8 Best Magnetic Drawing Board for Toddlers in 2024

The popular educational toys are innovative enough to help children develop mentally. Apart from entertaining children, making them learn through toys is the goal of every parent.

According to experts, such toys unleash creativity and are blended with excitement and pleasure. That means they’ll enjoy every bit of the learning process.

The market is awash with a wide variety of art supplies and toys and choosing can sometimes be a headache. Well, having numerous options is not such a bad thing but it also makes it a bit difficult to pick the most appropriate one for your kid.

In the following post, we’ll discuss some of the candidates for the best magnetic drawing board for toddlers.

Best Magnetic Drawing Board

Top Rated Magnetic Drawing Board | Quick Comparison

VTech Doc Clipboard✓ 4 learning activities
✓ 30+ playful melodies
✓ 3 detachable stencils 
AMZCARS Magnetic Board✓ Pen with string
✓ Two stampers
✓ Slide eraser
VTech Creative Board✓ Customizable
✓ 26 drawing objects
✓ Onscreen instructions
Wellchild Magnetic Board✓ Pen with string
✓ 4 colored zones
✓ 3 stampers
Play22 Drawing Board✓ Stylus pen
✓ Easy to hold
✓ 713 different slots

1. VTech Doc McStuffins Talk and Trace Clipboard

Meland Drawing Board

Educational toys for toddlers should have several features to keep the little guy interested. Towards that goal, VTech Doc McStuffins comes with more than 30 playful melodies. These exciting sounds help ignite the creativity and interest of the child.

You do not have to push them to use the trace clipboard. With more than four learning activities, the drawing board has more than enough to help them learn. The three detachable stencils that come along with the interactive toy can help Stacy or Jim learn the letters and form shapes.

The letter and number recognition technology will prove useful with health topics and writing skills. As a parent or guardian, your task of helping the child learn couldn’t be easier. Typically, the magnetic board is engaging, and the kid gets to learn as they play.

This drawing board for kids is comfortable to use with a stylus that fits well on the small hands. You know how kids are, they give up easily if something doesn’t seem to be working or is uncomfortable.

Other skills that the toy teaches include hand coordination. It also increases imagination for the children, and they can get smarter over a short period. Every parent wants their children to develop their mental faculties within the shortest time.

What about ease of use and maintenance?

It can be assured that the toy is easy to use even for the toddlers with no writing or drawing experience whatsoever. The exciting colors, sounds, and the design make it all quite enjoyable, even for the older children at home. This magnetic board uses two triple-a batteries that you can easily source from your local store.

2. AMZCARS Magnetic Board for Kids

AMZCARS Magnetic Board

Design of this magnetic drawing board is the first thing that will catch your eye. It is unique and appropriate for small children. Also, the item comes with four color areas that include yellow, green, red, and blue. The average screen size creates a cozy platform for children to draw in each color.

Still, on design, the unit boasts a convenient handle so that a kid can carry it around. You can also hang it on the wall using this handle so that everyone can see the ingenuity. The overall construction is quite sturdy, and the toddler cannot pull it apart.

It is always essential to ensure the kids’ toys and learning tools are safe and easy to use. Fortunately, the board is very safe. It does not have any sharp corners or edges that can leave bruises on your child’s skin. Therefore, you can have peace of mind.

The well-made environmental plastic is non-toxic and gentle on the child’s hands. The special pen with string and two stampers are very easy to use. Using the stampers, the child can try different figures and objects on the board without trying so much. With the string, the pen is less likely to be lost or swallowed.

Other great features include the slide eraser that is quite effective in removing drawings. A simple swipe removes the doodles, and the child can start anew. This particular feature will save the child a lot of frustration and wastage of time.

3. VTech Write and Learn Creative Board

VTech Write and Learn Creative board

Reliability in learning tools comes in the shape of VTECH learning toys. It is a brand above the rest when it comes to interactive and innovative learning toys. The pre-k learning toy is fun to use at home or anywhere else. It, therefore, provides the best way to get ahead in learning.

Individual features such as the animated demonstrations make the kids’ drawing board so much easier for the child to learn. Your input may not be necessary in this regard and that is a good thing. The preschoolers can learn upper and lowercase letters, among other things using this creative tool.

It is customizable with your child’s name. That means the child can quickly learn how to write their names.

The stencil toy is innovative, and it teaches the little guy how to draw simple lines and develop to more advanced levels. Your little artist can master drawing the 26 objects that the drawing board has. The onscreen instructions can help your kid further.

Also, the children can then try other things and play around with their creativity. The toy uses two AA batteries and which you can quickly source from the stores. It is portable and easy to travel with. Your kid can have fun and learn while traveling or enjoying the outdoors.

You will acknowledge that the design of the drawing board is perfect for children to use. It is safe, and the plastic cover is sturdy. The recommended age of the learning toy is between 3 and 6 years.

4. Wellchild Travel Size Magnatic Board

Wellchild Magnatic Board

A multi-function educational toy should have several features to make it ideal for children. Among them is the ease of use. Typically, this unit is easy to use, and your child will take to it like fish in the water.

