Sharpie Markers: Everything You Need to Know

Sharpie – a name of trust in the world of permanent markers. Whether it’s for household uses or drawing purposes, it can smash the floor!

So, in this article, we’ll discuss the Sharpie markers review and why it can be your perfect set of tools. But the thing is not like why it’s one of the best permanent markers.

Since we’ve spent so many hours researching through this article, you’ll get to know all the ins and outs of Sharpies, like – all the types of it, for which purposes you can use them, some essential facts, and so on.

If you are a Sharpie lover, move forward and learn what you didn’t know about them. It can also take you to the next level of creativity!

Sharpie Markers Review
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What Are Sharpie Markers?

In 1964, Sharpie was introduced as the first permanent marker in history. Sanford ink company then invented a type of alcohol-based ink that can write on almost all kinds of surfaces. And with that ink, they introduced the first pen-style markers that deliver permanent ink. [source]

But in this modern era, Sharpie is not bounded to that fine point pen-style only. They are offering different styles with different types of ink.

Even the brand is offering 49 unique and vibrant color markers that anyone will love. And think of a surface that you can’t use them. For example – paper, wood, plastic, glass, metal, fabric, and so on. 

Just like the surfaces, think of a purpose that you can’t use them. The brand offers such a wide variety that you can use them for almost all activities like – office work, artwork, designing, decoration, classrooms, customizing stuff, outdoor activities, and even for industrial purposes.

Firstly, you can use them for their name and fame. But then you are going to love them due to their efficiency and effectiveness. They also offer a wide range of sizes, tips, and inks that can be used according to your need.

Types of Sharpies

If we explain all the types one by one, you may get lost thinking about which one to choose. So, for your convenience, the Sharpie brand officially categorized their all collection into five lines depending on their using purposes –

  • Classic
  • Specialty
  • S-Note
  • Art Line
  • Pro-Line

The markers you’ll find in these categories are divided into two types, also. One type is depending on their ink, and the other type is depending on their tip. The reason for this division is that the brand works with different inks and a large tip style.

So, you must know them to learn which one you should go for depending on your project.

According to Ink Type

Maybe Sharpie is the only brand that works with so many types of ink. That’s why we have made this category to give you a short brief of all the ink types and which one you should use for which purposes.


It was the first type that the company started its journey with. It’s the type we all know as the standard permanent markers. And not only the Sharpies, but most of the popular artist-grade markers also contain alcohol-based ink. 

If you think about the famous brand Copic, you’ll get your answer. However, due to the permanency of this ink, artists like it the most. We also recommend it for all types of work that you want to keep permanent on the surface.  

These markers provide you the bold and permanent mark you were cherished for. Due to the color intensity, fade, and water-proof ability, these are one of the top-rated ones. Another advantage of this ink is that it dries very fast.


If you want to create window art, scrapbooks, posters, or add some dramatic flair to your art, these types are the best choice for you.

Sharpie water-based markers provide an opaque ink that is acid-free and safe for kids too. Most importantly, the archival quality ink is water and fade-resistant. It won’t bleed if you use thicker paper.

But if you want, you can remove this ink easily comparing to the original permanent ones. 

However, it provides both metallic and glitter markers so that you can make your project more eye-catchy. Mainly, these two types work best for writing on black marker paper

If you want to create art that will shine at night, you can use the fluorescent color neon Sharpie markers. These also contain water-based ink that is great to use as highlighters too.


Sharpie oil-based markers have a versatile use from office to home. The quick-drying ink is fade, water, and smear-proof. Artists like this type most for rock painting, though you can use it on a bunch of surfaces, including dusty surfaces.

Oil-based ink provides high contrast vibrant colors that are enough to make any jaw-dropping artwork. It gives a glossy opaque finish that works well on reflective, light, and dark surfaces. 

One important thing about this type is that, besides colorful ink, you will also get white Sharpie paint pens, which most of us needed to create unique projects.


Now, you may have been shocked. People mostly know that from an early age the crayons that toddlers use are made of wax. But wax-based markers? Is it possible?

Yes, Sharpie has made it possible. It has introduced peel-off china markers that are wax-based. It’s a type of versatile grease marker that can write on almost all surfaces like – porcelain, glass, plastic, and so on. Most importantly, it works both on a porous and non-porous surface.

This wax-based marker creates fade and moisture-resistant legible marks. Since it’s made with pencil-based formula, you can easily clean up the marks with a damp cloth. 

However, this type only comes up with only one color – black. But you don’t need to sharpen it. You just have to tear the string, and you’ll get more pigment.

Art Line Χ
Pro-Line Χ Χ

According to Tip Type

You’ve already known earlier that Sharpie works with lots of ink types. In the same way, it has the most varieties style of markers tip than other permanent marker brands.

The brand has always been concerned about users. And that’s why they have introduced so many types of tip-style to meet all your needs. 

