Best Backpack for Artists: Reviews in 2020

Best Backpack for Artists

As an artist, you probably have to spend most of the times of a day with your tools or art supplies. It sure will interrupt your creative thoughts if your tools themselves are in a mess.

You might are thinking that you definitely know where all those things are. Is that true? Even if it is, do you have them all well-arranged? If no (which I’m almost sure is), you need a backpack for storing and carrying them.

You know that you cannot just pick any bag from any store, right? A casual backpack will not have all the compartments you need for your stuffs. It’s pretty clear that you’re in need of a backpack for artists.

When you’ll search for that, you’ll have a number of options. Again, you cannot just pick anyone is the list. Hereby, to assist you, I’m going to discuss about all the best backpacks for artists that are currently available.

Why Do You Have to Use a Backpack?

You might question yourself that what if you just use your regular backpack to keep your tools. There are reasons why you should not and let me tell you the job of a backpack for artists.

Benefits of Using Artist Backpack

Promising to Help

If your purpose is clear (the kind of artwork you’re about to get involved in), a specialized backpack will help you in your project by taking care for all the tools you need.

Organization and Management

By keeping different tools in different compartments, you will find it easy to organize them. It is a must to manage necessary supplies when they are related to your passion or profession.

Easy to Carry

There are times when you have to move around with your tools. In situations like this, you need no ordinary bag but a backpack for artists as you can easily carry your things in them.

Keeps Your Supplies Safe

You’ll be relieved to know that these bags are manufactured to keep your tools safe from dust, mold and water. You can store your stuffs in them for a long time without worrying about the damage. While traveling with tools, you’ll not have to worry about the weather because they will be safe in all environments.

Saves Time

When you’ll arrange them in these backpacks, you’ll know exactly where you’ve kept which item. As a result, when it will be time to use them, you’ll find them easily without wasting any time.

Top 5 Backpack for Artists | Honest Reviews

There’s no rush to choose right away if you’re in need of a backpack for artists. Read the reviews I’m about to give carefully and see which one is a match to your demand and budget.

In case you’re in too rush to read the details, you can have a look at the comparison table below (which I won’t recommend if you really want to choose the right one).

1. ZUCA Artist Backpack- Best Value

ZUCA Artist Backpack

If you’re tired of using regular sized bags with insufficient space for all your stuffs, try this backpack from ZUCA. It has big compartments and small pouches for everything you need to carry. 

This is a good match for any artist but if you’re a makeup artist or a hair stylist, you might find no better match than this.

Let’s start with all the spaces you’ll get. For your bigger tools, you’ll have one big compartment. There will be two small removal pouches in case you need to separate your stuffs. As you open the zip of the big compartment, you’ll find four vinyl organization pockets for smaller items.

That’s not all. On one side, you’ll have two separate compartments that are comparatively smaller. On the other side, there’s another compartment that’s called thermal pocket. In this chamber, you can put hot equipment like flat or curling irons. You can put both together when needed. There are two mesh pockets- one is inside this chamber and another is on the outside.

There’s a slot to put the headphones through and a strap for your hairclips (in case you have long hair). And, there’s a string to help keeping the bag open.

The back of the backpack will feel comfortable against your back. The shoulder straps provide maximum comfort and support.

This bag weighs comparatively less which makes it easier for you to carry. However, when you’ll work sitting, you can turn it into a mobile workstation.

The zippers, plastic and other materials used in manufacturing, are of high quality so that you can use them for a long time without having anything damaged.

Luckily this backpack comes with two years warranty.

This backpack will be a great match considering the organization facilities, comfort of using, warrantied time and the affordable price

2. Outdoor Painting Canvas Bag form Sleeri

To complete your artwork, you might need to carry a number of things around all the time. With the large capacity of Outdoor Painting Drawing Board Canvas Bag, you’ll get all the spaces for your canvas, brushes, pencils, pallets and books.

This backpack is specially intended to help out professional artists although you can surely use them for other purposes.

The magic of this bag is that it is a handbag and a backpack at the same time. It has a handle that helps using it as a handbag. In both ways, you’ll find comfort and support.

In six pockets, you can store many different tools. For carrying the drawing board, you can use the largest pocket. The pockets in the front can be used to keep the easels, brushes, drawing pads, pencils, markers, crayons, drawing pens, drawing pallets, drawing books or other materials. In this carrying case, you’ll be able to carry canvas.

The attractive design and color are bonus for you. It is of sky blue color with a combination of royal blue. I bet you’ll like the look of it.

If you need, you can carry your art portfolio in it. For outdoor drawing, you’ll find this backpack really handy as you’ll find room for each any every item you need for drawing.

They are imported from USA.

The quality of materials, zippers and plastic are unquestionable. You’ll be using them for a long time without raising any question of comfort and quality.

3. Qianshan Pencil Case Holder Slot

Qianshan Pencil Case Holder Slot

If the regular backpacks fail to organize your pretty huge collection of colors or pens, you’re in need of a bag that won’t fail you. Qianshan has too many sections and holders that you’ll be able to organize all your pens, pencils, gel pens, Crayola, watercolor pencils, erasers, markers and brushes in this.

This carry case can actually hold up to more than two hundred color pencils or more than one hundred gel pens. They can fit perfectly in sixty four slots. There’s no risk of losing either of your pens because the elastic bands hold them safely. And of course, it has a zipper closure.

You’ll get five layers to organize everything. The three layers in the middle have holders on both sides of them (Wow!). Both sides are secured by elastic holders.

