Is Sharpie Waterproof? All You Need to Know

A permanent marker has been one of the most common sources of the marker. Writing a date, marking any package, making a design, etc., requires a permanent marker to fulfill it. 

As a general person, even I needed a permanent marker for those purposes. And I got the sharpie marker for it. Did it pay off? Absolutely to the fullest. But with some clearings. 

My first doubt roaming in my head was, is sharpie waterproof? And the answer was positive and proven through its usage. This hydrophobic marker can be used on paper, wood, steel, glass, etc. 

Marking, drawing, calligraphy, poster making, etc., all could be done with the waterproof sharpie. Let’s take a deep dive into the brand and its marker and explore more about them.

Is Sharpie Waterproof

What Is “Sharpie”?

Sharpie is one of the most renowned brands of writing implements in the whole world. Their goal has been to introduce the most feasible and comforting things to enhance writing on paper and board. 

With this view in mind, they have stood up in producing permanent markers. And guess what? Within a short period, they became world-famous for it. 

The US company produced a single permanent marker and then went on to expand its reach. The outstanding quality and assurance of the brand captured the artists, students, and general audience in its usage. 

Talking about variations, the sharpie markers come in various tips. The most popular and highest selling one is the fine tip. Others like ultra-fine tip, extra-fine tips, brush tip, chisel tip, etc., became favorites to the users slowly. 

Not only in variation of the tip but also the task, the sharpie pens never remained backward. The pens have been widely used by the students in academics and the people in offices. 

These markers are easy to write frequently. Again, complex works like calligraphy, poster arts, banner writings, etc., are significant works done by the sharpie pens. 

Sharpie has not only been an incredible innovation for the markers. It has earned a massive name for its roller pen and other pens too. People in every walk of life have been using their stationary. 

Has it paid them well? The brand’s outgrowth and popularity are the answer itself. Just an hour ago, I taught my students with a sharpie marker on a whiteboard. Thousands of examples stay to relate how impactful the marker is in daily lives.

Science Behind Sharpie Markers

Sharpie Markers Review
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Each marker brand has its specialty. The ink, body, tip, texture, color, etc., makes the brand separate from the others. Some of them become favorable to the public while others may not. 

With ups and downs, sharpie marker also comprises of a specialty that makes it go ahead of the others. More or less, every composition of the sharpie marker makes it go ahead of most others in the market. 

Let’s start with the scientific inclusion in the marker. Talking about this topic, I cannot but mention the hydrophobic ink of the marker. What is hydrophobic? Hydrophobic is the characteristic that allows a sure thing to remain aloof from water.

Oil, fats, grease, alkanes, etc., are typical examples of hydrophobic things. In short, you cannot combine or mix water with hydrophobic things. 

The ink of the sharpie marker being hydrophobic makes it outstanding as a writing material. Because the ink allows you to assure your writings for a long time, it won’t fade away and definitely will persist till you want it to be. 

In case you want to fade it away, you’ll have to use rubbing alcohol for it. The rubbing alcohol settles perfectly in ink and allows it to get removed.

How Well Does a Sharpie Marker Hold Up Against Water

Being hydrophobic, the ink of the sharpie marker is waterproof. You can use it without fearing the impact of water on it. 

Be it at your school or college or office, or anywhere, you can make the best use of the waterproof nature of the sharpie marker. This helps your posters to withstand the rainwater as well. Even the marker becomes an ideal one for banners and posters as well. 

But how does the sharpie marker do all these things? Indeed becomes a concern when you are to know about the waterproof nature of sharpie marker. 

Let’s take a straight tour of it.

Sharpie Markers are Hydrophobic

This goes round and round with the saying that sharpie markers are hydrophobic. As already mentioned before, still I cannot but mention it again. Yes, this is that crucial of a matter here. 

Because of this nature, you get the complete freedom of using it on paper, steel, wood, glass, etc. No matter how much water you use on the ink, it won’t fade away. 

Sometimes, the soapy water also is not enough to remove the marks. Only rubbing alcohol with proper implementation can fulfill your goal of removing a sharpie marker. 

It shows how mighty the pen is against water.

Sharpie Markers Doesn’t Bleed

Getting convenient on all kinds of surfaces makes the sharpie pens so favorable. Hardly any pen in the market has the trait. Because when you implement it on sturdy or slippery surfaces, most of them tend to bleed. 

This bleeding goes on and spoils the shared nature of your pen. You cannot control the precision with it. 

Hardly you’ll face the issue with the sharpie marker because the ink is so unique that they never bleed on any surface. Even with consistent wet strokes over the marks, the ink tends to remain confined to its position.

So, Are Sharpie Markers Waterproof?

Sharpie markers intend and vow to provide you with the best writings you can ask for. Thanks to its ever-water-resistant ink. You get all kinds of freedom to use it on any surface. 