Fine Point

Fine point tip is the most popular type among Sharpie permanent marker range. In their Classic categories, most of the markers are fine pointed. It’s the type, you know, as your regular Sharpie. 

However, you’ll be shocked to hear that it has also offering ultra-fine and extra-fine tip range.

So, suppose you are a realistic drawing artist or want some ultimate precision in your drawing. In that case, you should definitely go for these types of tips. It’s really a great choice for comfortable writing. 

Chisel Tip

It’s another one of the competitive marker tips, as you’ll commonly find it among the best alcohol-based markers. Even in most of the dual-tip markers, you’ll find one side fine and another side chisel. 

The varieties you’ll find in this tip-style of Sharpie markers, you won’t find it on other brands. Sharpie has made a revolution in it. The brand has introduced four categories of chisel marker – standard, large, extra-large, and oversized tip style. 

Most importantly, it’s a versatile tip as by using it, you can produce both fine and broad strokes. So, whether you want a tool for precision or covering large areas, you can go for these tips.

But if you compare the chisel tip with the fine tip pen, the latter is better for using on a regular basis. 

Bold Point

Bold point Sharpies are best when you think of art covering large areas or mega projects. It can grab the attraction of the viewers by providing bold marks.

Not only is the standard bold point, but it also has another style called extra-bold point. If you want to work on black surfaces or larger art pieces, you can use them for clean lines. 

Bullet Tip

The shape of this tip is somewhat like the bullet of the gun. And maybe that’s why it is named so. However, these tips are always best for highlighting text. In Sharpie brand, it has another type also – extra-bold bullet tip.

Actually, if you need to create bold writings or draw things that people can easily see from a distance, you should go for this type of tip. 

Brush Tip

If you are a hand-lettering or bullet journal addict, then it’s the best choice for you. You can create thin and bright lines in one stroke. 

It can provide you the flexibility that needs to create smooth calligraphy. These types offer acid-free fade-proof marker ink, which is quick-drying.

For getting a bold, smooth, and high-quality writing experience, there is no alternative to the brush-tip version of Sharpie. With this one tip, you can create both fine and broad lines as well as shading. 

Medium Point

This tip-type is mainly used for painting purposes like rock painting or window designing. It provides such bright colors and bold lines that can stand out with any surface. The bold mark it creates can be visible from a distance.

However, it’s actually great for fun activities. And you’ll find this tip-style in both oil and water-based Sharpie paint pens.

CategoryFine PointChiselBold PointBulletBrushMedium point
Art LineΧ

What Are Sharpie Marker Used For?

Sharpies are mainly popular for their fine point permanent markers. But after that revolutionary invention, they’ve introduced different types of marker lines containing different inks that you can use for so many activities. Here we’re giving some of the ideas for which you can use Sharpie permanent markers.

Designing and Decoration 

Whether you are an artist or not, everyone can use Sharpies for designing and decoration purposes. And this is the most popular category people use this marker for. From DIY crafting to designing walls, tables, chairs, etc., all you can decorate with this one brand.

Customizing Stuff 

Designing t-shirt with permanent fabric markers is another popular task that people love to do. Even customizing canvas shoes are also familiar. Sharpie Stained Fabric markers are really great for doing all these types of customizing work.

There are also some works you can do like – customizing your drinkware, dinnerware, backpack, guitar, flower vase, and so on.

Art and Drawing 

Since Sharpie marker has lots of tip-style, you can easily use them for art and drawing. Whether you need markers for coloring large areas or drawing fine details, all you can do with these markers.

You can also use the water-based markers for creating a DIY watercolor effect. Even these markers are one of the best options for bullet-journaling and hand-lettering.  

Outdoor Purpose

Not all the markers of other brands can stand out with the weather conditions when you use them outdoor. Though some of them claim moisture-proof or rain-proof, in the end, all of them wash off. 

But Sharpie has a special marker line called Sharpie Extreme Fade Resistant Markers that are only produced to be used for outdoor purposes. It can stand out in any weather conditions like – rain, UV rays, snowfall, windblasts, and muds.

Office and Classrooms 

Whether you are on your office desk or in your classroom taking notes, Sharpie can be your best friend. Rather than the permanent ones, it has another line called Sharpie S-Note Creative Markers, which is best for highlighting, underlining, and taking notes.

With a chisel tip, you can create both broad and fine lines according to your need. 

Industrial Purpose

When you purchase a marker to use for industrial purposes, you’ll definitely look a thing that it can write on rough surfaces or not. And Sharpie may be the brand you were looking for.

Luckily, Sharpie PRO Permanent Markers can write on wet, oily, dirty, and rusty surfaces. It has also come up with a wide range of tips for making your task easier. These are water and tear-proof, so there’s no chance of removing the ink mark.

Important Facts About Sharpie 

Though we all know that Sharpie is a famous brand. But, do you know the things behind its popularity?

Well, we’re going to reveal some important facts that you should know about Sharpie. It will give the answers to why it’s a world-class brand.

