How to Clean Kneaded Eraser? Is it Possible!

When you are entirely done knowing about the kneaded eraser, you will never hesitate to use it in your art supply. At the point of using it, you’ll see that the eraser is not functioning like before because it became dirtier with time.

You might be wondering if getting a new eraser. But hold on! Why not reuse it? For that, you should know how to clean kneaded erasers. Is it possible? Absolutely.

The eraser quality makes it a self-cleaning substance. With a bit of instruction, you get to clean your kneaded eraser thoroughly.

We got a whole section of cleaning the kneaded eraser for you. But, before that, let’s discover more about the kneaded eraser.

What’s Kneaded Eraser Used for?

Talking about the uses of kneaded erasers, the prime task comes for drawing and arts. From modifying and highlighting an art to correcting different mistakes, the services of a kneaded eraser are vast.  

This fantastic rubber putty has extensive use outside the picture and arts. Let’s elaborate on its overall usage in brief.

For Erasing

You can already assume that its prime task is erasing by the name. Just like a regular eraser, you get to use it over any mistake or unnecessary lines over a piece of paper. Be it drawing or words, the kneaded eraser is an excellent medium for erasing and correcting it.

For Shading

Using the erasing techniques, you can make different shading with your drawing material. Implementing them accordingly over your drawing paper, you get to avail yourself of the function from the kneaded eraser.

You should maintain certain obligations in getting a good paper quality for the kneadable eraser.

Making Sculptures

Using the softness and flexibility of the eraser, you get to make different shapes out of it. And with its elasticity, you get all the freedom to connect them.

Thus, you get to make a model out of it in your desired shape. The best thing about it is you get to color the kneaded eraser, and it will remain stiff without any effect.

Cleaning Hand

This quality eraser can be a massive substance for cleaning the pencil lead on your hand. As they are highly absorbing against those marks, they can extract them from your skin.

Just rub the part of your skin with the eraser, and you’ll see the marks getting out from your skin. You can fold the eraser multiple times and make a convenient manner to use it again.

The Proper Ways to Clean Kneaded Eraser

Your eraser will get dirty after using for several times. Will you throw it for that? Not at all!

There are ways you can clean your kneaded eraser, and they are fully effective. Not only that, the eraser never loses its functioning after you clean it up. All you have to do is to implement the correct methods and steps.

We have prepared the whole procedure for you, which is stated below.

Breaking the Eraser and Reconnecting Them

Breaking the eraser and connecting them back might seem funny at times. But with the kneaded eraser, it might not be like it sounds.

The kneaded erasers have a high potential of absorbing and flattening any substances. It breaks those substances and completely grinds them to its sole body.

So, we will implement the method here and clean the kneaded eraser accordingly.

1st Step: Stretch the kneaded eraser from both sides.

2nd Step: Find the dirtiest part of the eraser.

3rd Step: Give a fold of the eraser couple of times, covering the dirty area. The part will get mixed with the eraser, and it will absorb the dirt into it.

4th Step: Repeat the process again and again over the dirty portions. Those portions will start to disappear slowly. The old region will be replaced with the inner white or clean parts, and your kneaded eraser will be cleaned.

Using a Lotion or Soap

Right after stretching and folding the kneaded erasers accordingly, you might want to make your eraser look brighter. And the lotion or soap will help you to do so.

Once you mix the dish of water with soap or lotion in the middle of the kneaded eraser, it spreads and gets absorbed in the eraser. Just like it functions on your skin, it does the same thing on the eraser.

You see the eraser with soap getting pretty much lighter and brighter. The dark patches of the eraser go away. Finally, your kneaded eraser becomes cleaner than ever.

The lotion is not a separate or an individual medium that’ll be implied for cleaning a kneaded eraser. You have to repeat the steps you have done earlier.

Using Your Finger or a Stick

The technique is only applicable when you kneaded eraser consumes hard material. In such situations as when colored pencils and graphite pencils lid or sharpener wastes get mixed with the eraser, you have to imply the technique.