The hydrophobic nature of the pen allows you to remain calm and relaxed after using it. Be it your most important project or art you want your friends to see in the morning, the sharpie pen will help you fulfill all of these goals. 

Sprinkles of water or a bunch of it cannot remove the marks from the surface. The composition of the ink makes it removable by rubbing alcohol only. Only proper implementation of the rubbing alcohol will allow you to get the mission done. 

This composition makes the sharpie marker completely non-favorable on clothes. Because once it gets on the cloth, you cannot get it out so quickly. As a result, it spoils the cloth completely. 

Not only are they non-bleeding but also, they are non-toxic. People from all walks of life can use the marker with complete assurance. Be it at school, office, or any other place or workplace, the marker will never fail to amaze you.

How Long Should You Expect it to Last?

A sharpie marker can last up to 3 years without any hassle. You can use it in your desired manner feasibly and conveniently. 

No matter where you use it, make sure you keep its water resistivity in your mind. The permanent marker will help you to keep your writings active and fresh. Not only that, there is no discrimination of the surface to rely your writings on. 

Using your pen on usual surfaces like a whiteboard, paper, etc., will serve you for the full years. Surfaces like wood, steel, etc., require more ink to settle and use. Thus, using them will cost you more ink, and you’ll find the pen getting empty earlier. 

Usage of the sharpie marker entirely depends on you. The way you’ll implement it is precisely the way it’ll be with you. 

As a marker, 2-3 years is more than enough to serve. And when it is the sharpie marker, you’ll never have to go for other alternatives.

Pro Tips

For getting the best out of the waterproof nature of the sharpie marker, you need to use them correctly and perfectly. Here are some of the tips by which you can keep the sharpie marker waterproof.

Clean the Surface

Not only for sharpie markers but also any, you have to choose a clean surface to work upon because the pen will not show its total characteristic on a dirty surface. 

So, the first task would be to clean the surface. Be it your paper or wall or glass or steel, you need to clean it before applying the marker to it. This will help you to put on your marker without any hassle. 

The ink will last and persist on the surface longer than usual. Not only that, the ink settling perfectly on the surface will persist its waterproof nature more strongly.

Perfect for Drawing

Your writing or art will only be perfect when you choose the perfect marker. The tip of the marker is also essential in that case. Without it, you won’t be able to get the best out of it. 

And when your work is not perfect, you cannot get the best service from the pen. The waterproof nature of the sharpie marker won’t last for you then. 

This makes a straight cut that you must choose the correct marker. Your writings, drawing, etc., will go to your favor then, and your ink will serve in your desired manner.

Dry it Perfectly

When you are done with applying the marker, take a good spare of time to dry the ink because it is upon the dryness that will determine the validity of the ink on the medium. 

So, dry your work for a while. Test it with your finger. If you find the ink getting fully settled on the medium, then your job is done, and the work is allowed to rest.


Q: Does rain wash away, Sharpie?

Rain can never wash away sharpie marker. Because the sharpie markers are permanent and they are fully water-resistive. Be it usual water or rainwater; the inks won’t fade away with that. 

Thanks to the hydrophobic nature of the marker. It doesn’t align with the water. Thus, it sticks to the surface for a long time.

Q: Is Sharpie waterproof on fabric?

Sharpie is utterly waterproof on fabrics. You cannot remove the ink from a fabric with usual washings. Even soap or detergent washing won’t be able to obliterate it. 

To remove the sharpie ink, you need to use rubbing alcohol on it. That too in a correct manner and proper quantity. This will extract the ink from any surface, including the fabric, and will remove the ink.

Q: How can I make my Sharpie waterproof?

To make your sharpie waterproof and get the best out of it, you will have to:

  1. Ensure a clean surface to work upon because the marker’s ink won’t get its proper settlement and alignment on a dirty surface.
  2. Get the proper pen for the surface. Otherwise, you cannot get proper precision and draw on the surface. 
  3. Dry the work after finishing it. When it settles ultimately, then you can move to the next step with it.

Q: Will a Sharpie stay on wood?

Sharpie is one of the finest brands in the world, producing markers for various platforms. Be it on wood, steel, or paper; you can implement the marker on it without any hassle. 

As the wood is a complicated platform, you’ll have to be careful while working on it. That intends to say that you’ll have to put extra pressure on the marker to make the makers darker. Otherwise, it won’t be visible.


Sharpie marker stands to be an outstanding waterproof marker in the current market. With the variety of traits, I am sure you won’t be finding any other better than this.

Be it on clothes or glass or steel or whiteboards; the marker will never fail to show its nature. It will only need a little assistance from you to uphold its trait. That’s it.

Enjoy the pen and get the best out of it. Till then, get more exciting facts about sharpie from us.

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