What Is a Kneaded Eraser and How to Use it Properly

After learning or getting the proper concept of arts and sketches, it is time for you to master it. Pencils, erasers, sharpeners, etc., are everyday needs of making art. And a kneaded eraser makes a great stand out among the required substances.

A kneaded eraser known as eraser putty or putty rubber is a great and specialized eraser for artists. It is favorable to the artists for its versatility and wide range of usage.

This eraser is used for erasing and shading, highlighting, making sculptures, etc. But before you go on to use one, make sure to know what is kneaded eraser and how to use it properly.

To clear all your concepts, we have gathered good knowledge and information. Our practical knowledge, experiment & artists’ and user’s feedback helped a lot make an entire article on the usage of kneaded eraser. We present it below.

all about kneaded eraser

What is kneaded Eraser Made of?

The soft, comfy kneaded erased might look simply ordinary. But during its making, a lot of steps and components are used. Talking about its manufacturing commodities and ingredients, let’s look at the whole procedure.

The rubber is the primary raw material used to make the kneaded eraser or eraser putty. Now comes the nature of the rubber. Usually, you can use synthetic rubber and natural rubber to make the kneaded eraser.

Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic rubber is used from different kinds of polymers. The rubber is made with styrene-butadiene rubber.

The rubber is mixed at 800 degrees Fahrenheit with various chemicals and other additives. Different solutions like water, soap, and other chemicals are added to the rubber.

After mixing the ingredients for several hours, you get the synthetic rubber. Other chemicals are added to it for its long-lasting and durable. It stops the rubber from breaking and getting apart.

There are vast usages of synthetic rubber. The tires we generally use for traveling are made up of synthetic rubber. Moreover, different belts, hoses, tubes, etc., are made up of synthetic rubbers. Footwear, surgical gloves, school erasers, etc., are typical artificial rubber applications.

Natural Rubbers

By the name, you can already guess its origin. The natural rubber is made from latex produced by the rubber tree.

Sap from these trees is gathered and purified. Later on, dilute acetic acid or formic acid is mixed and poured into the slab.

With the addition of water, the solution gets fully prepared. Later on, the whole mixture is dried up and processed to sell as natural rubber.

The characteristics of natural rubber make it highly usable. You get to use it as a single medium or mix it with others. The rubber is waterproof, making it a reliable choice for most users.

Different engineering applications like anti-vibration mounts, springs, drive couplings, bearings, etc., involve natural rubber. The tires you see in the racing cars are mostly natural rubbers. Cement and other construction material require natural rubber to function.

How Does Kneaded Eraser Works?

How Does Kneaded Eraser Works

When you use the kneaded eraser, you get to do a lot of awesome stuff with it. Primarily, your artworks and sketches become more acceptable and desirable with it.

Without wasting any more time, let’s see what you can do with the eraser putty.

Relentless & Smooth work

There are no residue or eraser bits of the kneaded eraser. That means, after using the eraser, you won’t find any wastes or residue from the eraser. It keeps your working environment clean and tidy.

Easy to cover up wastes on it

You can easily fold the kneaded eraser in your desired shape. Even a part with pencil marks can be covered with specific folding. Just kneel the eraser between your finger and let the marks or stain disappear.

Shaping it in different forms

Based on your needs, you can shape the eraser in different forms. Due to high elasticity and endurance, there remains to chance for the eraser to break. Also, you won’t find any difficulties in dealing with the eraser because of its softness.

Detailing artworks

Sketchers worldwide use the kneaded erasers as a great medium of detailing sketches. You can lighten certain parts of your artwork using the flexibility of the eraser.

Making the eraser into a pencil shape redefines its characteristic in proper shading. Also, you can cover up the small dots and inconsistencies of your work.

The eraser becomes a massive medium when you use it to sharpen your artwork. Edges and lines can be created and redefined with the sharpness of the kneaded eraser.

Keeps the paper undamaged

Using the kneaded eraser over an art paper will never cause any damage to it. Moreover, there are no chances for the eraser to put a dark mark on a specific area. The eraser itself consumes and mixes the stains making it entirely free to use.

Creating shadows/highlight

Sketches can be remodifying with the shadowing of kneaded eraser. You might be unfamiliar with it, but the body of the eraser is fully capable of doing so.

Making it in your desired shape and rubbing it over the marks will create a dark, blurry sensation. You get to modify it and make the shadow you want.

Are kneaded Erasers Good?

There are no doubts regarding a kneaded eraser’s contribution and necessity towards a great artist. It has always been an excellent means for versatile works in making a sketch.

If you want to know how good the eraser is, you cannot miss some crucial points.

Benefits of Using Kneaded Eraser

Benefits of Using Kneaded Eraser

Why should you prefer a kneaded eraser among so many awesome erasers in the market? Hopefully, this section will open your eyes and clear all your perceptions.

Preferable for artists

There is no doubt that the kneaded eraser is beneficial for the artists. Be it for beginners or professional ones, the eraser will always perform with ease.

