Tulip Fabric Markers Review | All You Need to Know About It

There are no barriers to learnings. As an artist myself, I explore myself to work with several new things I discover. Recently, I came up with tulip fabric markers as I had a fabric project to work on.

As I was not known about the brand, I had to look for all the possible “tulip fabric markers reviews”. I was pretty satisfied with the thoughts among so many brands of fabric markers and finally ended up using them all by myself.

You can use the markers on the fabric along with wood, paper, etc. The markers are enriched with the most popular variant inks. You get to wash the fabric surface in your desired manner without fearing them fading away.

Moreover, the fabric markers gave me enough precision and control to nail my work. I completed many designs on fabric, and it still stands to be a good recommendation for anyone.

You get to know more about this excellent fabric marker in the latter part of the article. I’ll be showing you some factors to watch for before buying, along with answering some questions.

Tulip Fabric Markers Review
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Types of Tulip Fabric Markers

Let’s come to the type of fabric marker. To satisfy all the artists’ desires, the markers come in two criteria. You get to differentiate them based on their tips and ink. Using them on the perfect types of fabric will nail your work.

Let’s see some detailed information about them.

Tips Types of Tulip Fabric Markers

Based on Tips

On the basis of the tip, the marker is categorized into 5 different segments. Heres they are:

Dual Tips

Tulip dual-tip fabric markers are made for a feasible usage of the artist. By the name, you get to realize the characteristics and features of the marker, i.e., having two tips.

Now, coming to the tips of the markers, you are two get a variety in the mixture and combination of the tip here too. Tulip fabric markers bring in various brushes – extra fine tip in one model and chisel – bullet tip on another model.

Talking about the convenience of the model, having the brush tip and extra-fine tip is immense. With the brush tip, you get to make stenciling and comprehensive art on fabric surface.

On the other hand, the touch of an extra-fine tip will assure you to write, doodle, and detail specific works, calligraphy, and designs.

Now comes the other variant with the chisel – bullet tip. All kinds of bold lines can be easily nailed with the chisel tip. For further details of the work, you have bullet tips to assist you.

Bullet Tip

The bullet tip markers are pretty comforting and easily manageable. Because when you are using the bullet tip , you won’t have to worry about its control.

Be it drawing, outlining, or writing, the bullet tip markers surely will assist you greatly. People from all walks of life can get access to using this marker. You can nail your work with the bullet tip pen for drawing on art paper, boards, etc., platforms.

One of the most exciting features of the bullet tip marker is its graffiti feasibility. You can make several sketches and graffiti works without any hassle.

Mixed Tip

The mixed tip markers will work outstandingly on white or light-colored fabrics. Its dark patches are set nicely on a light platform, making a charming glow to the viewers.

You get to find them in a permanent and machine washable manner. Even if you wash the fabric on a washing machine, you won’t have to worry about the ink fading or going away.

When talking about the brushes, you get the tulip mixed tip markers in the brush, fine and extra tips. The black fabric marker variations give you all the freedom and ecstasy to complete your works on fabric.

The quality of the inks is non-toxic and water-based. That means you won’t have to worry about your skin or associate parts while working with the marker.

Fine Tip

When you prioritize getting blossom colors, you cannot but think of getting the fine tip tulip fabric markers. The fine tip will surely excel your work to an unimaginable extent, be it for drawing or coloring, or doodling.

These markers are mostly very feasible and easy to use because the tip assures you to get the best control over your work. Not only that, the precision and accuracy of the tip are simply top-notch.

A permanent fabric marker makes sure your work lasts long enough. Even if you give it machine washes, the ink won’t fade or disappear away.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about the ink settling. The inks are fully nonheat setting that settles automatically without any external influence.

Brush Tip

The brush tip tulip fabric markers are unique from the others. Because it is primarily black-light reactive and glows on dark fabrics, any light or white platform will best suit the brush tip marker.

When your priority is to create bold accents on fabric, the brush tip will assist you greatly to make intricate designs. You get to utilize the width of the tip and make precise doodling, bold strokes and accent, and stenciling. 

Inks of the marker settle permanently without any hassle or complications. You can wash them in your desired machine without worrying a bit. Not only that, the inks are entirely nontoxic that won’t harm anyone from all walks of life.