It is attractive and fun to use. The kids can’t wait to start drawing and learning new skills. Drawing with this is even easier as the magnetic pen comes with a string. That means you’ll not have to guard the pen while they’re drawing.

You will notice that the edges are not sharp and the kid is safe. It is also lightweight, and they can carry it to the picnic spot.

The four colored zones are quite sufficient for most kids. They can be innovative and practice their skills at any time of the day. The colored zones are yellow, blue, green, and red. Three stampers are part of the package and they help enhance their creativity.

Your kids can use the smooth elastic eraser whenever they make mistakes.

The eraser is durable and a great addition to the toy. Well, the toy is non-BPA and safe for use. It does not have any harmful ingredients or components.

A carry bag is part of the package, and the kid can use it to transport the magnetic drawing board. You will find that the design is most appropriate for children between the ages of three and five.

5. Play22 Drawing Board

Play22 Drawing Board

Learning ABC was never this easy and it’s all thanks to Play22 Magnetic Drawing Board. It is erasable and easy-to-use for the toddlers. In our opinion, it will not be a surprise if your older children use it as well.

The first noticeable and attractive thing is its black body which is quite unusual. This magnetic board is easy to hold and the stylus pen is comfortable to use. It is the kind of thing to help the child learn, even without the input of the guardian. The magnetic board boosts hand-eye coordination with the help of 713 different slots.

The stylus pen pulls the beads to the surface and you can use your finger to push them back. It is, therefore, easy to clean, and the little boy can practice other shapes and drawings.

You don’t need a pen and paper that can get quite messy. There is no ink to deal with or other harmful substances. The plastic is non-toxic which means your kid is with safe company the whole time.

It is ideal for children above the age of 3 and they can learn as much as they want. The unit is portable to carry everywhere you go. It fits well on the child’s lap, and it can become their best item while on travel.

This must be admitted that it is also durable and safe to use. It does not have any sharp edges, and the children cannot use it as a weapon. Well, you may need to be careful so that they don’t smash it too much on a hard surface.

6. SGILE Large Magnetic Doodle Board

SGILE Large Magnetic Doodle Board

With four colors in eight zones, this magnetic doodle board is another ideal educational item for your toddler. It has a comfortable design for little hands which is easy to use.

The drawing board comes with three stamps in three shapes square, round and triangle, to guide the drawing process. They are easy to use and help the children draw some of the everyday objects and shapes. The whole process is effortless and keeps them interested.

It is portable and your kid can use it both indoors and outdoors. Your kids’ small hands will find it easy to control.

And to make it even more interesting for the little champs, the unit comes with an updated version of music. The volume is adjustable and you can keep it up to a comfortable level. Well, the different functionalities and user-friendliness can pretty much keep the child busy.

The material is ABS plastic without harmful additives and quite durable. It does not have sharp corners and small parts that your child can swallow. The round edges and soft curves are no threats to your little one.

There is also a sketch pad eraser that the kid can use to clear the drawings and start again. That means they can draw countless times until they perfect the art and that, of course, is the main idea. It has four vivid colors to ignite the creativity of the child and help them develop mentally.

In my opinion, this unit is an excellent tool for learning various skills such as drawing, listening and writing, while also having fun.

7. Hanmun Magnetic Drawing Board

Hanmun Magnetic Board

Unlike others in the market, this unit comes with a large and small drawing screen for toddlers. Sometimes, changes are needed and that also applies to the little children. They might sometimes need the small drawing screen to draw small objects and for convenience.

The larger screen has sufficient space to draw bigger objects and for more detail. Other features of the magnetic drawing board include two shape stampers for more natural tracing. It also comes with easy slider erasers to make it easier to start over.

Of course, the children will keep making mistakes, and that’s part of the learning process. The erasers allow them to make as many mistakes as possible to perfect the final outcome. Your children will also have the rainbow theme of the magnetic drawing board.

It is pleasing to the eyes, and that, in a way, encourages the children to use the toys. The attached stylus pen is perfect for small hands and easy to use. It will not get lost because of the tethering and the stamps have their specific spots for storage.

The convenient handles make it easy to transport even in vehicles so that they can use it anywhere. It is lightweight and comfortable to carry. You can as well use the handle to hang the drawing board on the wall.

This is made with ABS plastic which assures the safety of your kid. However, it is recommended not to let your kid below three years use this.

8. Meland Magnetic Manga Drawing Board

Meland Drawing Board

One thing that is to love about this magnetic drawing board is the significant space it boasts for drawing. Compared with most others, the space on this board is quite sufficient for the toddler. They can draw a lot of things in a single place without having to keep erasing.

Your child can scribble, write, and draw to their heart’s desire. They can play around with their imagination to develop their thinking and creativity. The children can practice on the drawing board without making so much mess.

Necessarily, the child can make as many mistakes as possible until they hack it. The eraser is convenient and practical.

A picture book is available to guide your daughter or son on how to draw step by step. It is a multi-colored panel to get the right effect and the desired results. The available colors are green, red, blue, and yellow.

