The Best Alternative Copic Markers Reviews in 2020

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Everyone in the art industry knows that markers are not cheap. But if there’s a brand that really goes overboard with the price, then you’re talking about “Copic Markers”. And of course, many people don’t like to spend that much money.

But don’t worry! You can always get an alternative to make your most ambitious art projects without having to spend a fortune.

Here, we’ll go over four of those alternatives so you can get high-quality markers and still receive superb results. Want to know which markers we’re talking about?

Then scroll further and find out!

8 Alternative Copic Markers | Quick List

Why Do You Need Alternative?

When you go for an alternative of COPIC, it is probably due to the price. There’s nothing more discouraging as an artist who’s starting than to see the inflated price of the best markets out there.

Or, getting the same experience, as Copic markers provide can be another reason for looking alternatives. In terms of quality, alternatives are not that far from the original. There’s also a lot of advantage when you can simply get away more affordable products.

That’s why you need an alternative. If you are a beginner or want some practice, spending a lot of money is not the ideal way to proceed. So, you get COPIC markers alternative that won’t cost that much and still offer a more-than-decent result.

Best Alternative for Copic Markers | Our Consideration

Editors Choice Prismacolor Double-Ended
  • Dual-tip design
  • 48 Vibrant colors
  • Alcohol-based ink
  • Easy to Blends
Best Value Art-N-Fly ​Brush Tip Pens
  • Replaceable nib
  • Refillable ink option
  • Dual-tip design
  • 48 Color varieties
BEST ALTERNATIVE Ohuhu Dual Tips Marker
  • Refillable ink option
  • Replaceable nib
  • Blends properly
  • 24 Color varieties
Budget Friendly Ohuhu Dual Tips Marker
  • High quality color tone
  • Refillable ink option
  • Blends properly
  • 100 Color varieties
Ohuhu Dual Tips Marker
  • High pigmented color
  • Fade proof ink
  • 25 Color varieties
  • Very easy to blends

Most of the COPIC markers are alcohol based and the best lucrative advantage you’ll get is the refillable option. And of course, COPICS provide the best color tone and quality.

Now that you’ve decided to get a more accessible option than COPIC, then you’ll want to know what we’re talking about. By keeping these things in our mind, below we have eight of the best choices you can get!

1. Prismacolor Double-Ended Art Markers (Editors Choice)

Prismacolor Markers

One of the most popular brands around the world– Prismacolor always delivers quality and finesse with its products. This 12-pack of alcohol-based markers is not an exception – providing the beauty and smoothness you need as an artist.

These are fine and chisel tip markers that are ideal for precision. If you need to create the finest and more precise lines possible, then one of the ends of each marker will come like a perfect tool.

Otherwise, you can also make smooth yet broad lines with the chisel on the other end, ideal for coloring and covering.

The ink is superb, it leaves no space for dull colors no matter the type of drawing or art project you’re working on. It will dry out so fast that you’ll get the final results immediately. It uses premium alcohol and a dye ink that produces that professional tone everyone loves to see in art. You can expect the richest and most vibrant shades with each marker.

Apart from that, you can blend them if needed. The richness and beauty of each line, plus the versatility of the markers place this Prismacolor pack of 12 ahead of the competition as alternatives to COPIC.

2. ​Art-N-Fly ​Brush Tip Marker Set (Best Value)

Art-N-Fly ​Brush Tip Marker

When you’re looking for professional quality markers within your budget, then Art-n-Fly can be the best option. This alcohol based marker provides the same advantages as COPIC. Even you’ll get refillable ink option and replaceable nibs. Then what else you need!

First of all, it has come up with a unique dual-tip design. This Japanese brush tip allows fine flow of ink confirming a high-grade result. Dual-tip feature also helps you to draw either broad lines or fine lines.

The most important thing is that you’ll be able to replace the tips whenever you want. That means you can get a new nib when you want a high quality artwork. This option will also enhance the durability of these markers.

In fact, the ink quality is fantastic. And it’s providing a refillable ink option, which you can’t even imagine in any other marker at such a price. So, you won’t have to worry about finishing the ink.

This marker set is available in a wide range of colors like- gray, skin, earth, purple, blue, pastel, multicolored and even in colorless shades. It’s not all! You’ll get this marker in a set of 3 to 48 colors.