Just use your finger and take the substance out of the eraser. If it is more profound, you can stretch the eraser out and get closer to it. Use a stick if needed to get the substance out of the eraser.

Once you are done with the removal, you can fold and follow the usual methods of cleaning the kneaded erasers.

Best Way to Use Kneaded Eraser

You’re done with the specialty and cleaning of the kneaded eraser. But all these are worthless if you don’t know the best way to use.

We made a guide for you to use the rubber putty in the best manner and get the best use.

Preparing the Eraser

Before you use the eraser, you should prepare it ideally. That is, you must make it eligible for proper usage.

Right after you get the kneaded eraser, you have to remove the paper stuck on it. Then using your hand, keep on pressing the eraser. It will make the eraser softer.

After softening the eraser, keep on joining the ends of the rubber. Slowly and steadily, as you see the eraser getting softer, you are ready to use it.

For Different Sections of Arts

You already know that kneaded erasers are ideal for different pencil sketches. Besides, the rubber can be effective for highlighting your artworks of different colored pencils.

Using the eraser like a dot over your art or sketches will fulfill the desire you’ve been asking from it. From mixing the shades to highlighting the graphics, you can use the eraser differently. The eraser is also ideal for modifying the shadow effects of your art.

Apart from that, the eraser is a massive medium for sculptures. Using the softness and absorbance of the substance, you can make a sculpture out of it. You get to reshape the eraser according to your desire too.

Cleaning and Storing

Cleaning the eraser is very easy. The eraser itself is a self-cleaner. The substances it absorbs get distorted within itself.

Just keep on folding the part of the eraser you want to clean. You can add lotions as an additive to boost it. After several folding, the dirt will disappear within the eraser.

Your duty doesn’t end with cleaning the eraser only. When you are not using it, keep it in a dry and safe place. Try to keep it aloof from kids, as consuming it will affect their health.


Q: Why does my kneaded eraser stink?

When the kneaded eraser gets dirty and remains in a high-temperature place, it starts to stink because the dirt in the eraser becomes suffocated and begins to decompose.

As a result, the effect spreads by creating an odor. That’s why it is recommended to keep your kneaded eraser clean and store it in a dry place.

Q: How to Make Kneaded Eraser Softer?

The first and the most important thing to make your kneaded eraser softer is to press it firmly. And you have to do it using your finger.

As you exercise the eraser, you are closer to making the eraser softer. Let’s discuss the procedure in some steps.

Step 1: Take a new eraser and remove the plastic from it. Start pressing the eraser with your finger. Understand the hardness of the eraser and perform accordingly.

Step 2: Tear 1/4 of the erase. Start tearing and joining the part just like you are playing with gum. Keep on extracting and joining it.

Step 3: After you are done with the step, make a ball shape with the kneaded eraser. This will break all the barriers stiffing the eraser.

Step 4: Use both your palms to give the final pressing to the kneaded eraser. Make it to the softest nature as possible. You can spread some warm water over the eraser to make it smoother.

Keep on repeating the processes unless you get your desired nature. Also, using the kneaded eraser frequently will make it softer by nature. So, you won’t have to mend too much on the matter.

Q: When should I throw away my kneaded eraser?

You should throw away your kneaded eraser when it turns into light grey. After using the graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, dust, etc., the eraser starts to change its color. At a certain point, it becomes entirely unusable, and that is when it becomes light grey.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the kneaded eraser is just a matter of time now. You no longer have to think about replacing your eraser right after it becomes dirty. Instead, you get to clean it all by yourself.

But keep in mind, everything has an end. Once your kneaded eraser stops fully functioning, you should replace it without a single thought.

Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your time and energy on it. So, get the best-kneaded eraser for your purpose and maintain it firmly. Till then, keep doing more artworks, and we’ll bring you more exciting topics regarding kneading erasers.

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