markers don’t smudge or fade. They’re non-toxic. They produce bright, crisp messaging. It works on all non-porous surfaces. If you plan to use them on a porous surface, test on a small area first. Always test metallic and black markers.

Most chalk markers are durable and washable. When you want to change the message, erase the marker without leaving a trace.

Top Rated Liquid Chalk Markers | Comparison Table

Runner-up VersaChalk Markers
  • Professional quality ink
  • Dust-free and odorless
  • Durable reversible tips
  • Erasable with damp cloth
Top Pick CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk
  • Award-winning markers
  • Deep and vibrant colors
  • Reversible tips
  • Easy clean up
  • Works on non-porous surface
Best Value Wet Wipe Chalk Markers
  • High-density tips
  • Water-based ink
  • Dust and smudge proof
  • Kid-safe and eco-friendly
Best Value SuperChalks Liquid Marker
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Wide range of colors
  • Easy clean up
  • Bright and vibrant colors
Best Value CraftyCroc ​Chalk Markers
  • Purely white colors
  • Quick drying ink
  • Smudge-free options
  • Totally reversible tips

1. Liquid Chalk Markers by VersaChalk

VersaChalk Liquid Chalk Markers

These professional quality ink markers come in 5mm bold and 3mm fine point tips. They’re available in neon and classic color packs. The ink is from Germany and dries in seconds.

VersaChalk markers are vibrant and non-toxic. They are dust-free and odorless. You can use them inside or out. The simple water-based formula makes them easy to erase with a damp cloth.

The vibrant colors and safe ingredients mean you can use them for home and school projects. Need a display for a science experiment? No problem.

Want to embellish some holiday home decor? Grab this VersaChalk marker and make it special. The markers write on any non-porous surface. Decorate chalkboards, plastic, metal, glass, vinyl, and slate.

The reversible tips are extra durable so they won’t fray and high-density tips are for professional use.

You can create high-quality artwork and crafts with these top-notch markers.

2. CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk Markers

CraftyCroc Liquid Chalk Markers

These award-winning markers range from muted neutrals to bright neon. All the marker colors are deep and vibrant and last a long time.

The reversible chisel and bullet tips mean you can create a variety of lettering and art with the same tool. Kids and adults have plenty of options for school projects or menu boards. The markers are easy for both kids and adults to use. If you make a mistake or change your mind it’s a cinch to wipe off and start again.

Clean up is easy. No worries about scrubbing or chemicals. These markers clean up with a damp paper towel.

Crafty Croc offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Add that to the “TillyWig Sterling Fun Award, and the decision to draw with these markers is simple.

Get creative and customize decorations for Easter, Halloween, Valentines Day, Christmas and more. These markers work on all non-porous materials.

3. Chalkola ​Wet Wipe Chalk Markers

Chalkola Chalk Markers

These premium wet wipe markers are available in 3 tip sizes: 1mm, 3mm, and 6mm. The high-density marker tips hold up under heavy use. They won’t crack or fray.

Choose from 12 bold, vibrant colors. The selection includes bright and metallic markers provide clean, saturated colors flow. Fine lines and thick go on smoothly and dry fast. The water-based ink makes cleanup easy. You can erase dry or wet ink using a wet cloth.

If you can think of a non-porous surface, you can decorate it with chalk markers. Use them to decorate everything from wine glasses to furniture to rocks.

These markers are for families, students, and business owners and ofcourse chalkboard paint. No dust, no muss, and plenty of creativity. No more chalk dust or smudged designs.

Use them for holiday decorating, school assignments, and marketing messages. Attract new customers with bright details about your products and services.

Grab these markers and express yourself. Let the kids get creative, too. The non-toxic formula is xylene-free, dust-free, and odorless. These kid-safe and eco-friendly markers work on almost every non-porous surface.

Note: They become permanent when used on porous surfaces, like concrete, wood, and paper.

4. Positive Art Liquid Chalk Markers

Positive Art Liquid Chalk Markers

Positive Art chalk markers in a set 30 different colors mean the world is your chalkboard. There’s no limit to what you can create with this collection of colors.

Every premium hue is non-toxic and works on any non-porous surface. It looks like chalk, but is more vibrant and lasts longer.

Use these markers to decorate glass mason jars, mirrors, photo frames, and windows. It’s an affordable way to personalize your home and business.

These markers are great for shop owners. Decorate your window and promote the daily special. Use colorful copy to feature menu items, and invite customers to come in and meet the staff.

When you’re ready to change the design or offers, wipe away the chalk marker with a damp cloth. You’re ready for your next message in minutes.

The 30 marker set is available with or without a combo package that includes spray and erasers.

The chalk-like look is bright, clean, and durable. At the same time, clean up is a breeze. Personalizing your space is easy the first time and every time.

The Positive Art company provides a full refund if you aren’t happy with your markers.

5. ​CraftyCroc ​Chalk Markers (4 PIC)

Crafty Croc Chalk Markers

To make a change in the sets we’ve presented before, we’re now going over a purely white array of markers.

These chalk markers, like the traditional chalk, are white only. This makes each of these markers ideal to get classes up and running.

Manufacturers use liquid chalk, one of the fastest to dry and smudge-free options you can get. And it will still handle drawings and other colorful things on the chalkboard.

The tip is totally reversible. That means you can draw different things without losing smoothness or opportunities in the process.

And to make it even better, this set boasts an easy-to-clean chalk ink. You won’t have to make much of an effort to get it off the board if needed.

Whether you want to create some black & white art or explain a class with depth – these markers are your way to go.

6. Liquid Chalk by Cedar Markers (12 PIC)

Cedar Chalk Markers

Check out this Cedar Markers if you want eye-catching neon colors. These fluorescent hues get attention.