So, putting all these things together, it is the best alternative set you can get. Don’t miss it out!

3. TOUCH TWIN Brush Marker (Exact Alternative)


Want premium quality without having to pay an inflated price tag? Then go for the Touch Twin alcohol-based marker set from ShinHan Art materials.

As soon as you set your sight on this kit, you’ll know this is more than a simple box with markers. They are outstandingly well made with a double-brush design, a fine brush tip that delivers delicate marks. Then you have a medium-sized chisel that creates thicker and smooth lines for a colorful experience.

If you stuck in between your artwork due to nib crush, no worry at all! You will get replaceable nib feature with this set so that you can get a new one whenever you want.

With this kit, you can get 24 different colors, but it offers 204 options in the largest set. And with the quality of each tip, the colors will deliver a magnificently smooth line no matter what you use. Still, they will hold the firmness for years so you can always achieve professional-like results.

The ink is also superb, offering seamless marks wherever you want with a fast-drying capacity that leaves no space for mistakes. It doesn’t matter how difficult the drawings or project, this set will help you reach your goal.

They are also odorless and provide a unique ink flow with refillable option that increases overall durability. Get every feature together, and this is a high-end set for those who want an affordable cost.

4. Ohuhu Dual Tips Art Marker (Budget Friendly)

Ohuhu Marker

Another COPIC markers alternative that costs less than half than the originals is Ohuhu. This set offers up to 100 alcohol-based markers for a full palette so you can make your most ambitious art projects a reality.

They stand out for the quality of color, offering astonishing tones that you can blend with others for a large number of opportunities. It doesn’t matter the type of result you’re achieving to get, this set of colors will help you get there without problems. In an affordable price, you’ll get the same type of quality and color tone as COPICS.

This gets even better with the dual tips, with a fine and a broad chisel one. You can get even the most challenging project done without any issue thanks to the versatility they offer.

They are entirely well-made too, so you can expect the highest quality from each marker. They use a high-pigmentation composition that looks fantastic but also provides up to 984 feet of drawing – so they last months or even years.

The best of all, the markers are completely fast-drying. After a few minutes of blending and marking, the ink will dry out, and you’ll be able to handle the art without any damage. When it comes to quality, Ohuhu never lets you down and some of them also offer you refillable option.

5. Winsor & Newton Promarker (Best Alcohol Ink)

Winsor & Newton Promarker

For ultimate precision and accuracy, you can bring home the promarker from Winsor & Newton. Since the ink is based on alcohol, it promises supremacy and permanency.

As you make all the outlines and write something on the board, the fine bullet nib that gives you full coverage, along with multiple line widths. 

On top of that, the ink dries up pretty fast, so, you’ll never get to experience any bleeding or smudge at all.

As you create those fine-grooved lines, prepare yourself to get awe-struck because the markers offer you high pigmented colors. By blending them smooth and easy, you can create more colors by yourself. It doesn’t matter what you write or what you sketch, there’s no chance of your work-piece being faded away.

If you need darker colors, you can layer the colors or merge them together to create the art-work of your dream.

The set has got a wide range of variations when it comes to the numbers. You can get 25 different colors but it offers 96 options in the largest one.

Price is one of the factors why you’re likely to avoid Copics and searching for alternatives. It’s a relief to acknowledge that this set costs you minimum and delivers maximum quality.

One of the drawbacks you can find is the fact that, these are not refillable. However, the resilient ink, wonderful color collection, and other positive features of this set can surely make you believe that, this will be a great choice as Copic alternative.

6. Kuretake ZIG KC-3000N Twin WS Markers

Kurecolor Twin Marker

You’ll not be misled if you trust Kuretake ZIG for your most sensitive artwork. To beautify your creative thoughts, you’ll be having 12 alcohol based markers as Copic with the most affordable price and maximum quality.

Unlike other ordinary markers, this one benefits you more with refillable ink. This makes you worry less about the stock of ink per marker. Clearly, it will save some money too.

The advanced twin tip is capable of delivering broad and fine strokes. The round tip helps you getting detailed lines and wider one can make thick strokes.

These outstanding colors are well-pigmented in order to make your artwork look flawless. You’ll not get bored with them as you can blend them so well so easily and create a new one.