The marker’s premium quality ink will settle within a few minutes after you have applied it to the fabric or fabric crafts. For any craft project, this tip is highly recommendable. You won’t have to take any external help to resolve them as they are non-heat settling markers.

Based on Ink

There are lots of variations of the inks used in the tulip fabric marker. These inks work outstandingly on your way of implementation. Let’s take a look at them. 

Dazzling Glitter Ink

The dazzling glitter inks are quite preferable for sparkle and shiny works. They are nontoxic, which is preferable for people from all walks of life.

Dazzling glitter ink suits perfectly with the marker in making the most precision works. Not only that, you get to make the most out of it with your preferable tip.

Slick Ink

The slick inks are unique for their durability and long-lasting feature. They won’t crack nor peel with time. You can get the best usage of ink for your long-term sustainable projects.

Anyone of any age can use the ink ideally. It is made nontoxic, and the paint ink flow suits accordingly with the tips.


With UV-activated characteristics, the glow ink is one of the most favorite inks of the artists. This ink helps to bloom your work immensely, and under bright light, the vivid colors looks the best.

They settle permanently on the fabric even though you wash them with machines or physically. Not only that, there are no chances of your work getting ripped off. Thanks to its outstanding durability and crack resistive feature.


With UV-activated characteristics, the glow ink is one of the most favorite inks of the artists. This ink helps to bloom your work immensely, and under bright light, the vivid colors look the best.

They settle permanently on the fabric even though you wash them with machines or physically.

Not only that, there are no chances of your work getting ripped off. Thanks to its outstanding durability and crack resistive feature.


This is the same glitter we all know. Yes, the ones that shine brightly with their thick bright colors and particles. These are commonly known as glitter fabric paint pens. 

When you use the glitter ink in your tulip fabric marker, the base will shine brightly on darker fabrics. Not only that, it is a permanent ink that settles quickly without any heat or external factors.

People from all walks of life can easily use the ink without any hassle.

Also, there won’t be a hassle in using the tip of the ink. Like all other inks, it is made feasible for a good flow to the marker.


The metallic inks are 3D exclusive I vibrant color inks. They look shiny and gives you a gentle matte vibe. Typically, greyish and brownish color comprises the most.

This ink is non-toxic and recommended for all aged people to use. You won’t worry about its durability as it won’t fade away even after several machine washes.


The puffy inks are suitable for making a rough patch on your work. This gives a blend of 3D live patches to your fabric. The bright colors bloom with perfect implementation.

Being strong enough, they hardly fade away after you wash them. Moreover, they are machine washable and won’t crack or peel off. You can get it without worrying as you can elevate your work to a new level with it.


With the name, you can already differentiate it from the others. The ink is quite exclusive and highly fashionable in terms of fabric implementation.

They work massively and brightly on dark and white fabrics. Thanks to its opaqueness that makes it so much unique and charming.

The ink is a permanent settling one, and you can wash it with any machine you want. The opaque color serves well with brush, stencil, and stamp as the quality makes it doing uniquely.

Features of Tulip Fabric Markers

Ink Quality

Nontoxic: The ink of the tulip markers is non-toxic primarily. That means there is no addition of any additives or chemical mixtures in the ink of the tulip market.

What makes it so unique? The nontoxic fabric markers are feasible for all kinds of people. You won’t have to worry about giving the marker to any kid for drawing. The ink cannot cause harm to anyone.

Permanent: The permanent inks are usually dark and deep. Tulip fabric markers having permanent inks are made for vital works like calligraphy, graffiti, etc.

As these works have chances of fading away, the permanent fabric marker will keep them sustainable for a long time.

Even the vibrant colors of the markers can retain after washing by washing machine. Dry them well after the wash and use them usually.

Color Flow

Worrying about your skin, the ink of the marker is made fully water-based. In case of any leak, the ink would not dry up at a specific place. Instead, you get to clean or wipe it out usually.

Even on darker fabrics, you won’t have to worry about the proper settlement of the fabric paints. if there is any disturbance in the color flow, just dip the tip on water and you’ll be able to resolve the issue.

If you doubt its validation on arts, you got nothing to think of as an alternative. The ink suits and settles perfectly on the paper without any hassle. With a water-based marker, you get to cover a good portion of the area. This will elevate your designing, calligraphy, etc., works.

