13 Best Art Supplies for Toddlers in 2024 (Must Need)

Art is a great way to increase the hand-eye coordination of toddlers. But when they are a little messy, you must need to choose art supplies wisely. And the best art supplies for toddlers will stimulate brain development and not be too messy. 

I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect set of art supplies for kids, and I’m here to help!

Here, I’ll discuss some of the best options out there regarding materials that won’t create a big mess at home to have peace of mind while your child has fun being creative.

As there are thousands of choices out there for art supplies, luckily, I’m going to mention the ones that I think will be your best option as a parent. In this article, I’ll also explain how they are an advantage for your baby.

Without anything else to add, let’s begin!

Why is Art Important in Early Childhood?

Before answering this question, I want to share something with you. Different studies have shown that the countries that score highest in Science subjects like Mathematics have art classes as a mandatory subject. And Japan has been on top of that list for many years.

Another study has found that students who join art classes regularly are more likely to be recognized for academic excellence and school attendance. The reason behind sharing this research data is to show you how important art is in your kids’ lives.

Now, I’ll explain a few things in detail for your better understanding.

Develops Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the coordination of small muscles in our hands, allowing us to do things like controlling a pencil or pen.

And it’s essential for kids as they learn how to write. They start with scribbles and gradually try more complicated shapes and strokes that will help them develop their handwriting skills later on.

So, when they hold the crayons or paintbrushes, it helps to improve their dexterity by developing finger strength and improves hand-eye coordination.

Unleashes Creativity

Art helps kids to unleash their latent creativity. It’s a beautiful way for them to express themselves. And it teaches about different art styles, which will help later on with visual arts classes in school or college.

It also improves the child’s self-confidence by providing an outlet for expression. It means that things can be seen as “perfect” even if they cannot create something perfect every time.

Decision-Making Ability

Art is a great way to teach your young children about decision-making skills. For example, they are asked to decide what color and shape of crayon they want or which type of paper will be best for their project.

So, art classes help them learn how to make decisions with confidence.

And this is what they actually learn by practicing drawing and playing with colors. While creating any artwork, they have to decide which color they need to use on where.

Cognitive Development

There are many benefits of art for cognitive development. Firstly, it is a perfect way to teach concepts such as shape, color, and size.

Secondly, kids have to think about what colors they need or which shapes they should draw when creating art projects. It allows them to practice these skills in a fun environment!

In other words – art helps children develop their thinking abilities by learning how to problem-solve and reason through different tasks presented while drawing.

Know the Best Art Supplies for Toddler

After coming so far, you may have learned the importance of art for young toddlers. So if you want your toddler to have the best possible start with life, then make sure you allocate them enough time for arts and crafts activities. It would be best to start it from early age onwards as there’s no substitute for it.

However, fostering creativity, you must choose the best art materials for toddlers. Otherwise, it may do the exact opposite.

Now that you have come to this point, I can guarantee the list below will be worth considering if you’re in search of some good art supplies for toddlers!

1. Kids Crayon

Kids Crayons

Do you know why crayons are on the top of this list? It’s because these can be used to create a variety of different colors and textures. And toddlers enjoy crayons a lot.

These tools are great to learn through entertainment, and everyone gets a kick out of them. Even now, deep into adulthood, we often try to spend some quality time with our little ones coloring some pages.

Of course, children are too curious for their safety sometimes, so there are high risks that they may try to taste the crayons. Since you can’t always avoid it, the correct solution is to give them non-toxic crayons.

You may not know it, but regular crayons have many chemicals such as formaldehyde, lead, ammonia, and more. However, non-toxic crayons have none of that, and they are eco-friendly.

They feature ingredients such as organic soy wax, organic beeswax, and plant/vegetable extracts. But compared to regular ones, they are a bit expensive, still safe for kids. Some people also go for the oil pastels.

However, if you want my recommendation, then I can say that you can blindly trust beeswax crayons. For this, you can go for the Honeysticks Pure Beeswax Crayons set. And if you are a Crayola Crayons fan, then it’ll be a great idea to pick up the Palm Grip Crayons for starting.

Amazingly, if your child uses these markers, it’s not a big deal for you to create a mess-free environment as these are washable.

2. Washable Markers

Before ChoosingWashable Markers
Source: thetoddle.com

Next on our list of the top art supplies for kids are markers, producing various colors, and giving off different consistencies.

Although you could find sets with few washable markers, most brands offer a total of 50 or even more pieces included per package. That’s a lot of fun, entertainment, and quality learning tools for every toddler.

Definitely, the brands to check out are Crayola, RoseArt, and Sargent, to name a few. The markers offered by these companies are incredible, as they provide bright colors that won’t bleed through the paper.