The ink will not take long to dry out and it is quite long lasting. Even after years, your artwork will be as lively as it was during the first week. The odor of the ink will not bother you while using it.

Keep them in horizontal position to get the best color and pigmentation of the ink.

Briefly, this marker with alcohol-based, quick drying and refillable ink, dual fine tip and super blending capacity can successfully perform as the alternative to Copic marker. Isn’t it?

7. MILO 48 Art Marker Set Dual-Tip (Perfect for All)

MILO Art Markers

Another great copic marker alternative you’ll find in the market is the Milo 48 art marker set. The ink has alcohol in it, which lets you create all those artwork you could make from Copics.

You can guess by the title that it’s great for the artist. Let it be beginner or pro artists, everyone can get the best results within a snap with these markers set around. The reliable ink will impress you with quick drying advantage. Why can it be your perfect catalyst? That’s what we’re about to find out. 

First off, these double-sided markers come with both brush tip and chisel tip.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going for the manga, book coloring, architecture, sketch, doodle blending, calligraphy, or whatever, you can use the Milo art markers for almost everything.

Besides, the ink gives you so much detailed design that you can see what you’ve written or sketched from a good distance.

With the whole set, you’re getting no less than 48 vibrant colors to choose from. You can also blend the colors so that your art-work gets more dimensions and looks different.  The ink dries out pretty fast and there’s no room for bleeding or getting smudges. 

Although you’ll not be able to refill the ink, it’ll seem to be trivial when you’ll be in love with the finesse of the set. It also includes a storage box. Even you can store your markers when you’re done working with them.

8. Arteza Real Brush Paint Marker (Water-Based Alternative)

Arteza Watercolor Marker

Now you may think that why this watercolor marker is in our list? It is not alcohol based nor it has a refillable option. But this real brush marker is able to give you the same color tone as COPICS at a cheap price.

Coming in a pack of 12 markers, it has the cost of one COPIC – so you can have an idea of how inexpensive it is.

Those who love brush markers yet want premium color tones as COPICS then this is the best option for them. Beginners can also try a set to check whether it meets up their need or not.

You will have so many opportunities to use them, from calligraphy to high-end drawings and sketching plus much more – you can get the most out of them without issue.

The ink is totally mess-free, so you can use them safely on delicate projects. You’ll have ideal precision as well with small tips, so you can draw fine lines like a professional at a fantastic cost.

But the tips are still brush-like, so if you need to make thick lines, the markers won’t let you down either. If you are expecting to get a result close to what real brushes offer, then this pack will come like a gem.

They are still entirely safe to use, with a simple odor, and durable design. You can use these markers for years without any setback.

How to Choose the Best Alternative

Apart from knowing their importance, you should also be familiar with the different parts to think about. Here we explain the various factors that differ a good set of markers from lousy one:

First thing first. Knowing your purpose is necessary because your purpose will lead you to the next step. Decide if you need a set for calligraphy or painting or coloring or writing. Depending on the different purposes you’ll select the tip size and shape.

Tip Shape and Size

Double tips are mostly appreciated for attending to multiple purposes. Having double or dual or twin tips means having two different kinds of tips in two sides of the same marker. Dual tips mostly include a fine and a chisel tip, sometimes brush tip available.

Markers Tip

You’ll be knowing them in detail but first acknowledge that tip size and shape are the two factors you should check first while selecting.

Tip Shape

Bullet shaped tip is round which comes with fine and brush tip. On the other hand, chisel tip is slanted allowing you to create larger and broader lines.

Chisel tip: The wider and broader tip with which you can either write or keep on coloring, is called chisel tip. Generally, this is useful when you want clear strokes that are noticeable from a good distance.

However, if you’re up to coloring a bigger portion, this tip is the first thing you need to save your time and energy. They can be measured up to 6.5 mm or more.

Fine tip: What will you do with wider tip while drawing the sharp edges of your dog’s ear? For sensitive, accurate and precise artworks, you need a fine tip. They can be measured up to 1 mm which is why you’ll be able to get thinnest strokes with it.

Brush tip: This tip is quite adored by all kinds of artists. They have a touch of professionalism and perfection. You can make strokes of different width with this. Coloring becomes easier and the result seems flawless.