Drawing Quality

The tulip fabric markers are massively recommended for versatile works. Not only on fabric but also paper, you can make the best out of it. With precision, control, and durability, the markers will serve you greatly on either of the platforms.

Not only that, you can get the charming, blooming, and fineness of the markers along with bright colors on the paper as well as the fabric. There is no discrimination or decisive nature of the marker in your drawing.

5 Best Tulip Fabric Markers Review

It is not unknown to us now that Tulip produces some of the most fantastic fabric markers. The colored pen has been used so widely that you’ll be confused in picking the most suitable one.

It was not an easy task for me to get suitable markers for the proper purpose. Judging overall, here are the top 5 tulip marker reviews that will be helpful for you under most circumstances.

1. Tulip Graffiti Fabric Marker

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Having a waterproof marker must be unique, right? You get to use it relentlessly without worrying a bit about its long-lasting. Tulip Graffiti Fabric Marker are such markers on which you can rely upon.

The marker is fully waterproof. Not only that, it remains massively active with time. You won’t see any sign of shading or fading in your art with this amazing-colored pen.

There are 30 pieces of markers in a single pack. People from all walks of life can get access to this marker.

Even if you’re a noob artist, you won’t face any difficulty in controlling or precising your work with it. Thanks to its bullet tip. It gives you the utmost precision to make the design and borders on your fabric. Using it for calligraphy and T-shirt designing was one of my best decisions.

As mentioned, the inks of the markers are superb. For long-term projects, be it art or design, or calligraphy, you can depend on this marker without any hesitation. Washing the fabric multiple times won’t harm the texture of the pen a bit.

2. TULIP-33701 Fabric Paint Markers

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In a project where I needed some super vibrant tones, I found TULIP-33701 colored pens as my closest companion. From coloring to detailing, bordering to shading, all kinds of works were resolved superbly with this fantastic bunch of cells.

One of the most attractive features of this pen set is its price. At such a low rate, you can hardly find any better pen than this one. You’ll find 15 individual cells in a single pack.

On white and dark fabrics, you get the most vital touch of this pen. Its premium, high-quality pigmented inks blended with a bold and opaque finish present a blissful work of art. The vibrant nature will make your fabric look amazing.

You have all the freedom in washing your fabric after applying the color to it. The color will always remain bright and bold and will never fade away. Also, it requires no heat or external factors for the paint to settles on the fabric firmly.

Its opaqueness was the main attraction to me. The way it uplifts the white and dark surfaces, you’ll be astonished. Keep in mind; you need to shake the marker before applying it to the characters. This will mix the ink inside, and pressing the tip will flow the ink.

Cracking? Not even a question with this marker. It will settle firmly and conveniently on the surface without any crack, peel or crumble. This makes it versatile to use on canvas, shoes, woods, backpacks, etc. also.

3. Tulip Dual-Tip Fabric Markers 14 Pack

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The fine tip and brush tip have some fantastic features that will enhance your work significantly. The tulip dual-tip marker brings you unique pens having both ends. Ever thought of getting them in a single pack?

From drawing the fine lines to filling up the spaces, the dual-tip markers will assist you to a great extent. With the fine tip, you get to have the most delicate precision and control in your work. The brush tip allows you to paint the spaces in large portions.

Not only that, the versatility of using the pack extends pretty far. Most artists prefer this pack for complex projects. Because with the variations of tips, you get to clear out most of your barriers and fulfill your target.

There are 14 different colors in the pack. The inks of the markers are entirely non-toxic and water-based. People from all walks of life can easily use the feature without any hassle.

You can imply the marker on the fabric without any worrying. Even after machine washings, your work will prevail to remain bright and active for a long time. Also, the inks require no heating to settle on the surface perfectly.

4. Tulip Permanent Fabric Brush Tip Markers

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From the name, you can get to know that the marker has a brush tip on it. The function of the brush tip stands on top for coloring portions and arts. Many people use it for large projects like calligraphy, graffiti, etc.

The permanent marker is a favorable one for the children. It is mainly termed as a “classroom marker.” Because of its high feasibility and nontoxic ink, all people can use the marker without any hassle.

With the brush tip, the most professional artist prefers to do coloring with it. Yes, you can do designs and other stuff with it, but as the information is relatively broader, you need large projects to work it out.