Ink Quality

Maybe Sharpie is the only brand concerned most about their ink quality to continue its fame as permanent markers. Other brands’ ink may fade away or wash away after a few days though they claim to be permanent.

But the archival quality permanent ink of Sharpie remains permanent as it is supposed to be.

Besides the alcohol ink, it also works with other inks like – water, oil, and wax, as we’ve mentioned in the beginning. These acid-free water-proof marker ink also provide the service that you were looking for.

So, you can use Sharpie in any field, whether it’s drawing or writing, without any hesitation.

Pack Count

There’s an interesting fact about the pack count of Sharpie markers. Think of pack sizes that you won’t get in their marker line. It has such a huge variety of pack sizes that other brands will fail.

We all know that single permanent markers are always available. However, by going through all their official five categories, you’ll get pack sizes of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 24, 25, 30, 34, 36, 45, 65, 72, and 115 markers. It’s really a unique side of the brand.  

Color Range

By being a permanent marker brand, the color range it provides is unbelievable. The brand has introduced 49 unique colors that offer bold and bright colors.

Though Copic provides the most numbers of colors, still you’ll find some alternatives to Copic markers. But if you think about the permanent markers, you won’t find any other option to Sharpie. It has become a household name.

You’ll get some distinctive colors in it like – white, neon, metallic gold, and metallic silver markers. These colored marker pens are beneficial when you are going to make a masterpiece.


Whether it’s Sharpie or other markers, how long they will last mostly on your frequency of use. The more often you use a marker, the quickly the ink will run out.

But if you use them only for casual writing or do not use them frequently, it can last up to 2-3 years.

However, if you use it for drawing or painting, then it may go for a few weeks. It totally depends on you that how long you want to use a single marker.

Now, if we say about its outlook, it comes up with a hard plastic barrel that can withstand any pressure. There’s no chance of crack or damage until you intentionally destroy it. It has also come up with a comfortable non-slip marker grip for holding and writing smoothly.

So, it’s no doubt that you can use it for an extended period.


Q: Are Sharpie markers good?

Among all of the permanent markers out there, Sharpie is the best. You can use it on both porous and non-porous surfaces. And you can also use it for hand-lettering, drawing, adult coloring books, note-taking, highlighting, and so many uncountable things. 

Suppose you mainly want an archival quality marker that won’t fade away or provide bold performance. In that case, Sharpie is definitely a good option. But you may need to use it carefully on some surfaces as dry time may vary. And it can also bleed if you use it on regular paper or press too hard. So, you should use thicker marker paper to get the most out of it.

Q: How permanent is Sharpie marker?

The ink original fine point Sharpie hold is supposed to be permanent, and that’s why many accidents happen with clothes while working with it. Though you can remove it from clothes by different methods, there’s no doubt that the ink is permanent. 

The formulation of Sharpie ink is totally different and is tough to remove. Like the other regular markers, using the right surface to make it permanent won’t fade away or wash off. That’s why it’s the most popular permanent marker in the world. 

Q: How long do Sharpie markers last?

We’ve already answered this question earlier. Still, we’re adding some points. Firstly, it’ll depend on your uses that how frequently you use it. And secondly, how carefully you use it. 

It means that suppose after using, you keep it uncapped for a long time. If so, there’s a chance of drying out the ink. Though you can revive Sharpie easily, it’s better to use it with care. So, always store it vertically by keeping the tip side down and away from direct sunlight. 

If you can use it in this way and not use that much, one Sharpie can last almost 2-3 years. 

Q: Are Sharpie markers washable?

Sharpie markers are permanent. But if you use it on fabrics for designing, make sure to set up the ink properly before washing. The reason is, some fabric markers need to heat set so that it doesn’t wash off. 

So, in a true sense, Sharpie isn’t washable. But if you don’t handle the clothes with the permanent ink properly, launder the clothes frequently, use bleach or other harsh chemicals, etc. Then the ink may fade away with time. 

However, there are some markers in the Sharpie line that are water-based and wax-based. You can easily wash off these markers as they are not that permanent like the classic ones. 

Q: Is Sharpie bad for your skin?

Sharpie is not meant to be for your skin. It’s made for the surface that you want to keep permanently. 

Sharpie contains some chemicals (xylene, n-butanol, diacetone alcohol, and cresol) that are harmful to your health.

So, when you use it on your skin, it absorbs through the skin and goes into the bloodstream that causes different health issues. In that sense, Sharpie is bad for your skin.

Again, coming in contact with this permanent marker is okay, but inhaling it may cause headaches, dizziness, vomiting, etc. Though there are ways to remove it from skin, we still don’t recommend it using on our body. Rather you can use skin-safe markers.

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Wrap Up

While concluding, we must say that Sharpie is a versatile marker brand. And it can be the favorite brand of both beginners and professional artists or even hobbyists. 

In an inexpensive price range, it can meet all the needs of your daily life. So, Sharpie is really worth being the top-notch permanent marker.

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