You want to have markers that come off quickly for toddlers, but they should also be child-friendly. So, rather than regular markers, pick non-toxic and AP-certified washable markers. Then you won’t have to worry if you have to leave the child alone for a few minutes.

Having these tools, toddlers with endless possibilities get to let free their creativity. Children will have the opportunity to put their ideas onto paper as they learn each day. If your baby ever makes a mess, cleaning off a washable maker is a matter that will take you a few seconds only.

But remember that they are still so young, and that’s why your marker selection should be wise enough. So, for introducing art markers, you can choose dot markers at first. They also help them in easy painting.

Among the thousands of brands out there, Do-A-Dot Art Markers are one of the best dot markers for toddlers.. You can also check other markers in detail on our washable marker review.

3. Colored Pencils

Cheap Colored Pencils

This list will remain incomplete if I don’t mention the colored pencils here. These come with softer leads that allow a little artist to draw more quickly than using regular pencils.

Oil pastels are great for creating different textures, but if you want your kids to focus more on drawing precision, then go ahead with colorful pencils.

And the best part is that they can be used by both little children and adults alike. So, I recommend picking up some good quality color pencils over the regular ones.

Not only do they work better than the latter one, but they also provide richer tones! Since there’s such a variety of colors available in this category, these will become their favorite tools as well.

And in this case, if you ask for my recommendation, then I’ll definitely go for the BIC Kids Evolution Triangle Coloring Pencils. These are so much durable and can be a great art tool for your kids. So, depending on your budget and need, you can blindly pick them.

4. Colored Chalks

colored chalk

It’s another art material that I can’t resist myself to mention. While colored chalks are a bit messier than other tools, they’re so much fun to use!

And in case you want your child to focus on shape and color recognition, then these drawing tools will provide a one-stop solution for that as well.

However, there are two types of colored chalks in the market – one is for indoor use, and the other is for outdoor use. Whether it’s indoor chalk or sidewalk chalk, one chalk will give both solutions. And it’s the Chalk City Sidewalk Chalk.

You’ll get 20 different colors in one set, and due to their size, these are easy to hold. They are non-toxic and washable in nature. So, just pick up this range without thinking further.

5. Art Papers

Art Papers

Another favorite amongst children who like drawing is art paper. It allows them to print their imagination onto something physical without any constraints due to expense. So, if you want to be on their side, do not forget that paper is the only thing they need to start.

And I always prefer to start with a plain white sheet or scribble pad. So, give your kids their first scribble pad and boost up their artistic imagination.

Rather than getting frustrated looking for the best brands online, just go for the Melissa & Doug Drawing Paper Pad. Here, you’ll get three packs of 50 sheets at a reasonable price. It will ensure your kid’s best interest in drawing more often.

6. Watercolors

Watercolor for kids

For creating beautiful paintings like artists out there, nothing beats watercolor paint! That’s why it’s one of the best coloring supplies for toddlers. Children love using these simple tools due to their ease of use. They also provide different textures and shades, which allow little artists to learn how to mix colors by themselves.

The best thing about these paints is that they are available in a wide range of colors and you can choose any depending on your child’s need! And the kids, who have recently mastered how to use them, will be painting like never before!

Nowadays, water pen markers are also available for kids, and you can check them out too. Kids love drawing unicorns because it seems so magical for them – something out-of-this-world! So, get some Unicorn Drawings Books online and let your little artist draw all day long with this set of tools.

And I’m sure they would not want to stop as their imagination just flows through those beautiful pieces of artwork made by them. So, if you’re looking forward to an easy way to encourage creativity, then set a painting easel just beside their art space and get some easel paper. You can also get an art smock that they can wear during the painting session to avoid paint mess.

However, you can go for the TBC The Best Crafts Watercolor Paint Set, as it’s one of the best watercolors for kids. This set is 100% non-toxic and comes with a paintbrush also.

7. Paint Brushes

paint brush

It will be a crime if I don’t mention the name of paintbrush just after mentioning watercolors. There is no alternative to painting brushes to create pictures using watercolors.

And the best part about these brushes is that they’re not messy and easy to use. So, if your child likes painting but doesn’t like spills, this one will be perfect! You can also clean the wet brush without any hassle.

From my perspective, you can get the Melissa & Doug Jumbo Brush Set for your kids. These are easy to hold due to the stick size. Even your kids can control it with their palms.

But it would be best if you chose wisely as there are tons of options out there with different sizes and shapes. As I said earlier, children love unicorns, so get a paintbrush set that includes some unicorn-themed watercolors, too, or buy an individual paintbrush set.

8. Tempera Paints

Tempera Paints

If your kids don’t like watercolors and paintbrushes or are not mature enough to use them, then bring them tempera paint or finger paint. It’s basically popular for doing finger painting. So, if you are looking for finger paint tools, then there are tempera paints that you may get from the art store.

