8 Best Dot Markers for Toddlers: Reviews in 2024

We all know that crayons are all-time favorite of kids. But dot markers can be a great alternative if your child is not old enough to hold things properly. It also come in various shapes, sizes and colors perfect for your little ones.

If you want to unleash the creativity of your toddlers, give them a set of dot markers. And you don’t also have to worry about cleaning as these are completely washable!

These markers serve as one of the best art tools for toddlers as they encourage everyday exploration.

So, in this article, I will make you go through some of the best dot markers in the market and help you to choose the suitable one for your loved ones. Stay tuned!

Best Dot Markers
Best Dot Markers for Toddlers

Our Top Picks of Dot markers | Quick Comparison Table

Do-A-Dot Art6Rounded2.5 OunceNo
Dab and Dot8 Rounded 2 OuncePDF
Dauber Dawgs8 Rounded 3 OuncePDF
Clean Color Dot12Dual Tip2 OunceNo
Chalkola Dots10 Rounded 2 OunceYes

What Are Dot Markers Used For?

As a parent, you can use dot markers for your kids for so many purposes. Whether you want your kids to improve hand and eyes coordination, artistic skills, or language skills, all of them are possible.

Learning the primary colors is easier with these markers. Even if you think of basic maths, you can also teach your child with it with fun, and they will not be able to get you!

In the same way, you can teach them alphabets too. Just bring them a dot coloring book of alphabets and tell them to color those letters using dots. They will color those letters in the sense that they are drawing, and on the other hand, they will learn it.

However, it’s such an art tool that kids of all ages will have fun having a set of art dot markers. These are mainly created for the children to help them unleash their creative skills and boost their thinking.

So, suppose you are thinking of introducing color to your little ones. In that case, you can easily start with a set of dot markers because it acts as versatile writing tools. Whether it’s for any art projects or just for learning, these markers can serve all purposes.

Reviews of the Best Dot Markers for Toddlers

Now that you’ve learned about the uses of dot markers, it’s time to pick a set for your kids. So, after hours of researching, I have come up with some of the best dot markers for toddlers. Let’s dive into the details of those paint pens.

1. Do A Dot Art Markers

In this list, I have the most hyped markers for your little ones. Depending on the customer reviews and experiences, I have ranked it no. 1 in our list.

For the past 24 years, it has been providing services to kids all over the world. And that’s why it has become such a popular name.

Though Do-A-Dot has many varieties of markers pack, I suggest you the Rainbow set for starting. In this set, you’ll get all the basic colors your kids will need at first.

And the colors are- red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. After using this set for few months, you can get your kids other colors set also.

Do-A-Dot Art markers are designed and manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials to provide the best experiences. The markers have a patented large and soft sponge tip, which makes perfect dots every time.

This type of tip provides such a bold and vibrant color that dries faster. So, the level of mess will be minimum when your child uses it.

These large tip markers provide bold strokes and help to fill up large areas quickly. It also helps in perfect layering, blending and mixing. Due to the easy holding capability, parents love it mostly for their toddlers.

You will also get a same color coded cap with each marker that also ensures no-leakage.

These non-toxic markers are best for preschoolers and elementary school students as they are washable too. The easy-to-hold ink barrel contains 2.5-ounce color that goes for months after months. If you think about the ink holding capacity, it’s worth the money.

2. Doodle Hog Dab and Dot Markers

Now, I am going to present you another popular marker set which is manufactured specially by keeping the toddlers in mind. These are the Dab and Dot Markers from Doodle Hog, perfect for the tiny little hands.

This marker set has come up with 8 popular colors like – orange, yellow, green, red, blue, pink, purple, and brown. These colors are highly pigmented and provides a vivid look.

With a larger sponge tip, there is no chance of ink leakage. The ink flows smoothly and quickly with such a beautifully constructed tip. So, if you were looking for a mess-free marker set for your toddlers, go for this set!

In terms of size, the markers are great for toddlers as well as adults. These dot paint markers easily fit into your kids’ tiny fingers and hands as it has easy-grip barrels.

However, these markers are educator-approved as it has proved its educational value for the development of kids. It provides an easy, fun, and mess-free way to teach kids.

These washable paint markers are made with non-toxic materials. But the most amazing thing is that you’ll get a downloadable 101 Dot Markers Activity Books (PDF) as soon as you order a set from Doodle Hog.

So, if you are looking for an affordable dot paint marker set, you can go for this one as these are kid-tested and expert-approved.

3. Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers

Cameron Frank is a popular name in the marker industry. And these Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers are one of the best washable markers for toddlers. Due to their easy cleanup, parents love them most. 

If I first go for the look, I must say that the bottle design is charming. Due to its size, the bottle will comfortably fit into your toddler’s fingers, allowing them the freedom to draw anything they want.

