Choosing the Best Paper for Alcohol Based Markers in 2024

Ever had your drawing ruined by bleeding or feathering markers? If yes, then I can understand how terrible the feeling is.

Perhaps you think your markers are defective. In reality, it is the paper that has the problem. Using too thin paper can result in bleeding and feathering. If the paper is the best paper for alcohol markers, none of this will matter.

If you want to see your markers’ true potential, you have to use special paper that is custom-made for Copic markers. These papers are coated to inhibit bleeding. And the best papers contain fibers for effective blending capacity. 

That is what we are going to demonstrate. Following that, we’ll provide all the information you need to know about high-quality paper for alcohol markers so you can make the best choice.

Paper for Alcohol Based Markers
NameNumber of sheetsWeightSize
Canson Series Bristol Pad259″ x 12″
Copic Marker XPBC125250 GSM8.5″ x 11″
Copic Sketchbook32157 GSM9″ x 12″
Bianyo Bleedproof Paper5070 GSM8.27″ x 11.69″
Canson Layout Marker Pad5070 GSM14″ x 17″
W&N Bleedproof Pad5075 GSM9″ x 12″
U.S. Art markers Pad24100 GSM9″ x 12″
Strathmore Marker Paper5090 GSM9″ x 12″
Bee Paper Bleedproof Pad30180 GSM8.5″ x 11″
Strathmore Marker Pad24190 GSM 9″ x 12″

Why Do You Need Special Paper for Alcohol Markers?

It does matter what kind of paper you are using for alcohol markers. To get the results most colorists desire, they must select a paper that matches their particular needs.

A smooth textured paper is essential for avoiding excessive wicking or bleeding. Nonetheless, it must be soft enough for the marker ink to penetrate the fibers of the paper; so that it is absorbed into the other colors.

Paper that is too soft will not allow a colorist to control ink wicking or bleeding, as it will spread too quickly. And that is why you will need special and good quality paper for alcohol markers.

Different Types of Paper for Alcohol Based Markers

Alcohol-based inks are not lightfast. As a result, your artwork will eventually fade. The key here is to choose good paper for alcohol markers so that you extend the life of your artwork. And for that, you have to have a proper idea about a few types of paper.

For alcohol-based markers, you can use the following types of papers:

1. Blending card

The blending card is made of thinner paper with a cooler white. Alcohol-based markers tend to bleed through paper.

A thick paper-like blending card can minimize that. So while searching foralcohol-based marker paper, a blending card would be the best choice you can make right now. It will vividly bring your artwork to life.

2. Bright white paper

A substance called an optical brightening agent (OBA) is used in Bright White inkjet art markers paper to make the fibers look pure white. 

Generally, as brighteners fade over the years, the paper itself appears yellowish. When print colors fade, even when the ink colors remain stable, prints that first appeared bright and bold can look faded.

The bright white paper is ideal for eye-catching photographs for short-term use.

3. Natural white paper

The natural white paper enhances the looks of black-and-white and vintage photographs as well as portraits with its creamy whiteness. Since its color doesn’t fade away over time, it is considered more archival. And people tend to use it more.

4. Bristol paper

Bristol papers are the result of fused multi-ply sheets. They offer a strong and rigid work surface. On Bristol paper there are usually 2 surfaces to work on. You can find 2 types of Bristol paper on the market; smooth & vellum paper.

When working with inks, pens, pencils & marker pads, you should use a smooth surface underneath.

On the other hand, the vellum surface is perfect for colored pencil, graphite, crayon, and pastel.

5. Mixed-media paper

Media papers usually have a medium or vellum-like drawing surface with a slight tooth to them, allowing the artist to develop a deeper tone with dry media such as graphite. 

A mixed media sheet also provides greater detail with all types of mediums since the surface is smoother than traditional watercolor paper. This makes markers, pen & ink, and colored pencils ideal for mixed media works.

6. Kraft cardstock

Cardstock is a type of paper that is thicker and more durable than normal writing and printing paper, but thinner and more flexible than other types of paperboard. 

Kraft Cardstock is easy to handle and is acid-free and lignin-free, so it is perfect for creating business cards, booking. Moreover, you can use it for embossing and die-cutting to create embellishments for gift bags, tags, and more.

The sheet can be a little challenging to handle and use due to its thickness. But Cardstock has the advantage of being strong enough not to buckle or fold.