From erasing a mark to making a good shade, the eraser can do many things for you.

Versatile usage

The usage and functions of the eraser not only remain confined for the artists only. Students and general people can use it to erase and correct their works.

No specific instructions or regulations need to overlook while using it. People from all walks of life can use the eraser without any hassle.

Making specific shape

Utilizing the flexibility and characteristics of the eraser putty, you can make sculptures out of it. They can remain confined to a fixed place after fixing, folding, and joining them. Kids can make various action figures and minor characters out of it.

You can make a round-shaped ball out of the kneaded eraser. You won’t be getting the usual bounces like the other balls, but it can act as a stress reliever. Also, the ball can be a suitable entertainment medium for your pets.

Work against pens

Apart from pencils, most kneaded erasers work well against the pens. Be it for pen sketch or usual pen writings; you can use the kneaded eraser as usual on it. You won’t have to do anything except doing the same thing for the pencil works.

Cheap in price

Comparatively, the price of kneaded eraser is pretty much more minor than the others. You can make one yourself with old and unused erasers. The raw materials are pretty readily available. Also, they come at a reasonable price, and it takes less effort to make one.

Some Other benefits of Using Kneaded Erasers

Cleaning hands

You can use the kneaded eraser to remove the inks and colors you get in your hands. After finishing your work, just rub the eraser over the marked and painted region on your hand. The body of the eraser will absorb and lift the marks and make your hand clean.

Strength exercising

The softness and durability of the kneaded eraser can be massively beneficial to your hand and finger muscles. Grabbing and exercising over the eraser will improve your grip and hand strength.

How to Use Kneaded Eraser | The proper Ways

You must’ve been amazed knowing such vast uses of the kneaded eraser. Even we were equally amazed as you are right now.

But what troubled us later was its proper usage. We were unaware of how to use a kneaded eraser and ended up wasting one.

Later, we learned the proper techniques and methods to imply it ideally. Also, its after usage and in-use regulations enriched our art passion. Let’s see how you can nail the usage of the kneaded eraser.

Open up the kneaded eraser on a clean surface

Getting the kneaded eraser, you’ll see plastic paper covering it up. Open the plastic cover and keep the eraser in a clean environment. Because of its high absorption capability, it can absorb anything like hair, dust, etc. on it.

Make the eraser apart

After opening up the eraser:

  • Tear and break the eraser
  • Grab it at the opposite ends and pull it apart
  • Join them by folding and squishing

Repeat the process unless you feel the eraser soft and flexible enough.

Soften with the help of the graphite

Manage some small pieces of graphite to mix with the eraser. You can rub a graphite pencil over sandpaper and pour the residues over the eraser. Fold it and let the graphite shrink in it. This will make your eraser’s body softer.

There are different uses of the erasers. With various methods and instructions, you get to nail the application of it in different manners.

Dabbing the eraser

Usually, we use the eraser to rub and eraser the marks on a paper. But with the kneaded eraser, you get to dab it over your artworks and sketches. This will provide you with complete ease of creating various shades, shadows, and highlights over the artwork.

Making different pointy shapes

There might come different situations where you might need to erase an edge of your artwork. Under the circumstances, the flexibility of the eraser comes into account.

Make a sharp shape of it and implement it in the area. You can also make a pencil shape of the eraser and use it as a usual shading and highlighting.

Wiping the smudges

The eraser is ideal for removing the smudges over your art paper or surface. Take the eraser putty and rub it over the surface slowly. Don’t do the work in haste. Otherwise, you might end up crumpling the page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Why Do Kneaded Eraser Dry Out?

The kneaded erasers do not dry out. Instead, they diffuse. The graphite and charcoal get absorbed in the eraser when removed with it. The whole body diffuses when the graphite or charcoal diffuses as mixed with the eraser.

Q: How Do You Active/Fix Your Eraser?

The best way to activate or fix your eraser is to rub it continuously over a paper or art surface. This will generate the particles of the erasers, making them softer. Then, you get to use it in your daily works.

Q: How to Clean kneaded Erasers?

To clean the eraser, fold the eraser and keep the clean part above. Stretch the eraser severely. This will make the whole eraser softer, and you’ll see a gradual cleaning of the body.

Keep on doing it until you see the particles went entirely away from the eraser. Later, store it in a clean box in a dry place.

Q: How Long Can You Use Kneaded Eraser?

There is no specific time of expiry of the kneaded eraser. If you properly store it and use it, it will serve you for years until it gets diffused amid its servings. Here we’ve written a complete guideline about to clean kneaded eraser properly.

Final Thoughts

No matter how great an artist you want to be or you are, a kneaded eraser is an all-time material to have. It will not only correct your art but also will modify and upgrade it to many folds.

Never hesitate to take a kneaded eraser if you’re not an artist. Its versatile and wide range of usage makes it an ideal substance for all. Our discussed ways and methods will surely satisfy you.

Enjoy your kneaded eraser to the fullest. Make and invent new ways and methods of implementing it and spread positivity. Most importantly, make the best use of it within your limits.

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