They have a reversible bullet and chisel tip. That makes them perfect for bistro boards and cafes. You can write out the daily menu using one marker with a variety of strokes.

These markers are right for house and car windows, glossy boards, plastic, metal, and vinyl. The smooth flow makes application easy.

The colors are water-based and non-toxic. Clean up is easy. You can erase a mistake, or remove a design with a wet cloth or paper towel.

Check the package for a free pair of tweezers. They’re included to make reversing the tip of your chalk marker easier. Switch the tip from thin to thick without getting ink on your hands.

Chalk markers work on all non-porous surfaces. They don’t work on all chalkboard. This is because all chalkboards aren’t the same.

Always test markers, especially black and metallic ones, on a small area first. If you use them on chalk paint it becomes permanent.

7. ChalkTastic Chalk Markers- Liquid (12 PIC)

ChalkTastic Chalk Markers

Super-concentrated ink often provides the brightest and most vibrant color regardless of how much time has passed since you last use the markers.

Because of that, this pack offers eight markers that you can use for a variety of purposes, such as designing a restaurant menu, writing on a LED board, using it for window surfaces, among other.

These markers aren’t toxic and are one of the most efficient in avoiding unpleasant smells.

Teachers will also enjoy the reversible tips, as well. It offers many educational possibilities to have the children at school more interested in their tasks.

Erasing the marker from the surface is a little bit tricky. There are no proper instructions included about how to do it. But don’t worry! Here is the complete guideline to remove chalk markers from chalkboard easily.

8. BlamiChalk Liquid Markers (8 PIC)

BlamiChalk Liquid Markers

Here we have an incredible choice for the kids to use. It is a pack of markers featuring eight neon and captivating colors. They are non-toxic to avoid health risks, and water-based, to ensure its quality.

Also, these markers are dust-free. Overall, this pack is an eco-friendly product that isn’t harmful to people nor the environment.

Of course, the older audience can get plenty of advantages from it, too. The markers are vibrant and would make incredible artwork for your signs or presentations.

Another benefit of getting this pack of markers is that it includes an eraser that works over most surfaces, getting them cleaned. However, avoid at all costs using the markers over porous surfaces.

Also, if you don’t clean the surface over a day, the markers might leave some shadow. That’s why it is better to use and erase as soon as possible.

9. White Chalkboard Chalk Markers (4 PIC)

White Chalk Markers​

Similarly to the Crafty Croc markers, the Chalkola’s are utterly practical and extra versatile. But it all comes down to the vast array of tip sizes, and not only from their color.

This set comes with a 3mm marker, a 6mm option, a 10mm one, and a final 15mm huge tip to enjoy. Each one offers the chance to draw or trace in a specific thickness for all kinds of art projects.

Anyone can use these markers and enjoy the superb versatility they offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a restaurant owner who wants to write the daily menu, or a teacher trying to explain math – these markers won’t let you down.

The chalk is pure and easy to use. It goes off the board without problems and doesn’t smudge in the minimum.

And to make it better, you can use this marker on any non-porous surfaces, including boards, glass, furniture, chalkboard, signs, and more.

10. SuperChalks Liquid Marker (8 PIC)

​Liquid Chalk Marker

With this pack of markers, you’ll have high precision tools to create those fine details for your artworks. The addition of a 4mm tip is one of the best improvements from the brand to enhance the quality of their products, and they succeed at it.

With a fine tip, you also get to produce marks that are easy to remove afterward. To do it, it doesn’t take more than using a damp cloth and wipe it off.

The markers in this pack work better for non-porous surfaces. Using them on other surfaces might result in permanent damage.

It is not all perfect, though. One issue we encountered while using the markers was that the ink flows rapidly. Now, that might be an advantage under certain circumstances, but it quickly becomes a problem if you’re working on delicate projects.

Why Do We Use Chalk Markers?

Always do your research before buying chalk markers. Consider the purpose of your project. Markers used to label spices are different than markers used on car windshields.

Let’s review what to look for when buying high-quality chalk markers.

Great Colors

Colors are important. Chalk marker options include neon, metallic, white, black, muted, and brilliant colors. Look for the right color based on your purpose. Not every chalk marker set includes all color.

Do you want soothing colors for a DIY decor project? Or, do you need vibrant colors so customers see the lunch special?

If your message is on an exterior window or sign, choose pigmented markers that won’t fade right away. Make sure you choose a chalk marker set with the right colors.

Easily Erasable

If you plan on changing a sign every day, you want chalk markers that are easy to erase. Erasable markers won’t leave a residue. Your sign surface won’t get stained or damaged.

If you’re making signs for a wedding you want them to be perfect. An erasable marker lets you correct any mistakes.

If you use chalk markers on a family calendar, you want it to be easy to erase and update. Erasing some markers takes extra elbow grease. In tough cases, use glass cleaner or ammonia to remove everything.

Reversible Tips

Premium chalk markers feature reversible tips. The tips let you control the flow of ink. It’s an awesome feature that gives you the ability to draw thin and thick lines with the same marker.

Reversible tips work well for calligraphy and script lettering. They also are useful for drawing detailed artwork.

Get chalk markers with reversible tips if you plan to create messages that need thin and bold lines. Choices include chisel tips, brush, and bullet point tips.

Final Thoughts

you know the best chalk markers, it’s time to get creative. Use those colors and ideas to create custom designs and decorations.

You can use this markers to promote almost any business. They’re also a fun way to celebrate holidays and special occasions at home. Visit the rest of our site to learn about different types of markers. We’re dedicated to provid solid research and reviews.

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