Best Paper for Alcohol Marker Reviews

1. Canson XL Series Bristol Pad

If you want to include a versatile marker pad to your collection then you should definitely try out the Bristol Pad from Canson XL Series. With this sketchbook, you can make the most of ‘Copic markers at’ a relatively affordable price, and also it has 25-sheets. Isn’t it super affordable?

In comparison to Canson markers, the sheets of these are slightly thick paper but not like paper boards. So you can buy this 100 pounds paper for practicing your drawing skills. Additionally, it is very durable and bleed-resistant.

Also because of its bright white surface, you can use any media for painting including brushes, copic markers, pens, acrylic markers and many more.

No harm will come to this soft sheets if you use the eraser over and over again. Another benefit of acid-free paper is that your illustrations will last longer.

Furthermore, smooth paper allows you to properly manipulate the markers so that you can create beautiful gradients of color with ease. 

Since fine liners have a smooth surface, ink needs time to dry. When the lines dry up on the Bristol pad, they will appear sharp and dense. It’s not that serious problem, but keeping that in mind will help you to avoid any kind of trouble

2. Copic Markers XPBC Paper

If you want high-quality blending cards, why not choose one that is made with the same brand as your marker? Exactly that is what this ‘Copic Markers X press Blending Card’ offers.

The paper sheets measure 8.5 by 11 inches and are designed to work with nearly any drawing. They come in a pack of 125 and come in an 8.5 by 11-inch size.

The card stock is thick and sturdy and has a 250gsm weight, so you’ll have a substantial canvas to work with.

Aside from being smooth and archival, the paper is a great choice for commission pieces and the artwork you intend to frame display, or exhibit.

The thickness of this paper barely shows any bleeding even if you use too much ink on the paper. You also have lots of different color options available, so you can use them with pens and pencils.

You don’t need to tweak the color settings in Photoshop or Illustrator to get the authentic color of the art markers paper while scanning.

Additionally, the design works well when it comes to cardstock, card-making, and other similar products. In case you are looking for seemingly small sheets of paper, this might be an option worth considering.

3. Copic Sketchbook

What better way to find the best copic marker paper than to go straight to the source? The sketch sketchbook was designed and made by Copic itself. However, it is far from perfect.

There is no denying the smoothness and pleasant handling of the paper, which means you can sketch something without putting in much effort.

You can also use this paper for blending as well.

But the catch is, it’s quite pricey, considering how thick and big this paper is. You can get far better value in other products on the list at this price point.

All the beginners use the Copic Markers sketchbook to get started, hence it is always in demand and out of stock.

Copic markers beginners tend to buy Copic sketchbooks when they first start sketching, so these sketchbooks are always in demand. Hence you will have a hard time getting one.

Like other alcohol markers, the sketchbook is a bit pricey but the quality will definitely mesmerize you so you definitely must give it a try.

4. Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper-Pad

No other marker paper works as effectively in preventing bleeding as a Bianyo Marker Pad. It contains one of the best alcohol marker papers available.

With 50 sheets of paper, this is a high-quality pad that artists will adore. You’ll not only find that it is smooth and easy to mark with, but this is also a highly reliable marking surface for all your drawings.

As for the dimensions, they are 8.5 inches wide and 12 inches high. It makes a great drawing canvas for markers.

With a 70gsm thickness, you can still use them for anything, as their thinness makes them easy to handle and prevents bleeding. This paper works well for people who prefer versatility.

Additionally, the chipboard at the back provides a sturdy flat surface for sketching anywhere there is no table.

It’s abrasive as well, so you should rub the colorless blender’s tip against it to remove any ink it picked up while it was blending.

As a result, Bianyo is a pretty good option for artists, especially sketch professionals. With its smoothness, quality, and well-built bleed-proof construction, this pad is almost perfect.

5. Canson Artist Series Pro Marker Pad

For anyone who likes to draw on cheap pri paper and trace it onto marker paper, but does not own a lightbox or light pad, this is a great option. Simply trace your work with this bleed-proof marker paper in fair lighting and put it onto the sheet.

Compare to regular printer paper it is light in weight and has only 70 GSM. However, the backside of the pages is coated which eliminates any bleeding chance.

Inkjet printer will be able to use this paper, but you must know which side is the front and which side is the back. When you insert your paper wrongly into your printer, you are unlikely to get the results you want.

