How to Draw a Bone Easy with Step by Step Guideline

Mostly in cartoons, we always see that a dog becomes happy when it gets a bone and chews it. It’s also true for our real-life pet dogs. They eat it or not; they love to chew or lick it. 

From that perspective, an idea came to mind – how would it be to share a dog bone drawing tutorial with you? Though I know, already there are thousands of tutorials out there. Still, I’m sharing it with you as it’s pretty easy than others, and most importantly, it’s a step-by-step tutorial.    

So, whether you are a beginner or professional artist, you can draw a dog bone easily than before. Drawing bones are actually playing with lines and circles.

Here, I’m providing three tutorials. You can practice drawing all of them or any one you want. So, without any further delay, let’s get into the tutorial.

Supplies You will Need to Draw

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Outline Pen

How to Draw a Bone Step-by-Step

How to Draw a Bone

Step-1: First of all, draw a horizontal straight line using a pencil. The size of the line will depend on how long you want to see that bone. So, draw wisely. 

After that, draw two small hoops at both ends of the straight line to indicate the head part. 

Next, draw the notch of the bone. But before this, draw three small vertical straight lines on the long horizontal line. First one draw just in the middle and draw the other two lines close to the corner hoops.

Now, follow the 1st step on the picture and outline the notch using curves. Draw a love shape on the head part just like the original bone shape. 

Step-2: Now grab a marker or a fine line pen and draw the bold outline of the bone. Then erase all the pencil markings to look clean and fresh. 

How to Draw a Bone 3rd step

Step-3: Finally, add some fine details inside the bone using short lines. And also, don’t forget to add some textures that’ll make it look more realistic. And yes! The bone is ready to serve your pet!

How to Draw a Bone Easy with Step by Step Guideline

Final Words

To conclude, drawing bones are really very easy and also fun to do. Actually, breaking down a drawing into smaller steps makes it easier. Hopefully, you have become the master of bone drawing and enjoyed the tutorial as well. 

However, don’t stop here! Give a tour on our website as we have many other amazing tutorials for you. You’ll also find new ones almost every day, so don’t forget to check in often, never to miss out on any!

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