It comes up with a set of 8 color markers, and all of them provide vibrant and bright colors. You’ll get orange, blue, red, green, magenta, yellow, violet and brown. These high-contrast colors will promote your kid’s hands and eyes coordination and motor skills.

These non-toxic markers can be blended and layered easily. With a full 3 ounces of ink per paint marker, they can also turn a simple dot into a masterpiece.

The sponge tip applicator is easy to use and is resistant to drying out if you even keep the cap open for hours. Still, it’s better to check every time that your kids have locked the lid properly or not. But let your kids use these markers under your supervision as it has a small-cap in it.

Due to its non-toxic feature, it’s totally environment friendly and safe for your kid’s health. And you can remove the non-staining ink easily with just a wet wipe.

However, the manufacturer also provides three downloadable bonus coloring sheets with hundreds of fun activities with the marker set. And the company also provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you’ll get a full refund if you don’t like the marker.

4. Kuretake Zig Clean Color Dots

Kuretake Zig is a renowned name as this brand provides cheap alternatives to Copics. From that fame, they introduced dot point markers that have also become popular nowadays.

But these dots are different from others in this list. They somewhat look like the highlighter pens and come up with a dual-tip feature.

It has a fine tip on one end and a flexible round dot tip on the other end. That’s why these are quite popular among school-going kids. 

By applying different amounts of pressure, you can create dots of various sizes. These pens are great for dot arts, coloring books, drawings, bullet journals, pointillism, and many more. Having a versatile personality, these are attracting adults too. 

Clean Color Dot series contains 12 bright colors that are ideal for creating different artworks. Since the colors are water-based, it’ll provide you a mess-free experience.

These dots are totally free from Xylene and other toxic chemicals, so it’s safe for your kid’s health.

5. Chalkola Dot Markers

If you think of popular liquid chalk marker brands, Chalkola will be the name that comes to your mind first. Since it has a great familiarity among artists, parents are also embracing the Chalkola Dot Markers happily.

These bingo daubers are great for the development of your kids. If you are looking for the usual round-shaped markers, this set can be an ideal choice.

It has a large sponge tip perfect for creating smooth dots. It also provides a no-leaking feature. 

The kid friend size and easy-grip design of these dab markers promote creativity. It has a quick-drying ink that doesn’t bleed through papers.

And the ink is also water-based that washes off the hands and clothes easily. So, dealing with paint won’t be a nightmare for you!

However, this set comes up with 10 bright colors that never dries out and a 50-page ready-to-use activity book. These are 100% non-toxic and perfect for 2-year-old kids.

6. U.S. Art Supply Crazy Dots Markers

U.S. Art Supply is very popular among artists as it provides artists-quality markers. But not only for professional artists, this brand has also thought about the children and introduced Crazy Dot Markers set.

In this set, you will get 8 primary colors like – orange, green, red, yellow, pink, blue, purple, and brown. Your kids will definitely love the vividness of these colors. And you don’t have to worry about cleaning as the ink is water-based.

The barrel design provides an ideal shape and size for easy grip. Your little ones will be able to hold them for hours without any issues. And luckily, there is no chance of leakage as the marker ink remains inside the barrel.

It also has a large dauber sponge tip for making perfect dots every time. Just pop off the cap and start dotting. It won’t dry out and provide a mess-free experience. The acid-free and non-toxic ink is also completely safe for your kid’s health.

U.S. Art Supply will also provide you a satisfaction guarantee. They will refund you anytime if you are not satisfied with the markers.

7. Ohuhu Dot Markers

Ohuhu has been a trusted name for artists for so many years. People have full faith in the quality the brand provides. In that sense, Ohuhu Dot Markers is no exception.

Keeping the need of the kids in mind, Ohuhu has introduced this dot paint marker set. With eight amazing colors, your child will be able to draw a variety of things. And the high-quality ink dries within seconds. So, there is no chance of ink spills here and there.

These are pure kids-safe markers made with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. That’s why parents can give this set to their kids without thinking that much. It can be a great gift for both education and fun. These are fully washable, so you can clean all the mess having a smile on your face.

The paint marker daubers have a sponge tip that provides you a perfect dot every time. Thanks to its round shape! These markers’ kid-friendly size and non-slip grip have made it more comfortable to work with for hours. And each bottle contains 40ml of ink, which is enough for using it months after months.

Each marker has a color-coded cap for easy organization and increasing the longevity of the markers. You’ll also get a 30 blank page marker pad that your kids can use for drawing and coloring.

So, if you want to bring out your kids’ hidden talents and develop their hand-eye coordination, you can easily give this set to them.