This printer paper is one of the cheaper options on the market but for a quick sketch or draft, it does quite well.

As the paper is very thin, you can use it as translucent paper as well.

It also has the attribute of slow ink consumption. Thanks to that the papers take some additional time to blend color. But there’s also a risk that it might smudge accidentally.

6. Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Marker Pad

Winsor & Newton is one of the best Copic marker paper of art instruments. The high-quality paper range they are offering at an affordable price, smooth blending capabilities, are perfectly usable to any brand of art instruments.

Copic marker users always appreciate this 50-sheet marker pad preventing the bleed through. It’s an advantage to users.

As the name implies, this alcohol marker pad is bleed-proof. You can use the ink sheets above to increase the tonal range of your markers.

Despite soaking them in ink thoroughly, the papers remain resilient. In contrast, other marker papers are usually much thicker than 75 gsm papers, so this came as a surprising tool.

The smoothness of white surfaces allow easy and perfect coloring of a subtle area with a marker. The coating helps reduce high consumption of expensive marker ink. That could be a plus for professional users.

Highly pigmented ink tends to be muddy in the paper sheet when it is repetitively used. But this pad doesn’t make it muddy, rather it maintains a vibrant appearance.

The paper can be traced through, but you will need a lightbox or light pad to avoid straining your eyes. Aside from being smooth and bright white, the paper also allows your markers to stand out.

The only negative aspect is that thick marker paper may be better suited to framing artworks. It is because thin paper sheets are more prone to wrinkles if not taken care of.

6. U.S. Art Marker Paper-Pad

Let’s say you want to impress the whole world with your detailed drawing and superb art style. Then you must need a paper that can contain all those emotions, like the U.S. Art Supply Manga-Marker Paper-Pad.

It has all the free space to work with, so no matter if it’s a landscape, character design, or portrait, you can fit them easily.

If you are an illustrator or crafter, you can also give it a try as well. You can use markers, pencils & pens on it.

No matter what, it can stand up to being applied to mixed media. With the lightweight 100 gsm paper, you can enhance precision by clamping it to a lightbox. Once fastened, you can draw and trace with pen and ink.

Additionally, it contains an acid-free and neutral-PH composition, which will allow your artwork to last for years.

This is an ideal paper for Copic markers since it gives enough quality to practice techniques without wasting anything.

Too much ink can warp the sheet so you have to be careful about it. Don’t fret! It’s not that huge of a deal.

7. Strathmore Series Marker Pad

Almost all professional artist uses the best archival papers for client work or any final illustration. But the initial ideas also deserve quality papers for preliminary sketching. And that’s where the Strathmore 500 Series marker pad comes in.

It includes 50 sheets, which are made of 100% cotton,  perfect paper for copic and water color as per your preference.

Also, it offers the versatility of producing applications using multiple media types. 

With 90 gsm weight and a semi-translucent nature, these sheets are not thick as cardstock, making it great for tracing.

Aside from that, this paper can soak up the color of any fine-tipped pens, so you can draw lines and shapes precisely without smudging.

Due to its compact size, this 9 inches by 12 inches pad will comfortably fit in any standard-size backpack. So there is no boundary to sketch down your ideas.

Additionally, the binding of this pad is so incredible that prevents papers from being torn or creased.

Occasionally, this product can bleed. However, it’s not a bad deal since it is the least expensive and offers a lot of benefits.

8. Bee Paper Company Bleedproof Marker Pad

Exclusively designed paper for Copic markers, it is a fantastic option. Whether you are using a pen or quill it works great on both surfaces.

With its excellent bleed-proof feature you won’t ever get disappointed. The GSM of the paper is 180 GSM which is more than sufficient to stop any bleeding issue. So you can naturally use any alcohol markers.

The properties of the paper make sure that you can trace or compose artworks precisely.

On top of that, the spiral binding keeps all the papers in one place. You can also deatch it very smoothly.

The nibs of the Copic markers are like the best friend of these papers due to their fluid factor.

Furthermore, the erasability feature of the paper is excellent. Even if you erase something on the paper you won’t notice the difference. The dimensions of the papers are ample enough to let you work on all types of creative projects. Even if you cut it in half you can use it as a postcard.

9. Strathmore 400 Series Marker Pad

In case you are new to alcohol markers, you would benefit from the Strathmore, one of the best for alcohol markers.