Tip size

It will be easier to decide the size of the tip when you’ll get to know about each one individually.

Ink Types

The ink is so crucial to judge before buying because it determines the final result of your work. So, what are the factors you should consider before judging the ink of a marker?

Alcohol or Water-based?

Alcohol-based ink is widely appreciated for its permanency and safety. Whereas water-based colors might fade away easily, alcohol-based are proved to be long-lasting ones. So, you should think about it.

We recommend alcohol-based inks that are often safe to use and quick to dry. Apart from that, they offer an excellent vibrant tone. Dye-based paints are also useful but may need to be emptied fast if you want to prevent it from drying inside the marker.

How fast do they dry?

Your long days’ work might be ruined if one color accidentally gets mixed with another. With ink that dries up within seconds, this situation might be avoided.

Will they bleed or not?

Inks that bleed can technically the worst in kind. If you want precise lines with no overlapping, check the description once again and know if the ink bleeds or not.

Are they well-pigmented?

If the cap indicates a darker shade and the ink appears to be quite lighter, the ink is not well-pigmented. To skip this harassment, check before buying.

Ink Flow

A well-pigmented ink might look poor if the flow rate is not right. Remember, the ink must not flow so much that it bleeds and so less than the real color fades out. Of course, you should be careful about maintaining the marker right. Otherwise, the ink flow might lessen.

Blending Ability

If the ink type is up to the mark and it flows in the right amount, the next thing you better look at is if the colors blend together or not. Let me tell you why it is important to have blending capacity?

There are times you’ll have to create colors to bring something different than usual. If your ink can blend smoothly with each other and dries immediately, perfection is possible. Creating darker or lighter colors than the originals becomes easier with blending.

Refilling Capacity

Something that takes markers to another level is when you can refill them. Most Copic markers models offer this chance, which is highly convenient and saves you lots of money over time. If you can get an even more affordable alternative to Copic that still provides the refilling function, then you’re set.

Color Variation

The color collection that comes with a set might fascinate you. So, yes! you should look at the color variations. Also, remember that, you can create new ones by blending or overlapping with a good quality marker.

Price Range | Optional

Let’s be honest, if you were not concerned about the price range, you would go for Copics so far. Since you are looking for alternatives, it is wise to get the most from your set with the least price. Don’t rush towards cheapest price already. Compare the qualities and price.

Frequently Asked Some Questions

FAQ on Drawing, Sketching, Doodling Pens

You are almost ready to start getting the ideal markers for your projects. But first, take a look at these questions so you can have some of your doubts answered:

What’s the best alternative to Copic markers?

As you’re searching for an alternative to copic, it is quite clear that your first choice was Copic but due to having some issues, you’re shifting to alternatives. To you, the best alternative would be the set that has most of the features of a Copic set.

Now, as you’ve read about the sets above, you already know that all of them are equally amazing and manufactured with the newest features. However, taking decision might be difficult for you if you’re in a rush. To save time, you can quickly look at the comparative table and decide. If you fail to decide even with the help of that, Prismacolor Double-Ended Markers can be suggested for you as this is the best one till now.

Are these alternatives good for professional artists?

Certainly, they are great options for professional artists. It’s not Copics that should be the only choice for professionals. These alternative markers are blended with all the features needed for professional use.

Additionally, they’re saving you a great amount of money. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or already a professional, you can always choose to have the best quality alternative marker set. You’ll thank yourself later.

Can you mix Copic markers with alternative brands?

You can mix most markers with each other without problems as long as they come with the same type of ink. If you want to mix with an alternative brand, make sure you have alcohol-based inks in both.

Are all of these markers permanent?

Yes, these markers are specifically designed to be used in artsy projects that demand durability and excellent paint quality. So, they are permanent and not easy to take off.

How many years of use can I expect?

Normally, they have about 500 to 900 feet of ink. This means you can get up to 3 months if you use them every day. With the irregular application, you can expect a marker to last between 6 months to 1 year.

Final Thoughts!

Now that you’re acquainted with all the alternative copic marker options out there – it is time to pick the one you prefer.

This doesn’t have to be much work. Just make sure it comes at an affordable price and the right quality that meets your standards. If you do this, you’ll probably have the perfect product on your hands.

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