However, if your child is aged between three to six years old, I would say these paints are perfect for them because they’re easy to use, even for toddlers too! They only require some paint on paper or canvas and use hand to spread it evenly.

Tempera finger paints are creative ways to learn about how colors work in real-life situations. While playing with this, supervise your child not to pour more paint than needed on paper.

And if you think which tempera paint can be the best, then there is no exception to Crayola Washable Kids paint. For all kinds of home activities, it’s the best suit.

Most importantly, this liquid paint is washable. And if your child wears it on their clothes or skin, you can remove them within seconds. So, it’s enough for getting a mess-free environment quickly.

9. Playdough or Clay

Common Types of Clay

As you already know, art is about imagination. One of the best ways to encourage that imaginary thinking in kids is by giving them playdough or clay.

And if your toddler likes playing with clay, then there are some beautiful shapes like animal figures available out there! You can get a small bag of dough for creating sculptures. And don’t forget to buy some shape cutters to make their desired characters without any difficulty.

In the world of playdough, no brand can beat the Play-Doh Modeling Clay. So, it’s needless to say that you’ll definitely get the high-quality one by having it.

Nowadays, parents are also moving to kinetic sand. And your child can also make different shapes using this. But kinetic sand is a bit expensive than playdough or modeling clay.

These art materials are used for creative play and educational purposes widely as it helps your child recognize shapes of different things.

10. Magnetic Art Board

Best Magnetic Drawing Board

Kids love to create something new, and I’m sure they will be excited to make their own artwork on magnetic boards. These art materials are pretty versatile and can be said as one of the best art materials. Toddlers can use the artboards to improve their drawing skills too.

These are not like traditional boards. These are the modern drawing boards that offer attractive features for children. Your toddlers can create pictures on it conveniently.

If you are looking for best buy, only one name comes to my mind – VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard. That’s not to mention that parents get to enjoy them too, as they just need a swipe of button to clean after use.

And the brand I’ve mentioned is fully electronic and a worthy investment all around. You’ll also get a complete list of the best magnetic artboards for kids on our website. If you want, you can check that too.

11. Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle stick is the most simple art material out there. Parents usually use them for teaching their children about shapes, colors, and even letters too!

You can create some beautiful shapes by using these sturdy sticks like flowers or animals. Your kids can also color it and do different craft projects with it. And when it’s time to clean up, just throw all the scraps in the trash bin – that would be a lot easier than cleaning paint brushes because they are not messy.

And within a reasonable price range, you can get 200 pcs of KTOJOY Craft Sticks from Amazon.

12. Craftic Scissors

Craftic Scissors

I think Scissors are an essential tool that every child should have. As they work with art papers or other colorful papers, they must cut them down for different purposes.

Toddlers can also use scissors to cut out shapes and pictures from magazines, newspapers, or cards easily without any difficulty. It’ll help their hand-eye coordination and learn about how these things work in real-life situations.

But make sure that they won’t hurt themselves while playing because toddlers have no idea about what’s dangerous. So, I always recommend giving them childproof scissors. That’s why you can get the Crayola My First Safety Scissors. Luckily, there is no chance of injury while using this.

13. Glue Sticks

Glue Sticks

Kids love to glue things, and it’s a great way to improve their fine motor skills too. But before you buy them, make sure that your toddler can use the glue without any difficulty. One of the best types for children is this one – Elmer’s Glue Sticks because they are washable and non-toxic as well!

So you won’t have to worry about giving these materials to your kids. You can provide them with glitter glue as they love glittery things.

Considerations Before Choosing Toddler Art Supplies

Though I’ve already mentioned some of the product names and brands, there are still some standards by which you’ll be able to select the best toddler art supplies. Check out the things given below before making any purchase.


The best art supplies for babies are those that don’t pose any safety hazards to them. What if your child eats or swallows a piece of that art supply? So, you must need to pick up non-toxic art supplies for kids.

You can learn about the ingredients by going through the label of any products before buying. Choose the ones that don’t contain any harmful chemicals.


Children mean mess! So, it’s evident that there will be a messy environment when your kids will do their artwork. That’s why you need to act wisely in this case.

Besides choosing the non-toxic items, check if those colors or art materials are washable or not. It will ensure that you can remove all the stains of colors from clothes and other work areas without hassle.


It’s always best to choose the ones made from durable material to make sure that your child’s art supplies will last long. And if you’re planning on buying an expensive set of items for them, then go ahead with better quality one!


For every age group, there’s a different type of activity that suits them well. So, it’s essential to select art tools or other educational materials depending on your child’s age.

Toddlers usually have difficulty handling hard materials because their hand muscles aren’t developed enough yet. However, it’s essential to know what your toddler can do before deciding anything else.