It has an incredibly smooth surface. Consequently, the Copic ink will remain on the surface for a longer period before it’s absorbed completely. So you’ve got more time to blend and push the ink.

Although the paper is smooth, it provides enough friction for use with fine liners or graphite pencils.

 Its silky surface creates a perfect surface for blending markers for achieving elegant gradients.

One impressive characteristic of the opaque white sheets is that they preserve the vibrancy of the original ink.

This paper texture is 190 GSM so there is no feathering when you apply several layers of ink. Nevertheless, there may be some bleeding if the pressure is too high.

There is one obvious downside to Strathmore marker pads, which only come with 24 sheets of paper.

As a result, you will probably have to buy new paper frequently, even if you only use your paper for Copic markers occasionally. So if you are a beginner or like to take your time, then this paper might be a good choice.

10. BOXUN Premium Marker Pad

For beginners or seasoned marker artists, the BOXUN Premium 50 Sheets Sketch Marker Pad can be a sure purchase.

It is an alcohol marker paper that enables the link to linger until you achieve the perfect tone depth.

The soft yet sturdy tips of this marker pad work great even on a flat surface.

As an illustrator, you can use pencil, charcoal, or even a solvent-based marker to sketch something beautiful.

At the backside of each sheet, there’s a coating of wax that stops the ink from getting onto the other page.

With this semi-translucent illustrator’s paper, it’s easy to detect the guides beneath the page so you can draw the lines accurately.

The soft tone of the paper allows the color to become more vibrant.

Typically it comes with a 9″ by 12 ” sheet, meaning you can accommodate any small details on the sheet.

Thanks to its folded binding, you can keep all your drawings or sketches in a single place.

Overall, you won’t ever regret buying this paper.

11. Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Paper Pad

Strathmore Bristol paper comes in three series – 300, 400 and 500. Among them, I personally recommend 300 series for alcohol-based markers. 

Ideal marker papers tend to be ultra-smooth. Though 300 series is not smooth but this series won’t disappoint you at all. On this series, alcohol marker colors stay true and vibrant. 

The good news is that, you can also use these papers for water-based markers also. However, these are not suitable for watercolor painting. 

The size of these sheets will allow you to use them for bigger projects. Overall, I can say that these Bristol papers worth every penny! 

12. Hammermill Cardstock Premium Color Copy

You will get Hammermill Premium marker papers in a neutral white. It will help you to get your artwork in a bright mode. The reason is, alcohol inks retain their brightness after drying. 

Though you will face minimal bleeding, but the ink may in some content seep through the paper if you make 3-4 layers of colors. However, feathering is minimal. 

You will find these premium marker papers in a variety of sizes. As these are widely available, you will be able to get your preferred size easily.  

Most importantly, these papers are popular among beginner artists and card makers due to their economical price. So, it can be a great deal! 

Some Factors to Consider Before Choosing Paper for Alcohol Mrkers

While buying alcohol markers you should consider a few things. The tips below will guide you through all the different considerations so that you can end up buying the best paper for alcohol markers.

Paper Weight

Bleed-proof paper is essential for Blending Markers. But, it should not absorb so much ink that it makes coloring hard. Papers that weigh 70-250 gsm are ideal.

In terms of finished creations, illustrators prefer thicker paper. Conversely, the thinner and semi-translucent papers are a worthwhile choice for regular practice.

Paper Thickness

Thickness plays a role in how durable the paper is and how well it performs. You should pick something that will not bleed through, which won’t weaken with ink, and which will be easy to handle.

When you want to use a paper as printer paper, thickness is also a matter.  The thicknesses range from 35gsm to 400gsm for the heaviest options. The thinnest sheets will be around 35 to 55 gsm.

Alternatively, you can find medium-thick options between 80 gsm and 120 gsm. The paper is a little thicker than printer paper, which is good for writing with markers.

Our recommendation for the best Copic markers experience is to use anything over 120 grams of paper. The thickest paper available is 200gsm, which is the same thickness as a poster. Their thickness allows them to easily handle markers.

Number of sheets

Consider the number of sheets when you shop for books or paper. In this way, you can calculate the cost per sheet.

In comparison with the total price, the cost per sheet provides a much better indication of the price. The product description on a sketchbook or paper pack containing the number of pages is not accurate; you should halve it. Particularly when working with alcohol markers.