Leave all the boring looking bags behind because this bag looks so attractive. It clearly enriches your image as an artist.  They have eleven different designs and colors and all of them are amazing.

No matter how affordable the bag is (which it is), all will be wasted if the materials aren’t good enough. With this one, you’ll have polyester oxford fabric which assures the quality of the bag. It will not rip apart anytime soon. The zippers are trustable too. In other words, you’ll be able to use it for a really long time.

It’s great that this carry case isn’t for professional artists only. Even if you’re a makeup artist or intend it to get it for your kid, go ahead. It’s lightweight and comfortable to carry.  

This bag is widely used as a carry case or a handbag. You might not be able to carry it at your back but that won’t be an issue if you put the quality and comfort first.

4. ROYAL BRUSH Satchel Artist Set

A backpack that can be used as a carrying case and a travelling bag at the same time is quite difficult to find. Well, search no more because Sketching Satchel artist pack will be your companion in your needs like this.

This can be your perfect go-to backpack for daily use. And when you decide to travel with your art supplies, you can easily do that with this one. A couple of T-shirts might fit well in this too (in case you need to carry only the necessary tools).

The main compartment is big and zippered.  In the front, you’ll have three pockets for your smaller instruments. And there’s another secured side pocket.

You surely will be excited about all the things that come with the package. A fine point black gel pen, three permanent tip markers, a tri-fold case, a mechanical pencil, an eraser, a bubble mold template and a sketch book come with the bag.

The material and the zippers will serve quite well. You’re free to travel around without being afraid of having anything damaged. This backpack keep your stuffs mold and damage free.

Your days with this comfortable carrying bag will be as thrilling as you expect them to be.

5. Tanchen 4K Canvas Artist Carry Bag

Don’t panic if it rains in the middle of your way because your necessary tools are going to be safe in Tanchen Artist Portfolio carry bag. You can also convert this waterproof backpack into a handbag anytime you need.

Besides being waterproof, the ventilation system of this bag is fantastic. As a result, your tools inside will remain mold free. After using it for a longer period, you’ll acknowledge that they can serve you even more years.

You’ll have sufficient pockets in this that will come in five different sizes. In the main pocket, you can carry drawing board, sketch book or other larger instruments. Above the large pocket, you’ll see a small pocket. The side pocket is a long narrow one. Not only the pockets are usable but also the plastic holders can hold on some stuffs.

The back of this backpack and the shoulder straps are padded so that they feel comfortable against your back and shoulder. They are lightweight so that carrying them becomes of no trouble to you. The fabric, zippers and the plastics are admirable.

You’ll get to choose between 8 colors and one of them has printed design.

The size of this backpack is so on point that people of any height can carry it without worrying about how they might look. 

Even if you’re not a professional artist, you can go for this one. This backpack will suit on people from any profession. With all the amazing manufacturing features and customer reviews, I undoubtedly will call it one of the best backpacks for artists.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Artist Backpack

Choosing Artist Backpack

Surely the internet and the marketplaces are crowded with a number of backpacks for artists. Don’t rush to their looks immediately because there are certain factors you must consider before choosing one. Otherwise, your money can be totally wasted.

I will be more than happy to assist you by discussing some factors that I personally have found are necessary to consider.

Backpack Size

Backpack for artists come in different sizes. Select the size you randomly need. If you need it only to carry your accessories, you can pick something of medium size. For your traveling days, you can get a larger one in collection that will be able to store some of your clothes and your accessories at the same time.

In case you need to move around just with your very important pens, pencils, markers or crayons, comparatively smaller bags will be more than perfect.


I myself have a number of bags in store that I’ve used once or twice. The reason behind leaving them is that I don’t feel comfortable while using. Check out if you can find padded backpacks. This will feel comfortable against your back. About handbags, check if the holder is comfy or not.


For bigger spaces, you have to pick larger bags. Just like I have mentioned earlier, your purpose determines the amount of space you’ll be needing. Check out all the compartments first. For organizing and carrying all the stuffs, you have to make sure that the backpack you’ll pick has separate rooms for each item.

Water- Resistant

As you’ve read the reviews, now you’ve noticed that not all the backpacks for artists are waterproof. That’s because their fabric is so good that even without that feature, they can work successfully.

But, if you’re one of them who randomly need to work outside in all kinds of weathers, you surely should choose the water-resistant backpack. You cannot risk your accessories though.

Ventilation System

It’s important to check if the ventilation system of the backpack is good or not. With poor ventilation, your tools inside might grow mold and get damaged.


You probably already know that you have to check if the fabric, plastic, zippers and buckles are of good quality or not. Don’t get one that’ll rip off easily or that’ll need to get new zippers every other day.


If you’re someone like me, you might not be too cautious about the outlook of your bag. But it’s kind of necessary to pick the color wisely. If you pick a color that gets dirty easily, moving around with it will be troublesome.

If the fabric is washable then it’s okay but if it’s not, pick color wisely. And if you want to be someone extra (which is cool), you can pick the designed backpacks for artists. This will totally match with your profile.

Final Thoughts!

Both you and I are aware of the importance of a backpack in professional sectors as art supplies are stored in them. To choose the best backpack for you, you can go through the reviews and know about the things you should consider first.

Being aware of the purpose is a must because for carrying supplies of canvas drawing and space drawing, you need separate kinds of backpacks. Although detailed information are given, you’re always welcome to ask for more by leaving comments. Your queries will be dealt with maximum priority.

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