8. Dab-O-Ink Bingo Daubers

In this section, I’ve the world-famous Dab-O-Ink Bingo Dauber Markers for your kids. These are manufactured in the USA by a trusted US manufacturer Clarence J Venne. These top-quality markers directly come from the manufacturer with an intact package.

Dab-O-Ink Bingo Daubers offer a pack of 12 markers. Here you’ll get 11 different colors with one repeat color included. You’ll get all the popular bright colors – blue, orange, red, ruby red, green, yellow, pink, purple, magenta, teal, and violet.

The shape and size of the markers are great for easy holding and coloring. Since these are non-toxic, you can give them to your kids without any fear. But you should supervise your kids while drawing with these markers so that they don’t lick them.

By using the sponge tip applicator, your child can draw hours after hours without a single problem. Since it has so many colors, you can use it for their color recognition also.

Having water-based ink, it’ll make your cleaning process easier. Just use a damp cloth, and all the messes will go away within seconds.

Things to Consider Before Choosing

How to choose the best dot marker
Image source: simplefunforkids.com

Your little ones will be happier to have any set you give them. But how do you pick the right set for your toddler? So, here I am giving a list of things you must need to consider before making any decision.

Easy Grip

Since you are giving your child an alternative to crayons, you must look for the thing that the markers are easily grab-able or not. Drawing is not the main fact here. If your kids cannot hold the marker properly, then how would they draw with it?

So, you need to give a set that they can grab comfortably and create whatever they want. For them holding and gripping is a must for playing with colors. 

Dot markers are created in a way that the bottles are great for your child’s little hands to grip. But for getting the most out of it, you must pick the ones that fit in their fingers and hands.


If you are choosing any type of art tool for your kids, first check if it is washable or not. Children make all the corners of the house as their canvases, and that’s why getting them a washable marker set is essential.

Whatever brand you choose for the dots, make sure that they are washable. So, you won’t have to worry much about the stains. 

But if you choose the opposite, it’ll bring out disaster for you as those stubborn marks are literally impossible for you to remove from the clothes and other things. That’s why washable ones are the best choice for them as well as you.

Color Range

Children always love to play with colors. The more color you’ll get them, the more benefit they’ll get. You have to remember that you are not just giving these dot markers for drawing. They are actually going through a learning process, and you have to give a hand.

They are learning to focus, different colors, hands and eyes coordination, helping them to unleash their inner creativity. So, the more vibrant colors they’ll get, the more they’ll be able to blend and mix it to create something new. 

But I always recommend you to start with the basic colors. And then gradually add different colors in their collection, making it possible for your child’s creativity to reach its best!


Since you are choosing a marker set mostly for your kids, you must be careful enough. They’ll color all over the house as well as their body and mouth. So, the markers will come in touch with their skin.

However, markers mean there are different chemicals mixed inside it. Though there are skin-safe markers, they are not for kids. So, for them, choose a brand that is providing non-toxic materials with safe skin inks. 

You’ll find so many types of dot marker brands, and most of them provide toxin-free tools. Still, it’s better to cross-check before handing it over to the kid’s hands.

Easy to Clean

Choosing a set of water-based markers means that you’ll feel less difficulty in cleaning the artworks done by your little artists. It also ensures minimal mess.

Actually, the dot markers come with a sponge-type tip which ensures a no-leaking feature. It’s also solid grip bottles to work comfortably and for easy application. Your kids will be happy to play with it, and for you, it’ll just be a matter of wipe to clean the area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why are dot markers good for toddlers?

Due to the user-friendly design, dot markers provide developmental benefits. These are good for toddlers as the they feature easy-to-grip handles. Those tiny hands will be able to reveal their creativity effortlessly.

These markers promote creativity and hand-eye co-ordination. So, you can give it to your little one for a mess-free and practical artistic experience.

Q: What age are dot markers for?

Dot markers are great for toddlers. Since these can be used by holding with the hand palm and continuous pressure from the fingers, you can give it to your little artists from an early age. You can give it to them as an alternative to crayons. 

So, they can use it from the age they can hold something with their hands. From our perspective, 2-10 years is the best age to use dot markers.

Q: Can you refill Do-A-Dot markers?

Do A Dot art markers come with a large sponge tip that never dries out or leaks. But it’s not twist-able like other refillable markers. So, you can’t actually refill these markers. 

However, it holds 2.5-ounce paint that is more than other dot markers in the market. That’s why your kids will have a super long experience with these paint markers, though you can’t refill them.

But if you can handle it with care, it can go for up to 3 years!

Before You Go!

Any of the sets you choose from here will only bring out good for your kids. All can be done with just one set of dot markers, whether for unleashing their creativity or building up motor skills. You can see that your child will only get nothing but the benefits of it.

So, stop worrying about any messes by providing this affordable yet effective tool to them!

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