Lastly, you’ll need to see if that particular item is accessible for the toddler to use. For example, some markers are hard to hold with little hands or fingers and can’t be used properly as they slip off their hands quickly.

And this means you shouldn’t choose any art supplies without thinking about their convenience level – because your kids will not learn anything in such a case.

How Do You Set Up Art Space for Kids?

Setting up an art space is equally important as choosing the right tools. A proper art area will help young children work on different mediums simultaneously without facing any problems.

So, here I’m giving some tips on how to set up art space for little artists.

Keep It Open

If you want to give your toddler a chance to be creative, it’s best if the art space is as open and accessible as possible. It will encourage them to explore different materials that can help develop their thinking skills while building up their confidence!

So, make an open seating arrangement with chairs and tables. Make sure the supplies are accessible to hands. But don’t make any unused space as the art studio.

Making an art space means you are encouraging your little artist. But if you give them those unused spaces inside your house, they will feel neglected. Even you can use the floor if you don’t have any other options.

Always keep in mind that kids should have an open art area where they can stretch their creativity without boundaries – walls won’t do anything good here! So make sure you give your toddler ample space while working on art projects together.

Use Quality Supplies

Quality is one of the most important things to consider when selecting art supplies. A good quality product will last longer and be more fun to use.

Invest in high-quality markers, crayons, paintbrushes, etc. So, your toddler can have a blast making their creations!

And make sure you choose watercolor or washable tempera paint for painting activities because they’re easier to clean up than acrylics or oils. Some of them are also permanent once painted on surfaces such as walls and furniture.

So, use mess-free toddler art supplies.

Set Up Open Storage

Storage is another thing to remember when setting up an art space. And keeping the storage open is one of the thumb rules for setting up supplies. It ensures that all the supplies are easily accessible.

If you don’t want paintbrushes lying around the house, try using large storage bins with lids that close tightly. This way, everything will be neatly stored away from kids’ reach but still accessible at a moment’s notice!

However, if you want to keep some supplies out of your kids’ reach, keep them on the higher shelf. But things like pens, paper, crayons, markers, etc. keep on the open lower shelf.

If you are short on space, then use baskets and containers for storing art and craft supplies. You can keep them in your child’s bedroom or in the art studio so they’re always within reach!

Use Limited Art Materials

Your kids may get overwhelmed by getting so many art supplies together. But in the end, they will use a few items from them every time and waste other ones. So, keep the space organized by giving them only a few times. You can rotate the items whenever you want. In this way, your toddlers will learn the uses of all the supplies and get so much fun.

Set Up Display Art Shelf

Little artists love to see their art projects is hanged up or framed up. So, you can make a hanging arrangement where they can display all their projects. In that case, curtain rods will be helpful, I guess.

You can also use a high-quality bookcase to hang up framed art projects that your toddler has created and is proud of!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Art Supplies Can a 2 Year Old Use?

You will find so many options for art supplies for toddlers, but you want to be sure that what you choose is safe, fun and won’t create a huge mess. For a 2 year old you can get crayons, paint, markers and colored pencils.

If you want to start with something less messy and easier to control then a little set of crayons or felt tip pens should be enough for them. Art supplies can help your child’s creative development and also improve their hand-eye coordination.

But if you are looking for something a bit more creative, then why not try out some paint? Watercolor paints are a great option as they are easy to use and you can help your little one hold the brush properly.

Q: Can 1 Year Old Use Crayons?

Crayons are among the best art supplies to introduce toddlers to because they are easy for small hands to grasp and manipulate. Use non-toxic crayons specifically designed for kids and make sure that your 1 year old is always supervised when using them.

Additionally, get a large piece of paper, preferably one with lines or sections so that it’s easier for them to stay in the lines and learn how to control their marks. Art activities are a great way for 1 year old to start developing their hand-eye coordination and creativity, plus it will keep them entertained for hours.

Q: What do Toddlers Gain from Painting?

Toddlers gain a lot from painting and drawing. Art helps kids express their imagination and become creative thinkers. It also helps build fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities. Art is a great way to develop an appreciation for the beauty of colors, shapes, textures, and patterns too.

To ensure your little one will have a positive experience with art, it’s important to select the right supplies. Art materials for kids should be safe, non-toxic and easy to clean up. They should also have features that make them fun and stimulating for toddlers.

Wrap Up

This was the list of art supplies for toddlers which will help them develop through playtime learning activities. If you are a prospective parent, teacher, or artist looking to teach art and craft to kids – then this post will be helpful for you.

Here, I’ve only mentioned a few that are essential, but parents can always go the extra mile and get more if needed. With these things around, every day will turn into an adventure filled with art and creativity!

And now it’s time for me to leave my place here too. Bye-bye!

Do let me know which one among them was your favorite in the comment section below? I would love it if we can get more creative with your feedback!

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