The water-based inks require no heating to settle down perfectly on the fabric. Just apply it usually and keep it active for a considerable period. It will dry out normally. Washing the clothes with machines won’t even get the paint out from the fabric.

5. TULIP 20 Pack Rainbow Fabric Markers

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If you ask me for a glowing and opaque one from all the markers, I’ll recommend you try the 20-pack rainbow marker of Tulip. The versatility prevails at a large portion. You can use the pen for calligraphy, pottery drawing, etc., apart from fabric arts.

The pack has 20 different colored markers in it, along with a must-have rainbow palette including. All the colors are entirely non-toxic and water-based. All artists, including the noob and professionals, can nail their work with the markers.

Bold and opaque finishing, along with the charming glow, attracts everyone’s attention. With this marker, you won’t have to compromise any factor of your art. Varieties of red, blue, oranges, neon, green, purple, etc. colors will give you immense choices and work variations.

There are no chances of fading or cracking your art. The ink of the pen is permanent and stays for a long time. You can wash your fabric with machines without any worrying about it fading away. The vibrance and boldness of your art won’t even lose a few of its characteristics.

Using the colored pen is soothing. While working on the most challenging projects, I never had to struggle a bit with it. The tip is smooth and helped me well in my precisive works.

Factors that Keep in Mind Before Buying


Washability is a vital factor of the tulip fabric markers. Because more or less, your fabric will be washed by machine or physically. If the ink of your marker is not wash-proof, you’ll see them fading away slowly.

For this, you need to buy a marker that is machine washable. Because they will sustain long enough to assure nothing happens to your art under heavy washing. 

Along with the fabrics, the ink would sustain on different items like wood, earth, paper, etc. You can make custom designs on them along with broad writing. 


After making art, it mustn’t crack or peel. As the fabric medium is soft, much ink doesn’t settle fully on it. As a result, you see your art getting washed or cracked.

Thus, the solution is to get a marker that has durable ink on it. Depending on the kinds of fabrics, it is a must to chose the most durable one; the one that would sustain for a long time.

Keep in mind; the durable ink would sustain for a long time. It allows your fabric to be washed heavily by machines.


Smooth markers are favorable for all kinds of artists. Unless you’re a beginner, you won’t struggle with any of them.

A user-friendly marker will help you in the most precise works and projects. Before getting the quality, make sure you are OK with the tips and the holding of it. Otherwise, you’ll have to face complications in working with it.

Color range

With more colors, you get more variations. Most of the packs bring you colors for different kinds of works and projects. On the other hand, some packages also bring you some specific ones or a single one.

Depending on your needs and requirements, choose the best pack. Also, keep the blending capability of the markers in mind for further work enhancement.

Price Range

The price of the dual tip marker is between $9 to $20. On the other hand, the mixed tip and brush tip will cost you $13 to $30.

Bullet tip markers are the cheapest one that is available from $7 and ranges to $30. The fine tip fabric markers also set the same price range. But you’ll get one variety for $3, which comes in 2 packs.


Q: Are tulip fabric markers washable?

Tulip fabric markers are enabled to the machine washing. Not only that, you can wash them through a machine. There are no chances of fading or cracking your art after the wash.

Q: How to use tulip fabric markers?

Just use the fabric marker on the fabric like a usual one. Before you do that, you need to make sure you are following a particular step as in:

Step 1: Test the fabric marker after shaking it. If you see any flowing issue, place the tip over water, and you’ll be able to resolve it.

Step 2: After making the drawing, keep the picture for a night. It will dry automatically. You won’t have to use any kind of external factors to dry them out.

Step 3: Blend the colors while the colors are wet. Once they are dried, you won’t be able to blend them perfectly.

Q: Are tulip fabric markers permanent?

Tulip fabric markers are permanent markers. They settle so nicely and rigidly that they won’t get away or rid away after several washing items.

Q: Do you need to heat set Tulip fabric markers?

The tulip markers do not require heat setting. They can be settled quickly without any complications. Just leave the drawing for some hours, and it will dry naturally.

Final Thoughts

There remains no scope in thinking again after reading this brief tulip fabric markers review. For all kinds of drawing, the marker is highly recommended.

The inks of the markers are also efficient in making your drawings unique. Using the marker several times, I found no loophole to criticize it.

Even if you’re a newbie or a pro, you can nail your work with your desired types of fabric markers.

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