Sheet Size

It is equally important that you choose the right paper size for your illustration. Depending on your needs, you can choose any size of paper from a huge collection.

In this regard, 9 by 12 inches papers are suitable for carrying in backpacks. You will have enough space to depict portraits and characters. While 14 by 17 inches is the best size to use for elaborate designs, landscaping plans, and architectural drawings.

Texture of Papers

In terms of paper quality, the texture is the best indicator. A super-smooth surface is always recommended over any other surface. In some cases, artists may choose rough surfaces to suit their custom needs. However, rough sheets also look less enticing, but they’re better at absorbing ink.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Acid-free or Not

For general purposes, acid-free paper is good enough. The acid-free nature ensures that the paper won’t lose its effectiveness over time.

If a paper is not acid-free, there’s a possibility that the quality may deteriorate over time.

Smooth Surface

The quality of the paper allows you to glide your markers, pens, and pencils easily, preventing ink from spreading on your outline. It may not matter to those in certain genres or artistic professions, but for those who need accurate measurements or precise renderings, the texture is essential.

Paper Whiteness

There’s a distinct shade difference between “Natural white” and “Bright white”. You may not catch the difference right away but scanners and artists are wary of the subject.

Digital copy looks best on bright white paper. But if you want to use the yellow paper you might have to make some adjustments to the source file.

Best Uses of Alcohol Marker Paper (Pro Tips)

No matter how good your paper for Alcohol markers, you will still need to use them correctly to achieve flawless results. So here are a few things you can do to make sure your marker papers are used correctly:

  • It is important to make sure the place you put the paper is smooth. It is sufficient to use glass, ceramic, metal, flattened wood, and other surfaces.
  •  Additionally, the surface should be dry and free of dust, dirt, and other particles. It will otherwise result in inconsistencies in the trace or even a messed-up appearance.
  • You should always test your markers elsewhere before drawing your first trace on the paper. Your tips will stay moist, and the colors will not fade.
  • You can always place a regular piece of paper below so that bleeding will not be a problem. As a result, you’ll avoid ink bleeds on objects, but the marker paper will also be flatter and smoother.
  • When blending different hues within the same lines or traces, you should try not to blend more than 3-4 streaks per hue. In this way, you will keep ink levels low and prevent bleeding or paper weakening.

It is important to consider all of these factors before you use paper for markers. If you follow them, you’re likely to have a great experience.


Q: Do alcohol Based markers work on Regular paper?

When you use alcohol markers on regular paper, you are likely to see bleeding, limp paper after drawing, and poor color saturation.

Q: Is watercolor paper good for alcohol-based markers?

Alcohol markers are not compatible with watercolor paper. Watercolor paper can absorb a large amount of ink quickly. Thus, you will have trouble blending and your markers will run out of ink quickly. In addition, most watercolor papers have a scratchy surface, which can wear down your markers.

Q: Can you use Copic markers on sketch paper?

On the package, you will get instructions on whether you can use the Copic markers on sketch paper or not. Regular sketch paper that can’t usually mitigate the bleeding issue.

Also, it would also be very difficult to blend the colors on sketch paper.

Q: Is cardstock paper good for alcohol markers?

In glossy cardstock, the colors cannot be absorbed into the paper fibers, so they cannot blend together smoothly. In fact, it will probably puddle and become quite sticky.

For advanced techniques and special effects, glossy cardstock is a great choice. Marbled stone is a popular technique. You can apply the ink directly to the glossy cardstock by using a cotton ball or dabber dipped in rubbing alcohol.

Q: Do you need special paper for Copic markers?

Yes, you need special paper. With Copic markers, you can use a wide variety of papers. The only difference is that you cannot use Copic markers on any kind of paper.

If you are using Copic markers or alcohol-based markers, you should definitely pay attention to which paper you are using.

Q: Can I use alcohol markers on typical printing paper?

It is not recommended to use typical printing paper for alcohol markers. As these markers contain alcohol-based inks, they may damage standard printing papers.

Final Thoughts

When you use alcohol markers in art, you must choose the best paper. The idea of ‘best’ is

subjective to each individual.

 In this article, I have reviewed some of the best papers for alcohol inks, taking into account both the features and the opinions of users.

So you can pick anyone from our list as per your requirement. Conversely, you can dig more. But whichever you pick make sure to have fun with it.

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