Children will be more interested to find the three animal shaped stamps with this. You will find a transparent template that the child can use to draw letters of the alphabet and numbers. As a result, they can quickly learn the basics, and they will be ahead of everyone at school. And that is how confidence builds.

Most children love the comfortable design with a convenient handle that they can use to transport the drawing board. They can, therefore, carry it to various places such as camping and enjoy their drawings.

The high-quality ABS plastic construction is durable, safe, and lightweight to carry. It is not easy to break, and that is a plus. Your child can use it and have fun for a long time to come.

How Does a Magnetic Drawing Board Work?

You have to admit that the magnetic drawing board or manga doodle is one of the most innovative toys that you can get for your kid. Well, the advantages include ease of use, safety, and ability to enhance creativity in children.

But how does a magnetic board work?

The trick is in the magnetic tip that makes it effortless to draw. The child does not have to press the pen against the surface to get results. Light pressure is sufficient.

Typically, there are two plastic sheets separated by the honeycomb net on the drawing board. The honeycomb cells contain a thick white liquid with black iron oxide magnetic materials.

When the child draws, the magnetic field of the pen reaches the liquid. The iron oxide becomes visible on the surface because the white liquid and magnetic particles have the same density.

In other words, the black particles do not sink into the white liquid and stay visible as long as you want it.

The eraser slider is another crucial accessory with a magnetic functionality. Typically, it works by pushing the magnetic particles back into the white liquid. The child can then start all over again with a new project.

The magnetic drawing board is less messy and has clean results. It is a great way to encourage the child to draw and grow their talent.

Things to Consider when Picking a Magnetic Drawing Board

Purchasing a magnetic drawing board is not as easy as picking just an item from your favorite store. If you’re not careful, you can end up with something that may not be appropriate for your kid. There are several factors that you should consider before picking one.


For a good reason, anything for a toddler should be durable. Of course, you cannot expect the little one to be as careful as you are as an adult. Therefore, it makes complete sense that the magnetic drawing board ought to be durable.

Check the material of the educational toy and read the reviews. It is always essential to check what other people are saying about the particular product. How long did it last? Is it worth the price?


There is no doubt that magnetic drawing boards are safer than most other learning methods, such as crayons. However, you should always make sure the toys do not have small parts that your small boy can throw in the mouth. You better look for the set that has stringed pen.

Check for sharp corners and other components that can injure the little one. Try choosing the one made with non-toxic plastic.


The drawing boards should be easy to clean and maintain. You should be able to disassemble the equipment, clean it, and put it back together.


To avoid boredom, the magnetic drawing board should incorporate features for versatility. Having melodies or different shaped stamps might help the kids go on. At a minimum, the board should encourage the child to be innovative.

Ease of Use

Before you can check out the item from the kids’ store, make sure that it is appropriate for your kid. The majority of the magnetic toys are for ages between 3 and 8. If you get something adjustable, the better it is for everyone. It can grow with your child, and you may not need to purchase another one.


The accessories and supplies for your choice of the educational toy should be easy to find. They should also not be so expensive to obtain. How long will you be using the erasers or paper rolls?

Storage Space

It is always a great idea or the magnetic board to have some storage space. Well, some space to keep the drawing tools, eraser and other small important stuff is essential. It helps organize everything in one place.

Functional storage space also makes it possible to keep track of the toddler’s progress. But what does the storage space entail? Every manufacturer has their design, and it is up to you to determine which among them is best.

How it Looks

Most of the kids’ stuffs are attractive with vibrant colors. It should not be different for the magnetic drawing board. Of course, your kid will want to identify with something beautiful. It is in their nature, and it is up to you to choose the most appealing.


The most innovative products are not worth pocket change. If you want the best magnetic drawing board for toddlers, you may need to spend more. Check the customer reviews to help you determine if a particular item is worth the price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Age is Magnetic Drawing Boards for?

Magnetic drawing boards are suitable for children of all ages, though they are most popular with younger children aged 3 to 8.

The magnetic drawing board encourages creativity and helps to develop hand-eye coordination as well as basic motor skills. With the help of a magnetic drawing board, kids can express their emotions and explore their imagination through art without the mess of markers, crayons and paints.

Q: Are Magnetic Boards Safe for Kids?

Magnetic boards can be a great way for kids to learn, stay organized, and express their creativity. They can also be very safe for children if certain safety precautions are taken into consideration. Magnetic boards should always have rounded edges to reduce the risk of injury from bumps and bruises. 

Additionally, it is important to choose magnetic boards that are made of sturdy materials like wood or acrylic as these will be less likely to break or chip when playing with the board.

Finally, make sure the magnets used on the board are age-appropriate so they won’t pose a choking hazard. With these precautions in mind, magnetic boards can provide a fun and educational experience for all ages

Final Thoughts

For the children that love drawing and painting, the magnetic board is the ideal toy for them. It helps grow their talent and enhance their creativity.

The magnetic drawing board is innovative, easy to use for the child and is not a lot of hassle to maintain. Check the above recommendations, and I am are sure that you are going to get the best for your child.

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